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TVS Jupiter Scooter Launched At Rs. 44,200/- [Live]

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TVS Jupiter Launch India

TVS has launched the Jupiter male scooter which the company claims boasts of awesome performance and more of everything – power, mileage and comfort. The name of the new TVS scooter comes from the Jupiter planet which is the largest in our solar system. The TVS Jupiter is claimed to be the fastest and most frugal offering in the segment, returning a claimed mileage of 62 km/l. The Jupiter gets a segment first pass light switch and the 110cc engine has been re-worked and has a higher compression. The V-matic transmission has also been tweaked. The TVS Jupiter is priced at Rs. 44,200/- (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The TVS Jupiter uses the same tried and tested 110cc engine which does duty on the Wego, doing the 0-60 km/hr sprint in 7.2 seconds. The motor produces 8 BHP of power at 7500 RPM and 8 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. The scooter comes with TVS patented technology like Econometer (Eco Mode and Power Mode). The TVS Jupiter boasts of 17-litre under seat storage (can fit a full sized helmet) and the fuel tank capacity is 5.3-litre which can be filled via an external fuel lid placed right above the rear tail light.

The company claims the TVS Jupiter has the largest leg space in its segment and there is an under-seat mobile charger provision as well. There are retractable front and under-seat bag hooks. TVS has loaded the Jupiter scooter and it comes with telescopic front forks, gas charged rear suspension, LED tail light and low fuel indicator. One can kick start while sitting. The TVS Jupiter is offered in four colours – white, red, grey and matte black. The automaker will launch a new bike every quarter. Currently TVS is selling 35,000 scooters every month but aims to sell 50,000 units a month by the end of the year.

The 90/90/12 tubeless tyres do duty on the TVS Jupiter which are the largest in the segment. It uses 130 mm drums on both ends. The scooter gets viscous paper filter and electric start is standard. TVS is aware about the cannibalisation which is bound to happen between its scooters but doesn’t mind it. Sales have started in the North right away with 4000 units already shipped. The company will commence sales of the Jupiter in the South in November. TVS will launch the Scooty Zest in January 2014 and plans to sell 20 lakh units in the current year.

TVS Jupiter Launch

TVS Jupiter 110cc

TVS Jupiter 110cc Scooter

TVS Jupiter Male Scooter

TVS Jupiter Front

TVS Jupiter Headlight

TVS Jupiter Alloy Wheel

TVS Jupiter Exhaust

TVS Jupiter Instrument Cluster

TVS Jupiter Pass Light

TVS Jupiter Fuel Filler

TVS Jupiter Tail Light

TVS Jupiter Scooter

TVS Jupiter Launch

TVS Jupiter Male Scooter

TVS Jupiter Features

TVS Jupiter Tech Specs

TVS Jupiter Specifications

TVS Jupiter Price

TVS Jupiter Underseat Storage

TVS Jupiter Exhaust

TVS Jupiter Tail Light

TVS Jupiter Rear

2013 TVS Jupiter

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  • akash

    nice. DISC should come as option….

    and Jupiter is largest in our solar system not galaxy

  • Sushrut

    And what is so male about the almond shaped turn indicators? Old wine in new bottle. Pathetic approach which is sadly taken by all OEM’s.

  • Borntechie

    Faisal, FYI Jupiter is not the first scooter to sport a pass on switch, Bajaj had this feature already in Legend, the 4 Stroke scooter (unfortunately it did not do well in the market). Let’s wish TVS FOR getting more business out of Jupiter to break the monopoly of HMSI to show that the desi global companies like Bajaj, Mahindra & TVS have a good product line up.

    • Vijay, currently in the segment, the Jupiter is the only scooter to have it.

    • p.m.venkatesh

      dear sir my name venkatesh(VENKI) iam just wraitting new types of bikes design drawing.that drawing i provoiding bikes company so what will do sir pls kindlly give me instructions.or meet you

    • Sushrut

      Legend was an ergonomic failure. You got to have 6 inch fingers to use the pass switch on Legend. The headlights were pathetic and so it was hardly a useful feature. The engine was a gem but otherwise it was marred with N number of issues which sadly Bajaj did not correct.

  • yila

    Bigger tyres, a welcome upgrade. But without disc?

    • Yila, disc will be offered as an option later.

  • Yeshvanth

    Oh ho! So the scoop pics weren’t lying! This is indeed an Activa replica! Well the front is a mish mash of Access and Wego and the rear and sides are dead-on Activa! And what’s with the a**hole fuel filler in the back! Why is this even called a male scooter, especially with just 110cc! And now to remove the frustration of having copied the activa, TVS designers will make some silly 4 or maybe 5 wheeled concept at the coming auto expo!

    • Renjith

      I totally agree! But what can else we expect from a lackadaisical TVS? The Wego was always feminine looking but they called it unisex, now this Activa clone is called “male scooter”, whereas original activa is bought equally by both men and women! This is sure to cannibalize the Wego, especially not sure if this is fibre bodied or metal? We are fed up waiting for the Apache 250, and this is what TVS is churning out!

      Faisal, can the fuel filler be opened remotely or is it still the shared seat lock? If so there is not much convenience added.

    • Renjith, it can’t be opened remotely.

    • Sushrut

      Can it be closed remotely? I doubt and as such you will have get down from your seat after filling up. M&M has given it in the front why can’t other replicate. TVS has one of the best engineered bikes/scooters so why this design?
      Its also high time for Honda to stop using the pathetic and ancient front suspension and start using telescopic ones.

    • Sushrut, actually to open the fuel lid, you have to use the same keyhole which is used to open the seat. So if you turn the key to the right, the fuel lid opens and when you turn it to the left, the seat opens.

    • Jason

      On a similar note, TVS is the worst in terms of customer care. Recently visited their Bommanahalli (Bangalore) showroom to see how wego fares, and I stood there for like 10 minutes like an invisible man! Then I yelled, really yelled at one of the salespersons. And it worked! Jai ho!! :P

    • Cyan

      Then you should see honda service Y salesman attitude. :)

    • ravi

      Right, Cyan ..I was there last week to check Honda Activa …I waited for almost 30 min to get attended.. Same I went to TVS and sales person was genuine in explaining the features and also lunch date. Above all that Honda accessory cost arround 6500 /- extra ….

    • Yes, it is indeed very strikingly similar to the Activa. Now it’s Honda’s turn to respond.

  • Ronnie Singh

    Looks like another me too scooter, but 12″ wheels are good. but after doing the wego, why is TVS going backwards with styling? Wego was really handsome, and I always believed was doing decent numbers. will they phase out wego now?

  • Ronnie Singh

    Yet another me too scooter! But 12″ wheels are good. The Wego was
    actually handsome, why did the design team go backwards with this?
    Have they phased out the Wego? Has the mileage issue of Wego been sorted out?

    • Ronnie, yes the mileage issue seems to be sorted out.

  • Ali

    I purchased a u yahama ray z yesterday.I preferred it over tvs wego simply because ray z is more stylish and caters to the male customers.

  • Crazywheels

    The design reminds me of Activa in many terms. But the 90/12 tubeless tyres and remote fuel lid open are a welcome note to the Jupiter. The TVS wego engine is the best compared to Access, Ray and Mahindra rodeo, but Lacks the refinement of Activa or Dio. They simply put the Aviator and Activa in a mixer and the result was Jupiter.
    TVS indeed has to redefine their marketing strategy in India.

  • spitfire

    It should have atleast a 9 bhp/125cc engine … wego’s engine is good but not enough to certify Jupiter as a male oriented scooter, coz it lacks any kind of power higher up the revs. it struggles to hit 85 kays comfortably, Activa does 90 with ease whereas vespa and access easily does 102 and 97 kays (on the speedo) . TVS lost it in the engine dept, else it would have knocked down the leader off the pedestal.

  • hemant

    As everyone is commenting upon the design , obviously there will be some kind of similairty as it is a two wheeler .
    But if you look activa, maestro and jupiter together with a naked eye , then u will realise that Jupiter design is more refined.
    TVS has looked upon the small small things even and has played very very well with the curves.
    It is not immaturely designed like maestro and is very stylish than activa which now looks old fashioned .

    I recommend you all that first go in the TVS showroom .. see it properly and not just in the pics and then give your usefull comments.

    • Arnab Sarkar

      Haha, thanks for the laugh! I haven’t seen this vehicle in the flesh but even from pics I can make out that they have even copied ” small small things” from the Activa. What curves are you talking about? To a layman like most of us, the overall profile and the rear are exactly activa. Worse still the rear nastily goes up and the tail light is too small – Activa rear is better proportioned. Forget styling, why should anyone buy this scooter? It does not have 125 cc , regarding mileage when honda say 60 you at least get 50 when TVS say 60 you get 35 to 38 ( I own a Wego myself). Plus honda reliability is way better than TVS ( which I learnt the hard way) . Any day , I would say the Wego luks much better than this. This is like taking all the virtues of Katrina Kaif and packaging it in Konkona sen Sharmas body! And I just read that it’s a plastic body.

    • Hemant

      Mr . Arnab .
      In case u feel the trailor is not good , that dosnt mean that picture will also be not good .
      That is why I am saying that atleast go and see it first .
      Then obviously u r the sole owner of ur decision – dont buy.
      u r screeming as if someone from honda has paid you to scream at TVS .
      R u honda guys scared now ??

    • Nikhil

      Well, I will agree with Hemant on this. Jupiter is definitely more well designed to the proper detail as compared to the above mentioned. As the Activa is more like a Category of scooters we see today.
      Well, as we can say that one hatch or sedan in its category is simillar to other in a number of ways.

      As some people who think Activa is the best possible design that can happen, please can buy the same… be a part of the crowd, but for those looking for a change, I think Jupiter is more than welcome.
      Now for the issues on TVS vs Honda quality etc., it is the same story all over. I own an activa looking at the Honda brand, but i can tell you that till date since past 2 years, I have to kick start the thing every day. So quality issues remain everywhere. All international big brands playing in India, giving us shitty products with horrible quality, do you think it is the same with those brands in the West?
      In the US, people would have taken them to the courts for the quality of their products as we have here. But we as Indians take them on our heads and boast of it. It is riddiculous to do that as we are merciless if some of our Indian companies when it comes to simillar issues!!!

      So, people here, please do carry on your wise comments, but request to be rational in criticising.

  • whywhy

    why why why why why the same old wego engine :( ?? why not a 125cc or even bigger? we are after all talking about an engine for the Jupiter, right?

    • Biker MAD

      because last time they put 125cc, bajaj had screwed their happiness because of some patent issue!!!!

    • whywhy

      So why not 135cc or 150cc?? Maybe Bajaj will say they stole the discover or pulsar engine?? Point is, it could have been more than just old wine in a new bottle. TVS has missed an opportunity IMHO.

  • Saahil

    I too agree with Hemant!
    Honestly it should not matter if people compare a product with another which already exists.
    Yes…. it might look like Activa to some. To me it looks like TVS has improved the design if you really want to compare it that way. If HONDA could not improve their design…. we must Acknowledge TVS for it.

    to me….. it doesnt matter if it looks like ACTIVA? does it look and feel better does it give more value for the money am spending???? that is what matters.

    If HONDA comes up with something similar to WEGO and has a huge ” H” badge on it I can bet NOBODY is gonna complain…… This is the bloody mentality I hate among our people. we guys can quitely accept and accomodate flaws in a HONDA not the same in an INDIAN genuine brand introducing segment firsts and serious improvements in design and quality.

    I have come across very positive reviews for the WEGO brand…….not many are really happy with ACTIVA for sure.

  • Prasshant

    i already purchased TVS Wego and samurai and to now jupiter also i will buy,i want company to ADD feature LIke GPRS Technology to Jupiter and LED lights to Name plates and also Auto KEY lock for some 1 kilo meter of ride from safety for theft,from other and auto information if any one try to miss of vehicle.

  • Sanjay

    Can anyone suggest me please whether to buy vespa vx125 or tvs jupiter. I prefer looks in the first place then the performance. Actually i thought of buying vespa long back but i got negative feedbacks from many people so I’m very confused.

    Does anyone knows when Yamaha BWs 125 is going to be launched in India ??

  • Sanjay

    But i heard that vespa service is very poor and also the mileage ??

    I wanna know any new scooters are going to be launched in next few months ??

  • rohan

    i wanna knw wht iz econometer in tvs jupiter pls sujjest me whc scooter to buy wego dischbrake o jupiter!!!

    • Rohan, the Jupiter seems like a better bet.

  • prem

    i want to know about body type….its metal body or fiber body?????

  • Sam

    Hi All,

    I loved reading the discussion & reviews in this forum in regards to Jupiter.

    Planning to buy a scooter for my wife.. Confused between 2 brands: Activa HET & Jupiter. Request you to please clarify on below:

    (1) Feature-wise Jupiter has a upper hand on all existing scooters, but is TVS Jupiter’s engine great from Honda Activa’s HET?

    (2) What about After-Sales Services? I reside in a Western Suburb in Mumbai (Malad), mechanics & multi-brand showroom owners insists me to go for Honda Activa, saying “spares will be easily available, even in local stores.. but when it comes to TVS, they have to say spares may not be easily available in local store & every time u can’t visit company authorized service center” – Is that truth? I can’t find a reason why they should lie or promote Activa. What do u have to say, things apart is it the common complaint for TVS Scooters / Bikes ?

    (3) Yes, currently I’ve been quoted around 59k includes everything, is it corect. OR you advise me to wait for some time for actual rate to settle down?

    Your replies would be appreciated.

    – Sam

  • raees mansuri

    very nice scooter we impress and we want test drive the vehicle.
    i am working Suzuki Motorcycle india ltd. ratlam m.p.

  • Santos

    Hi guys and and girls I like to tell my TVS Jupiter Scooter is very nice and very comfortable seat and good in mileage also itis little light weight also college girls and boys also can ride it it has in different colour also and instead of buying TVS Scooty pep plus you can choose Tvs Jupiter this is perfect scooter for all of them and good in mileage .

  • priya

    Hey…its cool vehicle!! But wen s it getting launched at Bangalore…?? If its alreadys available in Bangalore…then where??

  • Jigar Vora

    It’s A Plastic Body In Front And Side, And Front Wheel Guard Bumper Is of Metal. I Have Confirmed.

  • Manu

    I need a genuine advice. I have decided to buy tvs Jupiter but I am confused on colors. Titanium grey was my first choice but when I saw it, it looked very dull probably because of its matte finish. Should I go for the white one? But I am worried that the scratches and dirt will look more prominent on it. Some say that red looks great but others say it looks girlish. Please help. Reply asap.
    thank you.

  • BadaBaskar

    Rs 44,000+ in Delhi, Rs 50,000+ in Tamilnadu, Why this huge difference?

  • malla

    its front look good. but rear side not good.

  • rohit

    I have recently bought tvs Jupiter. and believe me guy’s it’s far better than activa in riding quality. suspension is very good as compare to any other scooters.

  • zakir shaikh

    NO NO NO PROBLEM BIKE. I have almost tried all the indian bikes. Of all i had liked Wego for its design, comfortness and balancing BUT NOW Jupiter has broked the record of all the scooters in India. Best Bike by all means.

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