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Yamaha To Launch New Scooter By June 2013

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Yamaha Ray Headlight

Yamaha is going to focus on scooters this year and the Japanese company will launch another scooter in the Indian market by June 2013. While details about the scooter are still sketchy, we expect it to be a 125cc offering, targeted at male buyers. The Yamaha Ray has been doing well and has prompted Yamaha to look at scooters seriously. While the motorcycle segment is not growing at a fast pace, scooters are showing a healthy growth, resulting in the shift towards scooters for Yamaha.

The Yamaha scooter will rival the likes of the Suzuki Access/Swish, Piaggio Vespa, Mahindra Duro/Rodeo and the upcoming TVS 125cc scooter. Honda too is working on a 125cc scooter, which is expected to go on sale later this year. Meanwhile Piaggio could launch a 150cc scooter which will easily become the hottest scooter in the market. However Yamaha is known to offer splendid dynamics and the Ray is one prime example of how a normal scooter can be fun too.

Just recently Yamaha announced the establishment of a separate sales and marketing vertical, in order to boost volumes and marketing activities in the country. The company will focus its attention on brand awareness and safety initiates throughout the year. It has no plans to launch any motorcycle in 2013. The company did bring out new colours on the Yamaha R15 earlier this year. The Japanese automaker will bring out a 250cc bike next year, details of which are still very sketchy.

yamaha nouvo

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  • valay

    only one word “UGLY”.

    • Valay, that is not the scooter which is coming, that is just one of their international scooters used for reference.

  • Raj

    Is it a rumour or d launch is confirmed ?

    • Raj, nothing is confirmed but we have got a tip from our source about the launch.

  • Micky

    The advantage of a scooter over a motorbike is that it can b used to carry large items on its step board. Very convenient if one is in a city, as parking cars is fast becoming an impossibility. If there is not going to b any step-board as in this case, then why go for one in the first place?

  • Anoop

    Its 9th May, Any further update? June is not so far…

  • Autokid

    No new news?

    • Autokid, we told you its coming and it is. Expect our review soon ;-)

  • yogi

    i am waiting for HONDA PCX125. plz soon launch this scooter in INDIA.
    i am waiting for this scooter.

  • siddharth

    i am planning to buy a honda dio by 23rd of dis month!
    if the 125cc scooter said by yamaha is gonna be in d market soon!
    i can wait for sometime!
    so in case are their any updates?

    • Siddharth, Yamaha’s new scooter is Ray Z.

  • heera lal

    yamaha scooter parchj

  • Javed

    Hi Faisal,
    Any news on the new 125 cc Wego, or any other 125 cc or higher new offerings from Honda or Vespa?
    I am willing to buy a premium scooter in the 125 -150 cc band. By when can we expect some new launches in the hi-end premium segment scooters?

  • Karthik

    Honda is coming up with a 125 cc scooter next month, I got this news from a honda showroom in chennai. Any othe brand coming up with premium scooters next month Faisal. Yamahas ray z is for boys not for men. Men need bigger scooters

    • Karthik, nope, no other scooter coming anytime soon.

    • Karthik

      Thanks Faisal, then I will go with the honda 125cc, hope it is a new shape and not the same activa.

    • Karthik, they are expected to get a new shape although knowing Honda, you never know.

    • Karthik

      As u said they might go the yamaha way by just adding stickers all around ray and calling it ray z for men. The minimum upgrade I expect is a 125cc, alloy wheels and telescopic suspension to the existing version.

  • Karthik

    The new 125cc scooter is going to be a modified aviator with a new engine, this is why they did not change the engine in January when they introduced HET technology to activa and dio. So activa and activa-I remains unchanged. Aviator may be priced 10k more than activa as it might have class leading features.

  • Karthik

    Tvs is going to launch a new scooter on 16th september, I wonder when honda is going to launch theirs.

    • Next month mostly.

    • Karthik

      Any updates about the launch Mr. Faisal. Even suzuki has come up with special edition access.

    • Karthik, they launched the Ray Z.

  • Vinod

    Yes good . comfort ability is one of the main probable about scooters if the wheels are big like bike and have bike like shock absorbers scooters become the new trend with unisex demand

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