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Suzuki To Launch Inazuma GW 250 In India In 2013

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Suzuki Inazuma 250

Japanese two-wheeler company, Suzuki, will launch their 250cc naked bike, the Inazuma 250 or the GW 250, as it is known in some markets, in India by mid-2013. There has been speculation that Suzuki was planning to launch a quarter-litre bike in India for a couple of years, but now finally there is confirmation of the same. The Inazuma 250 is powered by a electronic fuel-injected 248cc parallel-twin engine with about 25.6 BHP of power and 24.2 Nm of torque. It weighs about 182 kgs.

The Suzuki Inazuma will most probably be assembled at Suzuki’s Gurgaon plant in North India to minimize taxation and keep the pricing as competitive as possible. It is expected that the Inazuma 250 should cost between Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs. Inazuma in Japanese means ‘lightning’, but it is expected that this quarter-litre bike is more of a tourer than a high-octane track monster. It is said to offer linear power delivery and a more upright and comfortable, typical naked bike riding position.

The Suzuki Inazuma should hit the showrooms by May or June 2013. The Inazuma boasts a claimed fuel efficiency of about 30 to 35 km/l. The competition in the 250cc bike category in India is getting tougher so Suzuki will have to really price its offering competitively. With the Pulsar 375 NS also scheduled for launch later this year in the similar price range, it will be difficult for a new 250cc entrant to set sales charts on fire. We will have to wait and watch whether this 250cc bike does some magic for Suzuki in India.

2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 rear

Source – Bike India

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  • Ben

    Wonderful news about gw250 after long time. About competition from pulsar 375, the same was speculated between pulsar 220 and r15, see the response. Performance is not the only factor, but there are many other things. A pulsar cannot offer the refinement and realiabilty of a jap. As a suzuki fan I wish suzuki all the best.

    • Ben, but a Jap can’t offer the same value as a Pulsar. You win some, you loose some!

  • Swift

    Why suzuki bikes are not so attractive?

    • Swift, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ;p

  • Akash

    Good news . . . . But its looking ugly… Hayate looks better than this… Change the headlight…

  • Ketan

    Being a naked version, the cost has to be below CBR 250. Also if priced a few thousand above duke 200, then we will have a killer price. But that is highly impossible especially with CKD option.
    The bike looks very conservative and doesnt excite me. Saying this since i own a bike in the 200-300cc segment. Has decent technical specification but does it offer ABS and other features which makes it unique among rest.

    Why does it weigh 182 kg for a naked bike?

    • Ketan, its a twin-cylinder so naturally price will be higher.

  • Amit

    Faisal, i dont know why japnese dont bring better products for VFM as indian industry does.look at this ugly bike. see the cost of bloody cbr even though it is completly manufatured here. if pulsar 375 comes, cbr production have to be stopped. already it is selling like peoples buying pigs.the only one bike japanese premium bike i like is yamaha R15.

    • Akash

      Bro… Honda is importing engines for both cbrs from thailand. And they are taking for their brand…. They need to reduce the price…. Even dream yuga is costlier than splendor and discover…

    • Amit, yes the CBR is a bit expensive but Honda does charge premium for its brand.

  • george

    looks yuck, do’nt work in India

  • Akash

    Honda has to reduce the price of CBRs and other bikes too … If it does, it will surely overtake bajaj and hero.

    Remember hero is still using honda’s engines. After that their real story will start…

    This bike, I dont think so will do anything better than ninja… Ninja is too costly and this doesn’t look nice for its cost… Many people doesn’t like cbr which looks much better than suzuki inazuma 250…

    So at the end, Bajaj will have an upper hand in anything… Because they bring cheap bikes which is cruisial for India. I dont know what TVS is up to ?? God bless them… Many people dont even know about the existance of TVS…

  • ADI

    the headlight of this gw 250 should be altered…. and yup the more the weight the more the road holding at top speeds..i agree

  • Nirmal Kumar Pandit

    What is price of this byke?

  • aspr

    Suzuki may not be good looking to some, but those who know the balance of practicality and power (linear power delivery in this case) will settle for these looks which are definitely not bad. I for one prefer this look than one with huge and somewhat useless fairings. Fairings are supposed to reduce drag and provide windshield to sports bikers who ride at high speeds. So they best be used on Hayabusas and such. With rapid urbanisation of smaller towns as well where the heck do we drive with potholes, speedbreakers and traffics? Such bikes like the GW250 will be some fun in day to day short bursts when you can drive between varying traffic conditions. I owned a new splendor once which my bother still uses for commute, but the original 2001 suzuki fiero I bought from a friend really amazed me with ease of driving in mixed traffics. It really zips through gaps much easily when you need it too. I has the beast linear power delivery at the cost of reduced mileage.

    • Aspr, at the end of the day, everything boils down to price. Lets see how they price it.

    • aspr

      Price will be higher than 2 lacs if it is a CKD unit as I read somewhere. Even at Rs. 1.5L it is a bit steep, but still many will afford it. If it is CKD and price is less than Rs. 1.7L, it will be worth booking. Best if they make it here with the same specs and quality and reduced pricing.

    • Don’t forget it’s a twin-cylinder engine.

  • Cecil wells

    I hope that the front number plate fits between the head light and the front mud guard and not on top the head lights.

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