Ford EcoSport Video Review

[youtube: 540 375]

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  • Amish

    Awesome video review, thanks a ton Faisal and Javied, I have been waiting for this since the great exhaustive review of Ecosport was posted here.

  • Neil

    Fantastic review mate!!!

  • sandy

    Thanks Javeid for this most awaited review on Ecosports. Ecosports with Ecoboost and SYNC is the real taste of this product description. IMO, the design is so sharp that if one removes the Honda logo and Ford logo from City and Ecosports standing near each other, then one may think them of being made by same manufacturer. Though, 346 liter boot space is not comparable to smaller Premier Rio’s 454 liter boot, but its bigger then B+ hatchbacks + rides n handles better then some + 550mm water wading capacity like an SUV makes it a proper miniSUV other then raised up hatchback. It sometimes reminding me of Ducati Multi Strada bike.

    • Javeid Khan

      Thanks Sandy. If priced well, the EcoSport will be a big hit.

  • Clint

    Hey Vey nice review! Do u think the 1.5L, 105 Bhp dual clutch auto version will feel underpowered on this car? Reason being you mentioned that the 125 Bhp Ecoboost didn’t feel that exhilarating?

    • Faisal Khan

      Clint, definitely yes but then people who buy automatics don’t really care much about performance.

  • mm

    Has anyone driven Ecosport Automatic