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Tata Nano To Get New Interiors, Power Steering

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The Tata Nano is struggling hard to find as many customers as expected by Tata Motors. The entry level hatchback has gone through a very gloomy past and is now heading for a revival. Cyrus Mistry (Chairman, Tata Motors) has stated that the Nano will be repositioned as a smart city car with significant improvements. The automaker will now be targeting young buyers by improving the design of the exteriors as well as interiors along with an option of power steering and better fuel efficiency. With every subsequent model launch, Tata Motors promises to improve the features and value offered by the Nano.

The Tata Nano CNG variant is confirmed for launch this year, which can push the sales to some extent. Launch of the diesel powered Nano is yet to be known but we can expect it to be revealed soon, as it has been spied lately uncamouflaged. Tata Motors is focusing on improving its customer-centric approach in order to understand customer needs and provide the market with appropriate and up market products. The Sanand plant in Gujarat is currently running below half its capacity because of poor demand for the Nano.

Tata Motors is also focusing on the commercial range, where the carmaker will upgrade their products with better cabin, improved fuel efficiency and new technologies. The utility space is also being looked after, as the company will be repositioning its products such as the Aria and Grande. They are aiming for better product reliability through network upgradation and expansion. Recently Tata Motors refreshed some of its models under the HORIZONEXT strategy. We can expect more facelifts in the coming months for the rest of the lineup, starting with the Aria this festive season.

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  • Kuldeep

    i dnt knw y ppl dnt trust nano….instead of they go for a car called alto..which luks ugly compared to nano & also is known as the unsafest car…dnt knw y???..Nano is a one of d finest technology i its segment..luk at luks awsm man…wid this price tag….

  • Sachin

    Power stearing is a most wanted for Nano. Diesel nano with power stearing is what i am waiting for.

    • GB

      Improving the braking is also crucial.


    TATA NANO #Powrsteerin #DizlEngn #AC #1.8LacsINR BRINGIT ON!!!!!!!!

  • Sushrut

    Power steering and disk brakes along with better acoustics is needed. Otherwise the car is just fine.

  • Swapan Purkayastha

    My TATA Indica wheels were worn out in 5 years with misalignment very often. Maruti 800 used by me never had this problem even after using it for 6 years. Both cars were new ! The fault with TATA cars has always been the suspension and wheel alignment, which is the worst, since the Sumo times. I have been a TATA employee. My comment in different forum has been ignored ! I have had discussions with TATA car mechanics from service center. Was clearly told that Maruti can’t be compared with TATA. The initial cost of TATA is low but the service and part cost is high.
    I am very concerned as an Indian that TATA does not wish to improve.

  • sandy

    Its hard to digest the expected face lift for me. I like the current chipmunk look other then upcoming crazy frog like look, though hatch door is welcome. Since they utter “smart city car”, I’m getting impatient for Pixel.

  • true

    First they need to get the basics right. The nano is taller than an autorickhaw. For better stability, the width of the car should be greater than its height. Nano height should be reduced. Also, the noisy 2-cylinder engine should be changed to an 800cc 3-cylinder engine. And yes, front disc brake and power steering are required too.

    • sandy

      True, its very difficult to find a sweet spot between practicality and stability in a small foot print without negotiating safety. Take these things into consideration with different case studies i.e. car from different make and segment; you may find your brand which you could respect, especially in Indian market.