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HM Ambassador Encore

Hindustan Motors has launched the BS4 compliant diesel Ambassador for the taxi market, called the Ambassador Encore. Bookings of the Ambassador Encore have started and the vehicle is priced at Rs. 4.98 lakhs (ex-showroom, Kolkata). The car is offered for the ‘no-refusal’ taxi segment and buyers who are in the replacement taxi segment will get massive reduction in the above price. The West Bengal government recently issued 2000 permits for the no-refusal taxi segment with another 2000 permits expected in November. The automaker is hoping to get good sales from the above buyers.

Sadly Hindustan Motors and the taxi buyers continue to remain in a different era altogether making statements about the Ambassador Encore which induce heavy laughter. Some words said about the car include “value engineering”, “better vehicle control with power steering”, “higher power and torque”, etc. If the Ambassador makes good amount of power and torque, why has the company refrained from stating the output figures in the press release? The 1.5-litre diesel engine outputs around 36 BHP of power and 73 Nm of torque, with power going to the rear wheels.

In April 2010, it became mandatory to sell only BS4 compliant vehicles in 17 metropolitan cities of India as BS3 car sales were banned there. However it has taken Hindustan Motors 3.5 years to upgrade the Ambassador from BS3 to BS4, which not only shows how slow they are but also re-iterates their poor engineering capabilities in these modern times. The company states it is ramping production to meet the surging demand for the Ambassador Encore. Whom are they fooling? Themselves or the investors in company?

Ambassador Encore Taxi

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  • Ben

    those words may induce laughter, but amby is a classic which has conquered the entire India with it’s ruggedness. the recent best taxi award is a proof for it. the present generation cars are just use and throw craps in front of amby. HM is not fooling Indians but the rest of the brands with eye catchy performance and features but on inside just thin sheets of metal. if you ask a royal enfield fan, about why bullets offer lesser performance with respect to their engine size, they will give you a reply, that same reply applies to ambassador. finally bullet and ambassador are two classics of India and it is not healthy to compare them with the rest.

  • Jai

    @Ben . You are absolutely true. Ambi and Bullet are Unique in every aspect and even their brand name suggest the uniqueness. I feel, there is no other car in India has the brand name that suggest the best name for a traveler like Ambassador.

  • sandy

    1.5 l diesel 36bhp and 73 nm torque! Can’t belief how entire family moved on in this product and even clueless how Trekker moved half of the village population with the same spec engine. Like the lady character in Ghajani film who loved Amby, I’m also thinking of Trekker in our era of mini SUV. :D

  • Jendhu

    I own a 1983 Mark 4, Forty six maybe BHP, restored to original spec…
    Used several Ambassadors in High School and College.
    It has always been a piece of crap, in the shop more than out as something was always falling off.
    The difference between then and now is that there were more of them on the road,parts and repair easily available at the time. That in no way translates to sturdy, well built or a quality product. It was obsolete when introduced in India, HM CEO CK Birla famously refused to travel in one..
    It has always been terrible to drive-bouncy, underpowered tin can, made lots of agricultural noise and very little go to show for it. We used to buy these things new, strip and rebuild them at local shops because build and quality were mutually exclusive words for HM.
    What they still provide is nostalgia for a time long gone and driving experience conservatively termed challenging…J

    • Faisal Khan

      Jendhu, can you share some pics of your cars?

    • Jendhu

      Ambassador, I presume… gimme a day or two.J

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