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2013 Ford EcoSport Test Drive Review

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Ford EcoSport India Review

2013 Ford EcoSport – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Ford EcoSport Review

Car Tested: 2013 Ford EcoSport

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6.63 – 10.66 lakhs

The Ford EcoSport boasts of stylish exteriors and tons of features, it should be a hit on face value alone.

A new segment has emerged in India and is seeing tremendous growth. The compact SUV space has till now been dominated by Renault’s Duster but a new rival is on the horizon. You have probably seen the Ford EcoSport multiple times already as the American automaker unveiled the vehicle almost 18 months back at the 2012 Auto Expo. While the first generation Ford EcoSport was launched way back in 2003, the second gen model only went on sale last year (in Brazil). Localization has been the reason for the delay and the Ford EcoSport uses 70% local content, which will help the company in aggressive pricing of their Urban SUV. The EcoSport is the most ambitious project at Ford India and the company believes the EcoSport is a game changer for both Ford India and the Indian automobile industry. Ford assures us the EcoSport will be priced with a similar strategy as the Figo (aka value for money). The launch takes place next month and the American automaker will develop an insane number of variants for the export market. The wait has been very long but has it been worth it? We soak in some Goa sun and find out how Ford’s Urban SUV fares.

Ford EcoSport Exhaustive ReviewFord EcoSport Review Test Drive

Exteriors – Ford has taken the size of its compact SUV too seriously and thus the EcoSport is really compact. With its under 4-metre length, the EcoSport is as long as a premium hatchback. One look and you instantly find the EcoSport tiny. However the tall dimensions and flared wheel arches give it good presence on the road. The production model almost resembles the concept version and the styling is quite aggressive. However the headlights have been changed on the production model and there are no LEDs. The wrap around headlights look mean with the laser cut appearance, while the round fog lights get chrome surrounds and jut out of the body. The front looks butch with the large hexagonal grille (very Audi like, after all J Mays has designed the EcoSport, who was earlier in Audi and worked on the original TT in 1994) being the most attractive part of the vehicle. The character lines on the bonnet flow smoothly and join the A-pillar, further extending to the rear of the car.

Come to the side and the Ford EcoSport reveals its rather tiny proportions with the body lines moving upwards. The 15-inch wheels don’t do justice to the car but the top end variants get 16-inch wheels which fill the wheel arches quite well. The EcoSport gets pull out type door handles and rear view mirrors which have turn indicators on them. The 200 mm ground clearance gives the EcoSport quite a lot of SUV cred but it’s really the tailgate mounted spare wheel which shouts SUV. The wheels have been placed on the corner to give the EcoSport a planted feel even while standing still. While its close rivals also boast of a similar ground clearance, the EcoSport has the highest water wading capacity in its class (550 mm against the Duster’s 350 mm).

Other SUV elements include roof rails, wraparound rear windscreen and black body cladding running on the lower side of the entire car (below the doors, forming lower part of the front bumper, lip spoiler and the entire rear bumper, thereby being cost effective while at the same visually pleasing). Ford says the design is very aerodynamic and has been wind tunnel tested for optimum efficiency (the co-efficient of drag is just 0.371 but weirdly the global EcoSport is more slippery at 0.365). Then there is the neatly integrated boot lid opener, inside the right rear tail lamp assembly. An integrated rear spoiler is also part of the package. The lower part of the rear bumper gets reflectors and reversing lamps. The position of the reverse lamps offers good rear illumination while reversing but won’t be easily visible to others. There are stoppers on the rear bumpers but there are no rear fog lamps. The exhaust has been hidden below the bumper on the right side and is not visible.

The roof rails have some buttons on it, which we are told is for an after market net. The approach angle of 25 degrees and departure angle of 35 degrees means you can take the EcoSport on almost any road without worrying about scraping the underbody. However there is no engine guard, another cost cutting measure. Ford will offer a range of accessories for the EcoSport (there are 15 accessories including a side step). The design is certainly going to please young buyers but its more of a love it, hate it appearance. We are however certain that most people are going to be pleased by the EcoSport’s SUVish stance and exterior appeal. One glance and the muscular body panels will surely capture your senses.

Indian vs Global EcoSport – Ford says the Indian and global EcoSport are identical in design. The company has made minor changes to duck the vehicle under the 4-metre length. This change is so minor, that when a Brazilian model is parked right next to the India version, one can’t make out any difference. This is because a very minor reduction has been made on the front bumper and thus all EcoSports sold globally are identical in dimensions to the Indian model. Some markets get a spare wheel cover, which will be offered as an accessory in India.

The EcoSport does stand out on the road and looks rich and poised, and its only the side profile which reveals the small proportions of this urban dweller.

Head over to the next page to read about the interiors of the Ford EcoSport.

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  • Kedar

    Much awaited review unlike the car.

    Very well and to the point write up. Enjoyed reading the complete review.

    You pointed out well that 5th passenger is not welcome is Ecosport.

    Price only determine Ecosports success over Duster.

    • Yes Kedar, the rear seat is not wide enough.

    • Sukumar

      From the inside and outside, which car would you compare it with?
      Actually I am looking for a car that is not too wide. Something as wide as ritz is good enough for me

    • Sukumar, I would compare it with a premium hatchback like say the i20 and although its wide on the outside, its not wide enough on the inside.

  • Rajan

    Nice read. I think even though Duster may have a proper SUV look and roda presence EcoSport will be nimble through city traffic, parking should be easy. With Duster you need to be really careful when we drive closely in parallel becaus of its bulging rear wheel arches.

    1. How is the middle row comfort, does it wallow?
    2. The back seat were not flat when pulled down. May not be truly comfortable to pack your luggages.
    3. I really like teh cladding all around and on teh doors.
    4. The rear wheel is jutting out too low and i am bit apprehensive about rear collision in city drinivng collision. You cannot even place a rear crash bar to prevent major damage to teh door.

    • Rajan, middle row comfort is really good, it doesn’t wallow. The seats don’t fold totally flat. Rear wheel cover can be added although there is not much you can do to prevent damage to the door. There are parking sensors though.

  • Nikhil


    Awesome review like always. However, looking at the images and especially where the reviewer is sitting in the backseat, it does not look like there is a lot of space. Correct me if I am wrong. Also, the quality looks to be quite below duster. The good points of the car will be the engines, the ride and handling and the looks, although i am not a big fan of its looks.

    If one needs to buy a car between 8-10 lakh price range, does buying this one make sense, or should one wait for offerings from Maruti and Hyundai considering they are coming by 2014 end, if lets say the person is not really in any hurry

    • Nikhil, there is good amount of space in the back with front seat adjusted to a 6 footers driving position. Yes the EcoSport does make sense over a hatchback, since it offers so much more than a hatchback, in terms of driving position, space and technology.

    • sanjeev

      Did u compared the back seat width. only 2 adult can sit. so basically eco sprts can adjust 4 adult and 1 kid.

    • Sanjeev, bingo.

  • Ben

    I will rate ecoboost engine as the no. 1 Turbo charged petrol engine from this review. the review was superb. just waiting for fiat s reaction to this engine as the power surge is ahead of twin air engine which is fiat s strong hold area.

  • turboss

    Judging on the comments posted, what we can be assured is of a “COMPACT BATTLE OF the SUV’s..!!!”
    The Duster has already been a hit and still continues to impress because of its muscular styling provided with excellent efficiency and the FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE. The FORD has excellent cabin, an award winning & capable ECOBOOST engine, a better brand presence than RENAULT in INDIA. But for me the DUSTER is the winner, hands down as even a compact SUV must look like an SUV and the boffins at RENAULT have done exactly that. The Ecosport looks like a downsized version of something, while the Duster doesn’t. Last but not the least….THE NAME “DUSTER” sounds menacing rather than a name that somewhat projects a “TOYOTA PRIUS”.

  • Amish

    Excellent review as usual Faisal. A change like segregating the review in parts is welcomed. Though a video of the same is missing. Missed the same with Enjoy. As we are accustamed to great video reviews from you like the one with Amaze which Javied did. I was expecting that you and Aariz would do an equally great video review of Ecosport and Enjoy respectively.

  • doctor

    nice review.
    Btw what is the tyre size on 15″ steel rims in lower variants.
    I heard its 195/60-15.
    If thats true, than the lower variants will be severely undertyred.
    Any idea?

    • Doctor, the tyre size is fine, its the tyre quality which is a concern.

  • Vishal

    You mentioned there are 15 accessories including a side step. I guess it also includes cover for spare tyre, any clue on what the other 13 accessories are?

    • Vishal, they haven’t told what accessories but I guess a bull bar might be offered. Some accessories will be for utility while others will be for visual appeal.

  • Mandar

    Great review Faisal, very crisp and to the point..

    • Thanks Mandar, glad you enjoyed reading it.

  • bharath

    Dear Faisal,
    That was a nice review. As you said, I too felt the plastics of Ecosport seem to be compromised in few areas when I saw it in a display at Mall.But When I test drove Duster, almost every part of interior seem to be fragile and loosened right from handbrake,door pockets, door thud, dashboard, poor braking,etc.Correct me if I am wrong.major drawbacks of ecosport seem to be less shoulder space for three persons at rear, boot space,poor tyres(not happy with MRF in my Figo), Diesel engine pickup(drove new fiesta) and lastly unfair pricing factor seems to spoil the eco sport hush:).Any possibility of new competitors from Toyota,Maruti,Chevrolet,Hyundai!!

    • Thanks Bharath, if they price it really well, plastic quality can be ignored. Duster is a good car, feels solid although parts are not of very high quality.

      As far as other compact SUVs go, Toyota has no plans, GM won’t get Trax, Hyundai is working on one and Maruti Suzuki will launch the XA-Alpha production version next year.

  • Manu

    Hey Faizal
    As usual, detailed review.. Great job! Cheers

  • Vinod Nair

    Hi Faizal,
    Very well put together review…..2013 is going to be an exciting year for the buyers…..starting from the Nano to EcoSport…..for the budget buyer
    God bless


    Hi faizal, it was a thoroughly good read. i needed an advise from an expert on my purchase of a new car. i presenty own o maruti suzuki swift and its really fun to drive. and i want to buy a new car which would cost me not more than 10 lakhs. it should be more fun to drive with quality interiors which offer fantastic comfort to all the passengers. which car should i buy? please reply.

    • Indulal, options are limited. EcoSport does not offer quality, Polo does not offer space, but both are excellent cars to drive.

  • GB

    Faisal, What is final drive reduction ratio of the car with the ecoboost engine?
    During your test drive, did you notice a compromise in drag while engine braking ?

  • Jayaram

    Dear Mr Faisal – this is regarding ECOSPORT – how is the road grip in sharp turns at 145 to 150 speed? does it grips the Road like Ford Figo 1.4 deisel.

    • Jayaram, road grip is good, tyres are poor and there is some body roll too. Figo more stable but it is much lower with lower weight as well.

  • Thomas. V. A.

    I have two SUV options before me. One is Renault Duster RXL 85 Diesel, the other is Ford EcoSport 1.5 Diesel. Frequently I travel to Bangalore in my car, Suzuki Baleno 1600cc, from Kottayam in south Kerala to Bangalore, 600 km in ten hours. I have luggage for a family of two adults and two children. I have now sold out my Baleno. Road stretch from Trichur to Palakat is very bad with holes and deep waterlogged puddles. So want a vehicle with good ground clearance. I have read several reviews and test drive reports. Still I’m groping in the dark. Which out of the above two SUVs suits me.

    Faisal, please light my path.

    Thomas. V. A.
    Village Memury, District Kottayam, Kerala.

    • Thomas, Duster is more preferable for you since you need a bigger boot and better ride quality.


    what will its price in kerala?


    Dear Faizal,

    Great Reviews!!!!!

    I have decided on Ecosport. Now, advice me on whether I should go for Petrol or Diesel ? If petrol, which version?

    Sunny Joseph

    • That depends on your daily running. The EcoBoost engine and the 1.5 TDCI, both are brilliant.

  • Kaushik Bhattacharya

    Dear Faizal,

    Thanking you for much needed review. Actually I’m a bit confused. My family consists of five adults (incldng me), so space is an very important issue for us. Is back seat spacious than Figo?? As we own a Figo now, and we somehow manage in the back seat.The service support of Ford is very satisfactory .Also for business purpose I have to travel a lot into interior of Bengal, have to travel almost 300-400 km in a week. So the big question is DUSTER or ECOSPORT?? Which will be perfect for us?? Please help.

  • Bhaskar

    I have Ritz Vxi and want to change to swift Dzire as i need ABS, airbags and little more boot space.
    How does eco sport compares with swift dzire with repspect to interior plastic quality, space for 5th passenger?

    • Bhaskar, EcoSport has more space than DZire but again fifth passenger won’t be very comfortable in either. Plastic quality is average in EcoSport, boot space is bigger. I suggest the EcoSport for you.

    • Bhaskar

      Thanks Faisal for your suggestion. I test drove Ecosport today at Bangalore and had mixed feelings because of black/grey interiors and little cramped back seat ( 3 cannot sit comfortably). The doors could have been little lighter and Ford could have saved cost too!
      If Ford price this correctly they can really get customers who want to buy Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze, Duster and i-20. On road price should not be more than Rs 75 k to 85 k than Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze, Duster and i-20. If Ford meets this price point, Ecosport can be highest selling soon.

    • Bhaskar, Ford knows that and we can expect shock pricing from them. Hopefully the shock would be pleasant.

  • Pradeep

    I became very first few to lay hands and testdrive Ecosport today at metro ford.
    Let me admit first and frankly, I had been Duster admirer since day one, but considering all the noise and hype around EcoSport, and the launch around the corner, I decided to wait and explore all options before making a final call.

    To start with, what XUV has done to exteriors, EcoSport has done to Dashboard. Over designed, all cuts and curves and that too everything in black. Looks and feels good if you have to occasionaly see. But if you have to own it, and make it your second skin carrying all the time, it is headpain.
    All black miles long dash board gives the feeling that it has pushed you back and pushed against the driver seat. But thats still a comfortable seat to be in. However you never get that liberating feeling in any aspect, one of the main aspect you seek in an SUV. Headroom is very leass for driver’s seat.

    Horror started when I looked at the rear seat….Even a minimal indian family need space for 4 Adults and 1 Kid (Family +parents), and Let me tell you without mincing a word. It is a pure 4 seater, no space even for a kid. Reason? To accomodate storage space and bottle holders on rear window doors, rear seat length has been sacrificed.
    I was alone, so invited other 2 fellow test drivers to sit on the rear seat. All three of us were of average hieght and built(around 5’10” and 60-70 KGs). The moment we all three went in, we shouted in Unison, NOoooo…
    We were not comfortable at all even for a 30 minute drive in that position. Chapter and Option closed at the very moment for all of us.

    Let me cover a thing more about rear seat leg room: It offer a decent leg room for rear passengers…but how? By cutting down on the width of rear seat. There is absolutely no thigh support for rear passenger just to give that psuedo leg room feeling.

    Now the other very important safety fact which has been mentioned but never emphasized in other reviews:
    “A” Piilar blind spot: InES, this is more than twice the thickness of any avarage car you have seen.It will be unfair to call it blind spot, its blind area infact. This is very uncomfirtable sight to drive in city, specially on junctions. You can miss an entire two wheeler in its full length under this blind spot err.. area. I have actually hit a two wheeler in this blind spot with my previous car which has less than half of this area compared to ES, so I know what it means and how dangerous it is.

    In a way I felt happy that Ecosport gave me enough reasons to discard it so quickly. My headache of choosing the right vehicle came down by 75%.
    With the crumbling rupee, I don’t even see that ford will be able to price it on lower side. Does Ford planning to compete with Duster with this ?? No way, specially after cutting down the length to make it a sub 4 mtr…
    I wish they had kept the ecosport unchanged…straight from Brazil.

    Thanks ford for helping me out with my choice, and wasting an opportunity.


    • Pradeep, the quarter glass causes issue of the A-pillar visibility. Anyways you should wait for the price before deciding not to opt for the EcoSport.

    • Pradeep

      Yeah I am waiting just for the price…Each passing day killing me. I made few trips to both Renault and Ford Showroom. :(..but knowing that I will only go for Titanium or + (if at all), I do not see a reason ford pricing it under 11.5 OTR in karnataka.

      One more point that comes up in every duster ES comparison is about gadgetry…difference has been projected as a chasm. But if you start noting down the functional gadgetry(styling apart)…than its actually leveled (well almost)
      Sync MediaNav (+you get Voice navigation)
      Stereo/USB/BT/AUX Common
      Powerful AC (Common)
      ACC: Good for NCR but not for Bangalore
      Rear View Camera: Absent in both (Both have sensors though)
      Trip Meter with all functions Common to both
      Curtain AirBags/TC/HillLaunch/ESP is only in AT

      And who says size does not matter….
      my 2 cents…

    • Pradeep, the problem is that excise duty is lower on the EcoSport while features are high. The Duster has the opposite combo.

    • Pradeep

      Would you believe that I ended up pre-booking ecosport (so price was not a factor)
      I looked back to back at both ES and Duster and with every attempt, duster lost its sheen…
      Later when the prices were announced, I realized how overpriced renault toy is.

    • Pradeep, Duster resale will take a hit too.

  • ajay

    Faisal… The review is good
    Did you test drive ecosport, diesle?
    I tink it doest give much power.. And seems 2nd gear is dead gear. After making over a humb or gutter
    When we try to pick up wth 2nd gear .. It wont move fine
    I knw diesle performs only like tat ny way its disappointing cmpared to same version diesle engines..

    • Ajay, link to EcoSport diesel review on the last page (further reading) of this post.

  • Sanjay Gupta

    Good review Faisal need info on one thing I have ford figo and its rear seat internal width is about 4ft 1′ can you enlighten if ecosports has better width than figo or less as if it is less then I have to reconsider my purchase on ecosports. pls help

    • Sanjay, it’s more than Figo but its advisable you sit behind and judge how comfortable you are, yourself.

  • tariq

    I booked ES and I am going it drive on off road that is hilly and rogh. Is ES comfortable for this road if not then which one is comfortable for this road….. plzzzzzz help

  • tariq

    Plzzzzz help me

  • rutvik

    rear seat width same as swift dezire and hyundai verna?bcz that is only point i need to clear as m going 2 book es bt at least 4 city i need 5 people driveable car

    • Rutvik, almost similar and 5 manageable on short distances.

  • rutvik

    thnx dear faisal 4 such a great review and rply,ur help made me select right car,m going 2morow 4 booking…as rear space was only concern,keep up it up bro, again thnx 4 review and rply

  • Binod

    Shall I go for 1.0 ecobooster or 1.5 diesel?

  • rutvik

    Faisal you made me select right car,i booked es and in basic ambient model as seats are not 60:40 split and continuous,i found rear seat comfortable for three people of avg 5.8′ and 60 kgs…..and only one thing i dislike is customer service of dealers….they told handling charge of 8000 rs for surat,gujarat…is it so much????They told Teflon coating of 8000 rs compulsory….i tolerated all because of such a lovely car i m getting….but this is not good attitude by dealers…

  • Gokul

    Hi Faisal, I can’t change the head unit or add an amplifier to power speakers/subwoofer to the stock head unit which comes with Ecosport. Is this true? That’s sad because its got everything else. How’s the stock headunit sound quality. But i’m sure i can atleast change the stock speakers and put better aftermarket speakers

    • Gokul, no you can’t change the HU, it’s possible but too expensive. Stock system is very good.

  • swaraj parkar

    Which is the best model of ford ecosport diesel or any other car for mainly 5 seaters
    Reply fast

  • Arun

    Hi Faisal ,
    I would like to know the Red color available in Eco Sport Ambient. In the show room they showed me Saffron and saying its Mars Red. I would like to buy the Eco Sport with the red color which is shown in this page above (first picture) . Is that color available ?

    • Arun, there is only one red, its Mars red.

  • Sameer

    Faisal plz help me out
    I want to buy ES but i heared abt it that the car will turn upside down
    In full speed turning or some wht minor touch with another car with speed when
    Driving on highway .and i seen some pics also on internet .is it true?

    • No it’s not. ES has safe handling.

    • Sameer

      Thanks faisal

  • Sangay

    Faisal Excellent Review Thanks for it .
    Well i found every one talking about this car and its performances but i didn’t see people taking about its power to weight ratio (Compressor). Since both the Engines, Petrol ecoboost and Diesel are powerful and fuel efficient, and they differ in weight only by 58kg (petrol ecoboost 1200 kg – Diesel 1258 kg).Well in term of their body weight i felt petrol Ecoboost is less engine braking i.e. compressor was so less 10:1 against its 1200 kg body weight,and i was frequently using brake while test driving Ecoboost coming down the hills even in heavy gear such as 1st gear. Whereas Diesel has more compression ratio 16:1 against 1258kg.
    So Faisal could you please help me to choose between Ford Ecosport Diesel and Petrol ecobooost since my driving area are hilly and terrain landscape, as my feeeling are more inclined towards Ecooboost for its revv engine, but cant figured it out whether it is safe to drive in steep slope with such a low compression and Heavy Body weight.

    • Sangay, for your requirements, get the diesel, more low end torque, helps.

    • Sangay

      Thanks Faisal, your suggestion is deeply appreciated.

  • Vinay Chawla


    I have also decided to go for ES but confused for the model. I have mostly city drive about 1000-1200 kms /month. So which model will be best suitable. Have heard a lot about Ecoboost Engine. Will you or someone using ES with Ecoboost engine advise / share his experiences. Thanks

    • Vinay, if your budget permits, then opt for the EcoBoost, it’s a fab engine.

  • Ravi

    Could u confirm the exterior steel quality of seems to be light as compared to fiesta.also how does this matter?

  • lingesh


  • ventola

    can any ES owners comment on the driving dynamics and the thick A-pillar blind spot issue ?

    • Yes, dynamics are very good. You get used to the A-pillar quickly.

    • ventola

      thanks for the response! so you got to drive the car more you get used to it. i mostly prefer it SUV’ness over the sedan type. any other things to seriously consider before making a choice ?

  • Girish

    hi Faisal
    I am looking for a diesel car with safety and driving comfort because I travel 400 kms every week from Bangalore.. can you suggest a car.. my likes are Ford fiesta Classic, Skoda Rapid, Ecosports, Honda city Diesel.. my budget is based on safety how ever being an Indian need economical car toooooo…. Awaiting for your inputs..

    • If you can get quick delivery of EcoSport, go for it.

  • Akshita

    Dear Faisal
    My driving is around 500Kms a month. I want to go for Eco boost engine. Will you prefer it over the Eco sport diesel engine in terms of quality or overall.


    Dear Faisal,
    I have to buy a petrol car and is tempted for ecoboost. however my brother says to go for Verna petrol because of its status symbol and Hyundai dealer is also offering discount on Verna petrol which makes its price nearer to Titanium(O). Also he says Verna petrol is a better city drive. Whereas I don’t see any harm in Ecoboost because of its technology and overall package. Can you please advise between Verna technology and ecoboost technology.

    • Verna’s petrol engine is like any other, the EcoBoost is international engine of the year, two years in a row.

  • RS Gupta

    Dear Faisal,
    I have booked Eco boost and is waiting for delivery. I also read your reviews on it. The Titanium (O) model is plus 10.00 lakh. I am little worried. Is Eco sport eco boost worth the money I will pay. Have I taken a right decision considering everything the Ford is offering on Eco boost?
    Thnx. Pls. do reply.

    • Yes you have taken the right decision, the engine is a gem.

    • RS Gupta

      Thanks a lot for the reply.


    A very shocking thing which I noticed in Ecosport is that it does not have individual locks on the doors from inside. How would one ensure the safety while driving. If a child is sitting on the back seat then its really dangerous. How to manage this? Or one has to always keep the child locks on to be on the safer side while driving. It can be irritating. Please definitely give your expert inputs Mr. Faisal.

    • Once you look from driver’s side, all doors are locked.

  • mohit

    You mean to say ‘lock’ from Driver’s side, and so if it is locked from Driver’s side then it is immaterial if it has automatic lock system. Right?

    • Ritwik mean when I roll the vehicle the doors do not lock..and the driver has to lock manually???
      This is very strange as a Feature Packed Ecosport should have had sure it doesn’t lock

    • mohit

      Yes as far as my information goes this is a major problem becoz if child lock is on then every time you have to open the door first unlock the child lock then open the doors. In case of an accident it will be a big trouble if child lock jams or in normal circumstances, to open the doors take your hand out of the window and then open the door if you don’t unlock the child lock. I dont know if I am 100% correct but still quite sure of the system. Can you please correct me if I am wrong Faisal or please throw some more light on the issue.


    Hi Faisal,
    I have purchased Ecoboost model. Its been 10 days since I am driving this car and driven around 350 Kms.The average I am getting is just 7-8 Kms/ltr. I am really worried if the average will be so low.
    Please can you give me some idea if this average will improve or should I go to the dealer.
    Please do respond.

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