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Husqvarna 200cc Bike India Launch In 2015

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KTM 2013 Husqvarna Nuda 900R

Bike enthusiasts have several reasons to rejoice this year. With a multitude of launches on the horizon, no one expected to own a Husqvarna motorcycle without breaking the bank. But now very good news has come, which will immediately put a massive smile on the face of motorcyclists. Yes, Bajaj-KTM will locally manufacture Husqvarna motorcycles in India. Yes, Husqvarna will offer a 200cc bike for India. Yes, this bike could be yours in less than 2-years time. Sounds too good to be true?

KTM CEO, Stefan Pierer wants to make a motorcycle alliance just like the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen owns 10 brands, with many vehicles using the same platform, engines, suspension, etc. This leads to low cost of development and higher profits. No wonder Volkswagen is one of the richest automobile companies in the world. So how does Mr. Pierer plan to do it? With Husqvarna under his belt, Mr. Pierer wants Bajaj Auto to manufacture Husky motorcycles in India, thereby leading to lower cost of production and higher profits.

“First Husqvarna motorcycle will be launched in India in 2 years. Proposed Husky model for India to be made at Bajaj’s Chakan plan will use joint engine platforms of Bajaj-KTM for Husky models. Joint-engine platform to be used for 125cc-200cc segment for Husqvarna,” Stefan Pierer, CEO, KTM, said.

However what is most important is how Husqvarna will share parts with KTM and Bajaj. The Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS share a lot of parts. The upcoming Husqvarna 200cc bike will use the Duke 200’s engine and could be positioned above the Duke. Thus Bajaj-KTM will offer three alternative in the 200cc segment – Pulsar 200 NS at the entry level, Duke 200 in the middle and the Husqvarna 200cc bike at the high end. The sourcing strategy will be similar too and the end result will be a more affordable motorcycle, with desirability firmly intact.

Bajaj-KTM will also develop a 125cc Husqvarna motorcycle, which will be primely targeted at European customers. We expect a 375cc motorcycle from Husqvarna as well, which would be based on the upcoming Duke 390. Thus Husqvarna and KTM motorcycle will be quite similar but with slight differences in the product and significant differences in the positioning.

Husqvarna Nuda 900R India

Source – Moneycontrol

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  • Akash

    Indian economy will gain a lot….. thanks to bajaj’s exports…

  • Baljinder singh

    Its gud……but confustn for buyrs betwn duke,NS nd husqvrna……..

    • Crazy4

      Bajinder ….. still its not decided how much cc bikes Husky will launch. as KTM CEO commented about 125- 200cc. it can be anything between it.

  • Shashank

    its not good to offer almost everything same on different bikes…and that too just to have low production cost n high profits..??sounds terribly money minded n not being creative enough to serve us different varieties.its like they r throwing their big names on our face like a bone to a dog.

    • Crazy4

      How do u know what Husky is offering on its bike. r u the designer of Husky ??? still none of details came in. Wait, watch, think & then comment. don’t rush to conclusion like a dog rushing to bone.

    • Shashank

      what do u mean how do i know didnt u read the quoted lines by ceo of ktm above he clearly mentioned about 125cc-200cc JOINT ENGINE platform for future husky bikes now it may be difficult for u to understand but it dosent really take a genius to understand wat exactly they r gonna offer n how much variation can there be(very limited FYI) and the only major difference would be a brand name.Like pulsar 200ns and duke 200 are different bikes but is there a difference of day n night..?no. n thts my point.

    • Crazy4

      Dude before KTM also commented about sub 200cc bikes in India which never launched in India. even the 125 cc is exported but not for Indian market. we just can’t go by comments ktm ceo has shown us range 125-200cc still they r not sure wht to launch, hw can we conclude about their offerings. the decision of offering will be decided by marketing, price, public response done by survey & their marketing team.
      its we who response to our needs wht we want.

  • Ben

    Shashank you are absolutely right. India is a place for these companies to dump their products which are not selling well elsewhere. ktm is known for producing offroad bikes ranging from merely 50cc to 300cc, but in developing countries like india there are unnecessary big capacity bikes of ktm in production that too local production and international pricing. I also assure you that ktm will not bring in the award winning husky dirt bikes to india but the bikes which are dusted in its shed. but if you see a jap, it will offer bikes for all people with all segments right from a 100cc bike to a supersport.

    • Crazy4

      Ben……. KTM sells 50cc to 1200cc bikes & now the leaders in Europe. KTM has record of 12 consecutive times DAKAR rally winners. Husky too was undisputed winner in 90’s. Ktm is bringing its husky offroaders in 2015 to India. In europe DUKE is best selling bikes, they don’t need to dump Indians are much wise to selecting bikes. KTM brings the best tech to India & many will follow it to copy for sure.
      Honda is still bringing its decade old designs of Unicorn (13 yr old), shine (19 yr old) CBR(8 yr old) in India. thts the thing we mostly ignore.

  • sachin

    what is so special about husqvarna bikes?

    • Sachin, you need to ride one to find out. They are excellent bikes and have quite a heritage too.

  • Ganesh babu

    This is a wonderful partnership for Bajaj. Husqvarna might just be on their way to reinvent the 2-stroke engine all over again!!

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