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2013 Honda Activa & Aviator HET Review

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2013 Honda Activa HET Review

2013 Honda HET Scooters – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Honda Activa Aviator Review

The Honda scooters with HET are not only more efficient, they are more refined too.

Honda has aggressive plans for the Indian market. The Japanese automaker strives to gain the numero uno position in the Indian market and have 50 percent market share by 2020. To win this war, Honda has to win small battles first. One of the tasks was differentiating their engines and product line-up from the ex-partners, Hero.

The first product was the Activa, which received the 109cc engine first seen on the Aviator in 2009. The engine was plonked into the Honda Activa and then in the Dio in the year 2012. Honda recently announced that they will launch a new product every quarter. While Honda being Honda, kept its promise and launched the existing scooters and gave Honda Eco Technology (HET) to the engines, which is the work of 200 engineers at the Honda R&D center in newly inaugurated plant at Manesar. All though this may be new to the Indian market, Honda already did update the 125cc scooters in September 2011 for global markets with the same Eco Technology through Tokyo’s R&D centre. We test them to find out how it improves an already loved product.

Honda Activa HET Test RideHonda Aviator HET Test Ride

Honda has redefined the engines and hasn’t changed the styling, instrument cluster, switch gear and dynamics. All the scooters get new color options. Activa gets a new wild purple color, Aviator gets royal gold metallic and Dio gets pearl yellow.

Honda HET scooters are now powered by a 109cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine which produces 8 BHP of power at 7500 RPM and 8.77 Nm of torque. Torque is down by .8 Nm on the Activa and .5 Nm on the Dio and Aviator. While Aviator now produces a power of 8 BHP at 7000 RPM, the old Aviator produced 8 BHP at 8000 RPM.

Honda Activa HET ReviewHonda Aviator HET Review

Honda’s scooters are always smooth in almost any weather condition; very comfortable to ride and with linear power delivery, nice torque curve and good gear ratios, they have excellent drivability too. But the scooters never sounded like how a Honda should. The exhaust note in particular sounded un-refined, the fuel efficiency in the city never went above 40 km/l and the scooters despite in top condition never idled for more than 20 seconds. We are delighted to report that the problems which existed are now gone. We tested the Activa and the Aviator. The scooters now idle properly and the exhaust note has very turbine–ish note to it and the fuel efficiency has gone up by a considerable margin too. The Honda Aviator feels slightly sprightlier, may be because the new body panels are slightly lighter and power is made 1000 RPM earlier.

How has this been achieved? Well a host of changes have been done to the engine of the HET equipped Activa and Aviator. The reciprocating parts have been lightened. The bearing oil seal and inlet port are improved and low tension piston rings are adopted for better compression and reduced friction. A nickel plated spark plug has been adopted for efficient combustion and the transmission has been tweaked with wider ratios. The main contribution to reduced friction in the engine is the newly adopted offset crank position which significantly improves combustion and reliability and this system does increase the power and torque figures as well. But then, Honda’s aim was to improve efficiency as much as possible while keeping the power and torque numbers same.

Playing with the crankshaft has its advantages, the most significant change is to the throttle response of the Activa and Aviator, it’s way crisper than before and inputs from the rider are instantly met with, which makes it fun every time you twist the wrist. NVH levels are excellent and better than before, all though we did encounter very little vibrations on the foot board at higher speeds. Mileage has improved as well and one can expect 45 km/l in the city, making HET powered scooters among the most fuel efficient in the 110cc segment.

Summing it up then, this was a much needed upgrade to the existing line-up for several reasons, but then Honda being a major player in scooter segment needs to redefine the entire portfolio with new and 125cc scooters, as arch rival Yamaha have recently announced that they will enter the 125cc segment. While Hero MotoCorp is increasing their scooter production and Suzuki is already doing good with their cranky 125cc machines, we will wait and see if Honda’s “Dreams” to achieve more market share comes true.

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  • Srinath

    Nice review there Mohit.

    Looks like the stickers on the Activa’s side panels have changed.

    • Mohit Soni

      Thanks Srinath,

      The HET sticker is the only addition, everything else remains the same!

  • Sushrut

    Hope they are now giving side stand as a standard feature and not additional accessory.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sushrut, nope, no side stand as standard!

    • No One

      A friend went to take quote for Honda Dazllar, and when bought God he was asked to pay extra for Number plate, leg guard and such ARAI mandate hardware..

      Strange policy of Honda

    • Faisal Khan

      Actually some dealers try to take advantage too although its true these things are not offered as standard. Was he made to pay for the rear view mirrors as well?

  • No One

    Why buying a scooter unless you are a girl since 110cc engine giving just 40 kmpl ?? Any contemporary bike of 100cc range will offer double the mileage..

    • murukan

      hey its according to your need, i choose activa for following reasons
      1. me and my wife both can ride it. like i took activa with my wife to office and then she takes it for shopping etc. avoids need for two separate two wheelers saving money, space and lot more.
      2. i will take any two wheeler for ride upto only 1hour journy, any thing longer than that i will choose other like car, bus,train etc. activa is enogh for that purpose
      3. i am not racer or cruiser but i consider my loved one sitting behind me is also comfartable, even she is holding a child.
      4. can carry loggages like a cooking gas cylinder in front floor even with a back seat rider with out asking her to hold heavy laggage.
      5. honda engineering is good and its a succesfull model.there is millions of activa out there so spares are ensured for next ten years atleast.
      6. punctur resistant tyres, comby bracke make feel more safe
      low mileage is negligible to other benifits

    • Mohammad Murad Hossain

      Dear, really I’m impressed to buy Honda Activa. But I’m a Bangladeshi, staying abroad. As per I know in Bangladesh not available scooter. So, I’m confused. How can I get a scooter in Bangladesh? And what about servicing & spear parts?

  • johnny

    I think your blog is amazing. You write about very interesting things. Thanks for all the tips and information

  • Javed

    Asak Faisal Khan,
    I’m planning to buy a scooter, and I’m confused whether to buy Honda Activa or Swish 125? Most of my friends are suggesting Activa. I also use to read your reviews on automotive. So want to know which one is the best.
    Honda Activa (HET technology) or Suzuki Swish 125.


    • Faisal Khan

      Javed, WAKS, get the Swish.

    • Prateek Gandhi

      Hey Faisal..even iam confused metween the new Activa HET and the Swish 125…
      U recommended swish…can u plz list down the reasons??IAM INSANELY CONFUSED..
      Iam getting activa HET at 63K and Swish in 57 K..
      plz help me people..really need to make a choice! thank u..

  • critic

    This guy Faisal is stupid…he won’t give reason…he simply say

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks for the criticism buddy ;-)

  • som

    Hi my name is iam palaning to by Avatior HET But in show room peple saying 60 milage and in catlok book also its showing, but in google serch scooter detils its showing 45 milage how can i trust in honda avatior becus milage is importnent in all comon man 1st think. my qusion is its shore mialge 60 will come honda avatior or 45 as per company on line detils.

    • Faisal Khan

      Som, real world mileage is between 45-50 km/l.

  • Ronny

    hi i wan’t to Buy a Scooter in westbengal-Kolkata. But i am confused which is better Activa (Het), Aviator(Het) or Swish 125cc.please suggest me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Swish is better out of the three.

  • Imran

    Activa 125cc het enging me mile gi kya

    • Faisal Khan

      Not yet. Later this year.

  • Tiger Singh

    I live in himachal…. which scooter to buy… activa or aviator…. coz I need more pickup nd looks too so I m nt going to get any of the Suzuki’s…. tell me best scooty in honda….

  • Sunil

    Hi Mohit,
    two days ago I asked you what should I buy TVs Jupiter? But today I would like to know why should I prefer Activa HET? Kindly suggest me with best reason.

  • Adeel

    I am quite confuse b/w HONDA AVIATOR HET vs TVS JUPITER as which one of these two Beasts stands better. as my prime concern is FUEL EFFICIENCY.
    My Point is which one of these two scores more when it comes to giving mileage in CITY & HIGHWAY on uniform actual ride conditions. as we must not forget that TVS is claiming 62kpl of mileage with its CVTI engine. my question is where CVTI powered engine stands in KPL battle against Honda’s HET.

    • Faisal Khan

      Adeel, Jupiter scores higher on economy. Honda claims but doesn’t deliver.

  • bhupendra sharma

    I bought aviator het on 9/9/2013 since than it has not given any problem .mileage is 50+after 1st service. Handling &balance is awesome. Nice refined engine. Combibrakes make controlling superb. I have ridden maestro, wego, access, jupiter, activa but none has all things together. So close your eyes and buy an aviator HET ……..

    • dhrupad

      can i get 50+ milege.pls assure me.i am really confused between aviator het and activa i.

  • Sneha

    Hey i am planning to purchase honda activa this month. I am confused regarding wild purple color . Many of them told me it fades/lightens its shade over a period of time. Does any1 has that color. please i need to know this. Thanks

    • Faisal Khan

      I suggest you opt for a better scooter like Aviator or Jupiter.

  • Ajay

    Hi Faisal, I think you’re doing an outstanding job at motorbeam. I am planning to buy a scooter for short trips nearby, and would require your inputs in finalizing a scooter. I have shortlisted A. TVS Wego Disc Brake version (because of 1. its metal body; 2. bigger tyres; 3. front storage space (to carry daily needs etc.); 4. easy availability of spares, as TVS has a substantial presence in Delhi, my home town AND B. Honda Aviator Disc Brake version (because of its suggestively reliable engine). I’ve been informed that major portion of Aviator’s body is plastic, and hence breakable. In case, you have any specific reasons for a particular scooter (even if such scooter is not from my shortlist above), please state. Just to inform you, my budget is approx. 60-62K which is fine for both of these scooters. [P.S.: What is your take on the disc locks, if these offer any benefits in preventing theft of two wheelers? Any particular useful brands (such as Viro?)]

  • Ajay

    Hi Faisal, Today, saw both Wego and Aviator closely at their respective showrooms. The actual is difference in their on-road price is not substantial (approx. 4K). The body of Wego is all steel, however the Aviator, barring some portion in front, its entire body is of fibre. In India, and Delhi particularly, one can’t avoid bumps by other vehicles, so metal body seems a better bet. What is your opinion though? The front storage space in Wego is however inconsequential and may be used to store only very small items (such as gloves), so this is no more a distinction.
    Most importantly, please advise how to check the month/year of manufacture of a model? In Honda Aviator, HET sticker was clearly visible, however, in TVS Wego, there was no indication to suggest it was a new (CVTi) model. Your comments.

    • Faisal Khan

      Any particular reason why you are not considering the Jupiter.

    • Ajay

      Happy New Year Faisal.
      Haven’t considered Jupiter because of its plastic body (even if partially, though I also now recognize that going by this fact alone, I shouldn’t have considered Aviator also). Another reason is absence of a disc brake option (your comments, if disc brake is such an important option, in my intended usage of scooter in nearby grocery shopping). Please inform if you have any specific reason in your liking for Jupiter (or anything going against Wego, Disc option as such).
      I would also like you to comment on (i) MF battery option (as given by Honda, even if 3aH capacity) as against flooded battery (as provided by TVS, of 5 aH) & (ii) tubeless tyres (as in Jupiter and Aviator) vs Puncture Resistant Tyres + Tubes (as in Wego).
      My apologies for asking (so many) questions, but when we have an expert like you, where else we would go?

    • Faisal Khan

      The Jupiter is a metal body although not entirely. It’s a new scooter with a ton of features. You should take a test ride.

      MF battery helps but TVS uses higher capacity and tubeless tyres are better than just puncture resistant ones.

    • Ajay

      I had been to this TVS Dealer nearby, but he was acting pricey as if by selling a scooter, he would be obliging me. I had asked him about a TR, but he declined informing about the absence of any TR vehicle. I have though submitted a request for a test ride for both Wego & Jupiter at the TVS website, I’m yet to hear from them.
      Further, you haven’t replied to my queries, as to:
      (a) Whether full metal body helps/should be prefered (as in Wego)?
      (b) Whether a disc brake should be opted for (in other words, if it is better to wait for a disc brake option of Jupiter?) (Any news on such availability?)
      Thanks for all your inputs.

  • David

    Hi, im planning to buy a honda activa. could somebody tell me which is better, Activa 125 or Activa 110 ???
    because the new Honda Activa 125 is a 125cc, single cylinder, four stroke engine that has a max power of 8.6bhp at 6500 rpm and peak torque of 10.12 Nm at 5500 rpm. In comparison, while the Activa’s 110cc engine develops a max power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm and peak torque of 8.74 Nm @ 5500 rpm. Now please kindly suggest me. Thanks in advance!

  • vinod

    dont buy honda activa or other honda het vehicle simply waste it does”nt give atleast 48 mileage

  • vinod

    waste of buying honda activa het does nt give atleast 45 mileage

  • karthik

    no….my new honda activa het now giving 50 milage i hope after 1 st servicing it give 55+

    • dhrupad

      what about milege avg of activa 125cc.pls inform

  • am

    I bought Honda activa b4 2 months and i also used TVS Jupiter,

  • sept


    Please suggest me a good gear less scooter for my father (Age 62, height 6 ft, 74kg), with Good suspension and Comfort, decent meilage and pickup.

    1) Running will be mixed road condition (Good road as well as village road for about 1km)
    2) Planning for long term ownership so engine durability is a must.
    3) Brand : we have showrooms of Honda, Suzuki, TVS and Hero nearby

    Price : ~60k

    Thanks in advance.

  • ash

    hey faizal …ma friend got jupiter and after third servicing it gives 35 mileage…what would u say abt it
    will it increse////

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