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Which Is India’s Best Performance Motorcycle?

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Ultimate Performance Bikes India

Shootout – Pulsar 200 NS vs Pulsar 220 vs Yamaha R15 vs Honda CBR150R vs KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR250R vs Ninja 250R

All these motorcycle pack a serious punch, that you just can’t choose one so easily.

Motorcycles generate an emotional appeal, something which only a rider can truly understand. We Indians have been starved of fast and involving motorcycles since a very long time. There has been the RX 100/135 and the RD350 but post that, there was absolutely nothing which could rock an enthusiast’s boat. Over the past half a decade, a slew of performance machines have been launched from a range of manufacturers, which has given the bikers amongst us a wide variety of options to choose from. But which is the ultimate Indian performance motorcycle today? Time to revv the engines to find out.

We have seven bikes here in this shootout and picking one is certainly not easy. Heck, even comparing them against each other is no menial task, after all, these bikes range from Rs. 97,000/- all the way up to Rs. 3.70 lakhs (all prices on-road, Mumbai). So clearly these bikes are as different as chalk and cheese, but still we will compare them to find out which is the most thrilling machine to ride and own today.

Duke vs CBR vs Pulsar vs R15 vs Ninja

Now all these bikes certainly look good, after all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. For that very reason we wouldn’t want to pass a judgement on the styling of these motorcycles. Some find the KTM Duke 200 to be the most gorgeous bike on the road, while others find it offensive. Thus it’s not an easy task to decide which is the most stunning machine here. However most people will agree with us that the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 is the most stunning Indian bike on sale today. The R15 looks splendid in both quality and design alike, more so in racing blue shade.

Pulsar 220F Console200NS ConsoleR15 V2 ConsoleCBR150R ConsoleCBR250R ConsoleDuke 200 ConsoleNinja 250R ConsoleAll these bikes have modern instrument clusters (except the Kawasaki Ninja 250R) with analogue tachometer taking centre stage and a digital speedometer tucked neatly somewhere around it (except the Duke 200, which has a fully digital console). The most tech laden console is undoubtedly that of the Duke 200 but the small fonts and poor anti-glare properties really makes it difficult to read in bright sun light. The Ninja 250R’s bare basic console doesn’t justify its price tag, while the Pulsar 200 NS’ cluster is among the best in terms of design appeal. Rest of them are quite average and not really something which make you skip a beat. The CBR150R uses a cheaper version of the CBR250R’s console. Switchgear quality is good on all these bikes with the exception of the Honda CBR150R, which feels downright cheap. The R15 feels a step up than others in the way the buttons operate but overall, the Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS feel the most appealing in overall console design and switchgear quality.

Engine capacity of these motorcycle range from 150cc to 250cc but we are not going to dwell into the specification of each of these machines. Power output is one thing and the way that power is put down on the road is another thing altogether. So without much ado, let’s quickly dive deep into how these motorcycles perform.

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The CBR150R is the slowest motorcycle here but the high revving nature of the Honda motor gives the highest rewarding experience to the rider. The R15 comes second last in performance but the engine feels butter smooth through out. The R15 does have good punch when you pull it hard. One can’t really blame the R15 and CBR150R for being slow, as they are the least powerful bikes here. The Pulsar 220, which was once the fastest Indian bike, is now all the way down to fifth. The 220 is the oldest and cheapest bike here and still has some serious performance on offer. It is the only bike which doesn’t have 4-valves but it’s commendable to see the 220 put up a good fight. The Pulsar 200 NS comes in fourth and is a complete delight to ride, thanks to an eager engine which pulls strongly. Again nothing comes close to the Pulsars in offering value for money performance.

Best Performance Motorcycles India

Our top three performers are no surprise. The Ninja 250R had to take the honors as the fastest accelerating bike here, after all, it is the only bike to feature twin-cylinders. This puts the Duke 200 and CBR250R neck and neck. Although the CBR250R is quite heavy compared to the Duke 200, its taller gearing helps it to take second place. The CBR250R also has a higher top speed than the Duke 200. However, the Duke 200 is more thrilling to ride and it feels like a racket right from the word GO. The shorter gearing in the Duke, keeps you on your toes as you try to keep up with the menacing performance of this KTM. For outright acceleration and top speed, the Ninja 250R might take the honors, but if you want to be thrilled and scared (at the same time), the Duke 200 is the bike for you.

CBR150 CBR250 Ninja250 Pulsar200 Pulsar220 Duke200 R15

When it comes to underpinnings, the KTM Duke 200 is the most advanced machine here. But it’s not the best when it comes to track days. The Duke does handle like a charm and has strong brakes but the R15 is the most surefooted handler, with the telepathic steering and cornering ability which shames bikes of a segment above. The CBR150R puts up a good fight with the R15 but lacks the finesse that the R15 has. The R15 is so good in terms of dynamics, it feels like it has an extra pair of wheels. The 200 NS is also a surprise package with excellent handling and astonishing brakes. However both the Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS have stiff ride quality. The CBR siblings are very comfortable and you never feel tired after endless amount of kms on the saddle. They also offer good handling and excellent high speed stability. The Pulsar 220 is no match in dynamics department with a decade old chassis and suspension bits, but it takes sweepers at high speeds with confidence and braking performance is also good with the recent addition of Bybre brakes. Ride quality is excellent on the Pulsar 220. The Ninja 250R is an aggressive motorcycle and the motorcycle is in its own league with no competition whatsoever. Overall, if we had to pick for the best dynamics, we would close our eyes and hop onto the Yamaha R15.

Best Indian Bike

If you are looking for a high revving motorcycle with sharp handling and surefooted brakes, both the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R will leave no stone unturned to put a grin on your face. Looking for outright speed? The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the clear winner. For the value for money bikers, the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is easily the motorcycle to pick, for its good performance, excellent brakes and splendid handling. People looking for a way to commute in style (semi-faired and fully loaded) with comfort and speed a priority over dynamics, Pulsar 220F is there to please. Those looking at a comfortable, reliable motorcycle, good enough to go endless kms on the saddle without breaking into a sweat, the Honda CBR250R is the top choice. But if you want the simple thrills of going berserk every time you twist the throttle, the KTM Duke 200 emerges as the winner and our choice as India’s best performance motorcycle. But these results don’t stay for long as the Duke 390, CBR500R, Pulsar 375 and Ninja 300R are all hiding in some corner of India, ready to pounce upon us soon. Till then, let’s paint the town orange, neon orange.

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  • golu

    220 kuda hai . . .

    Missing Apache here :'(

    A little piece of info here, Keep the rpm above 8000 all the time, CBR150R pulls faster than R15 by 1 sec… You need to pull it hard… Try it.
    CBR150R is the cutest bike here.

    I want ALL…. I love all the bikes…

    M DROOLING over NINJA300 and CBR500R. When they will launch.

    • Golu, CBR150R loses out too much at low RPMs that its not able to pull all that back at high RPM.

      Ninja 300R by May 2013 and CBR500R coming by the end of the year.

    • Kaala

      Ab tu btaega gaadi kaise chalate hain,

      Yha sb professionals ne test kiye hain,

      220 is the baap(father)

    • Kaala

      Above For Golu

  • golu

    And one more thing. . . Superb Review…

  • golu

    Hey its me… Akash. Remember me… :D

  • golu

    And m in love with these two machines, espacially Ninja 300

  • karikor

    Things have been really looking up these past 2 years for the motorcycle enthusiast in India. We have always had the roads for 250-600cc , 25-50bhp motorcycles in India, but sadly were made to choke on sub 200cc machines for way too long. Now in the next couple of years, we will have exactly the perfect machines suited optimally for our roads. Hopefully some years down the line, our roads will then be ready for 1 liter motorcycles.

    • Karikor, for litre class bikes, you don’t need roads, you need a race track.

    • karikor

      True that Faisal. That’s why 250-600cc is the best suited for our roads. And something in the middle will be optimally best suited for everyone. With 600cc being for those extremely experienced enthusiast.

    • Karikor, but no one seems to be working on a 400cc, V-twin.

    • karikor

      I guess the market has to grow first Faisal. The numbers should come in first and the segment grow so that manufacturers can think of building the comparatively more expensive 400 v twin. It will take time to reach that position but at least we are moving in the right direction. who knows what sort of motorcycles will be displayed by the time Auto Expo 2016 happens.

    • Karikor, I think the Honda CBR500R has what we really need. But again Honda has gone for basic hardware.

    • karikor

      Faisal I think we should just be happy that Honda is bringing in such a motorcycle now, no matter how basic its hardware may be, coz half a decade back we would not even have imagined anything above 250cc. Once we can establish the numbers on these present upcoming models then it will give the manufacturers the confidence to bring in models with the best hardware and still can expect to reel in the numbers.

    • karikor

      And I don’t agree with models brought in under CBU route. And for someone who has to save every penny very hard for years together to be able to sign that cheque, I find it ridiculous to pay double of what the bike’s actual value.

    • Karikor, Honda giving basic hardware on 250cc bike, no problem. But on a 500cc bike is quite surprising.

    • karikor


      Just your luck. Have you checked out the news that Honda are working on a 400cc V-twin motor for Asian markets? Guess God must have listened to your prayers. ;)

    • Yes Honda is working on 400 but I doubt they will bring it to India over the CBR500R.

    • karikor

      That is sad. If they brought in both the cbr400 n cbr500, then that means Honda wud have brought in their whole sub 600cc cbr lineup in India. cbr150, cbr250, cbr400 & cbr500 n hopefully in the future the cbr600.

    • Karikor, Honda will slowly but surely get their complete line-up.

    • Akash

      Faisal, I have read about SAFERIDE ABS system for all Indian bikes with disc brakes. Please check it and post a review about it. And also explain how it works.
      After that compare two bikes one with saferide abs and other with stock brakes…. This would be helpful for everyone….

    • karikor

      Well I hope you are right. Honda is all out to conquer every market in the world. By the way, good news about ktm-bajaj adding husqvarna into their family. Can’t wait to see them launch a ‘baby’ nuda in the Indian market. By the way do you have any numbers on how many ktm duke 200s sold so far since launch by ktm? There are already 4 of them in my mohalla.

  • Joy

    Hahaa .. negative, with raging fuel prices and roaring inflation you can only dream of a full litre bike, forget about buying do you know what it takes to maintain it, that’ll surely be quite a task as I have already spent the cost of the bike over a period of 3 years on the 220F that I own and I just cant get enough of it. I think any Bike above 350 cc is a show-off coz anyway you will have to always do “stop and go” in this Indian Traffic.

    • Crazywheels

      i really agree with you. a 150cc bike is enough to roar through the indian streets at any condition.

    • karikor

      That’s the sad part about Big Indian cities.” Stop and go” traffic. Fortunately we from smaller cities are better off on this front. I need to just ride 5 kilometers from my house and I’m out on the wide open mountain twisty roads with just the wind on my hair for company.And well if you buy a 3-5 lakh bike you must have thought about the maintanence it will demand before signing the cheque.

    • Karikor, how many kms do you have to ride to get the bike serviced then?

    • karikor

      if it’s a Yamaha 3 km. If it’s a bajaj-ktm, 4 km, if it’s a royal enfield, 5 km, if it’s a Honda, 6km (opening shortly).

    • Karikor, but will they service big bikes or only commuters?

    • karikor

      If you mean commuters as 100-110 cc , then they comprise of only 5 % of the bikes in the road (small capacity bikes cannot handle the steep uphill roads and so don’t make much sense, so you will not find many splendors, passion around), 70% comprise of rx, pulsars, R15s, duke 200, fazers, etc n 25% are 250cc + bikes like cbr250, royal enfields, ninjas, rd 350s, hyosung gt250r n gt650r. The Hondas n hyosungs are presently serviced in guwahati 100km away (2.5hrs) whereas the others are all serviced in the city itself. however once Honda opens its own 3s facility here, then that will mean more Hondas in the city.

    • Karikor, that is quite interesting. So which bike do you currently ride?

    • karikor

      Hi Faisal I currently ride a 1995 rx-100 which I have done a lot of work on. I have changed the head with a rx-135, fully ported the engine, put in reed valves, a forged piston, a 5-speed gear box, proper jetting, a Japanese Mikuni carb taken from the rz-250, a k&n air filter, iridium spark plug and a tectrac racing exhaust pipe.

  • Crazywheels

    We should evaluate the performance of the superbikes after one year of usage. Then only we can judge the real nature of the engine. Especially Yamaha and Honda engines get aggressive only after the running-in period. My opinion is CBR 250 R is the best bike in terms of comfortable seating posture and pro-link rear suspension and can be used for touring also. In case of Money value, R15 is the best. But Pulsar 200 NS is the best choice, because we get a chance to ride a 200 cc beast within 1 L price range. DUke 200 is not a comfortable one but engine roar is enough to put our mind blowing. Ninja 250 is good but i saw an article that CBR 250 R can easily overblow twin cylinder ninja in tracks- in that case Ninja is not value for money.
    Anyway after years of usage, i think CBR and R15 only exists in mint condition

    • Crazywheels, a good 400cc, V-twin bike is the need of the hour, we really don’t need anything more powerful.

    • karikor

      I have been reading comments saying anything above 350cc is showing off because of the stop and go traffic. In that case everybody in India should stop buying mercs, bmws and Audis. However what we see is that that segment is growing year after year with last year the three selling close to 30000 cars. Now that same domino effect that started with cars a decade back is trickling down to motorcycles as well. And when the market is now beginning to open to bigger machines, why do we still want to be satisfied with 150cc. I have no qualms against the 150cc as they all have an important role to play. But why stick to them? Same thing as to why stick to the Maruti 800.

    • Karikor, forget the speed, a higher capacity feels more stable at higher speeds. So a Ninja 650R definitely feels more relaxed at 120 km/hr, than say a KTM Duke 200. That is reason enough to opt for a higher capacity bike. Although with lower capacity bikes, you can ride and extract power to the limit.

    • karikor

      I guess a machine which can do 160 km/hr max should be the best thing to have. Where you can have a stable 100-120 km/hr in your normal day run and the occasional 100mph when you feel like juicing it up.

  • golu

    In terms of YEARS of usage- HONDA CBR250R AND YAMAHA R15…

    Madness- Duke 200

    Value for Money- Pulsar 200NS

    Super Performance- Ninja 250R

    If you are MAD- Pulsar 220F

    If you dont like R15’s rear seat- CBR150R


    Hey Faisal, CBR150R is also RELIABLE PRODUCT na… The only draw backs are High price, switch gear and low end Torque…

    And CBR250R cannot defeat NINJA 250R on Track…

    • Golu, yes Honda CBR150R is a reliable product.

    • Naveen

      No cbr is bull *hit. Cbr have a seruous problem with engine knocking…dont buy

  • Chaos

    Hi Fas and Motorbeam team ,

    You guys have been doing some fantastic work, the first website i open as soon my laptop is opened is .

    I agree with all that u said abt pulsar 200ns except that its short lived. do u have a long termer 200ns to test its reliability and niggles ? i heard, read and saw a lot of complaints from 200ns riders about irregular idle RPM , vibrations, drop in mileage after a few thousands on the odo, unable to achieve the same speeds in the same RPM as when the bike was new i.e., RPM higher for 50kmph than before when the bike was new. etc… lots of issues. i love the 200ns for being a total VFM indian product . only wish it sustains the same way as it was new or how it was during the test ride.

    1) do you know if Bajaj is working on 200ns to make it niggle free and fix its carb issues due to 3 spark plugs ?
    2) do meet or ask few owners who has 200ns about feedback and problems faced so far, which could help the prospective buyers who are put off by the negative feedbacks through word of mouth.

    pls enlighten us all more about the 200ns as a bike to vouch for in long term or not !

    Thank you ,

    you guys rock !! :)


    • Chaos, we haven’t had the Pulsar 200 NS for long and have been hearing mixed reports from owners about the reliability. The issue is not on all bikes and some people are complaining about vibrations. The bike you see in these pictures has done more than 5000 kms on the odo, the owner said he hasn’t faced any issue. Many owners do complain about the poor tyres.

      Engine reliability of the 200 NS is unknown and when I am faced with this question about reliability, I admit its going to take time to gauge if the latest Pulsar is well engineered for the long term.

      1) I am not aware but I am sure if Bajaj Auto has received several complaints, they must be working on it.
      2) I have spoken to quite a few buyers, response has been mostly positive, as expectations are lower at this price point. However there are many niggling issues faced by people, specially vibrations. The bike we had tested was quite new and there were negligible vibes.

  • Chaos

    Thank you fas for the prompt reply, appreciate it.

    The price point is sure a premium of atleast 20K more than the nearest 150cc premium commuter bikes at 80K INR. so people do expect some peace of mind at this price point if not for more performance and kit.

    I did have the bike for 4 days and rode around 300 kms. did have a few vibrations post 7000 rpm. mileage of 38 kmpl. Engine switches off during cold start rides and suddenly at times in signals. the tyres are pathetic to say the least, 70-0 kmph stops had the tyres squealing on tar roads. I have been recommending this bike to people around me so far and now am afraid to do so. a few thousand kms down the line, they might come back at me swearing ;)

    Hope Bajaj hears about these problems and fixes them, do let us know if you contact bajaj or hear about any developments like FI for 200ns, revised version from march 2013 like how Mahindra is gonna do for XUV 500 silently.

    Indian motoring scene looks interesting up ahead.


    • Chaos, premium over a 150, yes but considering that level of performance, the only bike which comes close is the R15, which is around Rs. 30,000/- more expensive. Vibrations are inherent in Pulsars since day one but the 200 NS is still among the best yet, it will take Bajaj some more time to get it right with zero vibes. Probably FI will help them in this regard.

  • Amish

    For me, nothing beats the sheer brutality and allroundness of KTM Duke 200, just wait & watch out how the upcoming Duke 390 would set benchmarks!

  • ramesh

    Hi Faisal,

    It is very nice to read this kind of reviews on your Website..

    you did very good job..
    very nice.. keep it up..

    • Thanks Ramesh, I am glad you liked it and found it interesting ;-)

    • Jeeva

      Hi Faisal,
      I am from chennai, jus from a middle class family, but i luv riding bikes.
      i owned yamaha RXG, then RX-100, then finally pulsar 150. jus a couple of weeks back i sold out my pulsar, and now looking to buy a bike, and sad part is Economy is my concern.., so i cant buy a brand new bikes , preferring a 2nd hand bike. plz suggest me a good one (150 and above)…..

  • Maddy

    Ninja 250cc is quarter liter king….looks,performance, by all means this bike is a bench mark….Ninja 250r my first love, specially the 2013 version….just killer….!!!!
    But no doubt pulsar has shown what bikes are really meant for..Pulsar shows bikes are not made for only going from distance A to B.
    Bajaj pulsar is so unreliable so problematic so common so popular so crazy performer…..anyone knows why every one dream about Pulsar…people whatever but once think about Pulsar… is nothing but THE PULSAR MANIA…

    • Maddy, Ninja 250R is excellent but priced too high because its not locally manufactured in India.

  • Akash

    For CBU product we pay more than DOUBLE…

    Anyway a 500cc “HONDA” is the machine to live with. For 1 lac MORE rupees we will get nearly the double displacement of upcoming Ninja 300.

    “Our Indian roads are terrains in most places”

    I think I’ve read it at motorbeam itself. So Superbikes (1 liter class and more) are truly meant for tracks, not for our roads :) as every here saying, a bike with 400-650cc is MORE THAN ENOUGH… Just be happy.

    I think, in march Duke 390 will launch.

    What about Pulsar 375 Faisal ?? And ABS is must with this size of engine… Isn’t ? :)

    • Akash, Pulsar 375 due by end of the year, it is likely to have ABS.

  • gokul

    Why don’t you add classic 500 and apache and karizma r and karizma Zmr…..thunderbird tooo

    • Gokul, we picked up the best performance bikes. The bikes you mention don’t really meet that criteria.

  • Avinash chitram

    New version R15 is coming ?

    • Avinash, no new version of R15 coming anytime soon.

    • Baljinder singh

      Hi…. Faisal,
      bro i am planning to buy 220 f in Feb last….. please can u tell me the on road price in punjab .?. and after how many kilometers run I can do some modification like changing filters…………….

    • Baljinder, why 220, why not 200 NS?

    • Baljinder singh

      nt feel bettr wid looks…..but love 200 performance…..220 hav both so.

    • Baljinder, the 220 is no where close to the 200 in many aspects. Have you seen our comparison review?

    • Baljinder singh

      Ya lots of diffrence in thr comparison……i took test drive on NS, its litle shotr in height to me…… i m 5.9inch,

    • Baljinder, 5.9 is not too tall for the 200 NS. I think you should get the 200 NS, the 220 is old and has poor dynamics.

    • Baljinder singh

      K thanx bro…….i ll go for 200NS. i m crazy for bikes too, and gud luck for u to give bettr suggestns ahead also……..

    • Baljinder, you are welcome. Do share your experience of the P200 NS.

    • Baljinder singh

      Ya sure…i will try my best to share. waitn for NS to come…….

    • Avinash chitran

      Faisal, R15 is better than CBR 150 ?

    • Avinash, for a solo rider yes.

  • Kedar

    One silly question Faisal.

    Why Bullet 500cc (Classic or TB) and Karizma ZMR excluded from this comparison. I think ZMR is more reliable than Pulsar 200 & 220.

    • Kedar, the ZMR is not a performance bike, its slow and will easily be smoked by the slowest bike here. Also the ZMR is not a rounded package, it has quite a lot of flaws, therefore we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. We can say that confidently after having the bike for quite a long time.

      Royal Enfield bikes are for cruising not for drag races.

      Its quite weird to see people complain about why this bike was not in the comparo. Nobody appreciates whats there but only complains about whats not there. Doing a 7 bike comparo is no easy task and its sad that people are always running behind whats not there, rather than focusing on the things that are there.

    • Kedar

      Faisal dont take it in wrong way. Thats why I said silly question and cleared my self.

      I dont wanted to criticize this review. This is the best comparo and I can understand how dificult it is.

      You did fantastic work buddy and it is well appreciated.

    • Thanks buddy but I was not referring to you but generally what I have seen. On Facebook too, everyone is asking why no FZ, ZMR, etc.

    • Tushar5

      yes absolutely…There is no sense in buying karizma(R & ZMR) if one is expecting sheer performance out of it.Even after so many years the performance is almost the same…..

  • Akash


    • Akash, in green color, it looks weird to me. I feel red looks awesome on the new Ninja 250R.

  • Akash, no news on Pulsar 375 but expected end of the year. ABS is likely to be offered.

  • Akash

    Thanx Faishal for the reply…

    And one more thing, you can’t deny the fact that you’ve forgotten to add one more, most important sports bike in this review…. HYOSUNG GT250R… :D :P . . . . . Isn’t so… Or you knowingly removed in from the review due to unavailability or some other reason…..

    Please also compare Hyosung GT250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR 250R….
    And name the review as
    – WHICH 250 ??
    – THE 250cc GAME

    • Akash, we did not include the GT250R for a reason, lack of popularity and high pricing.

  • Baljinder singh

    Faisal, can u get me d price of both Ns nd 220 in punjab onroad….?

    • Baljinder, not sure of the price but the difference between them is around Rs. 5000/-.

    • Baljinder singh

      k i got……its 96k for 220 nd 1.01 NS. Ns little costly to me

  • Avinash chitran

    In mileage R15 or CBR 250 is better

    • Baljinder singh

      Avinash, R15 will giv bettr mileage……..lots of diffrnce in thr power

  • Baljinder singh

    Faisal, bro Wt needs to join motorbeam?

  • Akash

    Faisal, I’ll TVS Phoenix 125 within a month or so :) and that will be my FIRST bike.

  • Akash

    Faisal Bro…. Sales Figures…?????

  • Surya

    Karizma jet set go. I beat 200ns


      @SURYA…… surely it does in the ADVERTISEMENT LOL :)
      no chance infront of 200NS these are reasons why :-
      1.23.5ps vs 17ps(zma)
      3. P200 NS has close ratio six speed , whereas ZMA has conventional five speeders.

  • Akash

    Reply faisal bro ???

  • pr@sun

    Bro…Can u say how much R15 v2 differs from its prev version according to performance only..??? Any news about Yamaha R4 ..??

  • nahim ihza

    @faisal when Pulsar 200NS go to Indonesia?
    did the Pulsar 200NS will be added fuel injection? and which one? and as bosch as duke 200?
    and it is true the sales will be handle by kawasaki as they do in Pilliphine?


    the GREENIE MEANIE KAWI NINJA 250R is the BEST among these BY FARRRRR!!!!!!!
    whereas the PULSAR 200 NS gives “THE MOST BANG FOR A BUCK”

  • SKS

    Only an idiot will say that P220 is a performance bike (with that gruff engine & ever sagging chain & heavy un-flickable front end) & karizma not….What a foolish misconception.

  • SKS

    What the hell is that P220 doing in this modern day comparo with all other machines having proper water cooled engines, 4 valve heads, 6-speed boxes & fuel injection. I’m amazed wih fan following of this good for nothing ugly looking (worst half fairing design in the world) bike from day one.

    • Sks, P220 has its flaws but it was the first fast and affordable motorcycle in India (not considering the old Yamahas).

    • shaiz

      i completely agree

  • Adithya shashank

    Hey bros… Am planing to buy ninja 300r can u say good or not

  • Adithya shashank

    Ninja 300r is only ABS ??

  • Adithya shashank

    ninja 300r will be a gud compitetion in indian bike market?

  • Adithya shashank

    Cbr 500r ill bee gud or ninja 300r.. I have seen dat ninja 300r as 39 bhp n cbr 500r as 40 bhp

  • bhaskar boora

    fazer or cbr150 me konsi best h faisal sir accordng to thier prices and performance,quality,power.

  • vaikunth

    Y hav u guys not included the beast (RTR-180)

    • Vaikunth, because its not as fast.

    • karan

      RTR180 not fast? It has 17ps of power and 15nm torque same as in R15 , Better 0-60Km/h speed timing than R15, ABS plus point, priced approx 30,000 less than R15………..Now tell me what’s the point spending extra for liquid cooling and fuel injection?

    • Karan, in terms of engine specs.

    • Amarnath

      Exactly Faisal I support you. Performance is the last word. Engine specs may be the same but other spec make the difference in performance. A simple example a R15 with KN&N filter and without makes a 0-60Km/h speed and Top Speed difference also…. If you don’t believe me check yourself.

    • If we go into modifications, then things are very different for every bike.

  • Reeto

    The P220F DTSi is not just for “commuting in style” but also a good tourer. The P220 as well as CBR250R has the best stability in strong cross winds that we often encounters on an open highway.

  • Pranay

    I appreciate you doing a 7 bike shootout. I understand it must be hard doing such an extensive testing on all these bikes. I just have one thing to say which I see has already been asked about in the comments but I wasn’t satisfied with the answer given there. My question is about the exclusion of the Karizma ZMR. I am a Karizma owner and hence I do have a few inputs to give. I am just going to compare it to 3 bikes here. The Pulsar 220, CBR 150 and R15. I have raced my bike with all 3 of these. As sporty as the R15 and the CBR look, they aren’t that fast at all. My bulky ZMR which out weighs them by about 20 kgs each is actually faster goin from 0-60. Even the pulsar 220 falls just short of the ZMR. ( I do have a K&N RC-1060 installed along with Iridium spark plugs ). NOw the pulsar does reach the 100 kmph mark faster, the R15 and the CBR still dont beat the ZMR even to that mark. They only manage to out pace it afte the 120 kmph mark which is 10 kmph short of the ZMR’s top speed. I know the ZMR stands no chance against the duke, ninja, 250r or even the 200NS ( which is actually quite cheaper) but I strongly believe it performs better than the R15 and CBR 150. AS this is more of a performance trial I wouldnt defend the ZMr much as it has different traits and it widely considered a sports-tourer than a racing machine. Sorry if you felt offended by my post, I dont mean to undermine your work at all. Do reply if there if you have anything to say.
    Thanking you in advance. Have a nice day.

    • Pranay, you have answered your question yourself. The ZMR is more of a tourer than a racing machine and hence we did not include it in this test.

      I have myself owned a ZMR and I am very well versed about the motorcycle, however it just did not make a fit for this comparison.

      By the way, thanks for the appreciation ;-)

  • vicky

    hey faisal,
    previously u had mentioned that if apache RTR 180 was included in this competition, it will lead r15 and cbr upto 80 to 90 kms and after that both will smoke RTR badly……can u plz explain why is that so…..and also let me know the pros and cons of apache RTR 180..
    and my other doubt is , can pulsar 200ns surpass pulsar 220 in both acceleration and top speed? …

    • Vicky, yes but then the Apache loses out post 80 km/hr. The 200 NS is faster than the 220 in every aspect.

    • vicky

      Some websites had mentioned that the top speed of pulsar 220 as 144 kph and for pulsar 200ns as 136 kph..Is that true? have you tested the top speeds of both the bike?

    • Baljinder

      @Viky. the real topspeed of pulsar 220 f is 138 with GPS and 200Ns is 136……..Bajaj always had issue with speedo-meter error and still also with new models. 144km is a fake speed.

    • vicky

      Thanks buddy :) .After lot of confusions, finally got a pulsar 200ns (yellow).

  • pranshu

    hey i own a karizma r and my top speed was 140-142 km/h… can u help me xplore my r more as it wasnt in this competition. and let me know about these kinda drags. thanx faisal in advance.

    • Pranshu, Karizma R doesn’t accelerate as fast as other bikes here but the ZMA has its own charm of excellent cruising ability and proven mechanicals.

    • Pravin

      Hi Pranshu, Can you tell me at what rpm did you reach the speed of 142!! I have owned a Karizma before.. and I dont think the bike can acheive anything close to the mark you have mentioned!!

    • Pravin

      Karizma R does 100 at 6.2Krpm in the top gear.. the bike’s red line is 8K rpm beyond which it doesnt go.. infact touching the 8K on the top gear is itself questionable.. imagine even if you touch so much.. you would only be able to acheive 129kms/hr on the meter max… which is as good as some 125-126kms/hr genuine..

  • Velutha

    Have to say, Excellent effort Motorbeam! Kudos

  • Dr Sandeep Singh

    Which is better ????
    Yamaha f z 16 or TVS Apache 160 Beast ??

  • abhishek jain

    hey faisal..right now i am looking for an all rounder bike which provides good looks an mileage in 150cc segment bikes…i am not a race freek so ..which bike u wud suggest as a good options for mee to buy…waiting for ur earliest reply…coz planning to buy in a week …

    • Abhishek, what mileage are you looking at? You should wait for Honda CB Trigger.

    • dhaval

      CB Trigger is likely to fail similar to dazzler even if they introduce kicker. Engine volume is same 150cc and they made mistake by giving peak torque at higher rpm which is let down in cities. I think CB Unicorn would still remain the best.

  • vicky

    hello faisal,
    please solve my would gain me alteast some knowledge..
    my doubt is,
    1. what exactly is BHP and TORQUE? how r they dependent?
    2. does bhp relate acceleration and top speed?

    • Vicky, BHP is the power figure (bigger deciding factor in top speed) and Torque is the bigger deciding factor in acceleration.

  • dev

    Will 200 ns last long i owned 220 but it drained in 3 years

  • Mathew George

    duke 200 or cbr 250r 2013…which i should buy….???

  • ajay

    ninja300 or i20

    • Akash

      @ajay Honda Amaze :D

  • vicky

    hello faisal..
    pls let me know about the UG series in pulsar 150cc .. i read that pulsar had launched 4.5 UG …what does UG mean? and the 4.5 UG provides a peak power of 15.06 is that model of pulsar powerful in 150cc segment ? (excluding r15 and cbr 150r)….
    A kind request—- can u plz give me the top speed of the following bikes tested with GPS?

    1. bajaj pulsar 150 (pulsars that have 14.09 bhp)
    2. bajaj pulsar UG 4.5 (pulsars that have 15.06 bhp)
    3. yamaha fzs
    4. yamaha fazer
    5. suzuki gs 150r
    6. honda cb unicorn
    7. honda dazzler
    8. cbz xtreme
    9. hero hunk
    10. apache rtr 160

    Pls let me know the figures faisal…im crazy about bikes nowadays..sorry if i’m making you frustrated :(

    • Vicky, we haven’t tested these bikes with GPS, but the top speed between them won’t vary much and should be between 115-125 km/hr.

      UG means upgrade.

  • shajraz hariz

    hello faisal,
    bro i am in an confusion for getting a bike .i need a bike with premium looks , performence and enough milage .pls help me 4 a better decesion .my budget is 1-1.5 lacs.tell me wats ur oppinion about duke 200 .pls rply or sent to my email-shaju619

  • jaison


    Dude I am a 6.2ft guy i want to buy sme byk whch suitz me, n am done wid sporty byks jst want a reliable,avg mileage,gud road grip n GUD ROAD PRESENCE byk budget below 80k-1.6lac
    can u suggest me arnd 5 byks?
    perviously ownd pulsr18,cbr25,yam fazer
    i likd trigger,TB,cbr15,electra deluxe,ns,discover st.
    can we get review or sme info abu trigger?
    n am a aquila pro fan :-)

    • Jaison, get the CBR150R.

    • jaison

      cumon man giv me smethin else it is skinny n luks cheap variant of cbr25 lesser wheelbase ,tiny tyres n no kill switch shud i turn d key to switch it off lols nwadays we even get this in oder small bikes,i heard it sounds terrible is it true ?coz i loved cbr250 tone after removing airfilter upper cover, price is close to 250 without abs
      hw abu TB350 or HONDA TRIGGER?
      PLEASE enlightn us

    • jaison

      I knw its wierd but due to reasons am goin otherwys frm sporty big bikes to simple ones
      not in college nymore
      stuck in busy life in a crowded city
      after having a bad accident dont have guts to cross 140kmph
      but still deepinside a bike lover so cant go for activa or splendor lik bykes :-)

  • madhu

    I am confused between zmr and cbr 150r
    Which one is better
    I travel daily around 15 to 20 km

  • madhu

    I am confused between zmr and cbr 150r
    Which one is better
    I travel daily around 15 to 20 km
    I am well more intrested in long drive and I dont ride fast.
    Please suggest me a reliable bike.

    • dhaval

      Fast is subjective. For some 80 is fast and for some 100 is slow. I believe on highways, 150cc is not enough to travel in relax manner. May be suzuki gs150 will suit you as it has 6th gear for highways. If you ride under 90 km/h, honda unicorn is the best.

    • Mohit Soni

      CBR 150R anyday if you can take your budget to there! its splendid motorcycle when it comes to any of your demands its frugal, fast, six speed and excellent dynamics!

  • sunny

    which is better stunner or pulsar 135?

    • Sunny, both are good bikes, depends on what your requirements are?

    • Mohit Soni

      Sunny, i would recommend you the Pulsar 135 any day its a very different proposition with class leading dynamics and performance from a 4 valve engine the stunner is now dated and has nor appeal or performance to enjoy! test ride the Pulsar 135 and u’l know how different this is than the other Pulsars

      i personally owned it for 2.5 years and everyday was a blast on that motorcycle! if you have any other queries get in touch with us on facebook!

  • Khan

    Hi Faisal,
    In terms of Milage Which is better R15 OR CBR150, i am about to purchase Second hand bike.

  • khan

    Faisal,If we Ride the both the Bike’s in Economy then we will get the Milage,right.

  • Shaji

    Dear Faisalbhai,

    I would like to know about Hero’s Hunk 150cc Bike whether its resale value is better than other bikes, as i was planning to have this my side. i would also like to know from your good-self whether this bike is any good for 200 km or more journey. I have never been into into Sports bike rather always loved the cruisers. Non Indian cruisers i think is expensive, moreover majority of individuals when buying such gives emotions the prime importance where logic takes a back seat.


  • kartik

    Faisal sir what about yamaha r4 it’s better than all 250cc bikes

  • gaurang

    faisal bhai i read some review of 200ns that it has not earliar rev range grunt as like pulsar 220 that require in city traffic and its handling is not light and nimble as rtr 180 in city traffic at slow speed its true or not plese reply.

    • Gaurang, nope, that’s not true. 200 NS is very good although the RTR is also up there when it comes to handling.

  • gaurang

    thanx faisal bhai i would decided to go for 200ns i wana know that what is real milage in city condition and it is posible to motified rear end of this bike or not what about tires would they are good in wet and skidy condition and hard breaking. i am using curently pulsar 150 ug3 there. handle bar are not flikable as rtr,s in city traffic as they feel bit heavy what about 200ns and finely which colour would you prefer to buy.. thanx in advance..

    • Get the 200 NS in blue colour if you like it. Only change tyres to better compound. Use Motul oil post first service.

  • gaurang

    thanx faisal bhai as you suggest to change tire which tire you prefer to use that gives good grip in all types conditions and roads. and would i sale my stock tires …

  • mohd fahiem naz

    Ktm duke is the best planning to buy it is or not tell me guysss

  • junaid

    Hey faisal, I want to ask which bike do you have?…I mean that would be a very good bike cause you have ridden many bikes

    • I have a Duke 390 ;-) but no bike is best, all depends on what a person wants.

    • rAz tHe bAd BoY

      I also want to purchase a duke 390 because its acceleration is better than other bike who is under 373 cc. Duke 390 is the best bike for beginner and awesome in traffic.
      Best in all class
      The Indian Beast!

  • Shaji Chacko

    Hello Faisal,

    r bikes meant 4 dragging/racing only? can’t we look upon them as machines meant for commuting purposes also, now if its so can these High CR-HET bikes be used for daily commuting?


    • Yes they can but we were evaluating performance here.

  • Deb

    Hi Faisal, and other Bike experts, i might be repeating, what has already been discussed, but feel shd get my points as well discussed. I have been a bike lover since my school days, now nearing my 40s (currently @ 38). My Dad Had a Original Japan model Honda in 1985, along with Vespa, from same time almost for 20 years. When i had a decent sal, went for CBZ in 2003, and then moved to Cars. However due to my passion for the Bikes planning to go for one again at this age as well :). You guys are free to laugh on me, if i sound mad and freeky :D .

    Now coming to the technical points , i have shortlisted few bikes, please help me choosing them :
    1. CBR 250R / 400R
    2. Yamaha R15
    3. Pulsar 220f
    4. Ninja 200R / 300R

    I read a lot about Ninja 250R, But i believe thats 200R right ?
    I am mad and passionate to own Ninja, but 200R lacks many features against CBR 250R, and even the up-coming Ninja 300R for that matter. Also the most awaited 300R, is hitting a bit on my budget, unless there is a 7year loan available. Yet to take a test ride on Ninja, but after just sitting on a parked vehicle, i felt the sitting posture is comfortable

    I had done a test ride arnd 2 years back on CBR 250R, and had found comfortable ride posture, but i just did a test ride last Sunday, it seems, even they have modified the footrest for the driver to a bit back, which looses the confidence, in a crowded road, where you need to step down frequently. This is the same reason i have kept R15 at the last of my choice list, as well the double decker height of it’s back seat. However CBR 250R i found the back seat height is also quite manageable. Ninja rocks on both the points, with Drivers foot rest and back seat height, just in case you end up anytime with a pillion rider.

    Duke, i havent ridden, but i did not even liked the fire sound as well the front light (as i am more inclined to twin headlights like R15).

    I had almost zeroed down on either CBR250R or Ninja 300R, but after taking the last Sunday test drive i started thinking more about comfort. Thou mainly i ll be using this bike for daily office commuting, but i have plans to drive it From Pune to Banglore as well, atleast 2-3 tmes a year. Also after test driving Pulsar 220f (thou was a short ride) felt much comfortable w.r.t legs reaching ground, foot step position and sitting position. Howevr i have a doubt, whether the straight sitting position of 220f will attract back pain during long drives?

    I have done 5-6 times up/down from Bangalore-Pune or vice versa, in My Honda City (iVtec), in around 12-14 hrs, and i am aware of the road conditions, as well, i am aware the comfort wont be same in any bike, but i would like to hear from you, which can be better bike, when i think about comfort as well daily commute in stop-go traffics. I do not like either Bullet or Bajaj Avenger, as it’s risky to take sharp turns, if needed in moderate traffic.

    Thanks in Advance, Deb

  • Deb

    Also forgot to mention, i wont be participating in any racing, at the same time, i have a passion with speed, try to keep eco milege speed even in traffic.
    Also, which ever bike i ”l go, planning to put Pirelli tyres to it, if possible for both back and front, else Pirelli at the back and Michelene on the front. My brother has a Unicorn, and i had forced him to put the wider tyres like 140/70 R17 Pirreli, if i remember correctly, at the back and he is enjoying the drive, @ high speed against all sorts of balance. Still if you have better options on tyres do let me know.

    • If you can stretch and get the Ninja 300, go for it. Any reason for not considering Royal Enfield?

      CBR250R to be replaced by the CBR300R soon so no point buying it.

  • vijith

    Cbr 250r is the best…..

  • iftekhar

    How is HONDA CB Trigger.

  • KK

    I would love to buy the R15 but I feel it is a bit old..
    Any new vehicle coming up in the near future which awesome like the R15?
    My budget would be 1.5 lakhs….

  • deepak

    220f ka top speed btao


    my Yamaha fazer bike cross 1,00,000 km ……………….

  • nikhil

    No RTR and there is a p220!!!!!

  • aromal

    well faisal khan ,
    sorry for placing my query on the wrong page. but that was because i posted my (same)query a couple of times(i think that was on the good page) and u dont answer it. i am not angry @ u as this is one of the rare automotive site that answers to the readers doubts.

    here goes my query
    could you please rate the following bikes in handling department alone.
    Please rate it out of 100 marks[ give 100 to the best handler and so on]
    1) r15
    2) duke 200
    4)rtr 180
    6)cbr 150

    • Sorry Aromal if we missed your query earlier. You can always mail us for such things and we will be glad to help you out.

      1) R15 is the best handling of all of them. 95 points
      2) Duke isn’t far behind but the ergonomics are not suited to pushing it around aggressively, 88 points.
      3) Pulsar 200 NS has a fab balance, 85 points.
      4) FZ – again very good balance with wide tyres for the size, 80 points.
      5) RTR 180 – 75 points.
      6) CBR150R – 65 points.

    • aromal

      but in the r15 vs cbr150 comparo both are said to be neck to neck . but in this rating their is a huge difference! how is that?

    • On road – yes, on track – no.

    • aromal

      sorry to disturb faisal khan,
      but i thought handling should be almost same on track and road. what is the difference in it? and will u honestly pick p200ns (due to its quality factor)?

    • The price and performance ratio of the P200 NS is unmatched.

    • ajin bs

      can u please explain how handling differs on road and on track

  • aromal

    faisal khan
    1) is rtr ABS worth over 200ns?
    2) also as you said rtr 180 is a performance bike but u dont done a single drag race with it. please upload!
    3) is 200ns quality issues manageable (affordable)?

    • ABS is worth it but the 200 NS is a better bike, go for it.

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