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Hero Karizma 250

Next year is the year of performance bikes in India, as we have been shouting out loud since a long time now. A few motorcycles which are expected to launch in India in the performance segment include KTM’s RC 250/390, Bajaj Auto’s Pulsar 375 (could come even this year), TVS-BMW’s first product (end of next year), Aprilia 200cc (not confirmed yet), Yamaha 250cc (low possibility) and Hero MotoCorp’s 250cc bike which will be the successor of the Karizma ZMR. Now the upcoming 250cc from Hero was spied in Gurgaon, which points to a 2014 Auto Expo launch for the Karimza 250 performance bike.

The highly camouflaged motorcycle is under extensive testing and is expected to be developed with inputs from Hero MotoCorp’s partner, Erik Buell Racing. The 250cc Karizma ZMR will naturally boast of more power output, which will give it the much needed thrust to challenge competitors like the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and TVS Apache RTR 180. However a good glance at the bike makes us believe that this is not a 250cc motorcycle but the same 223cc machine with tweaks to the styling.

Thus this updated Karizma ZMR will not rub shoulders with the KTM Duke 200 and Honda CBR250R as clearly the bike under the shell is the existing ZMR with minor tweaks. The tail lights are all new as the indicators are separate units, not housed inside a single piece. The bike gets a split seat instead of a single-piece unit and the tail is a bit raised for unknown reasons. The riding position is now slightly committed from the early position which was very commuterish.

Other giveaways which clearly point to the on test motorcycle being the ZMR include the wheels (the rear tyre is slightly bigger though), twin shock absorbers (no monoshocks yet), clip-on handle bars (similar to the ZMR) and rear view mirrors. Even the fairing looks very similar to the ZMR and the ungainly design at the rear easily points to the bike being a ZMR underneath. If this is the case, then we feel the updated ZMR will arrive sooner and might not necessarily use a EBR powertrain. Hero could plonk in Honda’s 250cc engine which does duty in the CBR250R by paying them royalties for using their 25 BHP, 22 Nm powerplant. Are you excited?

Karimza ZMR 250

Hero EBR 250

Karizma EBR 250

EBR 250cc India Bike

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  • Edd

    Excited, No. Surprised, Yes.

  • Kedar

    Not excited.

    We want something new now.



  • joshua

    same old school twin shocks!? oh

  • Pravin

    It is not exciting.. however its a good news.. the market leader should atleast have a 250cc as flagship, when the smaller competitors already have bikes of the next class!!

  • Saurabh

    Hungry Tiger(Hero) comes out of the cave after its big brothers(Bajaj, TVS, KTM, Yamaha) have dominated the forest(market) already…

  • No One

    CBR engine with ZMR chassis ??

    Sorry but not a good idea. Also, if EBR is working, then no Honda engine will be allowed to be modified by them :P

  • Neil


  • k.p

    faisal it is same 225 cc engine not 250 c.c just updated karizma ZMR with few tweaks…

    • Ninu

      Updated? updates are not for dead, Karizma was dead a long ago, they should dump this and provide something new to its customers.

    • Faisal Khan

      Karun, yes that is most likely.

  • Ninu

    The handle bars are positioned a bit lower 7 rear tail light is now without indicators and being a separate unit at rear mudguard, just like CBR250.

  • oswald

    Ha ha ha. Laughin it out crazily man. Guys relax none of the above pics are of hero make both are bajaj products…bajaj is comin up with a 300 and an off road bike too. Well never the less Hero is comi out of the cave hungrily alright but with pure EBR extension. And those pics dnt even come close to wat they r making now. So pleeez stop posting such wrong information.

    • Evan

      LOL ! Morons Will Be Morons

    • Faisal Khan

      You bet. If these products are Bajaj, why would they let go off mono shock and revert back to conventional twin shocks?

    • Arash

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  • Ritupan Sarma

    If an updated tourer then ok, but if a performance sports bike then those obsolete twin shocks won’t help. I think its an updated Karisma R, but why our Hero is using all these obsolete parts, prices also remains high. Its time to use better and efficient parts, also the big Hero should update their manufacturing techniques, better performance machine, with updated products and the right price. RS

  • Roy

    I own a KARIZMA R 225 and no one can beat it in looks and comfort… Definitely looking to get… KARIZMA 250R
    Jet Set Go…. The rest of the people who do not like Karizma can stay with their ugly bikes.

  • $himi

    lets not speculate and wai and watch. I dont think the bike is old karizma.The bike is not the final product and the parts may be replaced at the time when the product is ready.I think they are using the components for testing purpose only(cause the engine beneath may be new!). Hope they launch a great bike which not only beats the market but also surprise the japs and bajaj-KTM duo.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shimi, this bike is the old Karizma with minor updates.

  • R.bajaj

    It will have abs & monoshock

    NO & NEVER



  • aati fmandlekar

    zmr 250cc is too bad for look………….

  • hemanth yadav

    Super bike

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