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Honda MS01 Is Completely Hand-Made Design

Auto Design India

Automobile designing is an emerging field in India where young enthusiasts are trying hard to bring some impressive outputs for the country. A few days back, we reported about the compact single-seater Tata Nano (named as SAZ) that was designed by three engineering students by using scrap. Now we get our eyes on a new interesting motorcycle, MS01, that is conceived by an automotive designer. The young chap’s name is Anoop who created the motorcycle you are seeing in the images.

The MS01 is based on a Hero CBZ Xtreme and the bike is completely redesigned except the engine and few others mechanical bits. In mechanical terms, the rear twin-shock suspension is replaced with a mono-shock setup. The swing arm has been completely redesigned and the basic suspension setup has also been changed to upgrade the riding dynamics of the MS01. The fuel tank is taken from the stock bike, nonetheless the complete body is hand-made of fibre and steel sheet that looks quite aerodynamically crafted.

The rear tail design is quite similar to the Yamaha R15, evident from its tail light which is taken from it. The handle bars, iron-man inspired headlight, full-faired body, foot rests and seats are all designed by Anoop using his own conceptual and painstaking efforts. The braking power is enriched with disc brakes assembly at both ends and custom-made muffler is used to make the MS01 growl loud enough to match its personality.

The young designer has been getting much appraisal for his long time dedicated efforts. Recently the MS01 was unveiled by the India’s motorcycle racing champion, Rajini Krishnan. The MS in bike name stands for the ‘Maximum Speed’. The MS01 designer, Anoop, has done his masters in automotive designing, passed out from DYP-DC institute and he’s dreaming of building more classic designs ahead.

Checkout the pictures from the making of the Honda MS01 in the slideshow below.

Rajini Krishnan India

MS01 Motorcycle India

Modified Bike In India

Honda Motorcycles India

Freeflow Exhaust India

CBZ Xtreme Modified

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  • Saurabh

    Superb man!!!!! Done a fantastic job…

  • sandy

    Wow… a really great piece of work done. Kudo’s to Anoop for his work and pains taking. I wish he builds this momentum and talented team to run a dream of making it Ducati Multistrada like all rounder bike. :)

    • Anoop

      thanks sandy thanks for the support..hoping to build new concept of bikes in future..

    • karthik

      nice job bro…… interested in this kind of job and would like to start a customizing center for bikes…….. need some innovative people like u…….. am on my final year in b.e mech………. need some support dude

  • Unknown

    Ugly :(

  • Ben

    the fit and finish are fantastic, I can’t believe that it’s hand made.

    • Anoop

      thanks ben..i always wanted my bike to be build perfect as the company bikes appear so there’s no compromise for quality..

  • Ben

    @anoop. what kind of material did you use for the swing arm. it looks fabulous. did you ensure that it’s reliable like the stock ones. if it is so please tell the material and the method to fabricate it so that it would be helpful for bike enthusiast like me.

    • Anoop

      @ ben it is been tested from all aspects to handle like a sports bike and with a stock engine it can do speeds upto 120 kmph easily.I used sheet metal to build the’s kind of technical calculations to work on swing-arm so always be careful because at higher speeds you won’t have gud balance..

  • Baljinder

    Anoop, really fabulous job you have done….. appreciate your work. Did u modified CBZ stock engine? Wt speed u got?

    • Anoop

      thanks baljinder.i have not modified anything with the engine but i have designed my exhaust to produce more torque and more power..

  • prakhyat

    what is the full name of the guy who made this ?

  • pankaj

    proud of u anoop. ……… luv ur bike .
    dnt knw why these idiot
    manufacturers cant hire talented person like u ..

  • Anoop

    hi this is Anoop some one is using my name (anoop khan) and giving fake comments.please avoid commenting on those.

  • Devesh Chawla

    Hi Anoop love ur concept sply the exhaust ..

  • tj

    i don’t see anything interesting in the design, i’d rather push my r15 than ride this bike



  • blain

    I have a cbz extreme da new model..jus brought it nine months ago…he much will it cost to modified it..say like I wana under seat exhaust a front fearing n habit of a sports tank look wit a two piece handle…could u plz let me know….n curious to know….

    • Faisal Khan

      Blain, approx Rs. 35,000/-.

  • ahmed

    could u made the same peice for mee …..and its total cost

    • Anoop

      Hi ahmed yes we can build you any motorcycle you want please mail us your requirement with your contact no to and our team will get back to you shortely. Thank you

  • Pravin

    the stripped down xtreme in second bike looks sexy..time for hero desingers to look at the second pic