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Mercedes-Benz can now boast of quite an uncommon employee who would help them in the development process of performance oriented road cars. We are talking about one of the greatest F1 drivers of all times, Michael Schumacher, who last drove the F1 race for Mercedes AMG team in November. Although not as an employee per se, but more of an advisor help, Michael Schumacher wishes to hang on to his former employer and help them tune a few high-performance cars.

Seems like Michael Schumacher is doing the same with Mercedes-Benz as he had done when he was with the Ferrari team. After his first retirement from Ferrari in 2006, he hung on for a little more time playing the role of an advisor and also helped in the development of a few Ferrari horses like the Enzo-based FXX and the 458 Italia. In 2010, a historic moment happened when Schumacher made a second comeback, this time with the Mercedes F1 team, with Nico Rosberg as his team mate.

Michael Schumacher is also associated with Mercedes-AMG as being the brand ambassador for the same and has also featured in the TV commercial of the SLS AMG (remember the wind tunnel one?) There is no doubt that the experience of being around high-performance cars of this seven time world champion would benefit Mercedes. The latest to be expected from the Mercedes stable is the SLC sports car, hoping Schumacher to lend a hand on its works. Or how about a Michael Schumacher Special edition AMG vehicle?


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  • S Pani

    Well I hope it helps Merc somewhat, because when it comes to performance cars, they are definitely not in league with BMW. All AMG Mercs are known for is massive engines and hooligan handling.

    But, when Schumi worked with Ferrari it worked superbly, we got the most dominant period of F1 between 2000-04, and we got some superb road cars like the Enzo, 458 etc. But Schumi’s stint with Merc in F1 hasn’t really helped, so dont know how much improvement the road cars will see.

    • Akash

      S. Pani . . . . Sorry dude. I really didn’t knew about that… I shouldn’t have said that… :)

  • Akash

    Oh god… some people in india think that bmw is ahead of mercedes in performance cars…..??
    Faisal give them some knowledge….

    • Faisal Khan

      Akash, S Pani is right. BMW is ahead of Mercedes in performance. Mercedes is just straight line strength but BMW’s are equally surefooted in corners.

      Knowledge is a two way process, we learn from our readers and S Pani’s comments have always been enlightening.

    • Akash

      Oops sorry…. Faisal please delete my comment before he sees :-|

  • Akash

    What can be better than this . . . . . For mercedes benz…

  • No One

    Huh ??

    Micheal made one of the poorest decision of his life to return with Merc in track. Could not do anything and didn’t even have time in his hand to keep on working to develop a proper car with proper tuning in down the line to start winning in next few years.

    Now days, computers are doing better than a single driver to make and tune car to suite every singe driving style !!!

    I dont think it will do merc any good, apart from an advertisement line, “tune and tested by Micheal him self”..

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