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2013 Mahindra Centuro Test Ride

Mahindra Centuro – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Mahindra Centuro

Bike Tested: 2013 Mahindra Centuro

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 57,600/-

The Mahindra Centuro comes with features which are out of the box.

Mahindra is best known for producing big, diesel powered utility vehicles that have earned them the title of the third largest four-wheeler manufacturer in the country today. However, they do not produce a single four-wheeler that runs on petrol (except the Verito). Mahindra wants to make every drop of petrol count by entering the two-wheeler market. The Mumbai based manufacturer’s foray into the two-wheelers continues. It started with scooters then came the new Pantero that replaced the Stallio and now, the Centuro. A feature-loaded motorcycle that doesn’t have segment first but industry first features which are set to make its way into the Indian market. The Mahindra Centuro has a similar name to a series of comic heroes (Centurions) who were loaded to gills with advanced technologies to fight crime. So how does this Centuro fare? We ride in the hills of Chandigarh to find out!

2013 Mahindra Centuro Road Test2013 Mahindra Centuro Review
Styling – The Mahindra Centuro uses the same panels as the Pantero. Albeit, there are significant changes to the Centuro which distinguishes it apart. The headlight is a lot bolder and bigger in comparison and comes with LED parking lights. People with sharp memory would know that the headlight cowl and LED pilot lamps resemble the previously launched TVS Phoenix. The twin-molded bars, which connect one side to the other, was first seen on the concept Mojo and adds a distinct flavor to the motorcycle. The tank, tailpiece, LED tail lights and the grab handle are the same cycle parts used on the Pantero. If you look closely, you will find the indicators on the Mahindra Centuro are slightly bolder than the one on the Pantero to compliment the front fascia of the bike. There are no fancy foot rests here but there is a small engine belly fairing to make things better. Fit-finish, build quality and paint job are excellent.

Mahindra Centuro Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The three-pod digital instrument cluster looks refreshing and centrally placed analog tachometer is always welcome. A segment first feature on the Mahindra Centuro includes a complete digital speedometer, two trip meters, service reminder, clock and distance to empty feature. The usual shift light, high beam and solitary indicators are placed above the meters. Switchgear on the Centuro is top notch and comes with a pass switch too. The Centuro also comes with a unique key fob that is loaded to the gills. The key fob has a LED torch and has three unique features such as guide me home headlight (stays on for 30 seconds), a buzzing sound with indicators flashing to find your motorcycles in parking spots and an engine immobilizer which works when the onboard system detects a false key is being used to start the engine and it sounds the alarm.

Ergonomics – The seating position is upright and not very wide making it very comfortable. The foot pegs are placed rear set for a comfortable ride. The rear view mirrors do the job very well and give a good view of what is behind. Seat base is long, wide the cushioning is excellent. The tank has been well scooped out for thigh support. Overall, long journeys are comfortable enough on the Mahindra Centuro.

Performance and Gearbox – The Mahindra Centuro is powered by an all new single-cylinder, over-square, 106cc, 2-valve engine which produces 8.5 BHP of peak power at 7500 RPM and 8.5 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. The engine is revv happy, smooth and NVH levels are excellent. The engine has sufficient low end grunt. The motor strongly pulls in the mid range and it has a top speed of 90 km/hr. The 4-speed gearbox is smooth but after all day abuse you do find it a bit clunky at times. Gear ratios are on the taller side but there is adequate low end grunt to navigate in the city. The engine cleanly revs up to 9000 RPM. The Mahindra Centuro shares the same engine and same output figures as the Pantero but there are subtle changes. The Centruo has an all new CDI with revised intake and exhaust timing for better driveability. The Centuro also comes with a patent lubrication system which is termed as “jet flow” by Mahindra which ensures oil circulation at any RPM speed, low or high RPM. Mahindra claims the Centuro has the highest mileage in the segment which is an astonishing 85.4 km/l. One can expect 68 km/l in real world riding.

Riding Dynamics – The Mahindra Centuro comes equipped with the same chassis as the Pantero. A double cradle frame with telescopic suspension at the front and five-step adjustable rear shocks, which are backed by 18-inch wheels and have grippy MRF tyres slapped on to them. Factor in the light kerb weight of 110 kgs and a short wheelbase of 1265 mm and you get a very agile motorcycle. It stays planted in the sweepers and turns quickly into corners. A major credit goes to the tyres for the superb dynamics, excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Ride quality is fantastic, the bike glides over potholes and broken roads and even the biggest bumps do not upset the balance of the motorcycle. The 130 mm drum brakes at the front are not that great and one expects to have disc brake as an option on this feature-laden bike, which Mahindra says is in pipeline. However the rear brakes do the job well. High speed stability is excellent and there is minimal windblast.

Verdict – The Mahindra Centuro enters the premium 100-110 cc segment that is fast growing and is being recently tapped by mainstream manufacturers as well. The Centuro is an excellent motorcycle for point A to point B commuting offering class leading equipment, comfort and value to the prospective customer. However, the lack of awareness, shortage of after sales service network and long-term reliability remains a question. The Mahindra Centuro does come with a generous 5-year warranty that should bring some peace of mind to the customer. The real battle will commence once niche brands like Hyosung enter the market with a competitive product range. If you have a Mahindra dealership around you and you strive for something out of the box then the Centuro is worth a glance.

The Mahindra Centuro is a premium commuter motorcycle for those who want something different.

What’s Cool

* Mileage
* Features
* Dynamics

What’s Not So Cool

* Low service network
* Unproven reliability

Mahindra Centuro Specifications

* Engine: 106.7cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine, MCI-5
* Power: 8.5 PS @ 7500 RPM
* Torque: 8.5 Nm @ 5500 RPM
* Transmission: 4-speed manual
* Top Speed: 91 km/h
* Fuel Consumption: 60 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame Type: Double cradle steel tubular structure
* Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Coiled 5-step adjustable (Rear)
* Tyres: 2.75/18 (Front), 3.0/18 (Rear)
* Brakes: 130 mm drum (Front), 110 mm drum (Rear)
* Headlamp: 12 V – 35W/35W

Mahindra Centuro Dimensions

* Overall length x width x height: 2031 mm X 780 mm X 1110 mm
* Wheelbase: 1265 mm
* Seat Height: 805 mm
* Ground Clearance: 173 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.7-litres
* Kerb weight: 120 kgs

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  • george

    excellent review of the centuro, only review till now, looks like mahindra has read customer feedback..

    • Mohit Soni

      Mahindra has always been keen on feedback which has always enabled them to get better products!

  • anuj

    no one wants so many features in 100cc bikes..

    • shankar

      I do not see any harm in offering so many features…on the other hand, if Mahindra can offer so many features in Centuro and specially for the price it is, other bike companies should also offer it.

  • kanor-bd

    Very nice review on a newly launched bike like centuro.
    i’m from bangladesh where road condition is very poor and all cities are suffocated with huge traffic jam.

    although it is a 100 cc bike, it could have been made to produce more bhp to compete others.

    We expect more because bd bikers buy any indian bike by paying almost thrice than that of an indian biker.

    can you imagine we get an yamaha r15 in exchange of almost 5.5 lac taka.

    So i request mahindra to consider bd market during their engineering and pricing because bd is one of the best market of indian bikes. i can challenge that bike-to-people ratio in bd is more than that of any other country in asia.

    • Faisal Khan

      Kanor, bike to people ratio might be higher but what about the overall volumes? Are they enough to justify local production?

    • Kanor-bd

      dear brother Faisal khan,my nick name is also faisal.
      you know that bangladesh is a country of almost 16 crore people and you will hardly find a family even in rural area which doesn’t have a mini garage for its pulsar. We bangladeshi never fear to spend (those who have enough ) for our luxury But out our govt restricts importing bikes having more more than 150 cc machine. that’s why we are deprived from having ktm,royal enfield,cbr…bla bla bla.
      we have three local producer but their experience and quality have yet to go up to the standard.
      The best news for our youngsters is that giant honda-japan has announce officially to set up their motor factory in bangladesh.and they have already started recruiting employee.

      I think our time is in near future to change the game.

      brother faisal, i would like to thank you to initiate this site and for maintaining its quality writings also. i’ve read famous indian sites but really your site deserves best writing.but it lags some important features also. i didn’t find any search option and in bike review you should add more pictures from different angle.


    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Kanor for your suggestions. We have a search option on the top right. We also have exhaustive picture galleries, just search for bike name picture gallery and you will find it.

      The Bangladesh market seems decently big for motorcycles, weirdly no one is focussing on it. I think Bajaj-KTM do have plans to launch products there.

  • Ben

    engine is a copy of splendor

    • krishnan

      Firstly, Splendor is a 100 CC bike where as Centuro is a 110cc bike. Then Centuro is marginally better in terms of power (rpm). Also, add to the killer features and looks!

  • Nilesh

    for Ben… Splendor has no patent for that kind of horizontally mounted engine. It’s developed by Mahindra on it’s own and it’s not a copy Tvs had it in their centra, Bajaj had that in their Byk. Horizontally mounted engines lubricates faster and well so wear and tear is reduced. It’s just a way of fitting the engine.

  • Chethan

    Kinetic (bought by) is now Mahindra. That’s why their scooters felt familiar.

  • satish

    I am impressed by Mahindra centuro reviews.110cc motor bike. MCI – 5 Engine and 128-bit encrypted flip-key with LED lights.Central locking system Anti-theft system. Great buy.

  • saurabh shah

    excellent bike and features at affordable rates but needs improvement in after sale service network

  • Nilesh kale

    I have suffered from mahindra’s scooter Rodeo old model….at the beginning i thoght that mahindra has very big reputation so i bought Rodeo..but after that i knew that it is a kinetic version….mahindra has totally disappoint me in scooter segment….at last i sold my scooter only 12,000 Rs.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nilesh, what problems did it give you?

  • sudhanshu

    Which one is better centuro or discover 100T. Any advice??

    • Faisal Khan

      Neither because none of them have proven themselves yet.

    • sudhanshu

      which is best byke in 110cc segment??
      i have to travel 50km daily so i am looking for a gud lukin byke with gud mileage..

  • Geo marian

    I recommend for CENTURO for better Advanced features

  • anil hingmire

    excellent in test ride today i like its seating, shok absorbers.

  • abhishek

    hiii sir I m confused between Bajaj discover 100 t and and centuro , I have to travel 60-70 km daily so I need a bike of good milage

    • Faisal Khan

      Get Centuro but neither bike has proven reliability.

  • abhishek

    sir I have booked it , they said that they need 25 day to deliver it .

  • suresh

    i just want to know that how good is CENTURO when compared to HERO HONDA. how will be the engine condition after 2 years?

    • Faisal Khan

      Suresh, can’t say as long term reliability is unknown.

  • aman kumar

    dont buy mahindra centuro. im suffering. average was not good. my centuro was giving average of 40 kmpl only…………….. very disappointing.

    • Rajeshkumar

      Very tue. My friend also getting only 42 kmpl. Dont buy centuro please.

  • abhishek

    aman kumar what happened , why are u having such a low milage , from where u purchase the bike . please
    reply because i have allready booked the bike

    • pushkar

      pushkar i think buy centero pls tell about av. because i sale out

      old yamaha bike for av


    It would be good if mahindra company would release they bikes as soon as possible because I have book my bike mahindra centuro 18 days back till now no response. How would I know whether bike is really good or bad, I am taking risk because of new launch and no good performance in past history of this company in two wheeler segment.

  • bala

    centuro will be the best of entry level bikes if the review stands same for customers.
    a disc brake in front wheelmay attract more buyers as hero company done in passion x pro

    • Ashok

      wishin the same….regardin disc brake


    i have book the bike 20 days ago but still they said they want 20 more days plz suggest weather i go for it or not

  • Md.Abdul Khaseem

    This is the worst situation I ever faced in my life I book my bike 21 days ago but still they asking more time I don’t know how to travel without bike Mahindra company is just giving trouble to their customer, I don’t know what to do. It was my mistake I choose Mihindra centuro bike.

    • Faisal Khan

      Have patience, bike will rest you soon ;-)


    Md abdul u paid fuul ammount or booking amount only . I dont why they are doing this if they are aot in the situation to supply accourding to demand , then why they are launching two wheeler .

  • Raju Sharma

    Hai,Faizal I wnat to know about the performance of centuro on highway and if i ride in roads like humpty dumpty or u can say roadless places……

    • Faisal Khan

      Raju, yes it has good ride quality.

  • Praveen

    Please tellme corect milege of centuro on city and high way

  • Praveen

    Which is best milege bike hero splendor + or centuro

    • Faisal Khan

      Praveen, both are good, Splendor has proven itself.

  • Raju Sharma

    Hai,Faisal Raju again, I want to ask 1 thing more i”m planing to buy a bike but cunfuse between centuro vs hero passion x pro can u help me out wich one is better it will be very helpful. Thanks for prev respones

    • Faisal Khan

      Raju, Hero Passion xPro a proven product.

  • yogesh

    I have discover 125cc 2005 model which i m selling and as a replacement i m buying mahindra centuro on 9th sep. please tell me the performance and sales after service, will parts available? should i got for it? Honda dream neo is also in my list please let me know for which one i should go..?i m confused..reply ASAP.

    • ABM

      If u r in hurry don’t go for Mahindra Centuro they are talking 50 days to deliver a bike I booked on 3rd August but till now no response. Mahindra customer care also worst in service they also not answering properly, best to go for other.

    • Faisal Khan

      ABM, did you get your bike?

    • ABM

      no Still I am waiting after 1 month

    • Faisal Khan

      ABM, what is the dealer saying?

    • ABM

      Dealer is saying 50 to 60 days
      But I am planning to cancel the booking if I won’t get bike with in a week from now

    • Faisal Khan

      ABM, which bike are you going for then?

    • ABM

      Finally I got my bike after a long wait on 6th Sept I called them for cancelling but that time only they said come and take the bike.
      Before I call them I decided to take Bajaj Discover but finally I got my booked bike after a long struggle.

    • Faisal Khan

      Congrats ABM ;-) so how are you liking the bike?

    • Faisal Khan

      Yogesh, too early to comment on after sales but it should be good since Mahindra is setting up dealerships.

    • karan

      Centuro is the best bike in the present market. Go for it ! Mahindra improved their service center very well across the india I read compare between neo or centuro in one blog. centuro is far better ! enjoy riding on Mahindra Centuro .

  • Vamshii

    Hai Friends

    I am from Chennai, here also the waiting period is 75 days. But without knowing the performance of the Bike yet. I am a daily office goer and ride will be 25 KM per day. Any body having This Mahindra Centuro ple let us know the Mileage/worthiness.


    Otherwise a decent bike, but those bronze/gold colored tubes beneath the fuel tank sticks out like a #SoreThumb , if it was body colored then it would hv been a bit acceptable.

  • sasi

    Dear friends,

    I will be Purchase Mahindra Centuro & TVS Star city Please Anybody Guide About These Mileage and Qualities

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the Centuro, mileage is around 65 km/l.

    • Rajeshkumar


      I can understand your budget mind. Please dont waste money by buying this bike. Go for Discover 100 T or Honda Dream Yuga.Centuro is worst bike I never seen. Even I too done test drive. Sure it will get expiry in 1 or 2 years.

  • Amit

    I received my centuro bike in the beginning of this month. Bike is very awesome ! I got 69-70 kmpl mileage in 15 days driving in the city. may be 80 kmpl will cross on highway. Pick up is very fast and smooth. centuro is better than from my old discover. Bike of the year. If any one is planning to purchase, then go for mahindra bike only. Keep riding !

    • munish

      hi amit

      i want to buy centuro
      u are driving it for almost 1 month. so can u tell me the performace of the bike
      like mileage, engine sound, gear box

    • amit

      Hi munish,
      Centuro is the good option to go for. I like safety features are very useful. engine sound is normal and pick up is very smooth. Mileage 70 km/pl till now. no major issues and any way 5 years warranty is also there. you can go for this bike.

  • Pradyumna

    I am confused b/w centuro and discover 100T. Can anyone guide which one is better keeping overall features?

    • Suresh

      I feel centuro is good buy, offering you all the key features, excellent mileage. seems to be better than discover 100T.

  • David

    I have booked the Mahindra Centuro bike. Anybody pls. tell me about the Centuro Engine noise quality, pickup,
    roadgrip and steadyness quality? ……………………

  • Hamid

    I experienced a test drive of Mahindra Centuro yesterday and was a good drive & has this amazing feeling from a comfort level perspective & the pickup angle is amazing. I think centuro will be the great buy.

  • Balaji

    Mahindra Centuro looks amazing! want to take a ride & feel it!

  • divyansh chatri

    I really enjoyed the test ride of mahindra centuro. I will definitely purchase this bike next year on b’day, i will be eighteen, eligible for riding bike till that time i will enjoy centuro test ride.

  • Prateek

    The ride quality was good for a 105cc bike. The engine sound was pleasingly macho. Unlike the other bikes in this segment which dont like to be throtttled, this one was ready for the performance always. The Digital meter and advanced systems were great to look at, except the pink backlight. How I wish Mahindra had a bike of atleast 135cc too. I would have given up he mileage. And surprisingly, my dealer said that people have quoted the mileage of centuro to be 60+. I thought they’d say something around 70, since the company emphasizes so much on mileage.
    TVS Sport is a better option if you’re more concerned for the mileage. TVS Sports offers almost the same look, has more reliability, and makes a better impression for being in the same bloodline as Apache.
    However, if you plan to upgrade in a year or two, then buy a Hero bike like HF Dawn or Deluxe. It offers the best resale value.


    Hi frnds : we want to purchase centuro but we confused between miledge and voice of vehicle .some frnds tel me the milemge of centuro near 50 and voice is very loudly after 2000 km .please tel me originality of this byke i m waiting your feedbak mobile numbr 8127880121

  • s.silamparasan

    I am booking , but 30days I am waiting but not delivery in bike .
    So disapointed mahindra

  • vinaya kumar

    I purchased the bike Mahindra Centuro on July the next day the key become fault I registered the complaint at the Dealer Malang Motors Palakkad. But till now they have not cure it. The digital clock is not properly working once it is set the time will change .The service to the same is poor in Palakkad. The visit of the engineers to the concerned dealer shop is poor. The service engineers in the showroom is not aware of the key system and other parts of the vechile. The complaint I registered is not cleared till date.


    • M2WMotorcycles

      Hi Vinaya Kumar, we can best help you based on your details. Please send in your query to Your concern will be sent to the respective department who will get in touch with you shortly. You can also get in touch with us at our toll free number 1800 233 8883.

  • laxman suthar


  • Rajan Mehta

    Centuro is great bike!! the mileage it offers is excellent!!

  • Rajeshkumar

    Dont buy Mahindra Centuro. My friend bought this bike 2 months before. Now he is seeking to sell it. No pertrol consumption, Very week bike. Dont get cheated by seeing facy and attractive things.

  • Ramesh

    The bike is good in terms of comfort & pickup as well.  it’s equipped with MCI-5 (Micro Chip Ignited 5-Curve) Engine, which is one of the best technologies which a bike can have and comes with 5 years warranty too. Great work by mahindra.

  • Tuhin

    Excellent bike! did have a great ride y’day!

  • Rajendra

    Centuro is a cool bike!

  • ukarthikeyan

    very very poor bike

  • Tonmoi Sarmah

    Excellent bike
    I am getting 70kmpl after 1st servicing.
    Very powerful engine but speed is not good. Vibrates at 50 kmph.
    Mileage will increase after 2nd servicing I hope or may not increase.
    Servicing people are very good.
    Don’t think just buy it. I am totally satisfied.
    Only problem I am getting is the engine stops while shifting gear I don’t know why.
    Since I am a learner so the problems faced are temporary.

    • Faisal Khan

      Tonmoi, what exactly happens while riding?

  • charanjeet

    I did read all the review on net and came to conclusion on that Centuro is a bike with fully loaded feature, but some people review very bad about mileage, people even not getting 40kmph after 1st service, Second issue is with service network and customer satisfaction ,availability of the workers or engineer who can come to resolved issue with new features Centuro bike.I have to buy bike very urgently and sold my older hero Glamor,
    Hero has the reliability and Re-salable value product and huge service network and parts availability
    Is Mahindra can be able to provide the reliability like Hero and others ?
    Please guide ,If any one can help me,

    • Faisal Khan

      Mahindra hasn’t proven reliability yet.

    • charanjeet

      now faisal,

      What’s is your suggestion to go for Centuro,

      regarding the after sale support and my previous review

  • Vijay

    I did go for a test drive y’day & the ride was pretty cool. must say, Mahindra has come up with a great bike with unique features.

  • Narendra

    Hi, My self Narendra, i booked Mahindra Centuro 2 days back, one of my friend is telling me that to take deliver after december. his reason is manufacturing year will change in RC book. at time of resale it will affect. can any one tel me please, because this is my first bike.

    • Faisal Khan

      NO, but the bike will still be 2013 make.

  • Narendra

    Thank You @ Faisal Khan

  • Basha

    Any idea abt the release date of Mahindra cevalo…..

  • ajith

    the test drive was just awesome. Planning to buy

  • krishna

    cool looks & design

  • Akbar

    centuro is a great make by Mahindra. Love the features & the design.

  • Pankaj Paliwal

    Hello All,
    I am planning to buy a 100 – 110cc Bike, but bit confused between Bajaj Discover 100 M & Mahindra Centuro.
    Can anyone/Admin please help me to take my decision to choose one Bike. If you pls share your review in all perspective i.e. Price, Mileage, Reliability, Resale Value, After Cell Service. If possible also share you feedback on

  • goverdhan ap

    the byke looking is good.
    its vibrating on 50 kmph
    but in 60kmph it good.
    millage is 64kmpl
    dte not work in reserve mode.
    sound not good compare with any other bykes
    its on road price on ap 58000.

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks for your quick review Goverdhan but at that price, the features are unheard of.

  • Hemnadh

    Great features great mahindra…
    I am totally satisfied.
    Only problem I am getting is the engine stops while shifting gear I don’t know why
    Could any one help me with this one

    • Faisal Khan

      Hemnadh, at what speeds does that happen?

  • anish

    should I buy centuro or splendor ismart??

    • Faisal Khan

      Splendor iSmart.

    • Mukesh Rider

      Mahindra Centuro !

  • C Patel

    I am confused between CENTURO and DISCOVER 100T… Please suggest me the best from this two. My friends told in earlier discussions that Bajaj Bikes used to give Milage for the first year only. Is this true?? Please suggest me as soon as possible.

    • Mukesh Rider

      My brother has Discover in banglore. he purchased this bike in 2010. he used this bike two years after that he stopped using, always he was facing some problems in discover. anyway he purchased car. n I have Centuro. I purchased last year. before that only service center was the problem that also solved this year. now i can highly recommend this bike. superb mileage, comfort, pick up, engine performance, features, style makes centuro different from others bike.

  • nayan karmakar

    i am sale my discover 125 (2012) and buy this bike
    The bike looking is good.
    DTE not work in on / reserve mode.and wrong show …..
    sound not good compare with any other bikes
    Full stand very bed ..
    headlight upper no space Available



  • amit

    which one is better centuro or splendor I smart….i have to trave 35 km per day

    • Puneet

      Go for Mahindra Centuro. You will not be disappointed. Awesome bike with pocket friendly mileage and effective security features with 5 years warranty.

  • guru

    guys who r making centuro bst bike in its segment….
    never go by looks…its an unrealiable machine nd one of maa frd centuro is giving 52 mileage in city nd 58 on highways dats really v.low considering 100 cc bike nd olso he is facing sum issues dat r not been able to identity by mahindra showrum….
    one more thing although discover doesnt have high reliable engine for more then 5-6 yrs rest depend on driving like splender but its mileage is really awesum 65+ in city and 73+ on highway….

    v.few know mahindra previous bike stalio but an epic failure…so u cant ignore dis….
    its maa opinion on centuro though 3 bike dat i know of maa frds…..rst guys its ur choice ur money

  • guru

    guys i have sum advice for person who wana purchase 100 cc bike…pros nd cons of main bike in dis segment…

    + points– largest selling bike wd v.high reliabke engine….go for it wdout thinking

    – point– speed , pickup, looks nd 60-67 mileage

    + ponit– high speed, awesum mileage 70-80 , pickup, nice looks

    – point– not so great engine ..means 4-5 yrs of max life….rst depends on driving

    indias 4th largest selling bike
    platina :
    + ponits– pickup , mileage is highest evn on worst conditn 70 + (75-87), high reliablity seen platina wd 1 lakh reading, price

    – ponits– luks sucks by whch most people didnt opt for platina specialy urban area people, light weight

    indias 5th largest selling bike evn without no marketing…awesume

    centuro :
    + ponits– luks are gud, fetures

    – points– unrelieble engine, after sales service, low mileage

    honda dream yuga :
    + ponits– honda engine extremly smoth for yrs, gud mileage figure 65+ mixed condition

    – ponits– sadlle height is realy hugh for short people, luks are pathetic , price high for feture it provide nd luks

    passion: its splender except body…its simply are substitute if u dont like splender luks gor for it
    indias 2 nd largest selling bike

    cd deluxe / dawn:
    its also splender but litle high on mileage figure
    3 rd largest selling bike of india

  • guru

    evn i wana tell u guys after gud sales i.e 8000-10000 units per month dat centuro was seeling whn lauched its sales is dropinh…evn due mileage, after sales servie nd unevn isues….
    mahindra was used to sell 13k – 14 k units of bikes and scoter each month but it has droped to 9k-10k units now including both scoter nd bike

  • shridhar

    Hi, I purchased the bike in bangalore and i am already getting 60+ milege even before first is a very good and comfortable bike for city commuting. At this price for anti theft locking,find me lamps, and all such new features it is really a good bargain.I am very happy with the performance as of now. For the same price you would get just one engine and two wheels without any technical features from the competitors.Really a very good practical bike from an Indian company.

    • Gopal

      Agreed. Centuro is the best bike ever. other brand should learn from mahindra. Features and mileage are rocking.

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