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Fiat Punto Evo Abarth Spotted Testing In India

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2013 Punto Abarth Esseesse

The Fiat Punto Evo Abarth has been spotted testing in India in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This highly anticipated performance machine from Fiat is a 2-door model and the top spec ‘Esseesse’ variant. The Punto Abarth plays a major role in Fiat’s massive expansion strategy for India and the testing and homologation process seems to have started, which is a very good news. The Abarth Punto Evo will be locally manufactured and it would result in a very value for money price tag.

The Punto Evo Esseesse is one of the most powerful offerings from the Abarth brand for the Punto. It uses a 1.4-litre petrol engine which is turbo-charged to produce 180 BHP of power and a mind blowing 270 Nm of torque. The Esseesse accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 7.5 seconds and has a top speed of 216 km/hr. This amazing vehicle has incredible performance along with suspension and chassis tuned for brilliant handling, making this, one of the most fun to drive hot hatches.

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The exteriors of the Esseesse has a combination of typical Fiat elegance and class combined with very sporty features form Abarth. It gets extra flared wheel arches, big wide air intakes and vents and typical Abarth decals as well as the iconic ‘Scorpion’ logo. The Punto Abarth Esseesse gets huge 18-inch wheels. The Esseesse caught in India had a ‘Special Fuel’ sticker on the dashboard which may suggest that Fiat is testing the car to run on high octane fuel.

The exact details of the car will only be known when Fiat announces them officially, because the car may be modified slightly to suit Indian conditions. Fiat plans to locally manufacture the Abarth Punto Evo so that the prices can be kept as low as possible to make this a truly affordable high performance car. It is expected that this highly awaited Fiat will cost between Rs. 9 to 10 lakhs.

Fiat Punto Evo Abarth

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  • Sergius Barretto

    It cant be 9 – 10 lac, its not just the engine power, the Abarth brand will command a price as will the extra features like 7 airbags, tuned suspension, better brakes and then of course the more powerful engine. Besides the 90 hp Punto in India itself is about 7-8 lac.

    The UK price of a base Fiat Punto is 11900 punds (about 10lac) and the Abarth 16825 pounds (about 13 lac)

    Anyway we can all hope :)

    • S Pani

      Well, it can actually be 9-10lac. Manufacturing costs in India are lower, as are costs of various parts sourced from India.

      Also, you can expect considerable amount of detuning for Indian conditions. So dont expect the full Abarth rock hard suspension, 7-airbags etc. There will obviously be some extra kit, and I am happy to see a proper Abarth come to India and not just a Punto Tjet with Abarth badges, but it still wont be the full Abarth that you see in Europe.

      Also, in places like the UK taxes get compounded for high performance cars as they pollute more. In India, the Abarth will be taxed no different than the Punto 1.4.

      Also, Fiat will want to keep the price down so that they can get enough people to buy these things, as well as get enough people to visit the showrooms and build “Brand Fiat”. If they price it exorbitantly, then almost nobody will even give a second glance.

      Remember that the Abarth, far more than the Jeeps, is pivotal to building Fiat brand on which their entire future in one of the world’s largest car markets hinges on.

    • Ketan

      Manufacturing cost is low. But forgot the capital cost. Also with the expected demand for this vehicle, the doubt localisation will be high. So I expect cost of around 14L

    • S Pani

      What kind of major capital costs are there??? FIAT already have a factory and a supplier base set up. And the new Punto, on which the Abarth is based, is primarily an evolution of the Grande Punto available in India for 4 years now. So there really are no massive capital costs involved.

      As for volumes, you are forgetting a very important thing, the Abarth will share at least 75% parts with a standard Punto, which as it is will be launched next year. So volumes will not be a problem for either FIAT themselves or suppliers.

  • Kedar

    If FIAT is planning to launch Punto EVO Abarth then it wont be priced at Rs. 10 lakh. Simply NO.

    It would cost around 12-13 lakh.

  • karan

    besides price, lets just hope its the 180bhp version

    • No One

      Highly impossible to find original abarth engine and other sets like breaks / suspension and stuff under 10L..

      If price is just a 1L more than present punto, then perhaps it would just be the name, but under the hood, it may come with a lame 110 bhp T-Jet :(

    • S Pani

      Buddy, the Emotion 1.4 Punto is priced at about 7.5Lakhs. So if the Abarth comes in at 10L, it will be about 33% costlier than a standard top variant Punto.

    • Palash

      Look, the engine is the same 1.4 Tjet which Fiat already has. Just Front-rear bumpers are changed which are cosmetic ones hence they don’t add up to the cost marginally. Rest is the new brakes and re-tuned suspension. And a better Turbo charger. So it is practically possible to make an Indian Abarth at Rs 10L Since they don’t need to make a new engine or a new platform or a new facility! Povided with all the spares Punto evo could be made in your backyard!

    • S Pani

      Just like Palash said, Abarth actually provide a kit to convert a standard Abarth Punto into a an Essese variant, with bigger vented brakes and calipers, KONI shocks, Brembo springs, better exhaust, sport air filter, engine power increase from 165hp to 180hp, 18inch rims and tyres rather than 17inch. All this kit can be added at Abarth dealers.

      The major differences between an Abarth Punto and a normal Punto are the 17in wheels/tyres, bigger brakes, sporty bumpers, a big turbo and different engine electronics, differently tuned suspension but with largely the same components, and sporty interiors with black leather and suede stuff.

      The Essesse kit equipped Abarth will be overkill for India, as 18in rims with 45profile tyres will kill the ride, not to mention the Brembo springs which lower suspension by 20mm are a No-No in India.

      So, I still think the Abarth will be priced around the 10L mark. But expect a engine tune of about 150-160hp, and not the essesse 180hp version.

    • palash

      Umm no if it has to be called essesse then they shouldn’t ditch on the engine power. It needs to be the same which they get in other markets, or else it could have been called just the Abarth Punto evo. Essesse badge signifies the power there!

    • S Pani

      The pic above is probably the full essesse version, but I dont think that will be launched. It is just on test to see how it does in India.

  • Palash

    Quote from a Forum.

    “Heard it has been imported by Fiat and given for testing to Jayem Automotives”

    • Kedar

      Thats true Palash. This is confirmed news as I spoke to one of my friend who is close to Jayem Automotives.

  • harsimran singh

    guys abarth would be charging 2-3 lakhs only and the fiat priced punto will cost 7-8 lakhs, so the mouth watering deal is on. this car will hit indian market with 10-11 lakh tag and that is sure. I presently drive the top end diesel model, once this rolls out i m gonna sell older 2009 baby for the 2014 beast.

  • Dinesh Sachdev

    Well the pricing will definitely be in the range of 10L plus range, because of simple reasons..

    A) It is a Performance hatcback.
    B) body type is unique (2door) requiring special manufacturing
    C)Latest turbocharged petrol Polo TSI GT is 8L , its just the engine and nothing done to the body..
    D)Fiat always prices its products high.
    E) Since the engine is new to the shores parts wont be localized and price will be high..

    Expect proper price to be 12-15L..

    • Dinesh, even for that price, it’s a steal.

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