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2013 Honda Amaze Test Drive Review

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2013 Honda Amaze Test Drive-Review

2013 Honda Amaze – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Honda Amaze Review

Car Tested: 2013 Honda Amaze

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6.08 – 9.27 lakhs

The Honda Amaze strikes the perfect balance between comfort, space, mileage and performance. It clearly comes out as the new segment leader.

Honda has been on Indian soil since the last 16 years. The Japanese manufacturer debuted with the Honda City in 1997. However, till date, the company was only offering petrol engines on all their models. Strong diesel demand had taken a toll on their sales with the competition selling almost 80 percent diesel cars. It was only a matter of time things would change and now they have, in the form of the all new 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine. This is the first diesel engine from Honda in India and the new Honda Amaze gets the privilege of being the first car to do the honors. The Amaze is based on the Brio platform and slots into the compact sedan category. Being sub 4-metre in length, it competes head on with the Maruti Swift Dzire which is currently the best selling car in the given segment. Will the Honda Amaze give the Maruti Swift Dzire a run for its money? We head to Goa and find out.

2013 Honda Amaze Front

Exteriors – Honda’s core philosophy in the development of the Amaze was to cater to customer demand. A survey done by the company in Asia revealed that customers wanted a compact car which was easy to park in narrow spaces. The Honda Amaze has been made specifically for the Asian market, specially India, as demand for compact sedans is very high. It is based on the Brio and there is no mistaking that. The front get a new double chrome grille instead of single one on the Brio. While the Brio has two tone black and body colored bumper, the Amaze gets a completely body colored front bumper. The headlamps are identical to the Brio.

2013 Honda Amaze Side

The side profile clearly shows that Honda has done a fabulous job of integrating the boot. Unlike other cars, the Honda Amaze does not look like an after thought. Proportions are well maintained between the engine bay, cabin and boot. As a sub 4-metre car, it does not look ugly, something which most sub 4-metre cars suffer from. The ‘Smart Micro Limousine’ concept has been well executed and sharp character lines define the side profile. The Amaze gets different alloy wheels for the petrol and diesel variants. The petrol version get 10 spoke alloy wheels while the diesel get a more dynamic alloy wheel design with 5 main and 5 sub spokes. As a segment first, Honda is offering electrically retractable and adjustable rear view mirrors. Side indicators are housed on the rear view mirrors.

2013 Honda Amaze Rear

The rear combination lamp has been designed to give a premium feel. Not only that, it also makes the Amaze look wider. The boot lid gets a healthy dose of chrome in the form of the chrome strip which runs along the width of the boot lid and enhances the appeal. The rear is enhanced by the extended rear license plate garnish line and overhangs around it.

2013 Honda Amaze Interiors

Interiors – The cabin has a strong resemblance to the Brio since both the Amaze and Brio share loads of components. This sharing is not only cost effective but also crucial to the pricing of the car. The dashboard is exactly the same two tone with the same color combination as the Brio. Interior quality, fit and finish is typical Honda like. The front seats have an integrated head rest and are supportive with ample legroom and headroom. The drivers seat gets height adjustment feature and can be adjusted by upto 50 mm, a good 20 mm more than the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire.

Honda Amaze Rear LegroomHonda Amaze Rear Seat Space

The rear seats offer stupendous legroom thanks to a larger wheelbase (60 mm more than the Brio). Rear seats are comfortable and offer sufficient back support. To provide maximum comfort to the passenger, cushion thickness has been increased by 96 mm, which again trumps the Swift Dzire by 11 mm. Under thigh support is strictly average for both the front and rear seats. Ingress and egress is comfortable too. All these factors combined, the Honda Amaze offers the best in class legroom and knee room. Honda has managed to extract maximum interior space thanks to a smaller engine bay. This also contributes to a larger boot.

2013 Honda Amaze Front Door2013 Honda Amaze Rear Door

The audio system is taken out of the Brio and offers decent sound quality with the option of USB/Aux. The system is also iPod compatible and steering mounted controls ensure you can change to your favorite track without taking your eyes off the road. The AC is pretty impressive and cools the cabin quickly. It cooled the cabin so efficiently that the 40 degree Goa sun was a piece of cake for the Amaze. Honda has introduced a heat absorbing front windshield which acts as a barrier and transmits less heat inside the cabin as compared to a regular windshield. The result is a 6 degree less cabin temperature which is measured when the car is out in the sun for 20 minutes. This helps the AC cool off faster and is another segment first feature from Honda. However, Honda has not offered climate control on any of the variants. There are sufficient storage areas both at front and back. The console between the front seats can stack up odds and ends while 1-litre bottles can find home in the door pockets. Unlike the Brio, Honda has equipped the Amaze with a rear defogger.

2013 Honda Amaze Boot Space

The Honda Amaze is targeted as a family car and boot space is crucial in this regard. Boot space is class leading and measures 400-litres, which is much more than any car in the given segment. There is enough room in the boot for two medium and two small sized bags and the loading bay is not too high either, making it easy to stow luggage.

2013 Honda Amaze Petrol2013 Honda Amaze Diesel

Performance – The Honda Amaze is offered in two engine options. The time and tested 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol and the all new segment redefining 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel. The 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine produces 88 PS of power and 109 NM torque. This is the same engine which is doing duty on the Brio. Mated to this engine is an option of 5-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmissions. The AT and MT are again the same ones featured on the Brio with the same gear ratios. Our test car was shod with the 5-speed manual gearbox. Power lies in the mid range and top end of the rev band with the low end being average. The Amaze delivers marginally more power and 5 Nm less torque than the Swift Dzire. Drivability is outstanding and the 88 horses feel good enough for the job. However, overtaking may need you to work down a few gears. Engine refinement is brilliant as expected from Honda, who has already established itself as the master of petrol engines. The MT and AT deliver a mileage of 18 km/l and 15.5 km/l respectively (as per the ARAI).

2013 Honda Amaze Performance

While the petrol engine is a gem, all eyes are keenly focussed on the diesel and why not! It’s the first time Honda is getting a diesel engine to a country which prefers diesel as the fuel of choice. The all new 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine may have taken some time, but it’s here and here to stay. Globally gasoline engine are the engines of choice. It’s only Europe and India where demand for diesel engines are high. Honda had developed the 2.2 i-CTDI diesel engine for the European Accord in 2003. This engine evolved into the 2.2 i-DTEC in 2008 and was featured in the European CR-V. As the evolutionary process went on, it made way for the 1.6 i-DTEC which is seen in the European Civic this year. The Indian spec 1.5 i-DTEC has been developed keeping the European spec 1.6 i-DTEC as the base. Indian regulations offer excise benefit to sub 1.5-litre diesel engines and this was a vital factor in the engine development.

Honda Amaze Petrol ReviewHonda Amaze Diesel Review

The 1.5-litre, DOHC, i-DTEC diesel engine is nothing short of an engineering marvel. This all aluminium engine is the lightest diesel engine in its class and features a high strength and lightweight crankshaft. This engine produces 100 PS of power at 3600 RPM and 200 NM torque at 1750 RPM. Power delivery is linear with almost no turbo lag. The engine offers great performance at all ends of the rev band with the strongest point being its mid range. Revving upto 4500 RPM, this diesel engine comes mated to an all new 5-speed manual gearbox. This MT is not only lightweight but is also compact in size and offers class leading transmission efficiency. Gear shifts are slick and ratios are well matched for both city and highway conditions. You may need to go down a gear for low speed overtaking but once you are on the highway, just nail the throttle and you are through. In gear acceleration is pretty good and the Amaze will pull out cleanly in third gear from speeds as low as 20 km/hr. Top speed is limited to 140 km/hr. An important point of note is the clutch, which is extremely light contributing to less fatigue over long drives.

Honda Amaze Diesel Performance

Compared to the competition (Swift DZire), the Honda Amaze produces nearly 25 PS more power than its Indo-Japansese rival. Inspite of being more powerful, the Amaze nails the Dzire in the fuel efficiency department. With nearly 100 horses on tap, the Amaze is currently the most fuel efficient car in the country delivering a whooping 25.8 kms to the litre. Yes, you read it right, its 25.8 km/l. Instrumental in achieving this outstanding fuel efficiency is an ultra low viscosity diesel engine oil which has been specifically developed for the i-DTEC engine. This semi synthetic oil is the lowest viscosity lubricant in the world and offers outstanding durability and class leading fuel efficiency. Under practical conditions we expect the diesel powered Amaze to deliver around 20 km/l which is outstanding. This diesel engine fares well in keeping the vibrations at bay, however engine sound does creep into the cabin and we reckon Honda could have done a better job in insulating the cabin from the engine noise. Even though the engine makes itself heard, it is not disturbingly loud. Service interval for the diesel is 6 months/10,000 km.

2013 Honda Amaze Review

Driving Dynamics – Honda cars are sorted when it comes to ride and handling and the Amaze follows the same family trend. As a family oriented car, the focus is on comfort and the Amaze keeps most of the bumps away from occupants. The 14-inch 175/65 MRF ZVTV tyres offer splendid ride quality. The rear suspension is softly sprung and sponges away the irregularities on the road. The steering is light at low speeds and zipping through crowded city traffic is extremely easy. As you speed up, the electric steering weighs up but not enough to simulate track type driving, which is fair. High speed stability is good and even at triple digit speeds, the Honda Amaze feels safe and well planted on the road. It does well around high speed corners and it is only when you go beyond the limit, the MRF tyres give up much before the car does. The top variants come equipped with ABS and EBD and braking feel and performance is good but on sudden braking the MRF tyres tend to lose grip much sooner than expected. Ground clearance is 165 mm and though the Amaze kept its underbelly clean on our drive, a fully loaded car may end up kissing few oversized speed-breakers. Between the two, the diesel powered Amaze proves to be a better handler due to its more favorable weight distribution (heavier front end). Turning radius is 4.7 meter for the Diesel and Petrol AT. The Petrol MT has a marginally smaller turning radius of 4.5 meter.

2013 Honda Amaze Road Test

Verdict – Honda may have joined the diesel bandwagon late but it has come and re-written the rules of the game. The Amaze comes across as a massively appealing car and Honda has shown that a compact car need not look ugly. The sporty design will appeal to most and the spacious interiors are what most lookout for in this segment. Factor in the performance of the i-DTEC diesel engine and the outstanding fuel efficiency, the package is nothing short of AMAZE-ing. Honda has been in the market long enough to know how price sensitive the Indian market is. If Honda hits the sweet spot with the pricing, we reckon it will, the Honda factory is set to be a really busy place in the coming months.

The Honda Amaze has come and re-written the rules of the game. Honda has shown that with great power can indeed come great mileage. With Honda quality all around, the Amaze is all set to topple the Swift Dzire as the undisputed king of the segment.

2013 Honda Amaze Instrument Cluster

What’s Cool

* Spacious interiors
* Performance of the i-DTEC motor
* Outstanding fuel economy

What’s Not So Cool

* Noisy diesel engine

2013 Honda Amaze Specifications

Honda Amaze Specifications

* Engine: 1198cc 4-cylinder, SOHC, i-VTEC (Petrol); 1498cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, i-DTEC (Diesel)
* Power: 88 PS @ 6000 RPM (Petrol); 100 PS @ 3600 RPM (Diesel)
* Torque: 109 Nm @ 4500 RPM (Petrol); 200 Nm @ 1750 RPM (Diesel)
* Transmission: 5-speed Manual (Petrol and Diesel); 5-speed Automatic (Petrol Only)
* Top Speed: 140 km/hr (Limited)
* 0-100 km/h: 12.5 seconds (Petrol); 11.82 seconds (Diesel)
* Fuel Consumption: 18 km/l (Petrol Manual), 15.5 km/l (Petrol AT) and 25.8 km/l (Diesel)
* Fuel Type: Petrol, Diesel
* Suspension: McPherson Struts (Front) and Torsion Beam (Rear)
* Tyres: 175/65/R14 Tubeless Radials
* Brakes: Ventilated Disc (Front), Drum (Rear)
* Safety: ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags

Honda Amaze Dimensions

* Overall length x width x height: 3990 mm X 1680 mm X 1505 mm
* Wheelbase: 2405 mm
* Ground clearance: 165 mm
* Turning Radius: 4.5 metres (Petrol MT), 4.7 (Petrol AT and Diesel)
* Boot Volume: 400-litres
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 35-litres
* Kerb Weight: 950-965 kgs (Petrol MT), 1005-1010 kgs (Petrol AT), 1060-1075 kgs (Diesel)

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  • Something that interests me :)

  • Rajan

    Thanks for this review. Any details on teh price range.
    Turning raduis is the shoirtest i guess. Any comment on the ground clearance? IS it too low, did it scrape the Amaze bellies? Fuel capacity is less, may find it challeging to drive on highway. How is teh high speed staibility.

    • Rajan, pricing should be about 20 – 30 K more than the Swift Dzire but Honda is capable of coming up with a shock pricing. As i have mentioned, the turning radius is 4.5 in the Petrol MT and 4.7 in the Diesel and Petrol AT. GC of 165 is good enough and we did not scrape anything on the drive, however it is yet to be seen if a fully loaded cars bottoms out. I personally find it a bit low for tall passengers. Fuel tank capacity is decent. At 35 liters, you can expect a full tank of diesel to give a range of 700 km on the highway, which is pretty good. High speed stability is pretty good too.

    • Rajan

      Thanks Javeid. I was thinking about the same on the fuel capcity. This is quite sufficient.
      Thanks for the review.

    • Siddhartha

      It’s a war between the War Horses the , K9K , MJD AND i-DTech . Fiat time to bring in 1.6 MJD.

  • yila

    Low ground clearance, position of the power window switches and very low driver’s seat are the mainly irritating factors in the Brio. Has Honda sorted out these irritants in it’s Amaze? Then only, it can be Amazing.

    • Sushrut

      Honda since ages has typically low set seats. Its a detractor for tall folks but Honda has managed to cover that in other departments and you can overlook those factors. Overall if priced well, Amaze is definitely a game changer for Honda and Maruti should be worried. I won’t be surprised if Maruti reduces the prices of Dzire a day or 2 before Honda launches Amaze.

    • Yila, most of the points you mentioned are the same as the Brio. However, inspite of this, the package is quite good.

  • Suraj

    Really Amaze-ing.
    At last competition forced Honda to come out with diesel.
    Seems that Honda handled this challenge brilliantly.

    • Competition is always good for the customers. Full credit to Honda for this brilliant engine.

  • Ben

    Let’s wait and watch this diesel engine. The specs on paper are amazing but soon time will tell whether this is replicated into action in the real world Indian conditions or not. If it does it will definitely over throw MSIL.

    • Ben, if the ARAI mileage is 25.8 km/liter, i assume under all practical conditions, one should easily get 18+ km/liter, which is pretty good.

  • Crazywheels

    Its a wonder how they put so much space and comfort within sub 4 m range. Honda is wellknown for placing the engines compact and neat within the engine bay. Its sure an ” Amaze-ing” ( thanx to Suraj )

    • Kedar

      What’s Not So Cool
      * Noisy diesel engine

      How noisy it is compared to k9k & MJD?

    • Kedar, the engine noise outside is at par with the MJD. It is less than the VW TDI. At around 3K RPM, the engine is audible inside. As i said, its not disturbing, but it is audible. As a ball park figure, consider it less than the TDI.

    • Kedar

      Thanks Javeid :-)

      Honda should have offered 15″ alloys with fat tyres.

    • Kedar, 15-inch rubber would take a toll on mileage.

    • The engine bay is key to space management. A smaller bay means more room to play with the cabin and boot.

  • Harsha

    A very nicely written review.
    Enjoyed reading it…

  • sandy

    As per review, Amaze i-DTec is really Amazing for being fuel efficient pocket rocket. Its relatively bigger dimension w.r.t IndigoCS seems quite justified on the little more space it offers for people and their luggage. In this reviews, you have covered every kind of new features or detailing which gives enough idea how much Honda have done. Now pricing remains crucial step, hope Honda price and market it right. An introductory pricing is a welcome owing to their aim of becoming segment leader. Very impressive.

    • You are absolutely right Sandy. I have a feeling Honda wont get the price wrong. Even if its a few thousand more than the Dzire, its worth it.

    • Amish

      Excellent review Javeid, we are one of the first and probably the best review for Amaze. Video too is awesome and is an eye opener for Dzire owners, NVH seems satisfactory as you showed in the video and space too is great.

    • Thank you Amish. :)

    • Amish

      And what about petrol Amaze? It too deserves a video review, I also liked that you showed Amaze’s turning radius and rear seat space utilisation by Honda.

    • Amish, the petrol engine and gearbox is exactly the same as that of the Brio. Hence we have not gone into that since we have already done a video review for the Brio.

  • Amish

    Thanks Javeid

  • Nishant M

    Honda have a winner on their Hands, Excellent review guys. Loved every bit…



  • MJK

    Hope amaze turns out to be Value for Money. I have TD dzire and chevy sail. am eagerly waiting for the launch date.

  • Akash

    Superb article… Better than those fake ones :D

  • Siddhartha Misra

    Its time for cars sourcing fiat 1.3 MJD to bring in 1.6 ltr engines if they wanna stay in the game. As of dzire it no where even near to honda quality.

  • Ninu

    Honda has shown that its a real JAPANESE company with japanese thinking,unlike Maruti Suzuki which makes dumb & ugly cars like Dzire just by welding boot on it & still charge premium for it. Shame on Suzuki.

  • km reddy

    The main draw back seems to be engine noise. Have you informed to the Honda management about this issue. Actually i am planning for amaze. But the engine noise is the problem? Shall i think over to dezire? But the dezire back seat space and boot space is little. Please suggest?

  • Sumit bazaz

    Hi haves
    Is the noise of diesel engine more than that of the dzire diesel.
    The answer to this will be a crucial factor in choosing between amaze and dzire

    • The noise is nearly the same between Dzire and Amaze. However, as a complete package, the Amaze easily outsells the Dzire in terms of interior space, boot space, mileage and performance. Trust me, the noise will not be an issue at all.

  • km reddy

    Yes , my question is,
    is the noise of amaze diesel engine is an issue to purchase it?
    As per your observation , the noise will not be an issue at all? Thank you.

    • Yes, it should not be an issue all. In fact, since the engine is all aluminum, its difficult to insulate it from sound as conapred to cast alloy. Take a test drive of both the cars and share your feedback.

  • Umang Mehta

    We are planning to buy our first car in this month, confused between i20 sportz petrol and dzire vxi and now amaze petrol.

    Petrol as running will be less thn 600 kms/month.

    Basic need roomy, my hight 6 feet, easy in city drive, less maintaining trouble.

    What you suggest??

    • Umang, I will suggest you check out the Honda Amaze for yourself. It has good space in the rear for tall passengers and Honda’s have known to be trouble free.

    • Umang

      Thanks Faisal,

      I checked Amaze today, actually i20 sportz attracts me more in features and lag room is ok.

      I have one question off the topic.
      That, I heard that i20 has rattle problems, is it with i-gen models??

      Also, Can you pls explain what is mean by rattle??
      Is it too much noise or some vibrations on dashboard?

    • Umang, rattle is more of noise caused due to vibrations when the vehicle moves over uneven surfaces. There are no rattle problems in the i-Gen model. I will still suggest you checkout the Amaze.

  • antony

    Great review!!
    Amaze has changed the compact sedan game from two fronts, A drivable engine with great milage and power on reserve, beating he MJD in evey regards, atleast on the paper, and the superior packaging with does not come at the cost of an eye sore design.

    The only areas where I feel the amaze might fail to impress is interiors(swift looks premium, amaze does not), and the ride/handling combo(swift manages to be sporty enough ,while still providing satisfactory ride).

    How is the readablity of tachometer in the Amaze? it looks very small and difficult to reach from the pics(unlike the speedometer).

  • Raju

    I went for a test drive on both Petrol & Diesel versions. Diesel version has got real good power. There are only two negatives I could find 1) Stereo is not that appealing 2) car insulation is not good, as I could get the outside noise in both petrol & Diesel versions. I am not sure if the noise factor is common in all the cars.
    Leg space and boot space was very comfortable.

    • Raju, noise is subject to environment too.

  • Aniket

    Excellent Review….
    I like d car…. I am thinking of buying a new car….. But I am confused between the new Chevrolet Sail and Honda Amaze…… Petrol version
    Please advice

    • Aniket, The Amaze is certainly a better buy. Honda is the master of petrol engines. The Sail looks dated and is technically a segment higher as its not a sub 4 meter sedan. If i were you, will pick up the Amaze surely.

    • Srinubabu

      Hi Javeid thanks for comments on petrol..
      can you give a comment on Sail Vs Amaze Diesel versions..& tell me about Driving compatibilities among them..


  • shashi

    Good review! Any idea how much is the legroom in mm for front and rear pax? Also, is height adjust offered in all diesel variants or only the top end version. Is there an option to install a 2 DIN system with Navigation from the showroom

  • sarchana

    I have also booked e Honda amaze diesel high end model but I am confused whether to go ahead with it or not because of the engine noise pls help

    • Sarchana, engine is not too much, get for it.

  • Kedar

    Instead of buying Honda Amaze I will go for Chevy Sail which is full grown Sedan and has better space and pricing than Amaze.

    • Kedar, what about quality? The Sail can’t match up to the Amaze there.

  • vikas chauhan, agra

    what is the average of swft dzr in practical condtions………..?

  • Mahesh

    Nice review. Top speed of 175 for i-DTEC?? is it true??
    Overdrive specifies that the top speed in Amaze diesel is restricted to 140 kmph. If true, this could be a deal breaker for me.

    • Mahesh, the Amaze is certainly not limited to 140 km/hr. I have driven the car and the i-DTEC maxes out around 170 km/hr.

  • Mahesh

    Thanks Javeid. I am off to book the car :)

  • Pankaj

    Hi Javed ,

    I really like your Amaze review and was very informative and your participation in the discussion is really Amazing :)..Javed, i am planning to buy my first car and i am more inclination towards Amaze Petrol as i know i will driving more into city and not in the highways .But i still people go for Diesel due to Milage concerns ..How much mileage a Petrol version will give me ?Thats my only worry ..If you suggest petrol one which variant i should go for considering the minimum features that one need ..Please suggest ..

    • Pankaj, opt for mid-variant, expect 12 km/l mileage.

    • Thanks Pankaj, Firstly, between petrol and diesel, if your running is 60 km or more daily, then a diesel car will make sense. However as Faisal suggested, the mid variant will be good enough for you. If your running is mainly in the city, it might be worth paying more and getting the automatic version since the comfort and convenience offered by an automatic in the city is unbeatable.

    • Avinash

      Hi Javeid, many sites quote that the top speed is limited to 140 kmph. Is it true.?? Have you driven the diesel Amaze till 170.??? can you ping me to my mail id. Thanks in advance.

    • maroof khan

      Same question as avinash ask.plzzz reply. I own a amaze diesel s nd didn’t try it at my email.thanx

    • Avinash

      Hi, Maroof
      which variant u own..?? If its base E can u send me some interior pics of dash board and OVRM. Even i have booked it. Will be getting it in july

    • Dr Arnab Roy

      Dear Javed,
      Same question here.
      Even a member at Team-BHP writes in his ownership review that the top speed maxes out at 145 km/H on the speedo in 5th gear at around 3.3k rpm. It’s curiosity only as I had booked Amaze Diesel S-MT and I am going to get the delivery of it this week or early next week. The top speed in the real world does not matter as such, until and unless we going on a race track.

    • The Amaze has been limited to 145 km/hr electronically. After 140 Km/hr the fuel consumption increases exponentially and Honda has done so to cater to the mileage factor. In my opinion, 140 km/hr is good enough for routine city and highway drives.

  • Amaze Review

    we reported that Honda Cars India dealerships across the country are having high hopes with the new Amaze. Honda has already dispatched more than 2,000 units of the Amaze to its dealers

  • naveen

    Looking very nice car. I think I go with it.

  • nitin

    is door latch is der in amaze nd bluetooth in streo system???

    • Dr Arnab Roy

      Bluetooth is not there.

  • Navin


    What about regular maintanence cost , spare parts , service cost . How expensive are they.

    What about Honda dealerships i have heard they are snobs and think they have done you a favor by selling you a honda car.

    • Navin, things aren’t what they used to be.



  • viper

    guys, can you please update us on the real world fuel efficiency, for the amaze (petrol) automatic in the city with ac 100% on. your figure are spot on usually. the manual gives a city avg of 12 km/lt right?

    • Viper, yes 12 km/l in the city seems reasonable but expect it to drop to 10.5 km/l in Mumbai type of traffic with AC on 100% of the time.

  • Himanshu

    Hello Javed,
    I have purchased the Honda Amaze and going to take the delivery of my first car on 13.10.2013. I ve paid the full amount. Not taken delivery as I want to take the delivery after the registration. What precautions should I take when i ll be going to take my car delivery? Is it safe to leave my purchased car at the showroom till 13.10.2013?

    • Himanshu, there is nothing to worry. Till the time you take the delivery, the car is the dealer’s responsibility and Honda dealership experience is pretty good. While taking delivery, check the car all around to see if everything is in order. Eg no dents, scratches etc. Also ensure you collect all the papers, like insurance, tax invoice and registration papers. Congrats on your new cars. Do share your experience on the forums.

    • HImanshu

      Thanks for the reply Javed !
      As it is going to be my first car with my hard earned money, I am just being overcautious .You rightly said that the experience of Honda dealership is quite good till now. They really have been very patient of all my silly questions and worries.
      I had also checked others cars before finally saying ‘yes’ to Honda and I can easily announce that only a few can match the quality of Honda. The moment me and my wife checked Honda Amaze closely and took a test drive ( although I was not the driver as I am yet to gain confidence of driving), we both fall in love with the car and the very next I purchased the car with all the formalities as there is long waiting and luckily they had a car in Carnelian Red Pearl(The color of our choice) in their stock that had to be delivered to some other customer but in November, so they give me that car. It was so nice of them to manage their customer so well and having confidence in their delivery mechanism. I cant wait to bring my car home.
      I will definitely share my further experience.

    • Congrats again Himanshu. The Amaze is a great car and you will definitely enjoy your experience with it. Looking forward to hear from you on the forums.

  • R C Prohit

    Please about the maintenance and repair cost of Honda Amaze because the cost of accessories and consumables for Honda amaze is prohibitive. It was also observed that Honda discontinue their models very early ,so in that case what will be availability of spares and cost ? Honda has monopoly in distribution of spares.

  • naveend

    Great article, I was thinking to buy my first car, have selected 4 cars (Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire, Hyundai Grand i10 and Honda Amaze). All petrol versions.
    I will driving only in weekends (either in city or long trip).
    Which would be the most fuel efficient and maitenance less car out of this 4.

    • Naveend, depends on what variants you will be picking. The Grand i10 is the most loaded but the Amaze is the most spacious.

  • himanshu

    Hi javed !
    Its been over 20 days driving my Honada Amaze. In the city its a pleasure to drive my honda. Pick up is sufficient, I would like to say that it feels underpowered, but it is my first car, I literally learned driving on this car, I might be wrong. I went home just for the sake of testing my car on high way. Its smooth, acceleration is gradual and for quick acceleration , I had to down the gear and revv hard. One thing I noticed in my car that over 110 kmph there was a sound with vibration along side the drivers doors. It was like flag flapping in high wind. It really disappointed me. I dont know what sound it was. As my car is brand new there shoudnt be any wear n tear. Is there any manufacturing defect or is it with every car?
    Kindly tell me what it is..or what can it be? I ll be taking my car to the service centre for its first service but I want to confirm with u first.

    • Hi Himanshu, what you are describing sounds like the mud flap which has become loose. As a precaution, go to your dealership and let them have a look at your car. Sometime wind sound can also be the culprit. Do let me know what the service guys have to say. Otherwise, the Amaze strikes a good balance between pickup and efficiency. Its works well in both city and highway conditions.

    • Himanshu, what does service centre say about the sound?

    • himandhu

      Hi faisal !
      I am yet to visit the service centre for the first service of my car. As Javed had said this might be the sound through mud flad or the wind deflectors in front of rear wheels, I checked those myself and agree to javed as at high speeds they might vibrate but ofcourse they shouldn’t and I will be asking the service centre about this.
      In city driving I have not experienced any of such sound.
      I will definitely share , very shortly,what the service centre have to say about it.

    • They should be able to resolve the issue.

  • naveen

    Hi Himanshu,
    1. Which variant you have purchased and how much is the onroad price.
    2. How about fuel efficiency

    • himanshu

      Hi naveen !

      I bought Honda amaze s variant in metallic in Lucknow for Rs. 6.86 lacs with extended warraty and road side assistance which was optional. As I am new to driving, in cities I got mileage of 11 kmpl but on high way it was showing 15.6 kmpl on the mileage meter in my car which I think is exceptional.Mileage figures are with air condition on for all the time.

      Hi javed !

      I am waiting for your reply.

    • himanshu

      Hi naveen !
      I forgot to mention my honda amaze runs on petrol.

  • Chandan

    Hi Javeid ,
    I bought Amaze 1.5-litre i-DTEC on OCT 13th 2013 , everything was fine for 1st 10 days though i found the Gear shifting no so smooth compared to other cars but from last 15 days i am finding issue with Gear shifting it has become very rough and worst part is if i have parked my car in a slope or up-road i am not able to put the reverse gear at all it will become very hard and i have to literally put my entire strength to put the reverse gear . I informed the issue to the showroom when i gave it for 1st service , even after the service the issue is still there and they have agreed that there is an issue but they want car for 2 days to check for the exact issue . What i want to know from you is …

    1. Is amaze gear shifting more rough than other cars ?
    2. Is Gear box issue a known issue in this car ?
    3. If in case the gear box needs to be changed , can i only get the gear box changed or ask for a new car since the issue is there from the day 1 .

    • Chnadan, diesel gearboxes are not as smooth as their petrol counterparts usually, but having said that, there is no known gearbox issue in the Amaze. It seems like a one off case where your car seems to be having a problem. The gearbox is covered under warranty and Honda guys will definitely sort out the issue for you. Also, since the car is registered in your name, you cant ask for a new car. Get the issue sorted and in case there is any trouble, please feel free to connect with me on Will be glad to be of help.

    • Chandan

      Thanks for the reply Javeid , i will be taking my car tomorrow to Honda Service station to get this checked and will let you know in case of any help required .

    • himanshu

      Hi Javed,

      I would also like to share my experience of gearshifting on my Honda Amaze petrol . Gearshifting is definitely not as smooth as it is In hyundai i20 . Reverse gear gives problem to me also. I have to put a lil force to pull it through else it stucks somewhere in between and sound of chain rubbing comes which really get me scared for my new car. While shifting gear up is smooth, shifting down is not so. Specifically shifting down from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to first. I guess as my car is new and i am also new to driving it will take some time to adjust. I specifically took hyundai I 20 name, cause I drove my friends i20 and I found the gearshift smooth as butter literally compared to my car. But still I love my Honda Amaze. I hope this problem will be resolved wd time.

      P.s.: Jeved, the earlier problem of sound at high speed was due to the plastic film at the door pillars as per the service centre guys. During test drive at service centre , it vanishes.

    • Chandan

      Hi Javed ,
      As discussed , i gave my vehicle to check on the reverse gear issue , when they did the test drive they didn’t experience any issue hence they were denying to take the car for checking ..but finally when i took the car to go back home we expirenced the reverse gear problem and immediately i showed it to the Honda guys … its been 6 days now still they are not able to point in on the exact problem… they have changed gear shifting cable but issue remain the same and now they want to replace the gear shifting mechanism and check and even after that if issue remains then they want to open the gear box and check…. also there observation is that after once the car engine is kept on for some time then all gears getting rough …where do u think the problem lies ?? also being a one month old car its going through all the R&D like a 2nd hand car sent to garage for some repair ,, the worst part is they dont have the spares ready with them and waiting to remove spares from a demo vehicle and check .

      My question is do i have to go through all this for a 1 month old car and after paying 8.5 lks and paying EMI for that !!! can i go to consumer court for a replacement of car .?

    • Chandan, it seems to be a gearbox issue. Kindly write a detailed mail to be on with all the details. Shall take up the case internally with Honda.

  • Ronak

    Dear Javeid,

    I have gone through all the reviews and reply from your side, its quite accurate answers.
    so i would like to ask one thing,
    recently i have booked the Honda Amaze Diesel 1.5 EMT i-DTEC my waiting period is around 6 month.
    and they offer me Honda Amaze 1.5 SMT i-DTEC within a month.
    first model on road price is 7,27,000 and 3rd model on road price is 7,94,000.
    and then if i would purchase music system and required accessories from our side then my final cost of 1st model is approx. 7,50,000. so difference cost is 44,000.
    Now i have confusion which model i should buy 1st or 3rd.
    3rd model has some more features also, does it really required ? if i will add all the features from outside then is it advisable or not ?
    plz guide me.

  • himanshu

    Go for a company fitted music system. Although it is basic in features but sound output is very good. And u also get the peace of mind. Generally people go for sony xpload music system , believe me the output of sony xpload is no match to what I am getting in the company fitted music aystem from Honda.

  • yo yo sharma ji

    mast h honda amaze

  • Gauravf

    When you say the engine is noisy, how much noisy can I consider it? means difference wise comparing it from another diesel engine?



    • It’s reliable, don’t worry and go for it.

  • gaurav bhandari

    Sir, i am planning ti buy hinda amaze smt idtec can you please let me know should i go for it?? I am damn confused between amaze and i20 while i like exterior it’d amaze i like interior of i20, plus engine of amaze and resale i am not sure of. Please guide me

  • Pankaj

    Dear Javeid Khan,
    Can you please tell us the expected competitors in this segment that can be launched by Dec’ 2014

  • DR devender


    • Your car already comes with engine immobiliser, you don’t need gear lock.

  • Noel

    I currently drive a 2008 model ford fiesta 1.4 Duratorq TDCi diesel, and i am planning to buy the amaze automatic, as there are no test drive vehicles available, i would like to know, if the acceleration will be comparable to the ford, or will the amaze automatic feel very slow? Also when overtaking in highways? Thank you.

    • Your Fiesta is a diesel, the Amaze is a petrol, petrol cars don’t have as much torque as a diesel, hence they don’t accelerate as quickly.

  • Dr Devender


  • Asad Amir Khan

    Need Suggestion to Choose Between Amaze, Dzire, and Ford Aspire ( Petrol Models )

    I am confused between the above 3 cars. I have a family of just 4 people and monthly running is not above 300 kms on an average. My height is 6 feet and I am looking for better car to accomodate someone well who sits behind my driving seat. Secondly, I am looking a fun to drive element in the car as I am switching over from Ford Ikon ( Petrol ).
    Budget is upto 8 lakhs.

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