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Yamaha Launches Special Edition Of FZ-S & Fazer

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2013 Yamaha Fazer Special Edition

Every year Yamaha updates the FZ range with new colors. The company has been doing this since the past few years with moderate success. Now it is that time of the year, with the festive season looming over our heads, Yamaha has yet again launched the special edition variants of the FZ-S and the Fazer. Now the special edition really doesn’t bring much to the table but this move from Yamaha seems to tackle the recently launched Honda CB Trigger. The company will run an aggressive marketing campaign surrounding this launch.

The FZ-S and Fazer have been given new graphics on its all new battle green color. Yamaha likes to call this stylish but we like the Midnight edition better. These special edition models will be limited in number although Yamaha has not disclosed the number of units it plans to produce. The special edition Yamaha FZ-S is priced at Rs. 74,385/- and the Yamaha Fazer special edition is priced at Rs. 79,485/- (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). These come at a slight premium over the regular models.

Both Fazer and FZ-S are powered by the same 153cc single-cylinder engine which produces 14 PS of power and 13.6 Nm of torque coupled to 5-speed gearbox. Yamaha launched the FZ series in 2008. Since then, Yamaha has not made any mechanical changes to the motorcycle. However, the FZ is still one of the best motorcycles in the 150cc segment offering crisp performance, splendid dynamics and Yamaha quality. Enthusiasts expect more from the brand Yamaha and mechanical changes to the FZ can create a new benchmark in the 150cc segment, leaving competitors dumbfounded.

2013 Yamaha FZ S

Yamaha Fazer Battle Green

Yamaha FZ S Battle Green

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  • vaikunth

    Hi, Faisal I am in the verge of buying a new bike.My budget is around 80,000 and not more than 85,000. I have shortlisted 3 bikes RTR (160,180), Fzs, Fazer. See daily usage is approx 50 km a day. I am not interested in Pulsar (150,180) as i got mixed reviews that their engines really suck after 1 yr. and the engine of the new generation pulsar are not like the old one. I live in Delhi so it should be easy to handle through traffic. So waiting for u r valuable suggestions. Its not necessary that u should choose from the above 3. U kindly give u r choice of bike apart from this if u have any.

    • Vaikunth, if mileage not a concern, get the Fazer.

    • Seetam

      I think, HONDA CB TRIGGER or DAZZLER are also good two Wheeler.

    • true

      I own the gs150r and also frequently ride my brother’s fz-s. The Fz-S is fun to ride, turns easily, and is light. The gs150r is rock stable, handles decently, and its 6th gear is really good for riding long roads.

      I am 5 feet 7 inches. The riding position of Fz-S is not too aggressive; it is just right. It has slightly rear-set footpegs which is a good thing. But I find the Fz-S a bit too short. The gs150r also has slightly rear-set footpegs, which is good, and it is comfortable. Though Fz-S is lighter by 10 kg, the pickup is not that good. I find the pickup in my Fz-S and Gs150r to be the same.

      Honda unicorn does not have rear-set footpegs. This feet-foward position is not comfortable for long rides. But good engine.

      The apache is also a good bike but slightly aggressive seat position. Very good pickup. If buying the apache, buy the RTR180 only. Do not buy 160.

  • Ysak


    which bike wud u suggst for a guy around 6 feet tall & weighing around 75 kg’s.. no pulsar pls.. using it r8 nw..

    • Ysak, what’s your budget.

    • Ysak

      ohh. sorry.. around 80k.

    • I would suggest FZ-S.

    • Ysak

      Height/Weight not a prob for FZ ?
      BTW , there’s nly cosmetic changes btwn FZS & FZ16, r8?

    • Ysak, yes only cosmetic changes. Over time they have made minor changes and that’s about it.

  • Sanjay

    I am looking for a new Bike and my budget is around 1 lac. I haven’t ridden any bike before. I will use it mostly for the city commute. Plz HELP!

    • Get the Yamaha Fazer.

    • shaikh mohsin

      Will it be good in handling….
      Most important proper millage at road is how my ….
      And what should i buy in ths 2014….
      Suggest me a good bike i m a new hand on the bike….

  • Supriyo

    Hi I’m from west bengal. I’m 5’6” and average looking. I want to buy my first bike and learn how to ride it (till now i don’t know how to ride a bike). I’m confused in fz s and fazer (in my city fazer cost is around 93k). I guess my usage will be 50 k.m. per week. My question is which would be perfect for me. And can i face problem on learning in these bikes. And can you tell me the mileage of these bikes coz I’m confused by many different articles in which they say figures like 20, 25, 30, 40, 55 kmpl
    many tnx :)

  • soumenbanerjee

    Hi Faisal I’m from west Bengal .I have a Frazer bike,but I want to buy Honda CBR 150 . Just u tell me about cbr150 bike is good or bed?????

  • shahid

    Hi faisal i am from kashmir & i am looking to buy new bike in 150 segment my budget is 75000 to 80000..

  • anup

    hey faisal…. im lookin to buy a bike… i hve shortlisted two bikes… fzs and cbr 150… im getting confused as to which bike is better buy…. what r ur opinions as to which i should buy?? thanx in adv

  • Gagan Brar

    hi Faisal , i m a student and i m from Ludiana , Punjab . i want to buy a bike with good styling and decent mileage . my daily usage will be 50 kms approx. My budget is around 80,000. i m confused b/w apache 180 , fzs , fazer and pulsar ( 180,220 , 200ns ). please give me advice . and what about the launch of 2 new pulsars this year about which Mr.Rajiv Bajaj was talking about ?? please reply soon…

  • Fz -16

    I Own Fz-16 N Let Me tell U that i completely Enjoy my bike it almost 10k km done on it n it also giving me decent avg. of 40-42 km /lt sometime at speeding my bike around 70-80km/hr for couple of km on my daily route
    And Of Other bike pulsar Is The Bike I Seriously Don’t prefer Noy Becoz I Am A Fzian It Due To My Personal Expirence Else U Can Try Ur self N See The diffrence
    Pulsar (200ns ,220) may be fast then fz or other bike but u Should Have Ur Safety Gears Put On As It Speeding Is Not As Confidence As Of Yamaha And Honda Bikes
    There Are Better Option Then Bajaj Honda Cbr n Ktm 200 (Best in That Price ) As Ur Budget Is of 80k I Suggest U For Yamaha Last Choice Is Urs Have A Test Drive N Decide Ur Own

  • Ajay Kumar K R

    Hi Faizal..Gonnu buy a bike. My budget is around 80k not more than that. I’m really impressed by the looks of the new limited edition Fz..but mileage is something i can’t compromise on. So i have cb unicorn im my mind as well..Which bike would you recommend?

  • rajesh

    I wanna buy a bike and my budget is 85000…. my height is 5.4… plz help me to get good bike… suggest me a bike which gives d mileage of 45-50…

    • rajesh

      What is d mileage of fazer and fzs??

    • Rajesh, between 40-45 km/l.

    • Rajesh, get the FZ.

  • Vaibhav

    I wanna buy a bike and my budget is around 90k. I m going to buy my first bike & m confused in yamaha fazer,hero karizma r and bajaj pulsar 220.I need a bike which gives good performance and mileage.I m a student and my daily travel is 15 km avg in city so please suggest me as soon as posible.

  • pabitra

    faisal bro can u sugst me good height is 5.5 .my budget is 90k.i want to choose between avenger,apache rtr 180,fzs..any one frm it..:)

    • Pabitra, get the Apache.

    • pabitra

      avenger will not suit me..?.i will get apache but avenger was my dream bike..haha..

  • pankajkunwar

    hi… I m a constable of m.p police and my heigh is 5’6 inch and i am 22year old… I wanna buy a bike and my budget is around 80 to 90k.. plz tell me which bike is better in look and milege. I m confussed in fezer and fz.. which is better bike…

    • Pankaj, both are good bikes and are the same. The Fazer is better in overall appeal but just. Get the Fazer.

  • suhail

    hi faisal i want to buy new yamaha fzs limited edition may i knw when it will be out in the market still the bike has not come in the showroom

    • Suhail, limited editions are usually not on display.

  • Faizan Malik

    Bro myself Faizan from Kashmir…
    I have booked the Fzs but i am confused with the colour.. Please suggest me a awesome colour…

  • thrisul sagar

    hi.. i am wz planned to by a bike FZ S , plz friends tell abt that bike , like millage & performance, coast , accerories& others, bcz i am student , i am dialy travel around 35 to 40 km/ day

    • Sagar, mileage is 40-45 km/l. Performance is good. Cost is around 80k.

  • shubham jain

    Hi faisal,
    I am a 6ft3inch guy, weighing around 130kgs.
    I am planning on buying a bike, but can’t decide which one to buy because of my huge size.
    My budget is 1.3 lakhs and i’ll be riding for some 75kms everyday.
    Please give me some options.
    I am open to all kinds of bikes.
    Thank you

    • Shubham, you should opt for a Royal Enfield since your running is quite a lot too, it will be easy to cruise in the bike. Checkout the Thunderbird 350.

  • Pranoy

    is this bike matte black?or the glosy one?

  • faisal

    what average does fzs gives

  • hemanth

    Hi i’m hemanth from hyd. I want to buy fz-s bike what was d exact price for it in hyd.

  • suresh poojari

    Hi faisal Bro,i buy new edition fz 16.But what average does fz 16 new model gives.

  • saif

    Hello I m vry confused btween yamaha fzs & pulsar 200ns which is better in terms of safety reliability & maintenance and which one does not vibrates?? plz help @Faisal khan

    • Saif, the 200 NS is a good bike but the FZ-S is a proven product.

    • saif

      so which bike to choose?

    • Saif, I would suggest the Fazer.

  • Deepak Arya

    I have bought the Fazer Special edition battle green color.
    But the average it is giving is around 25 km/ltr but the company claims 40-45 km/ltr.
    Just 1 month old.

  • Rajesh SK

    Hi Faizal,
    I am planning to buy a new bike which should be sporty and also gives good mileage.
    I have shortlisted Honda trigger and FZS, SZRR. Following are the observations after taking drive of Trigger engine is good but the head light and handle bar of Trigger feels like that of of some 110 cc bike and also the plastic finishing doesn’t look complete and quality of switches look very poor in quality. Also bike looks shorter for me as i am 5’10. I felt Honda had seriously over priced this bike and we should compare it with Yamaha SZRR but not with FZS. In the long run will the mileage of FZs falls below 40 (after 2 yrs)?
    Please suggest whether i could go with FZS or SZ-RR as budget is not a concern for me.
    Thanks in advance.

  • sakthi

    i am planning to buy a bike around 80-90k .. studying b.e final yr .what is the crt option honda unicorn or fazer bro pls suggest me soon

  • Rahul sk

    i realy enjoy it… because i have the fazer… and it is very beautiful than any normal ranges byke… and the mileage is 54…..

  • Zaid

    Hello Faisal.. m on verge of buying a new bike but m confused b/w P180, fzs n fazer… m a colg goin student and
    my budget is around 80k.. pls suggest me something good

  • venkat raman

    i am just 5.1 feet and i wanted to buy fz and will i be able to drive in city traffic, and will fz16 model be available in 2014, as compared to fzs, fz16 seat height is little short… pls give me some good suggestion… or can i go for non gear bike….

    • Venkat, don’t worry, you can ride it, practise makes perfect.

    • venkat raman

      thank u, thanks a lot, but will fz16 model be in market till 2014 jan, and can i go for fzs or FZ16

    • Venkat, no mechanical difference between FZ-S and FZ16. Opt for either, which ever appeals more to you.

    • venkat raman

      thank you, thank u once again, i got a clear picture now……….. thanks for ur guidence…. i will let u know in this page as soon as i get a new bike.. thank u….

  • akshay

    can you say me the on road price of yamaha fz s bike in hyderabd

  • Shubham Khandelwal

    Hi Fazal, its been a while that i am reading articles on Motorbeam. com ; and i really like your reviews about various bikes.
    till now i was using Honda Stunner, which i sold two days back :)
    now i want to own a new bike… but i am lil bit confused ..which is the best worth to my money.
    Pulser 180 – Yamaha Fz- TVS RTR 180.

    although i am thinking of buying Tvs Apache as i wanna own a bike between 80k- 83k. And yamaha’s bike is only 150 cc in that price tag..while in that same price tag i can have a 180 cc bike..from TVS.

    i will use the bike in city only..and my daily run will be around 30-40kms.

    Could you guide me…?

    With regards,

    • Shubham, get the RTR, the better bike of the three.

  • Prallhad

    I wana purchase a byke..i m just learning passion pro now..
    what u will suggest?
    shall i go for fazer ?
    i m not confident about my riding capability for Fazer..but i like the look n features..plz suggest..m little confused..

    • Fazer is a very good learner bike, go for it.

  • Niket Bhagwath

    Hi Faisal,
    I like this colour of Fazer. I want to get it. But I also love karizma R because of its low end torque and ride quality. Please suggest me out of this two which one shud i prefer to buy.

    • Niket Bhagwath

      @Faisal: Please provide your suggestions too

    • Niket, wait for new Karizma.

    • Niket Bhagwath

      When is its release date?

  • Kedar


    I would suggest you to go ahead with Karizma for low end torque and ride quality as you mentioned.

    Karizma R will cost you Rs. 93k and Fazer special edition will cost you around Rs. 90k.

    • Niket Bhagwath

      @Kedar: Thanks for the suggestion. One thing i doubt now a days about Karizma is the quality Hero producing. My friend bought a Karizma R in January but it started a rattling sound since October. That sound pulls out all the fun in driving. But I love riding this bike. It brings us home effortlessly even after travelling 30-40Kms.

  • kalyan

    I own the gs153r and also frequently ride my brother’s fz-s. The Fz-S is fun to ride, turns easily, and is light. The gs150r is rock stable, handles decently, and its 5th gear is really good for riding long roads.

    I am 5 feet 7 inches. The riding position of Fz-S is not too aggressive; it is just right. It has slightly rear-set footpegs which is a good thing. But I find the Fz-S a bit too short. The gs150r also has slightly rear-set footpegs, which is good, and it is comfortable. Though Fz-S is lighter by 10 kg, the pickup is not that good. I find the pickup in my Fz-S and limited edication to be the same.

    good engine.

    My sexy bike………|

    • Kalyan, Yamaha hasn’t made any changes to the engine of the FZ since launch.


    hi faisal I want to upgrade my fazer bulb into HID please tell me wich is best HID vs PROJECTOR LAMPS Please tell me any kind of information about your experience of this things and other any type of upgrades

    • HID with projectors is better. Just go for reputed brand with warranty.

  • Rudranibha Choudhury

    Hello faisal
    I am Rudra,planning to buy a bike my budget is around 1.5 lakh.pls do suggest me.I need power,handling.a pillion worthy seat. mileage not a worry.and no pulsar!!!

    • Get the CBR150R.

    • Rudranibha Choudhury

      thanks for the suggestion,but is ktm duke 200 a pillion worthy bike?, or else will be buying cbr150r only.

  • Prithivi

    Hi Faisal

    I am planning to buy a good 150cc bike. I really like the FZ models. Read a lot about them in the internet.
    One common problem i found people complaining is the discomfort of the pillion rider. This is the only factor which is blocking my decision.
    Is it so bad? Also can i get a ladies foot rest for FZ models? And how comfortable will it be for ladies while sitting one sided in the pillion of FZ?


  • Prakhar

    Hi Faisal,
    I am a college student in lucknow.
    I want to buy a bike with on-road price of 90000(max.)
    I am confused between fazer, rtr 180.
    Which bike would be better in terms of average and maintenance.
    My daily travel is about 22kms.

    Please reply.

  • Prakhar

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
    Please answer my one more question that how much average would fazer give as I love to cruze above 70-80 kmph in city.

  • Prakhar

    Thanks Faisal.

  • Anirudh

    Hi Faisal,
    I want to buy a bike which would cost me onroad price around 90000.
    I am a little bit confused with fazer and pulsar 220.
    Please suggest me a bike of the two.
    My daily travel is about 23kms.
    Which bike would be better in terms of average and engine life of the bike.

  • Anirudh

    Hey Faisal
    please give suggestion to my previous question..
    Waiting for your reply..

  • parth

    I am confused between pulsar 150 and yamaha fzs. Mileage is not issue for me. Just want excellent bike….suggest me

  • Maharaja dey

    Faisal sir, I am going to buy Yamaha fazer 153 cc i want your kind suggestion about the bike im from kolkata and i wont be using the bike daily….
    Please suggest, wheteher its the right decission or not?

  • Nirmal

    Faisal bro what is fazer battle green bike millage? pls tell me quickly because today tomorrow am go and buy.
    Some people told that bike millage was 25 only so i confused and am fear.

  • jawahar

    i’m in confusion to buy a honda unicorn or yamaha fz-s battle green? which one is better in mileage,comfort& maintenance? any suggestions please…

    • Yamaha FZ-S but Honda will give better mileage.

  • Amin Rudra

    hi faisal,
    I want to know, which is the best bike from Fz-s,Fazer,and honda CB Trigger 150 according to the milage and cofort? and also which one You prefer to buy from this three bikes when budget is between 75000 to 80000?

    humble reqst to suggest you!

  • Haneef

    Am completely confused between pulsar 200ns and fz… Pls help me out… I want a decent mileage of 40 … And my height is 5feet 10inches, weight 75kgs.. Need your advice ppl… This is my very first bike.

  • Pratik Pandey

    Hi, planning to buy a bike n my heart is saying to get the fz-s battle green. this will be my 1st bike and i still need to learn riding properly. can you pls tell me whether fz-s battle green will be a decent choice? my height is arnd 5.5 so fz-s seems very comfortable. i dnt knw the reason bt most of my frnds and family members are saying to go for honda bike..unicorn to be precise but m nt interested.

    Pls suggest me what shld i do? what milegae can i expect frm fz-s and what can be the pros n cons of the bike after 2 yrs as i also gt some review k after couple of yrs it sucks lots of your money in maintenance.

  • abdul

    asslam faisel bhai rtr180 an yamaha fezar wich bike is better.prfomns mey aur lock mey.q this month muje bike purches karna cunfz hu.plz help me

  • Anshmit

    I wanna to buy a new bike pls auggest me friends….

  • jk

    faisal bhai fazer is around 5 kg heavier then fzs with same power output so is there any differance in performance,economy,straight line stability,handling between thease two bike plse reply..

  • Arka Banerjee

    hey faisal please help me in between in selecting between fzs and pulsar 150 which is better in pickup and speed….,please m really confused between the two…..,in our place they dnt giv test rided,so plz help

  • Arka Banerjee

    I know that the fz is a better bike overall but I want to know that which has a better acceleration as I am a thrill seeker…,can u please help me with this criteria….,thankz in advance

    • What’s your budget?

    • Arka Banerjee

      Better acceleration among fz and p150??

  • Arka Banerjee

    Within 1 lakh…

  • simle

    Hi Faisal,

    Going through all your comments.
    I am planning to buy a good bike. I really like the FZ – s models. Read a lot about them in the internet.
    One common problem i found people complaining is the discomfort of the pillion rider. This is the only factor which is blocking my decision.
    Is it so bad? Also can i get a ladies foot rest for FZ models? And how comfortable will it be for ladies while sitting one sided in the pillion of FZ?

    Waiting for your kind reply..

    • Why not look at the CB Trigger? Better for a pillion.

  • simle

    Thanks for your reply.
    I didn’t find much difference. What you say..? And any other suggestions.
    I am fidha on FZ – s but only one concern how comfortable will it be for ladies while sitting one sided in the pillion of FZ?
    Waiting for your kind reply..

  • simle

    What you say bout TVS Apache series RTR 160, When compare to FZ – s?

  • simle

    Thanks for your Reply and Suggestions.

  • Manoj

    Fz limited edition or Fz-s or pulsar 200Ns or Apache Rtr 180 ..plzz reply

    • Manoj

      faisal bhai reply karo na..

    • 200 NS is the bike to buy.

  • ibrahim

    dear faisal…I wann buy a bike between fzs & fazer, but I like fazer but confused about my hight 5.6″ inch, fazer is suitable for me or not, plz replay

  • Rohit

    My height is 5.9′.. will fz-s(limited edition) suit me , or i should by Karizma.. plzz reply..

  • vel

    Hi i wanna buy a new fz-s bike ,can i know what is special in fz-s bikes while compared to other bikes ?? fs-z vs fazer which is better and in what ways ??
    and another ques is when fz-s version 2 bike release date ? plz reply soon waiting for ur comments….

  • karthic

    hai, iam confused of getting what bike to buy between fzs , fazer , and apache.. my budget is 80 to 90 k.. my height is 5.7 inches.. i need style , comfort and good mileage in city ride…. please suggest me…


    hey.. which one is best in style comfort mileage and fun city ride.. apache 160 or 180?? pls suggest me

  • mayborn

    im from shillong, im opting for fzs and fazer… just wanna know the difference in mileage or any other if any between them.. n wat affects wud the extra weight of fazer have on its performance??? confused between the two.. being a hilly area ,i dont know wich 1 will suits me!! “height 5ft 7 inch ” …

    faisal bro … plzz guide me on dis

  • Nisar

    Hi Faisal,

    I am 5.10, weighing 73 kilos. I am confused between FZ-S and Fazer. I like both, but I would like better grip, handling in the bike. Which one to opt for?

    • Nisar

      Can I get the reply, Faisal? I am waiting for your suggestion before I book the bike.

  • Tapabrata

    hei Faisal,can you tell me which one is good for daily use…rtr 180 or fz-s??P.S.-I want comfort,good handling and a smooth fast bike!!

  • Nisar

    March 29, 2014, 6:13 pm

    Hi Faisal,
    I am 5.10, weighing 73 kilos. I am confused between FZ-S and Fazer. I like both, but I would like better grip, handling in the bike. Which one to opt for?

    Please reply, Faisal :)

  • Raghavendra

    Hi ,faizal bai I want to purchase new model Karizma r wt about ur opinion.can I go for Kari MA or yamha height is 5.8″

    • KK

      Fzs spl edition

  • Rahul Singh

    Hi Faisal.I want to buy one between Fazer , FZ-S, and RTR 180. Fazer is my dream bike.My height is between 5.5 to 5.6.Some say Fazer is bigger compared to my size.Is it so ?? Which one to go for ??

    • Fazer will suit you, don’t worry.

    • Rahul Singh

      Thanks :-)

  • mohamed ihsan

    hi faisal
    I shortlisted following bike
    RTR , fzs , fazer , 200NS please provide me your valuable suggestion concern about milage of these bikes

    • RTR 160 will be most efficient and Pulsar least but 200 NS most powerful and fun.

    • KK

      Get fzs limited edition

  • mathew

    Hi Faisal,
    Im gng to buy my first bike,Daily im traveling upto 35km..So luking for light weight 150cc bike and mileage should give arround 45..pls suggest any worthy bike ??

    • Mathew, the Triger is a good option.

    • KK

      Get fzs. Overall trigger is good but fz is fz, lord of looks

    • KK

      Get fzs. Overall trigger is good but fz is fz, lord of looks

  • Abhishek

    Hey, Faisal I want to purchase.,..Fz cause i love this bike but the problem is…..that can i get foot rest for ladies in fz?

    • No you can’t get a proper footrest from Yamaha but there are aftermarket accessories available.

  • Abhishek

    Plz help me Faisal……..i’m so worried about this…. ;-(

  • ganesh

    hai i am ganesh i am thinking to buy an new my option is to buy fazer bike but my height is 5.4 to 5.5 is that bike will suitable for me or not faisal say please….and say milliage of these fazer bike plse

    • ganesh

      and say in fazer which colour bike more stylish say .i am waiting for your reply…….

  • Maruti Mangalore

    Hi, I am so confused which one is good either fzs or fzs limited edition and mileage..?

  • ganapathy

    I like to buy BATTLE GREEN special edition in yamaha but confused between FAZER AND FZ . kindly suggest me soon next week gonna buy…

  • tej

    both bikes are same…just fazer gets a fairing…so if u are going to travel more on highways get the fazer & if u r driving in cities get fz

  • jawahar

    I’m 5’6″ height. Weight 75. Is fzs suitable for me? Also small doubt… some of my friends saying fz giving more mileage than fzs? Is it real?

  • Satyam aggarwal

    Hey there,
    I ma planning to buy my first bike.
    Confused between Fazer, Fz , NS 200 and rtr180..
    My budget is under 1 lakh..70 to 80 will be best…
    Looks, mileage matters me the most..
    Suggest the best suited for me..My height is 5’8..
    Also I would like to know on road price of each bike Delhi..
    Any help will be helpful.

    Thnx in advance :)

    • You should wait a bit, FZ update is coming.

    • Satyam aggarwal

      What about suzuki gixxer or karizma r??
      Are they going to be around 90k?
      And which one to opt for among the three- Fz v2.0, Gixxer or karizma r?

    • Wait till the bikes come on road, a ride on them will only help us help you on which to buy.

    • Satyam aggarwal

      When are they expected to come??

  • Sam

    Hi faisal. i am planning to buy a bike around 90k max price. I have offer of used cbr150(just 6months old) or to go with new fz. I am also facinated with look of classic 350 but its heavy weight keep me away to own . I m 6 foot tall.

  • Abhishek kr. pandit

    Hi Faisal. i have just completed my +2 and i want to buy a bike but i am confused between pulsar 180 ,apache rtr 160 and fz-s (battle green)….which one of these will give me a good mileage with low performance and my package is till 80000..

    • FZ-S is a good option for you, wait for the new one.

    • Abhishek kr. pandit

      Thanks a lot ..

  • RAM

    I decided to buy battle green fazer next month but i am little confused whether any new edition or any new model is going to come or not (yamaha) kindly tell me soon.. and also suggest that battle green design is good option or not for looks. I am a person of ht 5.5 with 75 kg

  • RAM

    and also tel me advantages of having matte paint. i’m waiting for ur suggestion

  • chinju

    Hai faisal….plsss help…i am confused btween unicorn and height is 5 11″..wt 73 kg….my frnds are tellng that new unicons are it?…sometimes i need long drvs of 300 km..really confused…pls help

  • abhishek

    i am looking for buying fz-s battle green .i anm more concerned on mileage. i want atlease 43 mileage.i am 90kilo weight.please reply on my email

  • abdul aziz shah

    hi faisay i m abdul from delhi i m 6 feet and my weight is 103 my age is 35 i m confused between two bikes first is yamaha fzs special edition and second is bajaj pulser 220 which one better bike normally i used bullet 535 lightning i just want for change.suggest me today dear thanks regards .my email is or wats up me 9818857890.

  • sabari ramesh

    Hi sir…I’m dng BE 2 nd yr….d I’m in a dilemma to opt between fzs d pulsar 200 ns….while ns has abs braking system d is with 6 gears….fzs offers better mileage…my height is 5 6″…suggest me d best one …plz….

  • dheeraj jain

    Hi, faisal sir, I want to purchase
    a bike in 150 cc segment. I am very confused between apache rtr 160 and Yamaha fazer. My age is 35 years and height is 5.11. Some one says that fazer mileage and ground clearance is not good as rtf 160. Kindly suggest me as soon as possible.

  • nikhil

    hii faisal pls suggest me in fz s battle green or fz s v2.0 which one is good for me…..

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