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KTM Duke 390 First Ride Review

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KTM Duke 390 Review India

KTM Duke 390 Review

The Duke 390 has staggering performance, impossible to match at this price.

It might be raining cats and dogs in Mumbai but the thought of riding the hot new KTM Duke 390 makes you almost water proof. I say so because in spite of the heavy rains, I rushed for the keys of KTM’s hot new pocket rocket only to come out drenched but thoroughly satisfied with a wide grin on my face and a thumping heart. My stint with the bike was limited so this is just a brief review of the India-spec KTM Duke 390. We will bring you a more detailed review of the motorcycle in the near future but till then, here is our first ride impressions of the KTM Duke 390 and boy are we impressed by the sheer thrust from this 2-wheeled monster.

KTM Duke 390 Test RideKTM Duke 390 Road Test

The Duke 390 is identical to the Duke 200 in almost every visual way. KTM has given the Duke 390 a different colour treatment which helps in distinguishing what lies beneath. The orange coloured Trellis frame looks really eye catchy and the orange wheels are a bit too flashy but very youthful nonetheless. A close look at the brakes will reveal the ABS module while the handle bar now features hand guards as standard. The Duke 390 looks very purposeful and muscular in person but a bit small considering it is powered by a 373.2cc engine.

KTM Duke 390 PerformanceKTM Duke 390 Cluster

The instrument cluster is also the same as the Duke 200 which means it is a tech laden console which can give luxury cars a run for their money, that is the amount of information displayed on the cluster. The only difference with respect to the Duke 200 is the ABS check light on the top right (this is blank in the Duke 200). A hidden ABS turn off button is placed below the SET button. There is nothing written on it and KTM clearly wants everyone to have their ABS on, unless of course you are into stoppies.

KTM Duke 390 Performance ReviewKTM Duke 390 Test Ride Review

Me being 6-feet 2-inches tall found the 10 mm reduced seat height a bit of an ergonomic issue. While I feel fine on the Duke 200, I should get used to the 390’s seating position with time. However short riders can rejoice as the 800 mm seat height will suit them well. The pillion is not very welcome on the 390 though and I say this because of the insane thrust belted out by this motor. The single-cylinder engine on the Duke 390 is quite a high-tech one. It uses Nikasil coating (improves engine life and performance), forged pistons and is 95% different than the Duke 200. Fire up the KTM Duke 390 and you will witness some vibes which are not that big of a bother as they disappear once you are on the move (above 2500 RPM). The motor simply doesn’t like to run at low speeds in high gears as the engine starts to knock a bit. However performance is breath taking but not frantic like on the Duke 200. That said, the Duke 390 is properly quick and accelerates with such brutality that you simply forget everything around you.

KTM Duke 390 Review

To put it into perspective, as I slotted the Duke 390 in first gear at a traffic light, waiting for it to go green, I never anticipated what was in store. The Duke 390 feels a bit easy going at low revs but once past the 5000 RPM mark, power starts to really build up. Around 6000 RPM a definite shove is felt and the Duke 390 simply takes off with such ferocity that you no longer keep a tap of the speed or RPM on the console. The small readings on the console along with rains made it a bit difficult to monitor data on my short ride. The insane performance also made me too alert to have a look on the speedometer but off my mind, I can recollect hitting 57 km/hr in first gear, 81 km/hr in second gear and a top speed of around 148 km/hr. The Duke 390 does 0-100 km/hr in less than 6 seconds (in third gear) with the top speed being 160 km/hr, more than enough for our roads. You whizz past 130 km/hr in no time, performance is that quick and urgent. Fueling is crisp and one can expect a mileage of 25 km/l from the bike.

KTM Duke 390 India Review

What really benefits the Duke 390 is it’s low weight (154 kgs with fuel). The power to weight ratio is an heart tingling 300 PS/ton and that is what really sets the Duke 390 apart. With 44 untamed ponies under your seat, the Duke 390 on full steam is so brutal that you might have to hold the handlebar tightly to stay put (specially in windy conditions). With 35 Nm of turning force, the Duke 390 shows its strong engine characteristics even in high gears. In-gear acceleration is properly strong and a shift into fourth gear and a complete twist of the right wrist will make the Duke 390 accelerate in such a eager fashion, you feel you are in second gear. First gear is the most fun and you are fighting with the throttle to keep the bike down as it has heavy tendency to wheelie. The gearbox shifts smoothly and the gearing is spot on which enables you to do timely upshifts without hitting the rev limiter abruptly. The Duke 390 is LOUD, more so in the top-end of the powerband.

KTM Duke 390 HandlingKTM Duke 390 Ergonomics

The chassis on the Duke 390 is identical to the Duke 200 but I was pleasantly surprised to not find the bike too stiff. Yes the Duke is a stiff motorcycle but the 390 isn’t as harsh as I expected. KTM has tuned the suspension for Indian conditions and the ride quality is acceptable even on our terrible road, although we reserve our judgment as the tarmac on which the Duke 390 was scorching earlier today was quite smooth.

KTM Duke 390 ABSKTM Duke 390 Braking

One big change on the Duke 390 over the Duke 200 are the Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres. Now this rubber from Germany is known to be extremely grippy, which coupled with the fantastic chassis of the Duke 390 yields the bike extremely good cornering ability and high speed stability. On the wet roads, with heavy rain pouring, the Duke 390 generated a lot of confidence through high speed turns. There is so much feedback that you can push the bike and it glides through with splendid composure. The ABS unit is very well calibrated and brakes perform extremely well, even in wet conditions to stop the Duke 390 dead straight in its tracks.

KTM Duke 390 Ride Quality

So did I come out impressed? You bet I did. While everything else was known (we already know how capable the Duke’s chassis is), the Duke 390’s engine performance in Indian conditions remained a mystery. A short stint on the saddle gives away most of the story. The KTM Duke 390 is insane fun and you will be grinning under your helmet every time you exercise your right wrist. The taller sixth gear keeps the engine comfortable while cruising (100 km/hr in sixth is at 5000 RPM, redline comes in at 10,500 RPM). However it’s really the price which simply blows everything away. At Rs. 2.07 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), the KTM Duke 390 completely re-writes the value for money game.

The KTM Duke 390 is fast, fun and extremely responsive. The brilliant chassis, eager engine and splendid brakes give a terrific riding experience.

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  • Amjath


  • Baljinder

    Nice review……

  • ravi

    thanks a ton for the review, was waiting for ur review MOTORBEAM, now i can go and book one..

  • sandy

    Congrats Faisal for playing T20 match with Duke 390. Your write-up almost gave me a virtual feeling of sitting on the bike holding its handle bar rather then sitting on the chair holding my laptop; though the test result was predictable. A true biker likes every bike by heart, and balance his/her equation with the bikes limitation just like a good chemistry student balancing a chemical equation.
    Though I know, you guys must be planning for a long tour and route to play the real Test match with the different bikes coming on that price and/or cubic capacity(the line up could be CBR, RE, Duke, Ninza etc), with various terrain like city, traffic, long and curvy roads, smooth and broken roads and mix bag of all of them. Yet my advice would be to put your body structure into test by regularly swapping the bike to come out with hidden ergonomic issues, since a proper bike can comfort any framed bikers with least ergonomic issues. Since some are tour bike, so a pillion rider’s experience is expected. We reader will be waiting to know the result and wash out some hidden hype.

    • Thanks Sandy. Pillion on the Duke 390 is a strict no-no, you go 3/4th throttle and the pillion will be holding on for dear life, with his head hitting yours (helmet). So much power, best to ride solo.

    • sandy

      Ok Faisal, no pillion; but rest of it. We’ll be waiting. C U :)

    • Neil

      Hi Fais,
      Brilliant review!!

    • Thanks a ton Neil. I am glad you liked it. So are you planning to get the D390?

  • Ben

    the review was superb. one thing is clear from this review, the Duke 390 is 4 stroke avatar of a 2 stroke engine. all the initial assumptions made by me were bashed by ktm. a 4 stroke in spite of short stroke will have torque tapering off earlier compared to a similar 2 stroke but in Duke its just opposite, torque is available in the entire power band. that’s why this much acceleration. similarly the power is also spreaded. this gives immense performance even in higher rpm. so Duke is indeed a pocket rocket.

    • Thanks Ben, yes the Duke is indeed a pocket rocket. I would say the Duke 390 is the modern RD350 ;-)

  • Sunil Pakalapati

    Cant wait to try it…in Hyderabad RTA permission is not given yet for the 390. so waiting for the bike delivery….

    • Sunil, deliveries haven’t started anywhere yet.

  • Ben

    with adequate ecu tweaking, weight addition and a capable fairing, I accept that Duke 390 will definitely crack the top speed of 230 kmph set by the two stroke twins, aprilia rs250 and Suzuki rgv 250 gamma.

    • Ben, doubtful, this is a single-cylinder engine and runs out of steam around 150 km/hr.

    • abhiram

      ever heard of the legendary 250 cc 4 stroke, 4 cylinder bikes of the 80’s and 90’s like the honda cbr 250rr or the kawasaki zx-2r?…certain tuned versions of these monsters could very easily hit in excess of 250 kmph!…they revved to around 19k rpm..

    • ToRqUe

      “ever heard of the legendary 250 cc 4 stroke, 4 cylinder bikes of the 80′s and 90′s like the honda cbr 250rr or the kawasaki zx-2r?”
      have u ever wondered y this kind of config are not going to b launched anytime soon?
      will u ever consider buying 250cc above 4L mrp?
      4 cylinder = more cost more maintenance overall more expense than a car
      also safety concerns specially in india with our brilliant drivers & beautiful roads 250kph??
      LOL show me a road in our country where u can do even 100 on a bike “SAFELY”

    • Rajeev

      100 km/hr safely? Dude, come to Mysore. I ll show u roads where u can safely ride at 130-140(my 200NS wont cross 140)

    • sachin

      rajeev please go n check the design speed of Indian national highway ,state highway, express way n other roads n then join the discussion… they all r not even designed for such high speeds… if u r still exceeding above design speed ,ur not safe…

      imaging u r @ 130km/hr suddenly a dog enters ur path… @ that time how can u control ur bike…? even though u have powerful breaking system u have to travell certain distance to stop
      or suddenly u come with bump @curve, then..?

    • sachin

      torque i agree Indian roads r not ment for safety……
      worst dangerous roads….
      but i bought ktm 200
      u know y…?
      it has got good handeling , breaks ,performance(not power)
      so that its easier to control @ low speeds compared to other Indian low cost bikes.
      it has got good break, broad sticky tyres so that it will be safe @ low speed compared to other low cost indian bike

  • SKS

    Faisal, does it feel slightly unstable at speeds of 140/150 & above ? Just wanted to know because both the Dukes have top speeds a little lower as compared to their available engine power. 200 was short geared, but this one (390) is having no such issues, still actual top speed is around 160 only, even with whole 44 horses.

    • Ben

      @sks. the Duke will have no issues till it’s tested and claimed top speed of 160kmph. but it will not be confidence inspiring as a full faired bike, the review states that the bike tends to wheelie at times . this is the major weakness of Duke. but the duke has another major weapon, it’s outrageous acceleration similar to a two stroke bike as torque builds up even at higher rpms.

    • Ben, full faired 390 in the pipeline, should be a blast at high speeds.

    • SKS, it is reasonably stable but it’s a naked after all and no wind reflector means speeds does affect it at high speed.

    • ToRqUe

      its a Trellis frame……. dont expect too much
      hi speeds need similar to delta box frame like R1

  • SKS

    I want specific answer from somebody who has himself driven the bike. Have you? Don’t explain what is there written on various reviews that too ride impressions!

    • SKS, as I said before, the Duke 390 is reasonably composed, it doesn’t feel glued due to the wind having some effect on the stability. But those Metzeler tyres offer leech like grip. Light weight, lack of fairing and no wind deflector don’t make the Duke 390 very stable at high speeds. CBR250R fares better here.

    • Neo

      Glad ! 0-100 under 6 Seconds ! I hope all other will stop 250cc and will jump into something bigger.

    • Mack

      faisal, apart from sticker work, is CBR 250 with HET is in pipe line ? They need to do cost cut by atleast 70K to seek some buyers.

    • Mack, unlikely. I don’t think Honda is giving HET to its performance bikes. I could be wrong though.

    • jawed

      what you what to hear ? how can be a naked bike as stable as faired bike at high speed. this is a perfect street fighter. you can blast this even at 160. what else is required ?

  • Ben

    @faisal. please conduct a drag race between Yamaha rd350 and ktm Duke 375. even though rd350 is a twin cylinder two stroke producing more power it would have lost it’s charm due to age. also include pulsar 375 and royal enfield continental gt in the list after they are launched. they too will have similar power and top speed.

    • Ben, I think the most apt drag race would be with the Ninja 300.

    • Mack

      Duke redefines & shows what can be offered in “Value for Money” propotion. Hats of to Bajaj-Ktm.

  • Ben

    @faisal. you reported at the Duke’s engine vibrated below 2500rpm and also knocked at times. this is not healthy for engine as big as this. what ever may be the short stroke nature of the engine, this should not happen with 35 nm of torque and with very less weight. 2500 rpm is a healthy rpm for producing enough torque. look at Apache or pulsar, they are also short stroke engined bikes like the Duke, but they don’t knock. this is a serious problem and may also lead to engine cease. please report it to bajaj and confirm whether this is a technical problem or the problem with the bike you drove.

    • Ben, the vibration is minor and not of a bother at all. All single-cylinders have some vibrations. The knock is when you are in high gears at low speeds, which is due to the taller gearing.

    • jawed

      The biggest knocking engine is of cbr. It knocks even at 20@4 th gear. The engine is smooth and refined as unicorn is known for. quality issue are high as i found lot of rattling soung post 80. stablity of the bike is not good after 100. the bike goes one side if i leave handle at high speed. faisal, what can be done to reduce this knocking problem ? also can we tune the engine for better power as duke 390 ? i feel this bike no different like pulsar 180. pls help

    • Jawed, for knocking, use synthetic oil, will solve issue to a certain extent. Engine can be tuned but you will compromise on reliability and mileage.

    • Mohit

      Jawed, this aint no short geared commuter which will not knock in 4’th gear when your doing as low 20 kmph what do you expect motorcycles to start in 5’th gear first thing in the morning? Oil helps but be active!

      Change gears!! this is not a car where you can pull from 5’th gear from 30 kmph and whole world behind will wait!

      Get real, Ride actively!!

  • Atul

    @Faisal: Is it possible to upgrade from the duke 200 to this monster..??

  • Adi

    Thanks for the review. Is there any news on a faired version of the same machine (either KTM or Bajaj branded) ?

  • Nishanth

    @Faisal Will the duke 200’s suspension also be adjusted for our road conditions like 390 as you have mentioned here, will there be changes in the Duke 200’s gear ratios?

    • Chethan

      Hi Faisal,
      Great review, how is the fit and finish, though 2.10lac its a steal, for that performance, but is it really a tourer or just like 200, a streetfigher inside the city. They have been able to use minimal components for beauty and more good parts for performance like the frame, engine parts, tyres brakes etc and shares some common parts with D200 to keep the cost low. So only honda and obviously bajaj have bikes in their kitty, but i m not too impressed(bajaj) with the design as seen in the recent spy pics. But starting from now its only war between the 3 companies, tvs suzuki yamaha(sadly) are playing catching up with these bikes, so with this ktm launch honda did bring 2013 cbr 250 but, they ll be meeting right now to launch 400 series(parallel), as it is also platform sharing series, honda should keep it between 2-2.25lacs as its more variants like cbr cbf cbx and given the choices right now the bikers only job is to save money and decide which bike cause by the time a biker can save money there will be more choices especially by YAMAHA tvs bmw suzuki in 250 ?????!!!!!

    • Chethan, it’s more of a city rocket than a tourer even though the engine is more relaxed than the Duke 200. Quality is top notch, we get the same bike which gets exported after all.

      As far as choices go, every few months something new comes along!

    • Nishanth, no changes to the Duke 200 in the near future.

  • Sachin

    Does it powerwheelie if you crack the throttle open in 1st gear?

    • Yes Sachin, it does.

    • sachin

      Faizal, you just sold me a Duke 390 :P .

    • Sachin, I suggest you take a test ride before deciding if it suits you ;-)

  • Ninu

    My question is the same…

  • Saurabh

    Really great review faisal. I am intended to buy this but would it be comfortable to ride for a rider with height of 6feet 2 inches. And if needed can a pillion be accomodated ocassionally ? Can you please compare pillion comfort with that of yamaha fz.

    • Saurabh, nope, Pillion comfort on Yamaha FZ way better.

  • Chida

    which one will be the best for tourer duke 390 or cbr 250r ?

  • Sarik

    Hello Faisal…..plzz..clear my confusions. Is the ktm duke 200 seating is good for a pillion like my mother. Is it comfortable enough for long rides for the rider. Reliable. ?

    • ToRqUe

      “Is the ktm duke 200 seating is good for a pillion like my mother. ”
      one word……. NO

    • Sarik, yes it is reliable but not comfortable for long rides.

  • rahul

    is it flickable at speeds like 130.. 140.?? caus d200 is nt a bike for tht…
    and could it power whelie at normal speeds by jst craking the throtl …

  • Prasad Kedare

    can i engine swap my duke 200..?
    with this..?

    • No Prasad, you can’t.

    • Rajeev

      that was cute! :P

    • LOL Rajeev, engine swaps are not as easy as they appear ;p

    • Richdad

      Engine swaps are difficult but still managable, anyways in this case it will not be ecomical. Better to sell the Duke 200 and get the Duke 390

    • Exactly, because getting the engine swapped is a huge task, both in terms of time and cost.

  • Vinay

    @faisal : can I know the diff b/w faired, touring, naked versions of duke 390….also u ve told in the above comments tat faired version vl be avlb next year….wats the diff b/w duke which is launched nw n faired version D390

    • Vinay, no details available but faire model will take influence from RC series.

  • Gikku

    So On Your Opinion Which One Is Better – Ninja 300 or Duke 390?? What About Duke 390’s Aerodynamics???

    • Gikku, Ninja much better overall but costs almost double.

  • sijin harshan

    What abt stability?Breaking?

  • Rahul

    390 is one hell of a bike for Indian roads, went for a test drive and after sitting on the bike i felt good and as soon a the clutch was released the front wheel went up.

    Awesome machine but dont know what will happen at regular Signal GP. Good machine but the power should be respected and used responsibly

    I just hope guys buying this bike dont end up in hospital.

  • james

    I have a re 500 CI from 2003. I am tempted big time on this bike. The reason i want it is to not just cruise but get out of the signal and enjoy short sprint of adrenalin rush. My 500 gives me good fun but post 80-70kmph i settle down.

    I dont take it outside city for long drives. My city commute everyday is 26kms and i ride in traffic for say few stretches while mostly on decent speed roads.

    Do you see a change in my drive pleasure with this bike?

    Will i enjoy this bike or get bored. Buying this bike is not out of neccessity but out of obsession to own something fast but not 15L :)

    Please do share your feedback. I have booked but now i am considering cancellation for i think i am just overdoing and buying something for few days of fun.

    Test drove and liked it but there is no wow factor. Loved it the moment the engine touched 6000rpm..

    • James, If you want to enjoy without getting bored, get the Ninja 300.

  • dharun

    just booked this bike, but engine knocking was big issue can we do something about the gearing ratio so that we can get better drivability in city condition. living in chennai, will mostly use it for city drive, any thoughts abt it

    • Dharun, it’s best to leave the engine alone because there are remaps but they usually don’t work as well as the stock setup.

  • Suresh

    Hi Faizal,
    Great review.
    I am 6′ 2″ also. Will people our height feel uncomfortable on the Duke ? Read few comments on other sites about Duke not being suitable for tall riders. What is your opinion ?

    • Suresh, initially yes but you will get used to it.

  • raj

    i want to buy duke 390 but should i wait for the pulsar 375? and what will the deferance between them [quality]

  • Govind

    Hey faisal… This is a verry good review… It’s just lyk hw I drove it….that’s a monster.. actually u want your advice in making a decision for buying my first bike… I want a bike that can defeat NINJA 300 in a race…I also have an eye one NINJA… Bt I also like the power delivery of ktm 390 and features at such a low price… I actually want a bike that is value for money… No matter how much I gotta spend for that… My budget is under 4 Lk. I have 4options from which I want to make my mind… 1:- duke 390,2:- NINJA300 ,3:- hyosung gt 250r, 4:- any 2nd hand 600cc sports bike .I love the features given on hyosung…that bike is perfect for me to train me for my next bike… That will be surely a sports bike… Bt presently I all want is…I want a bike with an Awsum sound..wide tires, ready for high speeds and highways, upside down front forks(recommended) , I love to go fast and on long tours of about 300-500 km/day…this being my first bike… I am ready to spent money… Also on its customization..or please suggest me any other bike perfect on my needs… Or any upcoming bikes…plz help… I m in an extreme confusion and big eagerness… Thankyou… And reply is must..! Plz…

  • shahid siddiqui

    will ktm 390 suits for a rider height of 5 ft 4″- mostly city driving.thanx.

  • hemant

    hey Faisal, great review. keep up the good work :)
    I have a question : Is there any news of the KTM Freeride 350 hitting the Indian market anytime soon? Or any other offroad bike to look forward to in near future?
    thanks, Hemant

    • Nope Hemant, none coming.

    • Pradeep Kumar

      Hey Faisal, i am from Hyd. I booked a 390 and wud be arriving shortly, i’m very much interested to know whether 390 suits for city drive?traffic? is it manageable??? i am in a dilemma now whether to go for it or take a 200 duke for city drive….. my previous bike was 220, which was indeed the best. So do lemme know ur opinion on the city drive.

    • Get the 390, it’s good in the city and you will get used to it.

  • balan immanuel

    can i know whether the duke 390 can beat ninja 300 in sudden pickup & in top speed….?

    • No, the Ninja is faster in top speed but 0-100 km/hr the Duke 390 is faster.

  • Viplav

    I am 6ft 2” tall will ktm 390 suit me ?because aftr puttin 2 lakh rs ,if any1 will say that it wont suit u then ill feel like i have wasted my money on this …actually i love duke 200 very much but it doesn’t suit me ….i looks like m sittin on a toy my frnd suggested to get a duke 390 …so that if it wil suit my height then i will strt to save money for it …plz help and Sorry for askin such a senseless question but i thought u guys can help me so askin …thank you

    • You will look the same on the 390 as you do on a 200.

    • viplav

      thank you … so which bike u suggest me ?i am having my budget only til 2 lakh 15 thousand
      but m goin to save the save as per the price

    • Duke is not an issue for your height, in terms of riding but yes you will end up looking out of place on it.

    • viplav

      so u are sayin that i shld go for ktm 390 ?
      actually m not taking it for riding or racing purpose but only as a cool bike by which i can look cool

    • If you want to look cool, don’t get the Duke, get the Ninja.

  • Viplav

    I have 2 wait for 1 and a half year for it but if u say so then ill go for ninja …thank you for ur help and sorry for wasting your time ….have a good day

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