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Honda Launches CB Trigger 150cc Motorcycle [Live]

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Honda CB Trigger 150

Honda has launched the CB Trigger in India today, a 150cc motorcycle which will compete with the likes of the Hero Hunk, Yamaha FZ-series and Bajaj Pulsar 180 in the country. The company mentions in its press releases that Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is the only Honda company in India today. We all know what they what to convey with that statement (hint Hero MotoCorp). The company believes that the 150-180cc segment accounts for 10% sales in the country and is targeting the youth with the Honda CB Trigger. The target age is between 18-24 years.

The Honda CB Trigger gets Combi Brake System (CBS), which is the first in the 150cc segment. The CBS braking reduces stopping distance by 32 percent. Powering the CB Trigger is a 150cc, air-cooled, spark-ignition, 4-stroke, carbureted engine which produces 13.81 HP of power at 8500 RPM and 12.5 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM, mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Honda claims a mileage of 60 km/l on the CB Trigger. The company believes the acceleration is one of the best in the segment. The Honda CB Trigger weighs 137 kgs and has a fuel tank capacity of 12-litres. The front tyres are 80/100/17, while the rear tyres are 110/80/17. The CB Trigger has a ground clearance of 175 mm.

The Honda CB Trigger boasts of an upright sitting position, fully digital instrument cluster, wide seat, black alloy wheels, kick start, full gear lever, full chain case, diamond frame, monoshock rear suspension, 240 mm front disc brake, 220 mm rear disc brake, tubeless tyres, LED tail light, viscous air filter and maintenance free battery. The Honda CB Trigger is available in three colours namely Pearl Siena Red, Meteor Green Metallic and Black.

The Honda CB Trigger will be available from May 2013 and bookings will open next month when the bikes will be dispatched to dealers. Honda will announce the prices of the CB Trigger at the same time but we expect it to be priced around Rs. 80,000/- (on-road, Mumbai). The motorcycle is offered in three variants – CB Trigger Standard features front disc brake, CB Trigger Deluxe features front and rear disc brake, CB Trigger CBS features front and rear disc brake with Combi Brake System. Honda has used the tagline ‘Untame Yourself’. The CB Trigger will sit between the Unicorn and CBR150R in Honda’s 150cc portfolio. Honda targets to sell 39.30 lakh units in India in the fiscal year 2013-14.

Contrary to reports earlier, this is not the Honda CB150R Streetfire. When Honda sent out invites for the launch event, we looked at the teaser picture (slight portion of the front tyre) and were sure this can’t be the CB150R, even though some popular magazines were hell bent on making everyone believe that Honda is bringing in the Streetfire. Instead this bike can be called the Dazzler in a new avatar. Everything seems very similar to the Dazzler and since the Dazzler didn’t do well in the Indian market, Honda is changing the name of the updated model. We believe Honda will discontinue the Dazzler and position the CB Trigger as its replacement.

2013 Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB Trigger Instrument Cluster

Honda CB Trigger Headlight

Honda CB Trigger Engine

Honda CB Trigger Console

Honda CB Trigger Combi Brake

Honda CB Trigger Wheels

Honda CB Trigger Tank

Honda CB Trigger Side


Honda CB Trigger LED Tail Lights

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  • Viraja

    Waiting for the price announcement !!

    • ARJUN

      The price would be somewhere 72000 rs as it will be less than plusar 200ns and also yamaha

    • Velutha

      OBVIOUSLY the price of the rear-disc non-CBS version is going to be exactly same as Dazzler… roughly 79k On-road…Whats the fikkin mystery?!?
      price of single disc variant will be 2k less & CBS version will be 2k more

  • karikor

    13.81 hp is a litlle less than what I had expected for the power. I was hoping something in between 15-16.

  • Sameer

    Hope Honda will price it between 75k-80k(on-road mumbai) to compete with the FZ series or else it will be a another failure for honda in 150cc segment.

    • RAMU

      iam expected price in nizamabad Rs: 70000 /-

  • Sushrut

    Honda’s game of old wine in new bottle continues. Hardly any innovation or muscle in these bikes. At least they could have given it fuel injection. In terms of design and engine tech, there is no progress in a decade.

    • teampk

      i agree this sushrut!.honda is old model touch up like cb dazzler…bad design …

  • Arkaprava

    Very Flat looking bike, still FZ series much better in terms of looks. and visor is very similar to 200 NS. 13.81 is not very so striking, overall very unimpressive product, lets wait for ridding quality and fuel service.

  • naveen

    Wow ! another crap from honda :D Can any one tell why this bike is launched ? We were expecting for naked cbr and came up ending with this design. Headlamp is a true copy of yamaha and looks really ugly. If redesigned properly, this bike can compete with bajaj platina :D

  • nitin

    buy lookin specs & looks , honda should price this around 40~45K. then its good. After looking this bike this bike should be renamed as CB Beggar :D headlamp is a true copy of platina. another flop. they should price this around 40~45K. then its VFM. Discover 125ST is tonns ahead of the crap !

  • Saifu

    This Bike is Superb, the colour is brilliant, i will sell my pulsar 200NS today and book it..
    Its just awesome bike which is was waiting all these days.
    Love you Honda.

    • atul

      agree. it is again a step up from unicorn to dazzler to trigger. Too much plastic. In this cost i will prefer karizma 223cc, still much better or yamaha fz or hero hunk.
      Again bad products after dazzler, cbr 150

    • KD

      Trigger will replace Dazzler as dazzler is flop bike just because they intentional removed kick from bike and if you not used bike for 3 to 4 days bike refused to start. i sold my bike after 3 years because of starting issue with battery. Overall bike engine is very good

    • Augustine

      Sell Pulsar 200NS for this new dress of unicorn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you lying or joking.
      Also why this new unicorn is compared into Pulsar 180.

    • Dev

      Dearie, it is compared to Pulsar 180 as this 150cc Honda engine f***s the *hit out of the 180 cc bajaj. I have a Dazzler which sports the same engine, so I know. And yes ….multiple instances!

  • Sam

    Hiii. Fas what is your opinion on this new bike from honda. Is it a product than yamaha fz???

  • borntechie

    Look at this man, Saifu, none of the feedback so far aren’t happy with the bike, looks like he is a hardcore fan of Honda crap.

  • jayan raman

    Waiting for the price announcement !!

  • Srinath

    An unimpressive launch after a slew of amazing products (CBR250, CBR150, Dream Yuga). Firstly, Honda has terribly gone wrong with the name. Trigger!!! Guess someone in the branding team had a gun in his hand while naming this. Secondly, they launch a model to succeed a market dud (Dazzler). Apart from the speedo, nothing else looks different. Dazzler had better turn indicators IMHO. These are straight from Twister’s bin. That rear mudguard looks yucky. Tail lamp is a wee better but again like the Hero Hunk in terms of shape. This should be priced at par of Dazzler’s price. A few bucks more will mean sure death even before it goes off showrooms.

    OT: Saifu, be prepared to buy back the P200NS after you sell it and buy this ;P

  • Manas

    @motorbeam do you have your mind in place…
    i think you hate honda company it can be felt completely from your review
    why the *hit are you comparing it with pulsar 180?
    Do you know their is 30 cc difference between 150 and 180?
    try to compare it with only 150’s.
    and one more thing if you are a pulsar fan i can say you that pulsar 180 is just a piece of crap karizma R is way better than pulsar 180…
    i think you got a nice reply…
    another question i want to ask you how much did other company paid to you for giving negative impression?

    • Manas, you sure are funny. We are not a fan of any company. We write what is the truth. If you go about reading other articles, where people have asked us Pulsar 200 NS or R15, we say R15. Where people say CBR150R or R15, I tell them R15 if they ride alone and CBR150R only if they have a pillion often. The R15 is a better machine overall.

      Go the home page now, see the latest ownership report, if we were biased, we would never have published such a post, its about the poor experience by our reader on the Pulsar 200 NS.

      Where have we given negative impressions about the CB Trigger? We have just stated the facts, what Honda has said about the bike in its press release and at the launch event where our representative was there.

      The only reason why we mentioned the Pulsar 180 is because Honda themselves put it in the press release. Here is the press release for your reference –

      So next time before talking about people’s minds, please do read around other posts as well ;-)

    • yash

      the press statement told category form 150 -180 accunt for 10 sales
      it is nowhere mentioned to compare with pulsar 180

      we all know honda engines are best

    • Yash, yes but the price point is same as the Pulsar 180.

  • Neil

    The only component i liked is the dash board (Speedo)!!!

  • Parag

    Thank god ,I just purchased Fzs in January,
    Trigger looks like upgrade to Unicorn
    in foot steps of dazzler

  • Nitin

    Bull**it ugly bike. This bike looks like Pig all around :D

    Speedo copied from kawasaki ninja
    Tail light from Hunk
    Side view is from twister
    Headlamp from platina
    Visor of 200Ns pulsar

    Overall Ugly bull**it. Its price should be at par with discover 125 St

    • RIJU H DAS

      Speedo from CB 1000 R

  • Vaisakh Menon

    typo error in last sentence..(Tigger)

  • No One

    It will do good if it is priced well..

    The engine is well tested in India and is known for its optimal power to mileage ratio as if driven within 45/50 kmph and without hard acceleration, even in very worst traffic, it will return 50+ mileage figure..

    Speedo is contemporary along with add features like Combi Breaking and dual disc (front and rear)..

    I dont think it will fail unless Honda messes up with pricing..

    Few question,

    What is the price ?
    Is this bike DC like pulsar or AC like Hero Honda ?

  • Bharath

    This bike looks better than Dazzler, yes of course compared to the looks of P180 or FZ its ugly. But for people who want a unicorn with better style and digital-console they will feel happy about this.

    But everything depends on the pricing. If priced right then this bike has the tendency to be another Unicorn which the dazzler failed to be.

    Thumbs up if the Trigger has the same ergonomics of Unicorn and right price.

    • pranav

      yes Bharath u r absolutely right >>Dazzler has starting problem ..thats y they gave kick starter to Trigger > 14 Bhp @ 8500 {12.7 Nm @ 6500 rpm} is too much for the engine (dazzler) it has overheating issues. that is y they put 13.81 Bhp @ 8500 rpm {12.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm} .
      we should compare cb trigger with cb unicorn but not with Dazzler>>

  • Kuldeep

    Overpriced. Although 80,000 is the expected price, I think one would prefer Pulsar 150 than this one which is around 5000 cheaper. I was really excited to meet the new player from Honda but now I am very disappointed to see this. Moreover, the looks aren’t impressive and it resembles badly to Unicorn, Dazzler, Twister, etc. May be the design team wanted to make it look like family which could not bring out uniqueness and freshness for this machine. Why go for this when there are more fish in the pond? Pulsar, Apache, FZ and Hunk are far more stylish, aggressive and performing. Finally, I think the Shine and Dream Yuga look much prettier than this one.

  • vishy

    it’s look like twister after feeding proteine food.

  • true

    Old wine in new bottle. Seems like honda is saying goodbye to dazzler now. But even this trigger comes with same 10-year old honda unicorn engine. Honda make so much profit in india. Why cant honda invest some of that money and develop a new 150cc engine for us indians?

  • true

    honda says it is targeting premium 150cc segment. But still no clip-on handlebars and same 10-year-old unicorn engine. Really disappointing.


    who says honda cb dazzler is a bad bike,one time you ride than cmpare with pulsar or apache,,,you find dazzler is always good

    • KD

      I had Dazzler, i used bike for 3 years. i accepted that the engine is really good and delivered 57 mileage in pune city. Handling of the dazzler is very good but bike got starting problem as bike is kick less. I sold the bike because of starting problem.Your bike must be new. please comment after 3 to 3 year


      if problem come after 3 years at starting time,than you can fit kick also,but upto 3 years you are boss in 150cc segmant,,not more worry abt future,injoy today full,if bike purchase only HONDA ,,HONDA name also have more goodwill

    • SP

      Dazzler is an awesome bike. The main reason for Dazzler being a failure in Indian market is the absence of kicker for a carbureted engine. I feel pity for Honda to launch a another failure bike (Trigger) instead of adding kicker to the Dazzler. Do Honda and their senior panel have brains????? If they have added kicker for a Dazzler, 80% of the sales in the 150 cc segment would be theirs…

  • Neel

    It seems like everyone here is paid by either Bajaj or Yamaha to criticise this bike…just think how many new models or atleast new options bajaj or yamaha has given to us in past 2-3 years…Honda is providing 2-3 options for customer in every segment…its has given 3 options in scooter, 2 in 110cc motorcycle, 2 in 125cc….3 in 150cc…it has not restricted itself to a particular area like bajaj has done in the case of pulsar….



  • adarsh

    Oh you all guys you just think that all engines working in hero moto corp. are just the inventions of honda. Hero just give them new skins. Ofcourse i agree that honda is not curing the exact wound . But i hope so in future. Atleast a 4 value engine would have been used in this bike. I was expecting atleast 17 bhp in it.


    Good to see some action but one thing just strikes me i have a cb unicorn the kind of jerking problem i am facing in this where as i have taken a test ride of more than 15 cb unicorn be in new and old they all have this problem which i guess this vehicle will also have being cb triger. means being equipped with cb it has a cv carborator which is the root cause of this whole problem.I just hope this problem is not there on this otherwise god save the product. I hope HONDA is listening to me.

  • adarsh

    one should drive the unicorn and dazzler before arguing. Only looks and power should not be considered before deciding a bike to be good or bad. Once a bajaj engine got touched by a mechanic it losses all it power and rhythm.

  • asif

    what is on road price of cb trigger deluxe …?

  • manu

    this basically a modification of old unicorn.look at the frame tank and the tail portion,honda just facelifted old uni and launched it as a new bike,atleast they should have launched a faired version of this bike.

  • aayush

    so no naked cbr 150r now??

  • geo

    bad design
    ,,no wide tyres,
    ,no macho look
    ,no muscular look,
    what , this means that honda is weak in design and bad in learning about Indian youths mind

  • Narahang

    Again honda makes my feeling bad by low power of engine and poor looks:(

  • Ankit

    I don’t care loves Honda or not…
    after lots of research I decided to go with Honda brand TRUST a Dazzler even it comes without kicker.
    but suddenly !!!

    Honda cb trigger…
    an upgrading of Dazzler.
    + CBS + Full digital meter + more sporty look (i don’t know why every one hates this)

    if priced well…than I’m going with it…with no daubt whatsoever.

  • Ankit


    no DOUBT whatsoever

  • Test

    looking at the review Yamaha SZX is far better bike compared to this one.

  • sathish sundram

    This is the Combined Model of the dazzler + cb unicorn iam disappointing the honda vehicle models

  • pc

    what colors are these?

  • Anil

    Copy of fz, required more power & cost will be 78000.
    ‘BAJAJ dont waste time , i am waiting for ur byk like FZ’


    cost will be 75000. I think

  • Ullas G

    Is it available in Pune? Do any one know cost of this bike…??
    Please update the same.

  • Arun

    Is its engine smooth and silent like cb unicorn???

  • ashok

    When is it launching in Vijayawada or Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
    i want to purchage this byke.
    please any tell me which date it will launch….

    • Ashok, in June.

    • ashok

      Did you know cost of this bike…??

    • Ashok, if you read the above post, price is already given.


    my dear friends ur all comments are based on spec and look. just wait for on road performance then come to conclusion. I hope it will better than dazzler and pls dont compare honda with bajaj pulsar. everyone know bajaj have worst manufacture tag. If u want look go for pulsar, if u want look with performance and entertain ur girl friend go yamaha and if u want decent power, look, performance, durability and enjoy with ur wife, family go honda. Decision is urs ….

    • Wonderlust

      Well say buddy!

  • ashok

    Today I saw red and black color trigger bike. It is looking red is very hot. I got a test drive. Bike is really superb. Bike acceleration, control, handling, braking and sitting is very comfortable. Actually it is sports bike raid feeling. It was really awesome… I booked this bike………………..

  • RAJ





    MOREOVER I too have some disappointments about style But its OK when compare to UNICORN, I AM STILL WAITING FOR TRIGGER ROAD PERFORMANCE … HOPE IT SUITS CITY Riders…………

  • ashish david

    What is the review of CB Trigger 150cc Motorcycle?
    Please update me at the earliest.

    ashish david

  • balaji

    hai Faisal buyya
    it is better to buy hunk(2013 model) or pulsar …did hunk still depends on honda engine which is 2014 deadline..
    or hunk develops engine by own using global italy & Usa patners….Did hunk 2013 model did have vibrations above 60 kmph

    comparing to my opinion hunk is (low cost) than Hondas

    hunk or pulsar?

    thanks for ur help before….

  • iago

    só ta feio o fundo pohhha

  • mark

    I have Honda stunner company claimed 65 kmpl and i receive hardly 45 -47 kmpl also my stunner both company fitted mag wheel got bent in running position no accident nothing ?????????? Honda is Now using cheap parts to fool customers???? i complant and complaint and complaint to company but same answer we cant do anything?????????? Iam very disaapointed by Honda. Now they had launch new Trigger what do you think, will it give 60 kmpl and have 150cc??????????? think twice they are fooling you i think…………….. and it doesnt look any differnt then flop CB Dazzlerr………. So my opinion is strctly No to Honda now I know is was strictly with Honda before but now Big No for them i didnt expected it from Honda.

    • So Honda quality is going down you would say?

  • joheb khan


    • Joheb, CBR250R worked initially but Honda did not get anything in the performance segment.

  • Sumit

    Ohhk… Then plz suggest me 150 cc bike… Fast….

  • rakesh

    friends i m confused with honda trigger,hero hunk,hero xtreme and xtreme 2014 plz help me

  • saham fakhir

    It’s cool I want it any condition}

  • Datyal

    I’m planing to buy a 150-160cc bike. My requirement is 50kmpl, solidity, long driving comfort, and ofcourse style.
    Plz help me out, Options are:
    1- Apache 160
    2- FZ
    3-CBZ Xtreame
    4-plZ tell me.
    Note: Himachal Roads.

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