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Clean Motion Zbee

Clean Motion is a Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer that has recently introduced an electric three wheeler in the Indonesian market. It is intended to replace the Bajaj three-wheelers plying for city runabouts in Indonesia. We can also expect Clean Motion to introduce the Zbee in the Indian market in the coming future, as the emission norms are getting stringent. The Zbee gets a contemporary yet simple design language.

On the inside, the Zbee gets treated with space saving elements and seats to accommodate three people with ease. It also comes with a protected luggage compartment. On the safety front, the Clean Motion Zbee is sculpted with FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) material, which is light and relatively safe. The three-wheeler is also equipped with three point safety belts for all the passengers. The electric vehicle is powered by a 4 kW electric motor, which has a range of 50 kms on full charge with a top speed of 45 km/hr.

The Clean Motion Zbee takes less than an hour for a full charge and is strictly restricted to urban runabouts because of the limited range. It can also be charged within minutes via express chargers. The vehicle consumes 4 kWh of electricity per 100 kms and weighs just about 230 kgs. It was recently showcased at the Ritech Technology Expo-18 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The production is likely to commence in mid-September with an estimated price of 80 million Indonesian rupiah (Rs. 4.85 lakhs).

Do you think the Clean Motion Zbee will be a good replacement for Bajaj auto-rickshaws in our country?

Clean Motion Zbee Side

Clean Motion Zbee Rear Profile

Clean Motion Zbee Rear

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  • sandy

    EVs are better alternatives to IC engines any day; but limitations… Considering Clean Motion Zbee takes less than an hour for a full charge, can also be charged within minutes via express charger and vehicle consumes 4 kWh of electricity per 100 kms, its quite convenient so far time and bill is concerned in EV world; but 50km per charge seems inadequate even for tier 3 cities. Plus there is reliability factors which needed to be concerned.

  • prashant

    infact e-rikshaw can defntly b a gateway to future ev’s in india as it hapnd in case of cng

    • prashant

      infact e-rickshaw can defintly b a gateway to future ev’s in india as it happnd in case of cng rickshaw n taxis, whr feedbck taken from drivers led to people buying cng vehicles

  • GB

    Another keenly watched 3 wheeler world over except India is the Tata airpod. Maybe because of similar limited range capabilities, Tatas are keeping a low profile about this vehicle. More here
    50 KM range is impractical even by personal commuter standards leave alone serious commercial vehicles application like the Bajaj auto does. Their existing 20L fuel tanks should be providing a range of about 900 KM and refueling time of about 10 minutes. EVs need to start at at-least half of that figures, dont u think?

  • Sushrut

    With very little support from Govt. there is very less possibility of this vehicle hitting Indian shores. Bajaj or TVS ricks cost less than half of money with very little maintenance. We still don’t have infrastructure like charging stations so its difficult to ply these on our roads. Our Govt. has a road map which will remain on paper forever. Hell we don’t even have CNG stations in sufficient numbers.

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