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Upcoming Tata Nano 800 Caught Testing

Tata Nano 800 testing

The Tata Nano 800 has been caught testing in Maharashtra with a lot of testing equipment strapped on the whole car. It was recently confirmed that Tata Motors is working on a new 3-cylinder 800cc version of the Nano to compete against the Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto 800. It is expected that the Nano 800 should be launched by end of 2013 or early 2014. The new Tata Nano 800 will be refreshed and look different than the normal Nano which too will receive a facelift and a few changes in 2013.

The Nano 800 will be powered by a 3-cylinder 800cc engine but the power output is not known. Tata is testing the car with the new engine with lot of state of the art testing equipment as the engine will be heavier and the car will need many changes for the same. It is said that the track of the Nano 800 is wider and will run on fatter tyres that will be a full inch bigger. Also the Nano 800 will require a new suspension setup to handle the extra weight and power and keep the car as stable as possible.

It is said that the Nano 800 will be a lot more refined and will be better to drive. In addition to the Nano 800, Tata has also planned many new versions of the Nano. A new Nano CNG is in the pipeline as well as the much talked about Nano diesel. But the exact details of launch dates in not available. In the 2013 version the normal Nano too will be better tuned with better refinement, drive-ability as well as better fuel efficiency. All these versions are under test and will be launched in the near future.

Tata Nano 800 testing rear

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  • S Pani

    I think more than India, this 800cc 3cylinder engine will be far far more important for the European markets.

    I think some variant of a 800cc engine will be found in a production Tata car, based largely on the Pixel/MegaPixel concept cars which will be sold in Europe as an ultra fuel efficient city car in Europe.

    • Amish

      Tata Nano was primarily targeted at India and not Europe, please let alone Nano for the Indian subcontinent, let Tata Europa do the job in Europe.

    • S Pani

      True, but if you remember, from the very day the Nano was released to the public the European shows in which Tata has taken part they have shown Nano derivatives like the Nano Europa, the Pixel and the MegaPixel. Tata have even said unequivocally that they have plans for a small Nano like 2-door, 4 seat car in Europe. These cars are sure to have a bigger engine like this one.

      Thus I say, this bigger engine is not only important for India but also for Tata’s Europe plans. May be even the next gen Indica will have a turbo version of this 800cc engine.

    • Ganesh babu

      I hope so too, Pani. If this 3 cylinder powered Nano wears a 2-door silhouette, that would be awesome!

    • Amish

      Instead they should borrow the Twin Air from Fiat.

    • Ganesh babu

      A twin air 85 hp Nano would be stunning, Amish!! but I doubt Fiat will ever allow this happen fearing cannibalising its own range of cars ;)

  • No One

    Thank god there is no Boot..

    Also, does any one like me see a big hole in front bumper ?

  • Patrick

    And for me the absence of an opening tailgate is a glaring omission on this vehicle. It’s the same mistake BMC made with the original mini. With modern vehicle glass developments it is simple (altho there will be a unit cost) to slap a tailgate on the little Nano.

  • Kalpesh Patel

    If they make it like routine car viz. engine at front and normal sound, i think it will rock.

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