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Toyota Cross Etios

Hatchbacks on steroids seem to be catching good attention in emerging markets like India and Brazil, or so it seems. Skoda was the first to experiment with the Fabia Scout, which did dismal sales in the Indian market. However that hasn’t stopped Volkswagen from launching the Cross Polo, another pseudo crossover in the Indian market. Soon Tata Motors will be launching the Vista D90 Xtreme and Fiat will be launching the Punto Crossover in India. In Brazil, Honda offers the Jazz Twist while Hyundai offers the HB20X. All these vehicles are hatchbacks which take design cues from crossovers for that muscular appearance.

Next in line is Toyota, which will launch a crossover variant of the Etios Liva in the Brazil market next year. Called the Toyota Cross Etios, like all other vehicles in the segment, this too will be a cosmetic job (just like our above rendering shows). Toyota will make changes to the bumpers, add a side running board and roof rack to the vehicle’s exteriors. New alloy wheels and Cross Etios badging will also be added to the vehicle. On the interior front, minor changes to the trim and colour will be the major differentiators.

However Toyota will make absolutely no changes to the mechanicals of the car. In Brazil, the Cross Etios variant is based on the top-end XLS variant, which is powered by a 1.5-litre flex fuel engine, belting out 96 BHP of power. The price difference between the cross variant and the regular variant will be around Rs. 1 lakh, which is considerable as the vehicle will have the same ground clearance as the regular model. If the Cross Polo does well in India, expect Toyota to launch the Cross Etios in our country next year.

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  • varun

    my god it looks horrible

  • Jason Peters

    As long as Toyota doesnt improve the pathetic interiors and move the speedometer to its correct position, nothing is going to help

    • Faisal Khan

      Bingo and not to forget the ugly front end design of the vehicle.

  • dharun

    just waste of time, no point at all

  • Jai

    Etios is already crossed by some ugly pig, now its CROSSED and OVER. Not a crossover. Hahahahaha

  • Ysak

    Best thing Toyota could do right now is to replace this two vehicles by a brand new vehicle.
    i don’t know whats the good thing in this particular car !! maybe the exclusion of the hump in the rear passenger row or maybe the ‘Toyota’ tag..
    the meter console in the middle is terrible .

    what is wrong with TOYOTA now ..!!
    the big mouth’d innova coming as the ‘face’lift , Fortuner loosing its ‘fortune’ on sales due to the higher price.
    & what more to come..

    come on Toyota, you can do much better..

    • anupam

      That will be really good idea…. and they should follow the same quality standards even if the make it in India as they use in Japan. As Indian’s are known to make cheap products but with compromise in quality.


    I checked it on the Net and came across this one. Is this the one guys or will be similar to this????

    • anupam

      Both of these are imaginative renders, it can be like any one of these or can be completely different.

  • Vikram Viswanathan

    Why take the extra step when it is clearly obvious that Spruced up hatchbacks are not doing well in the market. The Fabia was forgotten! The Polo is a swing in the wrong direction! Manufactures should start looking for other segments and rest the hatchback-to-SUV design for now.

    • anupam

      Probably because many of customer’s don’t like suvs and they like hatch back

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