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2013 Yamaha Ray Z Test Ride Review

Yamaha Ray Z Review

The Yamaha Ray Z offers fantastic dynamics while looking equally enticing to youngsters.

Yamaha Ray Z Review

Yamaha made its foray into the scooter segment last year with the launch of the Ray. The company was very clear with the positioning of their first scooter product, targeting it at females who form a significant buying population in this segment. When we reviewed the Yamaha Ray, we were shocked to see this sort of gender bias, because the scooter is so fantastic that even male riders would love to own one. Now Yamaha has come up with the Ray Z, which is nothing but the regular Ray with a shot of testosterone, after all ‘why should girls have all the fun?’ A quick spin around Goa roads makes us love the Ray even more.

The only changes to the Yamaha Ray are on the outside. Yamaha has given some styling tweaks which has transformed the appeal of the Ray drastically. The Ray Z features a black visor at the front along with the steel wheels getting the black treatment. The instrument cluster and seat both get the carbon pattern finish, while the rear suspension now gets red coils. The body now adorns stickers all around, including a chequered flag at the rear, inspired from MotoGP. The rear grab rail is now an aluminium wing, some what of a pseudo aerodynamic part.

The addition of these small styling tweaks makes the Ray look so much better. The scooter does look very trendy and is quite eye catchy too. It does end up looking some what sporty, which will definitely impress the target audience, mainly young boys under 24-years of age. Three colours are offered – Regal Red, Pristine White and Black Thunder, all of them look really good on the Ray Z.

No mechanical changes have been made by Yamaha to the Ray Z, which means it continues to draw power from the single-cylinder, 113cc, air-cooled engine. This 2-valve motor generates 7.1 PS of peak power at 7000 RPM and 8.1 Nm of peak torque at 5000 RPM. Output figures might not be class leading but the Ray performs very well in city conditions and is quite quick in reaching 65 km/hr. 0-60 km/hr takes 10.84 seconds, which is faster than its closest rival (Honda Dio) by a slight margin. The Ray Z performs very well, it has almost no lag from the CVT unit and has instant response with a slight twist of the throttle. It never feels sluggish till 70 km/hr, after which the lack of horses becomes very apparent. The light 104 kgs weight means the Ray is very peppy and eager in city conditions. The company claims a mileage of 53 km/l.

Where the Yamaha Ray really excels is in its dynamics. Compared to the Honda Dio, the Ray offers a seating position which is even comfortable for tall riders. The Ray doesn’t feel small to ride and is very easy to manoeuvre with a responsive steering and excellent handling. Inspite of regular tyres, the Ray feels very involving to ride and the chassis is well balanced offering tremendous feedback as well. The suspension is slightly on the stiffer side but still soaks up bumps very comfortably. Brakes are good with generous amounts of stopping power. The Ray Z remains composed at high speeds as well and is undoubtedly one of the best scooters to ride in the market today.

The Yamaha Ray Z is a positive step by the Japanese automaker. The company should have launched this version at the time of the regular Ray’s launch itself, as the scooter is so brilliant, it simply can’t be positioned to only one gender. Sure we desire more and better performance (read 125cc) is something which will undoubtedly make the Yamaha Ray the best scooter in the market. However with a premium of just Rs. 1750/- over the regular Ray, the Z variant is quite value for money too (on-road Mumbai price – Rs. 57,000/-). The Honda Dio is Rs. 3000/- cheaper but it doesn’t come with telescopic forks, which tilts the needle in the Ray’s favour. Now only if Yamaha churn out more powerful scooters which rivals the Suzuki Swish and Piaggio Vespa LX125.

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  • yila

    For some black paint and stickers, a new review….. Seems meaningless!

    • Faisal Khan

      Yila, this was a quick review. Not everyone has read our old review, right? And we will review each and everything, if possible ;-)

    • gauri

      hey Faisal m going to buy yamaha ray is it good? plz tell me ..

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Gauri, Yamaha Ray is a good scooter.

    • Crazywheels

      Truely said. They should have updated the engine also as it is a bit underpowered compared to other rivals in the scooter market.

  • sandy

    Ray was good looking, Ray-Z looks still more due to creative dual tone color combination followed by matching graphics. However I’m not impressed with the speedometer console.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sandy, its a mixed bag, some like it, some don’t but its better than the regular Ray at least.

  • Baljinder

    Looks good with new colour graphics….. please put some more pictures.

    • Faisal Khan

      Baljinder, we have a complete photo gallery with many pics. Have added it to this post now.


    When you will test drive HONDA CB TRIGGER eagerly waiting for review

    • Faisal Khan

      Soon, as soon as the bikes are available for test ride.

    • Neo

      Nothing new same unicorn with bicycle tyre and Fz headlamps

  • joshua

    faisal bro im waiting for the review of new enfield bullet500. Carburated version.

    • Faisal Khan

      Joshua, coming next week (end).

  • mike anderson

    this place not your hood.get away and go another place to chat!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vyshnav

    Hi Faisal, How better this Ray Z is than Honda Deo..?

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes, Ray Z better than Honda Dio.

    • Girish

      Faisal whats the mileage of ray z?

    • Faisal Khan

      Girish, 45 km/l.


    Need some more scooter products from the house of BIG DADDY bole to YAMAHA, and couple of milagefull sexy mobikes It’s time to own worldwide brands like YAMAHA, HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI instead of buying any BAJAJ, TVS, HERO etc guys… these are outdated now….(“,)

  • Akshay

    Is it worth to buy a Yamaha Ray Z now or should I wait for more launches?

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s worth buying the Ray Z. No new launches from Yamaha in scooter segment anytime soon.

    • Akshay

      Now a simple and common doubt, Honda Dio or Yamaha Ray Z? Which one is bigger?

    • Faisal Khan

      Akshay, Yamaha Ray Z.

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Hi Faisal, I am confused between buying honda activa HET/aviator OR yamaha Ray Z. Please suggest which should i go for as both are in almost the same price range.

    • Faisal Khan

      I will suggest Ray Z, it’s more fun to ride.

  • rajanerode

    Hi i am in thought of buying a new scooter…what would u suggest suzuki swish 125 or yamaha ray z…

    • Zoheb

      I am also confused wchich one you bought can you tell me ???
      reply me on my email or comment here

  • Rakesh

    Is Yamaha 125 CC scooter is released in india ? if not any news of when it is going to be released?

  • Sanjay

    Is leg room more in Honda Activa or Yamaha Ray Z ?

  • Suraj

    Hello Faisal bhai,
    I purchased, Yamaha ray in Jan 2013…Pacer Showroom….Hebbal…Bangalore..
    I am not happy with the mileage..I am getting 38-40 Km/lt..I finished 3 services..and I informed about my concern…but service center is worst…and they are not bothered….
    And now, I am feeling sad.. :-( ….since Yamaha has launched RAY Z…(or should had waited till May)
    Also I would like to know is there any technical changes in Ray and Ray Z…..
    I feel the mate finishing Ray Z looks good… :-D

    • Faisal Khan

      Suraj, no technical difference between Ray and Ray Z. You can put stickers and make your Ray look like Ray Z.

  • Dilip

    When it comes to style and performance Yamaha is the best…

  • abhisekh

    which should i buy DIO or YAHAMA RAY Z?

    • Faisal Khan

      Abhisekh, Yamaha Ray Z.

  • Sriram

    Hi Faisal,
    I like driving in Ray Z better than Dio but I am really confused between Ray Z and Honda Dio in terms of mileage. Honda Dio has tubeless tyres and combined breaking system where as Ray Z is missing of these two things. Dio has a decent look too. Please suggest me ideas.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sriram, Dio is more frugal but Ray is more fun.

  • Allen

    I am planning to buy a scooter.Which is best new dio or ray z.I heard that dio have a poor head lamb.what about ray z

    • Faisal Khan

      Allen, Ray Z better.

    • riju chatterjee

      faisal how much price in ray z in west bengal?

  • aashesh singh

    you have confused like hell man! maestro with all those features + masculine looks vs. stickered girs scoot for men. help. no bias

  • shailesh

    i have operation in 2 legs but i have enough power in my legs. i updonw daily 4 trains changes & also up& down both side station sidy. and now i buy a yamhaa ray z. can i drive this with fully learning.
    please suggest faisal bhai.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shailesh, the Ray Z will suit you and you will be able to ride it. Go for it.



  • Aziz

    Hi Faisal,
    I need honst opinin to buy a scooty for my wife. She is 5 ft tall so first requirement is low height scooty, 2nd good control and balance while riding. I’ve opted 3 after going through specification- Yamha Ray, TVS Pep+ and Mahidra Flyte? Which one is better to buy it.

    • Faisal Khan

      Aziz, get the Yamaha Ray.

  • Lokesh

    Am really confused to which to buy dio or ray z . Which is better to ride :-) as i need milage also. But dio giving 60 but as u say ray z will give oly 45km/l

    • Faisal Khan

      Lokesh, Dio will not give 60, that is claimed mileage. It will give 45-48 km/l. Even Ray can give that much when ridden slowly.

  • rajesh

    Hi Faisal,

    Pls suggest which is good TVS wego, or Yamaha Ray Z.
    i need mileage also

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajesh, Yamaha Ray Z.

  • Sikinder

    ASMK Faisal bhai,

    I am looking for a bike for my wife, who prefers low weight and easily maintainable (parking and after sales sservice) bike. I shortlisted Pleasure initially due to its low weight (96 kgs) but came to know about Honda Activa (113 Kgs) and Maestro (106 kgs). After reading this review I am also considering Ray due to its light weight. Kindly suggest me whether can i prefer Honda Activa Over Ray as Activa is already proven model or shall i go with Ray.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sikinder, Ray is the best option. Activa suspension is not good.

  • Anand

    Hi Sir,

    Am confused between Ray Z , Swish and Activa HET.
    My requirements are :-
    1. mileage should be between 45 – 50
    2. suspension should be good.
    3. Comfort and easy to use.
    I generally drive along with my wife as both are working.. We both weigh 70kg each.

    If suspension is not too bad, i can go with Activa HET. Pls suggest and pls specify the mileage of swish if drove decently

  • Anand

    Hi Sir,

    Also pls mention if Ray Z can be useful for us. As its ground clearance is very less, is it ok to go with it with pilion rider. And the mileage it gives.

    Thanks in Advance. Pls Reply

  • Hara Gopal

    What is the Storage area in RAY-Z under the seat and near leg room?

    • Faisal Khan

      Hara, under storage is 15.5-litres.


    SIR i want to buy a scooter but i m confused between honda aviater and yamah rey
    i wants best pick up, best mileage, suspension should be strong and well storage then pls tell me which is best which is best ?

  • Praveen Tiwari

    Hi Faisal,
    The company is claiming 53 kmpl mileage. But I heard from my friends that it is giving only 45 kmpl. So even activa and maestro gives good and same mileage comparable to yamaha zray. Can you please make the main difference between these three motors in mode of mileage, comfort ability and motor condition for long life.


    • Faisal Khan

      Praveen, all mileage claims are no achievable. All these engines are reliable but the Ray is more fun to ride because the underpinnings matter more than the engine in a scooter. All produce more or less the same power and torque output.

  • sunita

    i am planning to buy scooter, and look wise i lkd rayz, but got review dat rayz is nt gud, better to buy activa,acess,vespa. sumbody says rayz wil gv prob in future. i have already used activa since years but wanted to go for other brand. please suggest me about rayz.

  • Ahmad

    Dear Faisal i am from New Delhi and till today i have not seen any yamaha Ray on roads why? and i want to buy a scooter which one is better Yamaha Ray or Activa and why pls suggest

    • Faisal Khan

      Ahmad, Ray is better. I don’t know why Ray is not so famous in Delhi.

  • Prince

    Hi! Faisal
    How ray z will performed in hilly areas


    Im using yamaha Fz from last 2 years..
    nw im planing to buy a gear less bike dio & ray which one is best,
    i want stylish pick up, & more features…
    im driving speed is it controlled by without disc?

    ray Z or dio?



  • Reena

    I own a Yamaha Ray. I want to make it look like a Ray Z. Where can I get Ray Z stickers in Bangalore?

    • Faisal Khan

      Reena, try at Yamaha dealership.

  • Moieen


    3 days back I got a SMS alert to change handle of Ray. I am from Bangalore.
    Why all of a sudden they want to changed the Handle. Also they are checking Engine Belt.
    This is happening in Maleswaram Park, Bangalore. Landmark opp to Mantri Mall.

    • Giri

      Yes Moieen,
      Even I have changed the handle to my Ray, but they didn’t change the belt :-(
      Now when I ride my RAY, I get to see a little bit of height in the handle and little comfort as compare to before.

      Faisal- why they are changing the handle?

    • Faisal Khan

      They are changing handle as its not welded strong enough.

    • naveen

      Than why were u recommending Ray to all in all reviews.U Joker. u dont know what u are saying and now yamaha recalled all vehicles for welding repairs. Tommorow something else will much did Yamaha pay u to recommend their vehicle

    • Faisal Khan

      Ride the Ray once and you definitely agree with us.

    • Faisal Khan

      As I said before, ride the Ray and you will know. Yamaha has not paid us anything and we don’t accept commercial transactions either.

      Classic, Figo, CBR250R, Duke 390, Swift, City, etc were all recalled so does that make them bad vehicles.

  • Nanda

    Compare to all Scooters Yamaha Ray is the best for driving. My wife and myself use this vehicle since Jan 2013.
    The Looks, performance, pickup, speed all fine.
    They only concern is mileage which comes around 40-42 Kms/Lt .

    Pacer service from Hebbal Bangalore is worst. I have told may times, but they don’t bother.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nanda, even Activa gives similar mileage in city conditions.

  • sunil

    What’s the best opinion among Ray-z and Activa-i(new model).?. can any one suggest the best among these 2 models for men

    • Faisal Khan

      Sunil, Ray Z much better overall.

  • Virendra Yadav

    I am going to buy scotty for my wife. Please suggest.

  • Nitin Choudhary

    Hello Faisal bhai i am confused that yamaha ray z drive type belt changed or not changed when the belt is old or crack.

  • Nitin Choudhary

    or which is better in chain or belt

    • Faisal Khan

      But have its merits and demerits.

  • anusha

    hi.. I have finalized Maestro , Access and Ray-z.. could u pls suggest us one among those.
    That should be comfortable for 2 people(a male, a female ), not so high maintenance cost, decent mileage…

    • Faisal Khan

      Anusha, get the Ray Z.

    • Shiva

      u rccmnd Ray, Swish or Jupiter? Considring overall prfrmance and practicality..

    • Faisal Khan

      Performance Swish.

  • Zoheb


    • Faisal Khan

      Zoheb, overall Swish better due to more power.

  • Karthik

    Any idea about when 125 or 150 cc scooter from yamaha is going to be launched. I am waiting to buy a high powered stylish scooter. Hope honda or yamaha launches soon.

  • saranya

    im in idea to buy a scooter.but im only 5 ft.and im confused between vespa and ray z.i heard rayz has a poor body.kindley suggest me a good one as i have to carry my child too wherever i go…….

    • Faisal Khan

      Saranya, if your budget permits, get the Vespa.

    • saranya

      thank u sir,but will vespa better than ray?

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Saranya but pricier too.

  • swathi

    I want to buy yamaha ray z, hw is it ?,. but confused b/w activa i nd yamaha ray z plz suggest

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the Ray Z, it’s better.

  • Madhuri

    Dear Faisal,

    I am a Jaipur rite & planning to get a scooter can u plz suggest which one I should go for Honda Aviator Or Yamaha Ray Z. As many people in Jaipur doesn’t feel good about Yamaha bikes or scooter as per them its not value for money. Please tell me honestly does Ray Z has long term benefits or its just a show off in terms of style & power. Is it value for money or not.

    • Faisal Khan

      Madhuri, get Yamaha Ray Z.

  • Mard

    Why u girls choose scooters launched for men like maestro,ray z etc. Instead go for the ladies varient like pleasure, yahama ray etc.If you like male scooters then go for mator cycles. And wear jeans…

  • RoNy

    My height z 5ft. Cn i ride yamaha ray Z? PlZ suGsT..

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes you can.

  • Vidya

    Faizal, am confused between Ray and Ray-z? Is Ray-Z suitable for girls or i should go for Ray. I like stickering in Ray-z but colors of Ray. Please suggest me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Vidya, yes get the Ray Z, it’s suitable for girls.

  • Biswajit

    Should one go for TVS Jupiter or Buy Yamaha RayZ or wait for the upcoming new launch from Honda.
    How good is TVS Jupiter in comparision to Honda and Yamaha brand

    • Faisal Khan

      Biswajit, our choice is the Yamaha Ray.

  • GVK

    Hi Faisal,
    I read some comments that the seating position of Ray and ray z are such that they give back ache. Is that true. I am a 63 yr old man and would like to buy a scooter. Pls reply

    • Mohit

      There wont be any back problems sir.. but you utmost comfort you should consider the new TVS Jupiter which has seats made for “men” Ray will be very small for you sir.

    • GVK

      Thank you Mohit for your reply. Is Jupiter launched in Pune/Mumbai yet. My height is 5’3″. Will Jupiter be too tall or too heavy. Thanks

  • Rekden

    Can tell about ray z in hilly roads,is it good to buy

    • Mohit

      We would suggest the Access or Swish to you then!

  • Abhishek

    Hey Faisal bhai, will ray z be a smart choice or maestro? And some people says that ray z starts to wobble as it crossed 70 km/hr,is it so?

    • Faisal Khan

      Abhishek, the Ray Z is a better option and it’s quite stable at speed.

  • kushal

    hey faisal how much have you been paid by yamaha as i noticed your ans to all is RAY or RAY-Z
    oh…plz dont tell aftr all yamaha ray is best on the whole it s**

    • Faisal Khan

      Kushal, for some one who wants fun while riding, the Ray is the best option. You have not been reading my posts, I have also suggested Vespa, Jupiter, Aviator to people, based on their requirements.

    • goody

      hi faisal
      I am having a hard time deciding between ray and swish.. I basically want a good pick up.. a good power .. does not need to be very powerful…comfort.. and low maintenance. prices are same here.
      pls reply bhaiii

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the Swish.

  • Krishna

    Faisal Does Yamaha RayZ offer good braking as it does not have CBS compared with Hero meastro.Also will it look masculine ?I’m very much confused between Hero Maestro and RAY Z? Please Suggest Honestly.

    • Faisal Khan

      No CBS in the Ray but brakes are good.

  • Ezhil

    yamaha ray z or tvs jupiter which one
    is best?


    I go to buy Yamaha scooter. Which one is best? Ray or Ray Z. reply please.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ray Z.

  • Dimple Dude

    Hey Faisal, Yamaha Ray Z or Honda Dio HET, which suits better for a 20 year old boy ?

  • saurabh

    Dear faisal
    I heard that in Rayz some starting problem in morning n after setting of point in the engine it will rexocer but after few km runs same issue arise again ans some rust issues in nut bolta also In rear tyre
    in planning to buy is these iissue are making reoublw in Ray z is this machine is good like Activa zero maintinancw scooter

  • Pallab

    Hi,I want to purchase yamaha ray z.My height is 5.9″.So is ray z good for me.What is the top speed of this scooter.
    I am serious buyer please advice me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Top speed mentioned in review. Should suit you for your height.

  • Pallab

    Sir,Yamaha Ray Z 7bhp and TVS Jupiter 8bhp can do any difference in top speed.I drive 60+ speed so which scooter is best for me.

  • Sudip Banerjee

    I own Ray Z from Feb 2014, after 1st Servicing getting 46 kmpl, and it has awesome control, you can go down the speed from 80kmph to 40kmph in just 20 Sec and increase the speed from 0 to 60kmph in 20-30 sec by accelarator without touching brakes. The brakes are also nice & soft and you find it very easy to control. In high speed like 80kmph, the bike do not vibrate and you will feel smooth ride. I really feel the power of bike in scooter range.

  • Ullas

    Hy faisal bro I got dio in 2012……2 b frank its the worst scooter I evr ride… im fed off tis stupid scooter….its vibrates & engine noise….im planning 2 go for new…. so.which one shall I go ???? Yamaha ray z or tvs jupiter ????

    • Faisal Khan

      Both are good, if you like riding, Ray is a good option.

  • Abhiraj

    Bro i too had the same confusion before..i had ridden both the jupiter and ray lastweek and finally settled for jupiter..IMO jupiter is the best 110 cc scooter in the country now..ray feels small and puny in front of jupiter..both the scooters are good but jupiter is slightly ahead and pure value for money..

    • Dibyanjan

      Go for jupiter eyes closed.or if you want yamaha then go for alpha these 2 are best scooters.

  • SK

    yamaha i like but………………………….

  • purushotham

    Hai sir
    I will take bike next month…which one is best ray or z…tell me the on road price and mileage…

  • asd

    Faisal, I currently own 2011 Honda Dio. I’m so fed up with it’s seating position and stiff suspension that I’ve to sell it. Can you please suggest 100cc comfortable scooter?

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