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June 2013 Two Wheeler Sales Figures & Analysis

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Hero Impulse vs Suzuki GS150R

The Big Picture – The two-wheeler market in India is quite big in terms of volumes as it crosses the million vehicles sales mark easily every month by margin. But this time, market has seen a downturn by 6.40% compared to last month. We will see how every manufacturer has contributed this month.

Hero MotoCorpThe numero uno of long run in the Indian two-wheeler industry, Hero Motocorp, has witnessed considerable fall in sales numbers in June. This downfall is in line with the market sentiment though. There might be several reasons behind the falling sales of company, but we can also approximate that Honda’s rise in bike sales might have dented the sales figures of this camp. This might have triggered the alarm and thus we recently heard news about Hero Motocorp developing ultra-low cost bike. After all it takes lot more efforts to maintain the number one territory, than to gain it. Let us see who evolves better and manages to stay at top. But on the positive note, in this calendar year, the company has managed to sell more than 5 lakh units in single month for the fourth time. Overall, the company witnessed drop in sales of 9.97% and 5.96% on MoM and YoY basis respectively.

Two Wheelers Sales Figures June 2013 Main

Bajaj AutoBajaj has recently created a shockwave in the premium two-wheeler market with its partner KTM, by launching pocket rocket KTM Duke 390 with highest PS/Rs. proposition. But their solo handed business was experiencing a different story as workers of their Pune plant went on strike. This has halted the production of its one of the key selling model, Pulsar. Sales report of June reflects the same as company closed the month with fall in sales of 16.48% on MoM basis and that of 20.05% on YoY basis.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters – Going against the current market trend, Honda gained the momentum strongly in June. Their strong gain in bike sales might have spoiled the party of the others, but is proving the company’s decisions of addressing the entry level market to be just right. Dream series of bikes are helping the company, in fulfilling their dream of being on top of the charts. Currently Honda is ahead of Bajaj in domestic sales and not far behind in overall sales. This situation is going to further flourish once the Activa i becomes available in the market. In June, company’s sales increased by 10.09% compared to that of previous month and similarly that has increased by 11.10% compared to June 2012.

TVS Motors – TVS is struggling hard to sustain its market share while it is being attacked by others. Hence it is now working on new scooter which is likely to challenge Activa head on. TVS has lost its ground badly in scooter segments over the past few years. Now the company has realized the situation very well and looking for damage control act. We speculate that TVS’s new scooter may hit the showrooms in July itself, as we can see a sharp rise in scooter numbers. TVS has to put some efforts in the bike segment too as their current portfolio is quite outgunned in front of the competition. Overall, TVS managed to sell 1.25% & 4.89% less two-wheelers on MoM & YoY basis respectively.

Yamaha Motorcycles – Yamaha with its distinct customer base is looking strong over the past few months. Company has always been upgrading their two-wheelers in order to make them appealing and up to date. Hence, overall company’s sales volume has increased by strong 51.95% (YoY) with almost no change in sales compared to May 2013.

Suzuki Motorcycles & Mahindra 2 Wheelers – This time too we don’t have official sales figures from both the companies.

Two Wheelers Sales Figures June 2013 Rankings

Two Wheelers Sales Figures June 2013 PieChart

Things To Look Out For In July 2013 –

–          How Bajaj settles the strike at its plan and how badly it will affect the performance of company?
–          Does the strike at Bajaj auto delay the launch of new Discovers?
–          Can Honda further dent the Hero Motocorp’s bread and butter segment?
–          Will TVS launch it’s new scooter this month?

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  • dharun

    like bajaj said honda has become a real threat , they are gunning for the uno numerous spot , they have already taken the second position from the bajaj and it is just matter of time before they take 1 position as India’s top manufacturer. i think with all the competition in the market , the people are in for real treat as all the manufacturers will bring in their ‘A’ game .

    • Gokul

      Rahul bajaj already forsaw the fact that HMSI is a real threat to them. Whatever country Honda stepped in, they grabbed the market in their hands by mingling with the local company there and going solo with a strong current. After 2014 i think Bajaj and HMSI will be in the no. 1 and 2 positions.

  • Neo

    So now market is depressed. Then how 5L+ sales coming for hero ?

    • Rural market continues to get them strong sales.

  • Akash

    Future leaders of Indian 2 wheeler markets are BAJAJ AND HONDA . . . .

  • SKS

    BAJAJ KA JAMANA GAYA! Unless they launch a fairly successful scooter it is going to remain No. 3 only for Bajaj. Because last many years se unki bikes ka base ek limit se jyada nahi badh raha hai (poor & inconsistent quality along with bad service support & resale). Second they should focus on their product quality & not on political comments on other companies, whether it is Hero, Honda & even Tata (no other 2-wheeler maker in India does so) & advertisements ( they can never give sustainabilty in volumes & long term brand image).

  • Rajan

    Detailed 4 wheeler sales data analysis for June please… Looks like this data was not published yet in India..

  • Ben

    bajaj with all the hype of launching big products could not get on top. but Honda with humble small product launches came on top. the major reason is there is no inside stuff in bajaj when compatred to the outside decorations. no other brand changes product line up like bajaj .

  • true

    Bajaj and TVS will somehow maintain their current sales in the next few years. Both have new products lined up for launch. The company that really needs to be worried is Hero. Hero has no products of its own. All hero products are currently dependent on Honda technology. Come 2014, Hero has to launch own products. Also, so far, Honda has been concentrating on cities. The next phase of Honda’s dealer expansion is going to target small towns and rural areas. Hero has most sales in rural India. If honda expands in rural india rapidly, Hero will suffer the most, not Bajaj or TVS.

    Yamaha is doing well, but need a good 110cc and 125cc bikes in the product lineup with reasonable price.

    Suzuki as usual is surviving on Access sales. Suzuki suffers mainly due to poor styling and poor service. Minor things like brake adjustment, clutch adjustment, chain adjustment, etc., are done by cleaners in suzuki service, and not done by the mechanics. This bad adjustment results in to further bigger problems.

    • Deepak Jha

      sure HSMI going to expand but only in Towns not in rural areas. as we know that Honda’s major share comes fro scooter segment and still in India is no in position to adopt scooter in rural belt so Hero still maintain the lead unless Honda’s share of economic model increase.

  • ravi

    where is June car sales figure

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