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2013 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 TDI

We have had our eyes firmly fixed on Volkswagen Polo test mules since a long time now. We have caught a bunch of Volkswagen Polos on test earlier too. But who expected an early Sunday morning drive to yield another encounter with the German automakers upcoming Polo variants? Although the Polo 1.2 TSI (badged GTi) and Polo 1.6 TDi (badged GTd) are no secrets, but this time around, not only did we catch the test mules, we even traced their hideout!!

It all started when we were having a casual drive on the outskirts of Mumbai, when we saw a bunch of Volkswagen Polo test cars (six of them to be precise) on the opposite side of the road. We quickly took a u-turn and followed them discreetly. One of the cars was puffing smoke and had the badged masked out with tape. All other cars were de-badged completely and there was a missing oval logo on the front grille too (possibly for the GTi or GTd moniker).

2013 Volkswagen Polo GTD2013 Volkswagen Polo TSI

The car we were following the Polo test mules is powered by a 1.6-litre Volkswagen diesel engine, the same motor we expect the Polo 1.6 TDi to use. Thus we were easily able to keep up with the smoking Polo. At one point, all the Polo cars entered a small lane and we waited on the side to see where they are going. A few cars (non Volkswagen) were removed and all the Polos went inside like the Bat Mobile gets inside the Bat Cave. Once the Polos were parked ahead, other cars (non VW) were parked right behind. Mind you, this is an open parking area with no boundaries or gates (but with a roof) and the cars were easily visible from quite a distance.

Volkswagen is expected to launch the Polo 1.2 TSi in June, which will be powered by a turbocharged petrol motor to produce 104 BHP of power and 175 Nm of torque. This engine enables the petrol Polo to reach 100 km/hr from a standstill in just 9.7 seconds. The Polo 1.6 TDi is expected to be launched by September and uses the same unit which does duty on the Vento/Skoda Rapid. The Polo GTd will produce 105 BHP of power and 250 Nm of torque. A new 1.5-litre diesel engine will only debut in the next generation Polo, due next year.

Dear Volkswagen, it’s time for you to search for another safe hideout, which is not so easily traceable. Test mule hideout rule 101 – never park your upcoming/de-badged/camouflaged vehicle in an open space, prying eyes will definitely catch it, sooner or later.

2013 Volkswagen Polo GT Versions

2013 Volkswagen Polo GTi

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  • Sidd

    It looks like a sunny day in both the north and southern region of the country

  • sunny

    if they launch 1.6 tdi now, how much its price will be.. ??

    • Should be easily a lakh more than the top end 1.2 diesel highline.

  • Pudhi

    Hi did you have a sneak peak inside the cabin???

    Any chance of the TSI having a DSG transmission???

    • Yes, i did peek inside. No DSG. The interiors were exactly the same.

    • Pudhi

      That’s disappointing…Was really looking forward to a dual clutch AT this side of 10 lakhs…
      Polo 1.2 TSI with DSG was seeming the ideal bet… :-(

    • anshul

      did it have 5 gears or 6?

    • Anshul, did not see the gears, but it will have 6-gears (the 1.2 TSI).

    • anshul

      Sound delicious…….thanks man!

  • anshul

    thanks for the info man!!!
    waiting for this car for 6 months now,hope they launch it after the budget:D

  • Raj

    Gyus, eagerly waiting for this launch. I have postponed my car purchasing plan for four months for this launch. One sales guy told me that VW is going to launch it by end of march month.

  • st

    is any plan to luanch diesel version of polo gti ??

    • Although there is nothing official yet, its no secret VW is developing a 1.5 liter TDI engine for the Indian market. Less than 1.5 liter diesel engine have to pay less excise duty. We reckon VW will launch the GT TDI in late 2014. It is also expected to be mated to a 7 speed DSG gearbox.

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