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Honda Unveils CBR250R Police Edition In India

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Honda CBR250R Police Edition

Honda has unveiled a Police special CBR250R at the Indian International Security Expo 2013. The specially equipped Honda CBR250R, which has been designed in collaboration with Honda and Grand (a US electronics manufacturer) as a potential police patrolling vehicle, allows officers to respond to incidents quickly while providing high visibility at night. The Police edition of the Honda CBR250R is equipped with high efficiency LED lights, red and blue beacon lights, collapsible pole lights and a torch light which will allow police officers reach the accident scene quickly and provide patrol effectively.

The cop special Honda CBR250R also packs in a police siren and P.A. system with a push to talk button and a utility box. The vehicle is provided with a special helmet with hands-free microphone that enables the officer to address the public while on the move, which will improve the patrolling ability. A side case is also fitted on the left-side rack for storing papers and similar objects. Internally, the Police-spec Honda CBR250R remains unchanged, and it offers 26 HP of power and 22.9 Nm of torque. This police bike will be able to chase most of the bikes available in India and will promote our cops to next level from their current Apaches and Pulsars. It won’t be able to keep up with the KTM Duke 390 though.

The police edition Honda CBR250R is only available in the tri-colour variant with the only addition being the ‘Police’ sticker added to the fuel tank, front fairing and the rear cowl. This bike can reach a top speed of 155 km/hr and can touch 0-100 km/hr in 8.5 seconds. These figures along with the C-ABS which provides great braking ability will make the Honda CBR250R the best police vehicle available in India. The throttle response is great and the initial pick-up straight off the line is worth appreciation. Honda has indeed launched a great product in a new avatar which looks purpose-built and we all hope to see our cops chasing hooligans in their new Honda CBR250R soon.

This is not the first time Indian cops are getting a chance to use the Honda CBR250R. The police force in Uttar Pradesh is already using the CBR250R since quite some time now, read more about it HERE.

2013 Honda CBR 250R Police

Honda CBR250R Police Model

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  • Nitro

    (19.5kw) 26bhp @8500 Rpm. Go check out HMSI website ffs. The new bike has the Thai ECU now

  • Nitro

    Also 9.5 seconds? Lol who’s CBR takes 9.5 to reach a 100? 8.3 was the best time for cycleworld but most automagazines have listed 8.5 seconds

  • Neo Estrin

    Now we know that we’re screwed..

    • Souvik

      exactly bro…you guys will be screwed soon….:P

  • neo

    After nano, now cbr gets makeover….Police version. This is good to push sales

  • neo

    My cbr 150 does 0-60 in 3 secs nd 0-100 in 6.5 secs. Cbr product is very fast and handles like water.

    • Sumit

      aww my Hero Puch does 0-100 in 6.4 secs..

    • naveen

      My scooty does 0-100 in 3sec…Its faster than CBR :D. This neo is gone mad and frusted with his hondo bike.

  • Rajiv

    I am more interested in the Police Edition NANO parked right next!!

    • Rajiv, we covered the police Nano in a separate article. Have you read it?

  • naveen

    Sad ! all vehicles which are not selling are pusing into Police & ambulance…:D

  • Ben

    I am against the concept of giving best performance bikes for public use and social service. I was very much frustrated when hayabusa was given to USA police.

  • Bumba

    Atleast Now CBR sales will increase …..otherwise only crackheads will buy honda in india not normal people….

  • sandy

    A Nano, a CBR and an Aria; by the way who is presenting this kind of line-up for police? Since I don’t see any credentials behind these fancy product for rugged application. I would have preferred the collections like Rio, Thar, Gurkha, Apaches and Hero Impulse.

    • Sandy, it’s the company which is doing the modifications.

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