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2014 Fiat Linea Facelift Spied, Interiors Snapped

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2014 Fiat Linea Spied

Fiat and Tata Motors have parted ways (at the retail level) few months back, as Fiat chose to go solo in the Indian market from 2013 onwards. The Italian automaker’s Indian portfolio currently consists of the Fiat Grande Punto and the Fiat Linea. Both the models are long awaited for a facelift in India, as the international markets received the facelifts long time back. While the new version of the Punto will take some time to launch, Fiat has already started testing the 2014 Linea on Indian roads, which we were the first to reveal back in July. Homologation process is being carried out currently and the test mules have been spotted running in Pune.

Though the changes on the exteriors of the 2014 Fiat Linea are not drastic but you can expect it to look more up market to compete with fresh rivals. On the front end, the new Linea gets an updated grille with a new set of bumpers served with chrome accents. At the back, Fiat has updated the rear bumper with a sporty lip and a wide strip of chrome, rest of the body remains untouched. The interiors of the updated Linea would get significant changes such as new colour tones and design. The dashboard layout looks up to date with beige and black treatment.

The 2014 Fiat Linea comes with an attractive centre console that will feature a big screen for multimedia and navigation system. You can expect better build quality inside the cabin and a few more additional features. The current Linea on offer will not be discontinued and is likely to be rebadged as Linea Classic, when the 2014 Fiat Linea gets introduced. Engine options will remain the same, retaining the 1.4-litre FIRE and 1.4-litre turbocharged T-Jet petrol unit along with the 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel engine. The 1.6-litre MultiJet diesel will also be introduced with the new model for added performance.

2014 Fiat Linea Spied Dashboard

2014 Fiat Linea Spied Interiors

2014 Fiat Linea Spied Steering

2014 Fiat Linea Spied Seats

2014 Fiat Linea Spied Front

2013 Fiat Linea Wallpaper

2013 Fiat Linea Interior

2013 Fiat Linea Facelift Official

Pictures Source – RushLane

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  • Pravin

    I own a Linea T-Jet and the present day Linea looks better both externally and internally than this facelift for me.. Having an Audisque or Masseratiish front end is a compliment and replacing it with anything cheaper is outrightly cheap from FIAT..

    In its ownership the below are the shortcommings that ive observed:-

    1. Passenger space poor
    2. Internal knick knack storage extremely poor
    3. Ergonomic flaws like placement of certain switches and pedals
    4. Interior plastic quality and fit n finish is cheap
    5. Irritating turbo lag
    6. Poor sound insulation and therefore road noise
    7. Rubbery gearshifts, inconsistent and imprecise
    8. Truck like turning radius
    9. Poor Audio system Quality and options like USB missing
    10. Lack of Prompt n timely service and availability of spare parts.

    I hope and beleive theyve worked on the above shortcommings.

    Inspite of that with its newer considerably duller style.. Its prospects are poor in sales as FIAT has done enough damage to its brand image in the past..

    The only exciting part is the new 1.6 MJD..

    • palash

      You own a T jet and you’re saying that it lacks USB. Are you freaking kidding us!? -_-! Faker?
      Well faisal, does the Co passenger side dashboard area has orange back lighting or Ambient light?

    • Adk

      Out of the 10 flaws that you have mentioned here, I too being an owner of the Linea can relate to only Point number 5 and 7. There has always been a commendable amount of rear passenger space. There is enough space for storage, including 2 dash board spaces, bottle holders etc. The placement of switches on the steering column or on the driver side column are perfect. The plastic quality is comparable and matched to the other cars in its class. Turbo lag is an issue, I agree, but being a diesel car it is expected. The sound insulation is great for a diesel turbo and the turning radius is nothing beyond any other car of its size.

      USB options are naturally there and if you are saying that there is no such option, you don’t own the T-Jet. Spares are not an issue as such, but yes, service is a hassle which will now be handled better considering they have gone solo.

    • Kedar

      Pravin I think you have not used to the features of Tjet.

      USB is placed inside the glove box, there is a Blue n Me box and you get fix USB Pen drive in that port.

      You will get used to engines driveability and you need to observe the power band of this Turbocharged motor and drive your Jet @ correct RPM to get power from it,.

  • Neil

    The facelift Linea certainly looks up market. As i said, these two Fiats had some special features some 6 years back when the rivals were still busy making their cars look better and the matter of fact of is that these cars can still survive if Fiat strives for gaining some customer faith. If it works well they shall succeed if not then again they are back to square one.

    Good thing is that they have started these dedicated dealerships and service centre though they still need massive improvement. I am afraid people in India and nothing but impatient when it comes to availability be it what ever quality you give them. Though the irony remains that they can be hellbent for 4 months to own so called India’s Favourite Hatch Back.

  • Anjuraj

    well, whatever said and done the Linea will still guarantee you enough admiration…..i bought one after owning a Palio for more than 8 years and loving it…..back then, in 2005 people still said that i was crazy enough to buy it…!!

  • ayush

    Present model – good exterior ; bad interior
    New model- bad exterior ; good interior
    Y fiat y?? Only if fiat was something premium and trustworthy to indian it could have worked (for e.g MS dezire and alto M&M xylo)
    Since fiat is not a ‘big’ brand in india, nothing other than perfect models (in terms of pricing, looks, features etc) will give u name and fame u crave for.

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