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5 Worst Car Taglines In India

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You simply can’t deny how very important marketing is in today’s world. A tagline is very effective in any market, as it helps the company create an instant connection to the brand. However in India, we have quite a few horrible taglines being used, which have very little relevance to the product on offer. Let’s quickly jump to the five worst car taglines used by automobile manufacturers in our country.

Maruti DZire Tagline

5) Maruti Suzuki DZire, The Heart Car – The DZire is one car which never appeals to the heart, still Maruti Suzuki wants customers to believe otherwise. It sure is a car which appeals massively to the head, but calling it ‘The Heart Car’ makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Hot tip for Maruti, every car has a engine heart, so there is no big deal with the DZire.

Mahindra Verito Vibe Tagline

4) Mahindra Verito Vibe, Everybody Loves A Sport – If you thought the Verito Man tagline was bad, you need to wait for its hatchback sibling’s tagline which is even worse. Sport and Verito are two parallel lines which will never meet. The Vibe is in no way sporty, no matter how Mahindra tries to position it. Hot tip for Mahindra, even Porsche won’t be able to sell cars using that tagline.

Nissan Evalia Tagline

3) Nissan Evalia, Moves Like Music – If the box on wheel moves like music then perhaps the playlist is paused. The Evalia’s tagline is the most inappropriate and who ever came up with this tagline should be sacked. Hot tip for Nissan, if you want to sell cars, highlight their USP and don’t try to project things which they are not. Just look at the Sunny, the ‘Caaaaaar’ tagline worked wonders.

Toyota Etios Real Sedan

2) Toyota Etios, The Real Sedan – If the Etios is a real sedan then what are top sellers like Corolla and Camry? UNREAL? Besides why did Toyota take two years to realise the Etios is a real sedan, earlier it was a quality revolution! Looks like quality has been replaced by reality. Hot tip for Toyota, please stop fooling Indians, no really, STOP now.

Maruti Wagon R Stingray Tagline

1) Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray, My Thing Everything – Adult supervision advised. What is Maruti Suzuki trying to project with the tagline of the Wagon R Stingray? My thing is not your thing and definitely not everything? This tagline certainly doesn’t seem appropriate for a family hatchback. Hot tip for Maruti Suzuki, if your car doesn’t have a tagline, it ain’t a crime, sometimes nothing is better than something, everything.

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  • Sabka Baap

    “If the box on wheel moves like music then perhaps the playlist is paused.”



  • Ben

    I will accept every thing except for string ray. my thing is everything has some relevance to the car. perhaps the car maker wants to project the segment first features on the car as ‘everything ‘.

  • sidd

    i think the etios’s tag line is ok as in the segment it is placed in is getting filled with sub four meter vehicles which, to be honest are not sedans so a sedan of proper length in that segment can use that tagline

    • Amit Shah

      I agree that Etios was designed as a sedan from ground up, where as Dezire is a Swift with a boot. So author comment is childish not professional. It appears that most Indian auto journalists are still driving Maruti 800 which they got as a gratuity from Suzuki to promote their cars in India. So they keep repeating that Maruti service is very cheap and available at every corner, yes, Maruti 800 service is cheap due to ultra cheap components. Modern cars don’t need as frequent service as old cars.

      It was a different matter that the Toyota slogan did not stick with people because journalists were pushing Maruti cars.

    • Amit, if you read the above post, you will see two Maruti Suzuki cars are there in the list, so where is the gratuity from Maruti then?

    • amx

      I believe its you who are still amateur driving these ugly looking craps. Author has put this so well indeed. Maruti has the most horrendous tag lines, car designs and advertisements. None of their adverts make sense. Toyota is another company that has bad vehicles positioned for Indian market, and keep selling junk by creepy advertising.

    • Sidd, the Etios is priced against the Ford Classic, Honda City, etc., which are not sub 4-metre.

    • Rohan

      If Etios’ tagline was “the real budge sedan” or something like that (budget replaced with better words like VFM), I’d have wholeheartedly agreed. If Etios is real sedan, what is its competitor Ford Classic? What about other sedans that come real close in pricing ? For example, entry level Linea (Active) has same safety features plus better crumple zones, compared to Etios.

    • Bingo, they should have used something like entry-level real sedan.

  • You forgot Nissan Sunny. It’s not just a car, it’s a caaar ! Obviously you don’t say ! Sounds like a heavily accented madrasi !

  • avsatishchandra

    @ Vivek Raj, the fact that you refer to someone as a Madrasi and think you can take a swipe at “his/her” accent shows that you have been untouched by the evolutionary process that has made human beings slightly better than they were in the past.

    But to come back to the subject of the article, it is clearly obvious that all the lines are not hilarious. Most of the time people who come up with what you are calling a tagline (it is actually more a positioning line) find that they are constrained by things such as someone who has to pass the line and will do so only after he has sufficiently messed around with it, also the fact advertising is seen as constrained by space and time (thanks to the costs that have to be incurred depending on the size of the ad in a newspaper or time that you have on TV) and also the fact that some vague psycho-graphic study suggests that short pithy lines have greater retention and recall in the minds of the consumer and now the latest fad called “neuro-linguistic programming” where it is assumed that one can send subliminal messages to the sub conscious mind and actually helps them make decisions about their purchases. In the absence of any realistic parameters that can actually put all the above mentioned theories to test (except the interference and the cost factor which are and can be proven) one finds companies blundering along almost blindly into the market. When a product clicks it is assumed that advertising has worked and everybody who has interfered with the positioning line takes the credit, when it doesn’t click the poor writer takes the brunt of all the blame and jokes, though the line that finally appears probably has very little or nothing to do with what he/she has originally written. So have some sympathy for the person who gets credited with these atrocious lines.

  • Ben

    @vivek raj. I have communicated with many north Indians (vada india karan). their voice is low pitched with more treble.

  • O

    But seriously.. was there ever anything worse than the current Wagon R’s intro title “”The Blue Eyed Boy”” ??

    • Manish, nope but the Stingray one ups on it.

  • sandy

    IMO, tagline have rarely have any importance nowadays if the product itself is good or bad, or most of the time ‘people’s mind’. Say for instance, ‘Honda Brio- Its Loves You Back’, ‘Tata Safari Storme-The Real SUV’; are infact good product, but what about their sales chart?
    There is another product, ‘Quanto- Live The Weekend Life’ and the vehicle body tried to speak the same, but the product is poor.
    On the other hand ‘Honda Amaze-Badle Aapki Duniya’; first thing the name Amaze sounds like another scooter from Honda’s stable rather then compact sedan and the tagline doesn’t make one feel the same if associated with the product. But it sells since the product itself is a stronger one.

  • Jason

    That was an interesting post. Vibe is perhaps the most hideous thing I have seen on our roads recently, apart from maybe M&M’s own Quanto. The Mahindras really needs to nurture a good design team. It is getting nastier with each passing day.

    • Jason, actually Mahindra wants to cut costs so heavily but when they do design, they over do it (XUV500).

  • Raj

    Its very easy to analyze the product after it has failed in the market and comment that the product did not sell because of inappropriate “tag line”.

    The point is if the product sells then everything about it is good but if it doesn’t then u get to read such articles . Show me product which selling because of a “GOOD” tagline.

    • Raj, no one said that good taglines mean products sell better. If you notice, the DZire is a best seller but still in our list of bad taglines.

    • AD Master

      How much experience u have MR.BUGGER, seems donn have a penny knowledge on Advertising and started writing a blog on worst tagline…lolzzz . Should be posted this article on a Joke site.

      Completely agree Raj on his point. A tagline cannot be rated as worst or best until the product has failed miserably.

    • Mr. Ad Master, taglines posted here have nothing to do with the product’s success. Besides, you should know who wrote the article rather than pointing fingers on someone who is interacting with you.

    • amx

      Reread the article. Its about 5 Worst Car Taglines In India, nothing about sales.

  • amx

    Reading this was pure fun! People who are offended literally have taken it personally (dont know why). Well written! Good one motorbeam!

  • abhi

    Such a well written article.. After reading some of the comments here, i wonder how people manage to misinterpret an article written for pure enjoyment!!!! Its as though they are waiting to misinterpret it! chill guys.. enjoy life.. take it lightly!

    • Abhi, thanks for understanding, it was meant for a light read.

  • Tony Jacob

    Well, first of all I really enjoyed reading this post “5 Worst Car Taglines In India”. I feel when you create a product you give your heart and mind to create one because its like your own baby. In every situation there has to be a logic. Is it really necessary to create a tagline which can later on turn your product into a disaster?

  • Joy

    Gyz…stop fooling around….i know people shouting here for a particular comment is just because it is against the brand they own……honestly….
    let me tell you gyz…..the MARUTI dat you people are so after (like all other indians who buy cars looking at their neighbours) has found zero buyers in US and as a result they filed bankruptcy in US and wind up the business.
    On the other hand – Toyota Corolla is the largest selling car on this planet till date…..i am not saying that makes Etios a gr8 car….bt it definitely is a very sound vehicle mechanically.
    Get your facts right before commeting…

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