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Mahindra To Use Fuel Smart Technology In Future Products


Mahindra recently launched a new version of its pick-up truck, the Maxximo Plus. The Plus variant features a fuel smart technology, in which the driver can toggle between Eco mode and Power mode. Switching to the Eco mode returns improved mileage with slightly lower power output, while the Power mode provides maximum power output available with the engine in order to carry heavy loads with lower fuel economy.

The Maxximo Plus with its Eco mode returns 10 percent improved mileage figures over the standard Maxximo variant. Mahindra has replaced the standard model with the Maxximo Plus equipped with fuel smart technology. The manufacturer claims that the new Maxximo Plus is the only commercial vehicle in India equipped with this advanced technology. Mahindra has developed the entire fuel saving technology at a cost of Rs. 10 crores and the manufacturer has applied for a patent for this technology.

It is expected that Mahindra will use this fuel saving technology in its future commercial line-up as well as passenger vehicle portfolio if they get a good response from customers. Mahindra is already using a similar fuel saving technique in its passenger vehicle segment known as Micro Hybrid technology, which switches off the engine when the vehicle is idle and switches it back on when the clutch pedal depresses.

Soon you will be driving a Mahindra XUV500 which will have a switch which reads POWER. Press the button and voila you feel an extra boost of output. We are not quite sure how many people will use this feature as most SUV users are inclined towards mileage over power. With rising fuel prices, the fuel saving technologies are much needed for the Indian car market.


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  • Baljinder

    Nice work by Mahindra……. it will sure help to save fuel efficiency. what will be the price of it as compare with TATA pickup truck??

    • Faisal Khan

      Baljinder, price is quite similar.

  • No One

    How fast, now have become how much !!!

    Yes, mileage matters and here in India, it matters really hard..

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