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Fiat India Sets Target To Sell 25000 Units In 2013

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Fiat Punto Sporting Dualogic Plus Front

Fiat has said that they have set a target of selling 25,000 units in India in the year 2013 and aim to capture at least 1 percent share of Indian automotive market. They Italian car maker will massively expand their dealership and service network in India and launch many new models. Last year, in 2012, Fiat sold a mere 10,000 units in the country and is one of the lowest selling brands currently. A total number of 2.6 million cars were sold in India in the same time frame of 2012.

Fiat opened its first exclusive showroom in Mumbai recently which is one of their first independent dealerships. Fiat said that they plan to open 65 independent dealerships by March 2013 and 100 dealerships by end of 2013. Fiat has also lined up quite a few launches for this year. They will launch the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in 2013 as well as performance brand Abarth by the year end. Fiat also said they plan to launch a small Fiat SUV by 2015. Offerings from Jeep will be imported while Abarth cars will be locally manufactured at the company’s plant near Pune.

Fiat said that last year they exported quite a few cars to right hand drive markets like South Africa, Nepal and Sri Lanka, but now they will focus on domestic demand. Tata Motors too produces cars at Fiat’s plant and uses it as an export hub. Fiat said that their main production will be for diesel engines and in spite of rise in diesel prices as well as higher taxes on diesel cars, they expect demand to stay very high. Fiat has a very big task ahead of them to capture at least 1 percent market share in India which is the lowest for Fiat all over the world. In Latin America they have 18 percent share, in North America they have 15 percent share and in Europe they have 10 percent share.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front

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  • sandy

    This could happen if they start selling Fiat Panda along with 4X4 option with both TwinAir and MJD engine line up to our already mini SUV dreaming market.

    • Rohan

      Panda starts in UK at about 11,000 pounds for the basic naturally aspirated petrol engine. TwinAir (875cc) costs as much as 1.3 MJD. No matter what localization or cost-cutting (cheap interiors, poorer build quality) they do, they won’t be able to price it below Punto. So we can forget seeing Panda in India for a long time :-(

      Even I was desperately looking for a car to replace my 83k KM old Palio MJD and wanted it to be Panda, and was disappointed not to see Panda featuring Fiat’s India plans.

  • S Pani

    I really dont see how they are going to manage 25000 units this year. It could have been possible even if they launched one mass market car under 10L price. But as far as reports of FIAT’s launches this year, there seems to be an Abarth Punto, and the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee. These three will at best sell a few thousand units.

    25000 units is a very steep target indeed, unless they launch new Punto or new Linea or something else like a 500L/X or sub-Punto hatch. But all these seem quite some time ahead.

    • Sushrut

      Ambitious target indeed!! They need to bring in their refreshed Uno with efficient & powerful engines and price it below 4 lacs. They have small capacity multiAir engines which they need to localize fast and introduce them here. Introducing legacy models is not going to help them with numbers.

  • Aneesh

    That will remain a pipe dream,the Linea is grossly underpowered. They should bring 1.6 multi jet sooner. With just two products I don’t think they can go much far.

  • Beaut

    I think their target is fairly reasonable, as once Jeep is launched by mid of year, they could sell may be 1000 numbers/month (6000 for the year)+ definitely linea and punto sales will improve with their new dealers say (1500 each Linea+punto, now its around 700-800) which will easily make them near 25000. If the cherokee is launched with a slighter lower price, say just above fortuner it probably would be a killer of Fortuner.

    • Beaut, they will not sell more than 500 Jeeps in an year initially.

    • S Pani

      Somehow, I think the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee will be able to sell more, quite a bit more. The “Jeep” brand has a history in India, and India has always liked big brutish vehicles like the Jeeps. Assuming they price a 5 door Wrangler within 20-25L, they should manage 100-200 units a month. Assuming a 6month run for Jeep next financial year, they could manage between a 1000 and 1500 units.

  • Beaut

    Also, in the linea classic avatar, if you go by all other classic versions of india, they are going to bring down the price by atleast 1.5 lakhs which will bring it to the top version of dezire category and which could be a better proposition which will again improve their sales.

    • S Pani

      I seriously doubt the Jeep Wrangler, which will probably end up costing around the 20L mark could sell upto 1000units a month at all. Even 250 units a month will be pretty good for the Jeep. I seriously doubt it can be a Fortuner killer. Similarly the Jeep Cherokee will probably end up at best around the low to mid 30Ls, at which point it will probably sell a few hundreds. Total Jeep will at best do is about 3000units a year, unless they are able to start assembling Jeeps in India from the start itself, which will bring down prices considerably, allowing them to sell more.

      As for the Punto/Linea in present form, on average every month about 1000units is about good, leading to about 12000units a month. Assuming the Abarth Punto is launched for the serious enthusaists, that will probably sell about at best 2000.

      So in my view, a target of about 15000 units this financial year is about achievable and still a challege. To get anywhere near 20000 or more, you will need a helping hand from God Himself.

      Of course, if any new launches like an sub 10L MPV, or a B-segment hatch around the 3-5L mark, or new version Linea/Punto, if they can be launched by around Diwali, then FIAT will be able to clear the 20000units mark next financial year.

      Also no matter how much they strip down a Linea, it will never ever come down to the price of a Dzire. Just remember, the Linea is almost 2 feet longer in length than the Dzire.

    • Amish

      I would strongly agree with you, firstly the biggest flaw they have done is the late revival of dealers, then launching Wrangler instead of a civilised Patriot or Compass and lastly failing to facelift the ageing Punto and Linea.

    • Amish

      The only way they can challenge Dzire is by slapping a boot to Punto and make it under 4 metre mark or atleast design a notchback version of Punto like Verito CS, launching a stripped out version of Linea would further hamper the sales as most of its buyers buy it because of its premium aura.

    • S Pani

      If you see the dimensions of the Punto, it is only 13mm below the 4m mark. So there can be slapping on a boot to the Punto at all. Also, if you look the Punto is already as costly as the Dzire itself. Other than that, there already exists a Punto with a boot slapped on, it’s called te Linea.

      I believe Fiat will be launching a sub-Punto hatch sometime, and they will probably slap the boot on to that. But like with everything else, we have to wait for a year or two yet for that.

  • No One

    Excuse me, bu to sell something, you need to have an outlet.

    I am sorry but I dont see any FIAT display or showroom compare to anything else.

    oh yeah, I forgot, only one brand which has less number is HM :P

  • Pravin

    Punto – 1.3Multijet and 1.2 ltr FIRE

    Linea – 1.3Multijet and 1.4ltr FIRE

    Absolutely crappy engines with dismal performance in comparison to the competition… they dont score so well on Fuel Efficiency too…

    Im a FIAT Linea T-Jet owner… FIAT’s biggest weaknesses are as follows:-

    1. No beleif in themselves and their products.
    2. Improper product service and care.
    3. Their worst study of Indian market and public.
    4. Poor product line inspite of all of them being really good in some parameters.

    Until all the above is sorted out, FIAT can never ever improve.

  • Bijoy

    Only if fiat will increase their showroom network,product line and make requlalar ad.

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