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First Reviews Of KTM Duke 390 Start Pouring In

KTM 390 Duke Unveil

KTM has started offering the Duke 390 to the media and the first ride event has taken place in Austria, the home of KTM. The 390 Duke is not only awaited in India, but in many global markets too, where enthusiasts are waiting to get their hands on this value for money performance machine. While most of the cycle parts of the Duke 390 are similar to the Duke 200 and Duke 125, the heart of the matter is different, which changes the complete characteristics of the bike. Can’t wait to know how the Duke 390 performs? Read the interesting points below, which give a fair picture about the performance of the KTM 390 Duke.

* The 390 Duke is relatively smaller in size compared to the engine it is powered by.
* The Duke 390 is quite agile and easy to ride and handle, thanks to the low dry weight of 139 kgs.
* The Duke 390’s 373cc engine will entertain most experienced riders but low end power is only average.
* One needs to rev past 5000 RPM to extract the best from this engine.
* Engine sound at idle is quite disappointing, but gets better as the revs increase.
* There is an adjustable shift light on the console, which is similar to its siblings.
* Mid-end to high-end thrust is excellent, redline comes in at 10,500 RPM.
* 0 – 100 km/hr takes around 5 seconds, top speed is 171 km/hr (speedo indicated).
* The Duke 390 is frugal and returns an average mileage of 30 km/l.
* Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres offer good levels of grip. Indian Duke 390 might get MRF rubber.
* 10 mm lower seat height than Duke 200 (800 mm on the Duke 390), riding position good for 6 footers too.
* The trellis frame is finished in orange, so are the alloy wheels.
* There is small amount of vibrations at high revs and the suspension is on the stiffer side.
* Front visor offered as option, which reduces wind blast at speed.
* Braking is good and ABS works well.

The initial reviews of the KTM 390 Duke are very positive. The motorcycle is all what we expected it to be – fast, easy, fun and frugal. The Duke 390’s engine uses forged pistons and NiKaSil coating and produces 44 HP of power and 35 Nm of torque. The rev limit is placed quite early so tuners will take advantage of increasing it, resulting in top speed increasing to around 180 km/hr. Bajaj Auto will launch the Duke 390 in the Indian market by June 2013, offering it at an on-road Mumbai price of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. ABS is going to be standard. The KTM Duke 390 is priced at Rs. 3.57 lakhs (€4995) in Europe.

2013 KTM 390 Duke

2013 KTM 390 Duke India

KTM 390 Duke ABS

KTM 390 Duke Cornering

KTM 390 Duke Handling

KTM 390 Duke Motorcycle

KTM 390 Duke Performance

KTM 390 Duke Speed

KTM 390 Duke Turn

KTM 390 Duke Wheelie

KTM Duke 373cc

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  • Reeto

    Hopefully this time around, Bajaj will not restrict the top speed of the Duke 390 as they did with the 200. A 171 kmph top whack sounds great.

    • No One

      They may because of tyre choice and other cost cutting factor may not make it safe to allow such higher speeds

      • Crazy4

        Guys its not Bajaj its ARAI who puts restrictions on Bike speed.

        • Faisal Khan

          Crazy4, not really. ARAI doesn’t intervene in putting speed limits.

  • karikor

    I hope they reduce the seat height by another 3 cms for the India spec model so that atleast it will be comparable to the Ducati Monster 795 saddle height.

    • Crazy4

      seat height reduced by 1-2 cms

  • karikor

    These figures look very promising. 2 lakhs for 171kmph sounds pretty good. Hopefully, some after market manufacturers will come out with piggy back ECUs, Big bore kits and after-market Power Exhausts, etc. Who knows, maybe then 200kmph will also be achievable.

    • Akash

      Why u r comparing money with the speed ??
      A 20 lac harley goes only 160 kmph max…

      • karikor

        Comparing it for us not-so-rich boys who craves for speed.

        • Akash

          Hmmmm…….. Thats good… But baajaa j pulsar 375 will go more than this with less price… What say

          • karikor

            You hit the nail on the head. So when the Pulsar 375 comes out with its specs, do expect to see a similar comment from me again.

  • Akash

    The top speed of duke 390 is also restricted at 10,500 rpm. Which is 171.
    And same thing was done with the duke 200 whose the top speed then came out to be 138.
    The reason behind this is that the duke’s engine is a short stroke engine which is rev happy and can go upto 14,000 rpm. So to prevent engine from excessive wear and tear at higher rpm engine speed is kept limited where their is a balance of good reliability and performance….

    Think once… Who would like to restric its machine’s top speed… Just because of engine life.
    Now u’ll ask why motogp bikes revs at 18,000-19,000 rpm ??
    They don’t need reliability, they need performance. Thats why their engine last for 1-2 races . . . . .

    • karikor

      Well I for one would settle for something in between, maybe 12,000rpm.

  • Crazy4

    Fas … the source tells “Then the single-cylinder engine pleased with exhilarating thrust and without unpleasant vibration.” and “Although the spring elements have no adjustment mechanisms, the compromise between comfort and stability is impressive”
    but u quoted “There is small amount of vibrations at high revs and the suspension is on the stiffer side.”

    and one more feature to be added, “ABS can be switched ON-OFF” “If you like you can turn off the ABS from the cockpit – but why? Until the little things like a far away from the handle and non-adjustable clutch lever, the 390 Duke makes a memorable impression. “

    • Faisal Khan

      Crazy4, unpleasant vibrations – YES but there are small amount of vibrations. And believe me, the suspension is on the stiffer side ;-)

      • Crazy4

        I guess u drove the bike.

        • karikor

          You ride a bike. Anyway Faisal can the saddle height be adjusted? So as to a have a lower center of gravity.

          • Faisal Khan

            Karikor, nope it can’t be adjusted.

        • Faisal Khan

          Nope Crazy4, not ridden the Duke 390 but its quite similar to the Duke 200 in suspension setup.

  • karikor

    Faisal, what’s after the Duke 390? Moto3 inspired 250/390cc KTM? What after that? Any idea?

    • Faisal Khan

      Karikor, the RC250.

      • karikor

        Are there any scope for a fully faired RC 390 to reach our shores?

  • Torque

    HI faisal,
    does the 390 share the same frame and other dimensions as the 200? I ask because I want to get a skid plate fabricated for it.
    Also will it come with street spec tyres or dual purpose?

    • Faisal Khan

      Torque, it shares the same frame and dimensions and it will come with road tyres.

  • Augustine

    Test Drive bike has arrived in Pune Bund garden showroom. Got a call from showroom, probably they are calling up those who have booked the bike or have enquired and dropped in their numbers.

    • Faisal Khan

      Augustine, we have already done our first ride review, have you read it?