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If KTM Gave The Duke 390 A Full Fairing

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Full Faired Duke 390

A few weeks back, KTM CEO, Stefan Pierer said that the Austrian company is working on low capacity full faired bikes, as there is quite a demand for such motorcycles in India. The Duke 390 was one of the candidates to get a full fairing. Now that KTM has officially announced its plans to launch the RC 250R in India early next year, we doubt the 390 Duke will get a full fairing any time soon. But if it had to, it doesn’t really look like a great idea. The Duke does look good as a naked street-fighter.

Our rendering of the full faired KTM 390 Duke shows that the front can look quite bulbous and the current street-fighter appearance is more eye catchy on the motorcycle. Full faired bikes do have the advantage of being more aerodynamic but Indian bikers prefer full fairing simply because it looks sporty. Till data, Bajaj Auto has never offered a full faired bike but this could change with the launch of the Pulsar 375, which is expected to go on sale later this year or earlier next year.

The KTM 390 Duke is powered by a single-cylinder motor which belts out 44 HP of juice and 35 Nm of turning force. All this power is transfered to the tarmac with the help of a 6-speed manual gearbox. One of the biggest advantages of the Duke is the low weight, which boosts power to weight ratio significantly. However the full faired Duke 390 will be slightly heavier due to the extra parts and one won’t be able to see the gorgeous trellis frame completely. Do you think KTM should give the Duke 390 a full fairing?

KTM Duke 390 Sports

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  • ayush

    ktm follows a very edgy and different design language no doubt but the nakeds in my opinion have an edge over the faired ones. I just love the way how the duke 200s fully filled engine compartment looks. It just hints about the madness and potential inside!

    • Ayush but some people like full faired bikes too much.

    • kedar

      I am one of them :-)

      KTM should not give full fairing to 390. Naked 390 looks great than this.

  • DevVrat

    looking good

  • Akash

    Simply NO !!!

    Its totally bakwaas….

  • karan

    They should’ve made it look like RC8

  • Baljinder

    If KTM planning for full fairing something like R15 then will be good…… but on a naked version putting cover looks like splendor with R15 fairing…….lol:

  • Ninu

    Dear Anupam, This is a rendered image as per your imagination, this is more like a modification Just like P220 fairing rather than a complete wind tunnel tested fairing like R-15 or Ninja250. In my opinion full fairing on duke will look very good if its designed in the way a full fairing should be. As far as we all know that KTM is not Bajaj when it comes to styling a full fairing.

    • Anupam

      Hi Ninu,
      I agree the design may be different, but what you are saying will be true for a completely new bike, which has all the body panels and parts completely new, which will be very costly and i don’t think then they will call it 390 Duke, In here we have kept the body panel same so that it still is a duke 390 but with a fairing and the cost also stay in check.And i am sure when they will design fairings for duke, KTM will check it in wind tunnel. I completely agree with you that KTM is fully capable in designing new bike, but will it be feasible, for that we all have to wait.

    • Ninu

      Till the time KTM is manufactured at Bajaj the cost will be in check, we all speculated about Duke2oo to be expensive when we read about its features but when they disclosed price it was a sweet shock. So if they launch a fully faired 390 its quite possible to bear a cheap price tag. :)

    • Ninu, the rendering is based on higher capacity KTM bikes which have a somewhat similar fairing.

    • Ninu

      Fas, as far as i know only KTM RC8 comes with full fairing & it looks too good. The only thing i want to share is that rendering could have been more better.

    • Ninu, the RC 8 fairing is different, this fairing is involved from KTM’s fairing only.

  • Anupam

    Design is a very subjective thing, somes times you like it sometimes you don’t but it dosen’t mean, that design is not good. Chances for improvement and refinements are always there because nothing is perfect. I hope whenever KTM will launch fully faired duke, it would be awesome.

  • BBQdog

    I thought the full faired version would be much more Moto3 insprired (=racing), not touring.

  • Tahaa

    No yaar duke donot have a full faired bike it look good in naket

  • arpan kumar banerjee


  • ragu

    Ktm bike I like

  • Anthony

    I think the Duke 390 would look great with a full fairing provided the handle and the rear are altered to bring in a real motoGP bike look… I love the handle of R15… The Duke will look good with a handle of that sort… Peace!

  • krispin

    ths bike s nt looking like duke 390 its looking like a pigions face bt nt duke 390

  • Rohan

    no KTM shud not give 390 full fairing . i mean , MAN, i m buying 390 now n if they give her full fairing , then my heart will break again . as before CBR has broken my heart . but i m calm nw n i dnt want this to happen untill next two years, plz .
    N speaking of the bike above, that u have designed, its Crap. Its not even Duke or any other resembeling KTM mc. its lukin more like Ducati Multistrada, Bmw , ……….. thumbs down .

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