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Maruti Suzuki To Launch Swift Facelift In Early 2014


The third generation Suzuki Swift was launched in 2010 and Maruti brought the car to India in 2011. The Swift has been a massive success for Suzuki globally and more than 30 lakh units have been sold worldwide (almost 50% have been sold in India alone). The Swift has created such a fan following which has led the vehicle to become the undisputed leader in the hatchback segment in India. No other hatchback has been able to touch the Swift in terms of sales, even though many accomplished automakers have tried to derail the Swift’s dream run.

Now with the Swift being almost three years old in the market, Suzuki is planning to give it a mid-life facelift, which will be launched in India in early-2014 (mostly at the Auto Expo). So what changes can we expect? There will be a minor exterior update with new headlights, bumper, grille, wheels and tail lights. The overall body structure will remain unchanged with the mechanicals and underpinnings remaining unaltered. Suzuki will also make changes to the interiors, which will be minor and we can expect new features on the car.

Maruti Suzuki might add an automatic variant of the Swift (petrol) to the lineup, which will be the same 4-speed unit which does duty on the DZire and Ritz. Hopefully the company addresses the braking issues found on the current vehicle and offers ABS standard across the range, like they have done with the diesel-powered Ertiga. Expect a minor price hike when the 2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift goes on sale in our country. The facelifted model is expected to be unveiled at a motor show later this year.


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  • Adi

    Just hope they bring the swift sport to india as a niche product:-)

  • Sathish

    Hello Swift Designers
    I Love Swift, Now compitation is very high as you see Swift diesel is availble in a week with discounts compared to 6 months waiting period. i feel swift needs upgradation. my design suggestion is as follows.
    1. Bring Crossover concept in Swift hatchback like BMW X1
    2. Put an advanced suspension and braking system.(Seriously required)
    3. put day lights, xenon lights and auto folding side mirrors
    4. Add Parking sensors and rear cameras
    5. Improve metal and plastic quality.
    1. Add multi line display system like BMW
    2. Put AC to rear seats (from top is enough).
    3. Put Leather seating with curved seats which increases rear leg room.
    4. increase gear box wall which gives feeling of small gear box (nob).
    5. Bring Start/Stop button
    6. Put 4 spearkers to 4 doors, 2 tweeters and sub woofer for music (no hatchback has)
    1. Bring 90PS diesel engine

    The above changes will make Swift as one of iconic high end hatchback which attract all kind of customers including premium customers thinking to go for sedan and am sure swift will rock again.
    Good luck…

    • Raj

      And you pay 10 Lakhs for the Swift right?!

    • Faisal Khan

      Sathish, we can get all that in the next generation Swift, not in the mild facelift.

    • ha ha

      And bingo the Swift now costs 14lacs and like you said it will be available in a week for sure, but not sure bout the discount.

  • swift

    If given vd above features my starting price vl b around 10 lakhs… :-) vch is insanely high for hatchback n so indian costumers vl buy compact suv ‘s n my dream run vl come to n end :-D

  • Beamer

    And also increase the wheel base to have a relaxed rear seat!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Surely will happen in the next gen model.

  • Sathish

    Sir….comparing with SUV…Super man.
    Already Maruti has huge margin in Swift. With above changes, Best price maruti can think of on road 8 lacs or 8.25 lacs. definetly i will buy again.. because Swift is different… i cann compare it to BMW mini, fiat 500..Please Again don’t say Mini/500 has brand,power engine,tech…blahaa…

    What am saying is Swift looks better than Mini and Fiat 500…
    Am expecting Swift 2014 with all the changes mentione in the above thread…

    • Faisal Khan

      Sathish, there will be very few changes.

  • Gurpreet

    I am useing this car and i love it but some features in add parking sensor. Rear camra

  • Kunal

    What will be estimated price of swift 2014 vxi

    • Faisal Khan

      Kunal, no confirmation when it’s being launched in India.

  • umesh

    Should I wait for face lift or buy vxi this month

  • krish

    Should I wait for the mild face lift version or book vxi if I have a plan to buy next month?

    • Faisal Khan

      Buy VXi now.

  • siva

    sir i am watching tata safari strome in moon rover model car.. so i want same design the tata safari strome how mach of cost will be charged…

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s upwards of Rs. 5 lakhs.