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Tata Manza vs Honda Amaze

The arrival of the Honda Amaze has alerted the competition, who are facing the heat from Honda’s first diesel car in India. While the Amaze is looking at gobbling away market share from Maruti Suzuki’s Swift DZire, the vehicle also competes with the Tata Manza and Toyota Etios in terms of pricing. Now Tata Motors has put a page on its website which compares the Manza against the Amaze (screenshot above). In the comparison, the Manza is seen to have an upper hand, being bigger and offering more features and a larger boot than the Amaze, at a lower price.

The Honda Amaze is a sub 4-metre vehicle whereas the Tata Manza measures significantly more at 4.4-metres. The Manza is wider and taller too, thus being more spacious than the already spacious Amaze. Tata Motors also offers many unique features on the Manza which Honda doesn’t offer on the Amaze. The most lucrative thing about the Manza is the buyback assurance scheme, where the company will give you back 60% resale value after 3 years. The diesel engine of both cars produce the same amount of torque output but the Amaze is more powerful.

However specs sheet aside, will the Tata Manza spoil Honda’s amazing party? Not really. Honda has created a fantastic brand image the world over and people close their eyes and purchase a Honda car. The Japanese automaker also offers much better quality all around as well as a diesel engine which is the most fuel efficient in India. The Honda Amaze is receiving very good response in the country, with waiting period stretching up to four months in some cities for select variants. That is why Honda doesn’t offer a buyback scheme, as their cars already have very good resale value.

Tata Manza Club Class Test Drive Review

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  • No One

    Manza is really a value for money option for those who wants chauffeur driven sedan for their longer drives…

  • S Pani

    The Manza is a superb sedan on paper. In fact quality wise too its not bad. Overall, it suffers from two problems in my view. The first is obviously the “Tata” brand, and the second are its slightly odd looks. It can suddenly look really great from certain angles, helped by the superb job that Tata paintshop guys do, but a moment later it will end up looking really ugly.

    • H J Nagaraja

      Spot on S Pani! Wiser words havent been said…in fact these 2 reasons plague every car from TATA MOTORS ! (Ironically enough brand image & great styling are helping JLR & TATA’s are learning nothing from that!!! ) Hope Cyrus is hearing us !

  • sandy

    Does that mean Manza CS is shelved? IMO, Tata should give Manza like built treatment to IndigoCS but with better finishing touch and introduce their 1 liter turbo diesel in it.

  • crazywheels

    quality ( Honda ) VS quantity ( big features on Manza ) comparison.
    They always comes with such comparo even in newspapers…

  • karan

    tata really needs a fresh design for their cars

  • Auto Analyst

    UNFAIR comparison by Tata :

    Tata manza has 4 versions : LS, LX, VX, EX.

    Honda Amaze has 4 versions : E, EX, S, VX.

    Here Tata is comparing Manza’s 3rd version with Honda Amaze 4th version.

    If i do a genuine comparison on price of Tata Manza VX and Honda Amaze S versions, then it is 7,36,537 for Manza VX and 7,07,289 for Honda Amaze S version ( all ex-showroom Mumbai ) which means Manza is costlier by around 30 K over Honda Amaze.

    • crazywheels

      great Job

    • No One

      I dont know I tends to agree with TATA here as at-least for this one vehicle, the TATA Manza, really it feels not from usual TATA stable..

      The car is really a suffer package from the point of view of those who will enjoy the back seat and passenger comfort.. As a package, paint quality and performance of those comfort equipment are indeed given at a challenging price..

  • Rajan

    Heights of comedy. Its a funny comparison. Tata has very long way when in comes to quality, reliability, design. If they think they are successful its primarily because of huge volumes of Indica being driven as taxi’s. Their products are not reliable.

  • Auto Analyst

    Tata should atleast reduce Manza prices by atleast 75k to 1 lac to see good movement of their product in the market.

    It is my personal opinion that Tata products are over priced considering the reliability, quality, design and ASS they offer for their products…

    • Faisal Khan

      Auto Analyst, I think they did reduce prices recently.

  • Sanjay

    I want to purchase car this week. Which one is better Tata Manza Or Honda Amaza?

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