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3M Paint Protection Film Review

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3M Auto Film Review

Paint protection film was first made by 3M in 1960 on the request of Unites States Army to protect helicopter rotar blades from damage in desert operations. More than 50 years after it was first used, 3M has made it commercially available as an after market option for paint protection. Recently introduced by 3M in India, the Paint Protection Film (PPF) comes across as a must have on your new car. What exactly is it? We find out.

PPF Brochure

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent Urethane Film specially designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes. It helps protect a vehicle’s paint finish from harsh conditions and other potential sources of damage on the road such as stones, sand, road debris and bug acids that damage the paint. This film can be applied on the hood, fenders, bumper or the entire surface of the car. 3M offers different packages for PPF namely city, city +, highway and highway +. In the city package the front and rear bumpers are covered, city + package includes the external rear view mirrors. The highway package also includes the bonnet. If you frequently ply on the highways, with time you will notice that small stones hitting the car at high speeds can actually peel away the paint, leaving the front bumper blotchy.

Application – The application is a time consuming affair, especially because the 3M guys take their work seriously. Our Maruti Suzuki Swift took almost four hours for the application, but it included a few additional things such as removal of minor scratches and polishing before application.


The first step is washing the car. To get a spotless vehicle, high pressure spray and foam is used.


3M uses their in-house universal cleaning solution to remove debris which settles in the crevices. It is important that the area to be covered is cleaned thoroughly else the dirt will be visible through the film. The film application cost only covers the washing and application. Any extra procedure such as debris removal with the cleaner, gloss and polish is charged extra.


Once the area of application is completely clean, soap spray is used to clean the surface. 3M uses Johnson baby shampoo as it has the minimum amount of chemicals. If the chemicals are in excess, they may interfere with the adhesive properties of the film. The cloth used to wipe the bumper clean is also a 3M product and wipes the area clean without causing even a minor scratch.


The film required is cut from the master roll as per the size and dimension of the area to be covered.


The film is similar to a window film. A thin layer of plastic is peeled off to reveal the adhesive layer which is adapted carefully. Film application is a very technique sensitive job, a skilled worker can make this look easy but its mighty difficult. As far as possible, the film is used as a single piece. In case this is not possible, the joints are placed so close to each other, they are hardly visible.

3M Paint Protection Film Application

The film is adapted around the curvature of the bumper.


The fine adjustments are done and the excess is cut off.


A finished job looks like a new freshly painted bumper has been put on. The best part is, if you need to remove the film for any reason, it leaves absolutely no residue and will not peel off the paint. We recommend in case you need to remove it, visit the nearest 3M centre rather than attempting it yourself.


3M Paint Protection Films are available at 3M Car Care Stores all over the country. The application is done by experts who are trained by 3M carefully on using the right materials and match the contours of the car. It costs roughly Rs. 455/- per square foot. You can either opt for the packages offered by 3M or can make your own customized package. We opted for the front and rear bumper for our Swift and this area was roughly 29 square feet. The only precaution you need to observe is to refrain from washing your car with diesel as it will cause a yellow discoloration on the film. So next time your car goes for service, make it a point to remind the service guys. The film does tend to turn yellow with time (about 5 years) and is only noticeable on a white car. 3M claims that the average life of the film once applied is about 5 years which is good enough. After using the film on our car, we will recommend it as a must have, especially for your brand new car.

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  • Davneet

    Nice job. Where i can get these stickers.

    • Faisal Khan

      Davneet, we are still not ready with them, once we are we will let you know.

    • Davneet


  • kumar

    instead spending 12k for 3M film for 2 bumbers, spend 6k for good quality A.S.S. paint job.

  • Jeffy

    12-13k for this is quite high….. Repainting the bumpers can be done for almost half of this price

  • jai

    If you spend 3-5k more ,You will get a new Bumper .

    • Javeid Khan

      Jai and everyone else, I agree but please consider the following points –
      1. How many of us will actually change or get the bumper painted for minor scratches? Not many.
      2. This product targeted at the enthusiast who take care of their machines more than anything.
      3. As someone said, you can get a bumper painted for Rs 6000, maybe for a Swift, but what if you own an expensive car whose bumper costs more? Say a Fortuner or an Audi.
      4. Minor scrapes from your rowdy rickshaw driver will save your paint and film for a long long time.

  • Ninu

    Javeid, Its your swift, Right?… :)

    • Javeid Khan

      Yes, that’s my car :)

    • Ram

      Hi Javeid,
      Im from Chennai….I own a Royal Enfield and looking forward to get the bike with the “Paint Protection Film” from 3M. Im eager to understand the below issues.
      1. Does the film stay even after heavy car wash (You know how the water wash centres perform the cleaning)
      2. Are there any other restrictions/limitations after applying the film from 3M?

      Appreciate your response. Thanks indeed.

    • Javeid Khan

      Ram, i have been using the film for almost 6 months now. The film does not come off even on pressure wash. The only restriction is that you must refrain from using diesel to wash your vehicle as this will make the film yellowish. 3M claims that once the film is placed, it should last a good 5 years. Hope this helps.

  • Ysak Menon

    nice.. except the cost.. nyway 3M wont come cheaper 2 u..

  • ashish

    hey, do u guys know is there any 3M centre in delho or not! coz i cant find it? plz reply guys.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ashish, they don’t have a detailing centre in Delhi. It is coming up in Delhi in May.

  • rajesh

    makes more sense on luxury cars

  • Apoorv Bhatia

    Hey every1.
    We provide the equivalent product in Mumbai and other regions depending upon orders. The prices are too competetive.
    At your footsteps to provide complete Car Paint protection & Scratch Guard solutions.
    We provide Car Paint Protection Films which saves your car from scratches & colour fading.
    Protection From Scratches
    Protection From Colour Fading
    Gives Good Shining & hence no need of Polishing & teflon Coating
    Protection From Anti(UV) Rays
    Long Lasts For 6 Years
    No residue after peeling off
    If u want to remove Scratch Guard/Paint Protection Film there will be no paint loss.
    1 year warranty on our film.
    After successful implementation in south India, we are providing our services in maharashtra.
    We believe in providing highest level of customer satisfaction , we do everything to meet our customers sastisfaction.
    If you are a true car lover, we are the match makers, we protect your car from scratches.

    • nikhil

      pleas tell me ur contact number for mangalore

    • Karan Kathuria

      CONTACT ME ON 9971182288 FOR 3M ROLLS

    • Renju Raju

      Please give me your contact number and do u have an outlet in mumbai ?

  • nikhil

    Hey can you tell me where i can get this in mangalore karnataka ??

  • Ajay

    Hey, Please let me know where can I get this done in Mangalore

    • Faisal Khan

      Ajay, any 3M shop.

  • samson

    I own royal Enfield.can I do ppf for my bike.anyone who does this is mumbai

  • vikram

    Mujhe 24inchx100ft ka roll chaiye

    • Karan Kathuria

      CONTACT ME ON 9971182288 FOR 3M ROLLS !

  • Santhan

    I have two vehivles r15 version2 and mahindhra xuv500 for making 3m film for both the vehoclea how much does it cost individually

  • Arun Unnikrishnan

    For me Honda City iDtec VX , it cost 80K in 3M koramangala , Bangalore..for covering apart of the top potion ……….May be there will be many comments good and bad..all are welcome.. Just wanted to mention the cost as I could rarely find the cost in the sites… You may get my number if required from the 3M koramangala to cross check if its worth for you..just a simple help that I could do is this… Thanks

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