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KTM India Confirms Launch Of Two Faired Bikes In 2014

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Faired KTM Duke 390

We all knew it’s coming but now KTM has confirmed its plans to launch not one but two RC bikes in India next year. The Austrian automaker will officially unveil the RC 200 and RC 390 at the upcoming ECIMA motorcycle show in Milan in November 2013. The launch of these bikes will happen next year, the first time when KTM will launch two products in India in the same year. Last year KTM launched the Duke 200 while this year, the Duke 390 was launched. Both bikes will form the basis of the upcoming RC bikes.

So why is KTM going from naked motorcycles to full faired machines, when the company is known for its Duke series of bikes which have no weight and best in class power to weight ratio. After having sold 8000 units of the Duke 200 in India last year, KTM has managed to understand the mentality and desire of Indian bikers. Most people give full faired bikes more weight-age, even putting performance and handling as less important parameters. All this has made KTM put the development of RC bikes on top of their list.

“Bajaj-KTM will launch two variants of the RC brand of faired racing bikes in the calendar year 2014 under the sub-500 cc category,” Amit Nandi, Head, KTM India, said on the sidelines of the Duke 390 launch in Kolkata.

So what can we expect from the upcoming RC series of motorcycles? They will be priced around Rs. 35,000/- more than their naked counterparts, which manes the RC 390 will be priced around Rs. 2.4 lakhs on-road, Mumbai. The RC bikes will feature a full fairing, aerodynamic headlight and clip-on handle bars. The seating position will be slightly aggressive compared to the rather upright position on the Duke 200 and Duke 390.

Under the skin, everything remains the same, so you get a Trellis frame, 150 section rear tyre, WP suspension, etc. The engine will be the same as well, so in the case of the RC 390, the 373.2cc engine from the Duke 390 will power it. KTM recently unveiled the racing version of the RC 390 which has been detuned to 38 HP to fit racing regulations. Expect the same amount of riding hooliganism from KTM’s upcoming RC series of pocket-rockets.

KTM Duke RC 390

2014 KTM RC390

KTM RC 390

KTM Duke RC 390 Rear

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  • Veeru

    Does that mean there is a fully faired 250cc Pulsar as well? Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki.. run for your drawing boards to come up with some products that can compete with Bajaj-KTM juggernaut.

    • Veeru, full faired Pulsar 390 is around the corner.

    • Anoop

      Haha… Bajaj ?? you must be joking….what kind of quality can you expect from a worthless company like bajaj?? Suzuki came up with the best comfortable quarter litre bike in india – the inazuma . The ninja 300 is here and they will soon relaunch the ninja 250. R25 is coming in 2015

  • mathews

    november is the date that bajaj too unveil its 375…so does it mean all are planned to unveil at the same time?

  • k.p

    any news of new pulsar sub 200 c.c?

  • Pravin

    So even KTM now understands the need for a proper faired bike rather than bare bodied Dukes.. Good for them..

  • Rachit

    first go and ride the bare bodied Duke then comment plz.

  • Ben

    there is some significant thing in this article. ktm has been escaping the criticism for it’s lesser top speed values in it’s Duke range of motorcycles due to their less weight and naked stance. but that is not the case with full faired bikes. so the rc series will clearly strip out the real capabilities of ktm. so the performance offered by the rc bikes will say whether ktm can rub shoulders with the japs or it’s just a dirt bike manufacturer.

    • Ben, nice point Ben, yes we should not forget full faired bikes have better aeros at high speeds.

    • Himasnhu

      Ktm duke and RC Models have one main difference that duke has short gears and rc will offers longs gears that means that beauty got higher top speed like R15 &cbr250
      simply clave

  • karikor

    KTM predominantly leads the Moto GP 250cc Moto 3 so there is no doubt or question on their traclk capabilities atleast for smaller engines.

  • Ben

    @karikor. to my knowledge I have never seen ktm winning any of the moto3 title. it is repeatedly shared by aprilia and Honda. also when it comes to liter class bikes, the 3 most prestigious races are motogp, ama pro racing and world super bike championship. Yamaha and Honda will always share the title in moto gp, Yamaha and Suzuki share the title in Bob pro racing and Kawasaki and Honda always share the title in world super bike championship.

  • karikor

    @Ben- please check . I am sure you will see that at this years current riders standings for Moto 3, the top five riders are ktm guys.

  • saikishan

    I have already booked the Ktm 390 ,wanted to know can the naked version modified to the RC 390 if the answer is yes how would it cost .
    Faisal please help

  • somansh chawla

    Its not shure that u can modified it into full faired n if u do so it will be more than 25 k.. I am also going to book 390 duke but now confused what to do.???

  • ajay kumar

    any one can sit back

  • shubham

    I am going to buy honda cbr 250r . should I wait for rc 250? Because I think rc is better than cbr 250r.

    • Shubham, yes wait for it or better still, get RC390.

  • JG420

    Hi….Is there a new Avenger in the works? The old one just looks stale now…I’m out to buy a new bike soon and all the cruiser options look like shit and I cant yet just shell out 5L+ for a harley! Any help! PLEASE HELP.

  • abhinav

    Can u mention the exact on road price of rc 250… in confuse b/w cbr 250 and rc 250

  • raj

    hello Faisal,
    just wanted to knw if the RC390 can be used as a good tourer? I love the sharp styling cues of this little beast but very much confused about the comfort while i am on road.
    Would really appreciate your help.

  • Koushik

    What about the engine heat cooking rider’s legs(an issue seen in duke 390)….will it be solved by that fairing..?I am asking it because the fairing is not that big like the Japanese bike makers…..

  • md anish

    I want to buy a new bike I also hve a ninja 250 can the rc 390 will be able to compete with ninja 250 bcoz it a dual cylinder bike which one is best still ride the ninja or buy the rc 390

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