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KTM Duke 390 True Top Speed 160 km/hr, Metzeler Tyres Std

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KTM 390 Duke ABS

KTM has unveiled the production version of the Duke 390 to the media in Austria, the headquarters of the brand. We have already covered most of the details about the Duke 390 but now new information has started trickling in. These details were revealed at the press event just before the first ride preview of the motorcycle. Bajaj-KTM will launch the Duke 390 next month and deliveries will start in June. The bike will be priced a shade over Rs. 2 lakhs and will be offered with ABS as standard. The ABS unit is made by Bosch and can be turned on/off when needed.

The KTM Duke 390 gets an all new gearbox, which is not shared with the Duke 200 (most other parts are!). The gear ratios have been selected to ensure the bike doesn’t top off in top gear. Thus the Duke 390 will hit a true top speed of 160 km/hr (speedo shows around 171 km/hr). The crankcase castings are shared with the Duke 200 but the top end of the Duke 390’s engine is all new. The 373cc engine features a chrome plated cylinder and forged piston, similar to its younger sibling.

While the Duke 200 sports MRF tyres, the Duke 390 will come equipped with Metzeler M5 Sportec tyres (even on the Indian version). These tyres are better in both dry and wet conditions, offering superior levels of grip. The Duke 200 exported from Bajaj Auto’s Chakan facility too features Metzeler rubber. We all are already aware about the Duke 390’s stellar performance, 0-100 km/hr takes just 5 odd seconds. The D390 weighs around 10 kgs more than the D200, giving it a terrific power to weight ratio.

KTM 390 Duke Performance

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  • akash

    Terrific… But error of 11 kmph is BAD…

    BAJAJ PULSAR 220 also has error of 9.5 kmph…

  • Prasun Das

    Top end is not enough for a 390cc motorcycle. Let’s see D390 how much differs from Ninja 300…!!!

    • No One

      True top speed of 160 is just marginally better compare to CBR 250R with half the power.. But with shorter gear ratio Duke would be a rocket in acceleration for sure..

      But yes, top should have been in 170km range with such amount of power it has in store..

  • Aero

    Ninja 300 goes over to 190+ but duke :(

    • No One

      When having 75cc more along with 10bhp more.. Truly gear ratio should have been in taller side to allow 15kmph more to offer..

    • I read a Ninja Review

      As per the Review I Read Ninja Attains A True Top Whack of 168KMPH

    • No One

      Which Ninja ?? 250R or the 300 ???

  • Ninu

    There is no Full fairing and seating position is higher compared to NINJA, so how it is possible to comfortably control duke if they give it a top speed in excess of 190kmph.

    • No One

      You couch when you want top speed :P

  • Ben

    There is a reason for restricting the top speed to 160kmph when there is so much power on tap . Look at the weight, with that weight will the bike not lose stability at such high speeds. Even 160kmph is too high, that’s why ABS is offered. Even the center of gravity is not low like a track oriented bike, it’s more suited for blazing acceleration. So everyone should be happy that the street bike offers all the combination of street, Tourer and track.

  • Pravin

    Its the same case again.. they boasted more than 200Ps/ton figure only 139kgs!! etc.. but see when it comes to actual performance its only 5+ secs and 160+kms/hr…..

    Keep watching the bigger CBR will come and trump the little duky even with its bulky size…. like what happened with CBR250 and Duke200.. The Duke thought tearing fast on paper cannot actually better the CBR in reality…

    • VJ

      haha..I suggest you ride a duke first and then comment…:P

  • karikor

    I hope KTM will take into consideration all the above points discussed and bring in the RC 390 with a new gear ratio set up, engine tuned more for at least 170kmph true top whack, and a lower saddle height, around 770mm for better centre of gravity.

  • karikor

    By the way Faisal, if we change the no. of teeth in the sprocket, won’t that increase the top speed?

    • Karikor, yes it will but do you want to fiddle with the superb acceleration of the bike?

  • deepan

    I don’t understand whats the deal with the top speed. How often do you guys hit more than 140Km/hr mark.
    Every other day? As mentioned earlier since duke is a naked bike 160Km/hr in itself is more than sufficient. Considering the wind blasts and the Indian traffic conditions i consider the smooth roll out acceleration will be the key here. Even for long tour rides a constant 120Kmph on a free stretch for 350CC bike is okay as it returns a decent economy. Even when riding with friends i guess you will not be getting past 120Kmph when it comes to long touring.

  • Rahul

    lets say we improve top end (maybe by changing the gearing)
    But is the basic duke 200 chassis (with/without modifications) strong enough for/capable of speeds in the range of 200 kmph?

  • Rahul

    Poor CBR fans, have you ever driven Duke to the fullest…?

  • abdul rahaman

    I have officialy riden
    duke 390@ milan and long straight line at mattegiophen and i hit max speed of 100kmgh at 5.4 sec and 160kmph at 15 ant later reached 164kmph and Abs worked at its way i was just drowning next few hours at next we changed gear box to 7 shifts and made bike heavy to 160kg and 390 and it hit 230kmph which was damn great but bike flikd away

    driving duke 390 was great and i preffer duke 390 from cbr400 and k ninga 300

  • arpankumar

    people here making command, must know both of the bike, chip operated, and true top speed are chip operated, where ktm duke 390 locked at 160 kmph and ninja 300 locked at true speed of 162,., FOR MORE SPEED YOU HAVE TO MAPPING THE CHIP,
    or downward movement, toward gravity, or indicated speed is maximum,,



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