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Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster

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EcoSport vs Duster

The Ford EcoSport is very close to its launch in India and there is tremendous excitement in the Indian market for the same. The EcoSport has been around in many international markets for quite some time and has tasted tremendous success everywhere due to its aggressive design, long list of features and sharp handling. The EcoSport will go head on with the current favourite compact SUV in India, the Renault Duster and we will have to see how dynamics of the market change with the introduction of the EcoSport.

The Ford EcoSport and the Renault Duster have been sold in the Brazilian market for quite some time now. We have pictures of both the contenders together from Brazil’s Parabrisas magazine, which will help us directly compare the two together. On first glances we can see that the Duster looks slightly bigger than the EcoSport but latter looks more stylish and modern. The space inside too tells the same story with the Duster being a little more spacious but has a bit of a dated interior and the EcoSport sporting a very futuristic design.

In the Brazilian market, the EcoSport costs almost equivalent to Rs. 40-50,000/- more than the Duster, which is quite a lot. But it is possible that Ford is taking pains to localize the EcoSport as much as possible so that the cost can be kept minimum. Its length being less than 4-metres and engines being under 1.2-litre for petrol and 1.5-litre for diesel too will help with lower taxes. So the delay in launch might be due to the fact that Ford is working hard to price the EcoSport considerably less than the Duster.

Only time will tell how the two cars compete with each other on the road. But on the whole we can be sure that the Ford EcoSport will be a more stylish and modern compact SUV for young families while the Renault Duster will be more practical, spacious and solid for possibly a more mature buyer. How well Ford prices the EcoSport will decide whether it sets the sales charts on fire and really affects the sales of the Duster.

EcoSport vs Duster headlights

EcoSport vs Duster side

EcoSport Duster Comparison

EcoSport vs Duster rear

EcoSport vs Duster tail lamps

Pictures Source – Parabrisas

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  • Sidd

    To be honest
    To me the duster looks more like a SUV than the ecosport which is just a jacked up fiesta

    • Ajit

      True That,,!

  • karikor

    The Ecosport looks like a Ford, the Duster, a Dacia.

  • Rajan

    Pitted against each other… the eco sport does look huge. I never expected this.

    Worth waiting for ecosport i think. Any details on what the mileage of teh Petrol heart will be?

    • Rajan, mileage I am unsure of but should deliver around 14 km/l.

    • No One

      No much hype about the EcoBost and at the end so little return ??

    • No One, 14 km/l in real driving conditions is still 5 km/l more than other petrol SUVs in the segment.

  • Bharath

    Ecosport’s interior looks great than Duster.

  • ken

    Eco-sport is more stylish as compared with duster and even more ground clearance.. This mini SUV really suites Indian road….

  • Javed Siddiqui

    I doubt if Ecosport will be a challenge to Duster, considering if it is priced around Duster. India is a different country unlike Brazil. Space, reliable Diesel engine and robust sale previous year puts Duster in the invincible lead.

    • Javed, not really. Let the EcoSport come, it has a lot to offer.

  • Ram

    can anyone tell me what ‘ll be the price of the base model of ecosport?

    • Ram, expected to be around Rs. 6 lakhs (ex-showroom).



  • sanddy222

    more expectations from the ford ecosport, it will LOWER the sales of duster………..i vote for ECOSPORT.

  • Madhur

    Saw the Ecosport on display at the mall and was sorely disappointed. The look was hardly SUV’ ish . It just looked like a hatchback with a wheel stuck at the back. Interiors were rather tight and lacked space and airiness. Have not seen the Duster closeup but on the road it looks more rugged and spacious and definitely has a more SUV feel .

    • Manoj

      Totally agreed with u….

  • Manoj

    Ford EcoSports….Ti ti Fishhhhhhhh….

  • Rajesh

    What will be the expected onroad ECOSPORT Titanium Diesel Price in Mangalore…..?

  • YOGl

    Ford Ecosport will rock dudes..

  • Ramesh

    Duster- most awarded car in 2012 you know?Duster beat mahindra scorpio to become No.1 suv!compared to Duster style Ecosport ZERO!

  • Davinder Baweja

    If Ford is able to price Ecosports 70-80K cheaper than Duster, only then they can have a real chance to be a challenger else it will an another Rio on road.

    • Davinder, that much difference won’t happen as EcoSport comes loaded with features.

  • Pawan jain malout

    Today isee ecosport at Ford bathinda showroom i like this very much Ecosport is much better than Duster

  • ginne

    Did it launced?

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