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Honda Jazz Rollover

Safety plays a vital role offered by vehicles, especially in this modern era where we have advanced technology equipped cars capable of doing high speeds easily. Most of the time people buy cars on the basis of affordable price tag, big fuel efficiency figures, impressive equipment list, etc. and forget about the level of safety being offered on the vehicle. Nowadays the level of safety being offered by manufacturers is improving on all segments of cars.

Just take a look at this video shot in Alabama, where a Honda Jazz goes out of control, rolls seven times and the driver manages to walk away without any injuries. The video is shot from the inside, from a drivers viewing angle. The man is driving his Honda Jazz through the rain on a highway and something destabilizes the car, turns onto its side and flips over seven times landing on its roof. Thanks to the impressive safety levels on the car, the driver manages to come out of the car without any harm.

According to the Euro NCAP impact crash test results for the Honda Jazz/Fit, the car scores 78 percent for adult occupant safety, 79 percent for child occupant safety, 60 percent for pedestrian safety and 71 percent for safety assist systems being offered on the car. For safety features, the Jazz comes equipped with Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body, pretensioner seatbelt with load limiter, pedestrian-injury reduction body design, G-Force Control Technology (G-CON), Airbags, ABS and EBD.

Although the Honda Jazz has received quite a lot of applaud for being one of the safest cars in its segment, Honda has discontinued the vehicle in India, owing to poor demand. The Japanese car maker is already working on the next generation Jazz which will be unveiled later this year. The all new Jazz will go on sale in 2014 and will be offered in India with both petrol and diesel engines. The next generation Jazz’ platform will spawn off a compact SUV as well.

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  • Rajan

    I hoped to read lot of information when i read the post topic.
    Just because it rolled 7 times and driver of the car was safe doesnt mean it is a dafest car. The Jazz rolled on the soft mud turf and it saved the driver to large extent.
    NCAP ratings are for Euro version cars and not for teh version launched in India. The Euro cars comes with safety features that are a standard there. In India, ABS and Air Bag is not a safety standard yet.

    • josh

      Airbags and ABS were a standard fitment on all jazz models just like it is on City.

    • Rajan

      Josh – i was commening on Standards outside India and in India. I was not referring to Jazz safety feature list.

      The article claims that Jazz is the safest car quoting the incident. What i am tryng to say is thet safety standards are stringent in Europe/US and there may be lot of other safety features that may have helped teh driver (6 air bags for instance). We should not be blinded by this and think that India Jazz will be equivalently safe and my protect the occupant it it had occurred in India..

    • raul

      they say one of the safest cars, not the safest, difference there.

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajan, the fact is, the Jazz is indeed one of the safest cars in its segment. It has got many awards for the same. More than the passive safety features, Honda is offering a very good quality body shell.

      Anyways getting India in the picture is not very relevant now as the Jazz has been discontinued in our country.

  • Baljinder

    @rajan, I totally agree with u. In foreign, companies provide standard features for safety in all segments.In india no 1 bother about safety…….
    if anybody need also he should go for top models like 25 to 50lacs. Even though we won’t get that level of standard as provide in foreigns…..
    yesterday I saw in news that in India only and only top Audi’s have more safety features as compare to Merceds and others

  • Ananthakrishnan

    In India ABS+Airbag is luxury option than a safety option.Its conventional style of car manufactures here for decades.Govt should make them as standard equipments,so manufactures will invent some low cost air-bag /ABS fitments.Most of foreign countries are underpopulated and they take more care for citizens and thats why volvo produce safest cars in the world.Is over population reason for our lack of security?

  • Neo

    How about Punto then? It is probably the toughest built small car in our country, and has all the safety gizmos such as ABS, EBD, Airbags etc. What do you think Faisal?

    • Faisal Khan

      Neo, Punto is a good car but Jazz is safer. Jazz is also newer than Punto, in terms of when it was developed.

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