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Bajaj Discover 100M Test Ride Review

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Discover 100M Test Ride Review

Bajaj Discover 100M Review

Bike Tested: 2013 Bajaj Discover 100M

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 54,900/-

The Discover 100M is the most potent 100cc commuter bike with a right blend of performance and features.

It is no secret that after the Pulsar, the Discover has been the best selling motorcycle for Bajaj Auto. Obviously, when you have two brands and one of them is in the commuter segment, which is a key market in India, it is bound to bring the company volumes. However, the Pulsar is butter, but they need the bread too, right? It is not easy for Bajaj Auto to break into the volume churning commuter segment where the market leader has 24 models while Bajaj Auto has a measly ten products to retaliate. Nevertheless, that does not stop the company from trying, does it? Bajaj has clearly mentioned a year ago that they have six new Discovers waiting to be launched and four of them are here. The 125 ST, 125T, 100T and now the fresh from Akrudi’s oven is the 100M. Yes, the M stands for mileage and internally for Bajaj, a brand new platform. This new platform is identical to the T variants (the one with dual side gas charged shocks at the rear and less horsepower) but not the same. When we rode the Discover 100M for a short time at the launch, our initial impressions were positive. After a brief time with the bike, we are here with the complete road test, how is the new Discover 100M? Let us find out!

Motor Quest: Bajaj launched the first Discover in 2004 which was powered by a 125cc engine. The first entry-level commuter variant of the Discover (112cc) was launched in 2005 with a mileage claim of 101 km/l.

Bajaj Discover 100M Performance ReviewBajaj Discover 100M Test Ride

Styling – The Bajaj Discover 100M is a replica of the Discover 100T. However the 100M gets Pulsar inspired aluminium side sets which are larger than the 100T. The chain guard has moulds outside to make it look more attractive and funky. The exhaust is much longer, looks sleeker and it gets a different heat shield. The headlight and tail light remain the same. The side panels are devoid of the fuel knob. The panels are now body painted and comes with graphics on it. Y-spoke alloy wheels as any other Discover variant are here as well and the dominant tank makes the motorcycle look swell in the eyes of a commuter. All this projects an image of a larger motorcycle than it actually is.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – In terms of aesthetics, same cluster continues to be a part of the 100 M as well. There are quite of lot things skipped here. The chrome bits that surround both meters are gone. Battery warning indicator has been omitted. Yellow markings inside the speedometer don’t make it to the cluster either. The analog trip meter with reset button also has been dismissed from the 100 M. Solitary side indicators, always-illuminated Bajaj logo and high beam indicators are here. Switchgear is the same and pass light switch stays.

Ergonomics – The seating position of the Bajaj Discover 100M is upright. That means the footrests are not rear set, but are right below you, so that results in the rider sitting near to the tank. The narrow handlebar gives the rider confidence for tackling city traffic. The rear view mirrors give a good view of what is behind to almost any sized rider. The seats have superior cushioning and are wide too, offering excellent comfort to the pillion and the rider. The knee recesses on the tank are accommodating and make you feel attached to the motorcycle.

Performance and Gearbox – The Discover 100M is powered by a 102cc, DTS-i, 4-valve, under-square engine which produces a power output of 9.3 PS at 8000 RPM and torque output of 9.2 Nm at 6000 RPM. Changes are made to the CDI and valve train to achieve this slightly detuned state. However, if you notice the engine produces power and torque at lower RPM’s than the 100T which combined with lower weight puts it on par with its elder sibling. The power to weight ratio is only down by a measly 2.7 PS/tonne. A lightweight rider can match the acceleration time of the 100T effortlessly. The engine is smooth, throttle response is good and the motor responds swiftly to the rider’s inputs. Acceleration is brisk and low-end torque is excellent. Where this motor truly shines is the mid-range. Performance is surreal for a 100cc motorcycle, after 50 km/hr, the bike quickly reaches 80 km/hr. Progress to the top speed, which is 95 km/hr, is slow. The 4-speed gearbox is smooth and aided by positive shifts, it’s a great unit altogether. Taller gear ratios help to extract the best from this powerplant.

The 100cc engine revs up smoothly to the redline and NVH levels are fantastic and even better than the Discover 100T. Engine sounds throaty too with the new intake system. This is because the engineers have worked really hard on the NVH of the 100M. The motorcycle we had on test had done 300 odd kms, so it was not extremely buzzy like the bike we had ridden at the first ride event. This shows that a brand new engine is not happy and tends to vibrate slightly. Discover’s engine and gearbox feels better every time a new model comes in. Bajaj is definitely going up the ladder when it comes to refinement.

Discover 100M Road Test

Riding Dynamics – The Discover 100M is lighter by 6 kgs thanks to every single dimension being shorter by a considerable margin. 500 ml of fuel space is also compromised within the tank to achieve the lightweight number. Seat height has come down by 15 mm. The alloy wheels and tyres are the same and the front suspension is lowered by 5 mm. The Discover 100M stays planted in the corners and there is good grip from the tyres too. The front fork geometry is tuned for manoeuvrability, rather than sporty crisp turn-in as this is what this segment requires. Damping is superior and mature. Superb balance of ride and handling feels very stable the moment you take a short spin. The rear suspension is on the softer side. However, since most riders don’t ride alone or carry some luggage most of the time, it’s an ideal setup for them indeed.

The u-turn radius is radically short. Ride quality is good and the motorcycle absorbs even big bumps which don’t upset the Discover 100M. Brake at the front was a disc (the bike comes with a drum at the front as standard) in our test bike and like the customer’s demand, it is devoid of initial bite and lacks feel. However the motorcycle does stop well in stop-go traffic. Rear brakes are drums and they do a good job of shedding speeds well. High speed stability is good and changing directions at speeds doesn’t upset the motorcycle’s balance.

Bajaj Discover 100M Road Test ReviewBajaj Discover 100M Review

Miscellaneous – Headlight illumination is top notch and the spread is excellent too. Paint quality and fit-finish is excellent all around. Electric start, alloy wheels, drum brakes, DC ignition come as standard on this motorcycle. Tail light is not a LED on the 100M. Fitment like engine guard, rear view mirrors and sari guard come as standard. Horn is puny and an upgrade is necessary in case you rely on it most of the time. We once complained that new colours should be introduced on the Discover series. The new 100M comes with olive green which already exists on the normal 2-valve brothers, we are not complaining though. Flap mechanism on the fuel filler cap is an excellent idea always, a rarity in other motorcycles from the same category. As always, an excellent move by Bajaj Auto by keeping corrugated fins on the Discover 100M for better cooling, just like the Discover family variants. Front disc is available as an option, hurray!

Verdict – As always, Bajaj Auto has nailed it with the value for money proposition it offers with the Discover 100M. We agree to the fact that this is the most expensive 100cc of the lot (100T aside) but the features on offer and the handsome styling makes it a fabulous package. This Discover should find homes much more easily than other Discovers in the rural market. Bajaj says this particular model has hopes attached with it when it comes to rural market share. It will not be easy to cut the cake here because this is where Hero MotoCorp has a blind following. However, Bajaj Auto is offering something different from the competition, which should work in their favour because we think this is what a commuter of the 21st century really needs.

The Discover 100M offers big bike appearance along with good performance, fantastic mileage and value for money in the entry-level commuter segment.

What’s Cool

* Styling
* Standard convenience equipment
* Value for money proposition

What’s Not So Cool

* Missing Tachometer

Bajaj Discover 100M Specifications

* Engine: 102cc, SOHC, Air-Cooled, 4-valve, 4-stroke
* Power: 9.3 PS @ 8000 RPM
* Torque: 9.02 Nm @ 6000 RPM
* Transmission: 4-speed manual
* Top Speed: 90 km/hr
* Fuel Consumption: 68 km/l (City), 75 km/l (Highway)
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame Type: Semi Double Cradle Frame
* Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Nitrox Dual Sided (Rear)
* Tyres: 2.75/17 (Front), 3.00/17 (Rear)
* Brakes: 200 mm disc (Front), 130 mm drum (Rear)
* Headlamp: HS1 35/35W

Bajaj Discover 100M Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 1986 mm x 678 mm x 1044 mm
* Wheelbase: 1255 mm
* Seat Height: 795 mm
* Ground Clearance: 165 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.5-litres
* Kerb weight: 114 kgs

Pictures – Anannd Sampat

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  • tejas

    loved the review. I suggest a shootout between all premium 100 cc bikes for a change like, 100 t vs passion xpro vs CENTURO !

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Thanks Tejas, we won’t disappoint you ;-)

  • very good

    nice review and nice bike…. so where it lacks ???

    did you people found anything with cheap quality ????

    • Mohit

      Quality levels are on par with price tag that it comes with. It certainly doesn’t feel cheap in any area. It feels build solidly and any uncle who will test ride is bound to fall in love with the stability which we experienced during our test period with several “potent customers” feeling the same about it :)


      just going through your review i have booked 100M..I was going for splendor pro but quickly changed mind…because that old look and older technology..I have two hero honda bikes…but I want to try different..Lets see.I shall get the delivery by next week….then share a good experience…

    • MUJEEB

      100m is best ya passion xpro is best plzzzzz tell me

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Depends on what you want?

    • MUJEEB

      means who is the best faisal

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Depends purely on what your looking for. Hero is very good in the commuter segment.

    • ashok

      i have naught 100m i am not happy. becaz very low picup 60 mpl milage more engine noise while increasing speed..and more over in low speed tik tik noise is irritating me …..and bigggggggger isssue is starting probleam

  • balram

    how does
    “What’s Not So Cool-* Missing Tachometer”
    matter in a 100 cc bike????

  • kp

    discover M is cheaper thn discover T,but the later dont hav Disc break at front???

    • Mohit

      We had the optional disc brake fitted here for our test bike. Discover 100T has a standard disc brake!

    • kp

      @mohit discover T drum brakes only plz go thru ur own review on discover T….

    • Mohit

      I guess there has been a misprint on the specification sheet that we had which said 100T has standard Disc. Thanks for rectifying with us

    • sudip

      Recently disc brake option is also available fr 100t..
      go through Bajaj’s official website

  • Ben

    The review was excellent and clear cut. But bajaj must live up to expectations in the reliability factor. Way back in 2007, bajaj launched the discover 135 dtsi which was claimed to be the best in class at that time but due to bajaj’s strategy it now not there. Any thing similar should not happen to this bike as I was once a customer of that bike. also I fear that discover 100 is going to be axed by bajaj soon.

    • Mohit

      If you are talking about the 2-Valve 4 gear Discover 100. Well that is the bike which is in a totally different and competitive segment and comes at a very cheap price. Bajaj has no plans to discontinue it and the fact is that Discover 100 4G is the cheapest discover you can buy today!

  • Ariff

    which is best for milage 100t r100m.

    • Mohit

      Ariff, 100M anyday better for mileage.

    • sudip

      on paper 100m gives 84kmpl, whereas 100t 87kmpl..

  • namo

    Failsal : Which one to prefer ? Yuga or Discover ? Is this bike better than yuga and splendor ? Splendor has a dying engine.

    • raj

      go for Discover 100m its a good overall package and if you want something very reliable than get splendor pro, its engine is good enough and good resale value.

  • Ariff

    Thanks mohit.but in city what is its millage like 100t gives 70kmpl.

    • Mohit

      Ariff, Yes the 100T gives around 70 kmpl in the city but the 100M is slightly more frugal with 75 kmpl in the city can be achieved

    • Sudip

      What do you mean by more frugal??
      discuss little

    • kp

      i guess discover M weighs 114 kgs with 9.3 ps and discover T weighs 126 kgs 10.2 ps slight mileage advantage thts all

  • john

    any 1 can clarify me plz
    wats d mileage of 220?? and karizma r or zmr??
    which can give better mileage??
    i wanna buy any 1 of these.,
    soo guys plz suggest me.
    i wont use it for racing…..i ride 60,80-100 max
    and for normal use only.and i vl use the bike for 2,3 yrs.
    can i get least 40 mileage??
    which bike looks stylish?,,which give mileage least 40 for 2,3 yrs if i maintain 60,80-100 speed??
    any 1 suggest me,,,who already using karizma,pulsar, or any 1 know abt these bikes.

    • Mohit

      John, totally off topic but, 220 gives a better mileage and kmpl numbers can reach 40 when considering your driving driving style and speed Karizma numbers are lower and Karizma ZMR will return same number as the 220 on the highway because of FI

      What looks stylish? i think you should decide that since you’re going to buy it ;)

    • MUJEEB

      mohit iwant to the discover 100m its a good bike or not plz give the answwer in my email adress
      speed and mileage and disc brake good or not in this bike

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      John, not 40 but 35-38 more like it.

    • uday

      ZMR looks most sexy. Just hit it! You’ll want to hug it everyday you wake up and see it. Far from talking about looks, you won’t be disappointed by any single angle of it.

  • Prakash

    Mileage should have been a little more.
    Bajaj has technology for power i.e DTSi but no technology for Mileage.

    • Mohit

      Prakash, there is always the low powered DTS-Si 100cc variant which returns a whopping 91 kmpl! With this power torque and acceleration i think its a perfect balance of everything a modern commuter needs!

  • Abdul

    Hi Guys,
    As i’ve been watching reviews on net with all kinda auto experts.
    Please suggest me the bike between 100T / 100M / Passion Xpro / Centuro.

    can you please suggest me?

    • Mohit

      Abdul, Since the Xpro and 100M fall in same price bracket you decide which brand you would prefer. Discover 100M comes with a lot of convenient features and excellent power and economy blend. Centuro has been a great success for Mahindra because it is a great product and truly something really different. Want something completely new.. get the Centuro which has similar on road kmpl numbers

    • Vinoth

      I need to travel in city everyday for more than 100 km/day with pillion. can u suggest me starting commuter segment bike with better mileage and comfort.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Hero Passion and Splendor are tried and tested, both have proved their reliability.

    • Vinoth

      wat abt centuro and discover 100m do they withstand my requirements?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes but Centuro is a better option.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Abdul, Centuro seems most value but not proven yet.

    • Vinoth

      i came to know that centuro’s engine vibrates when it reaches a speed bw 40-50km/hr is that true?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      No not really, wait for our long term review.

  • Rohit Purwar

    Who is the best bajaj discover 100 M or discover 100 T,,,,,,,,???

    please suggest,
    for overall permanence….

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Rohit, 100T.

  • Dinesh

    Compare to honda shine which should I go for Discover 125 st. Or Discover 100m Plz suggest me which should I buy

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Discover 125 ST.



    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Prasad, that’s the point, confuse buyers with too many variants.

  • mano

    Bap re ! Tum log bajaj ka kitna choostai ho !….dmn suckers

  • Sghosh

    Great bike, the only problem is with the gearshift which is all back and quite uncomfortable for me.
    Mr. Faisal, is the old discover 100 ( the one with all front gear shifts ) going out of market ?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sghosh, the current Discover lineup will remain unaltered for sometime.

  • sukhjinder singh

    is it powerful like 125st? or what about the pickup? m going to buy 125 st but mileage of 100m attracting me so just clear me about power and pickup?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Read our Discover 125 ST review, everything about its performance is given there. Use the right tab on the top to search.

  • sukhjinder Singh

    dear faisal
    i m asking about discover 100m is it power like 125st?
    bcoz I need pickup,engine power and fuel efficient as well anyway its a fuel efficient bike already described just clear me about its power…..I wish it is not like platina

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sukhjinder, 125 ST more powerful any day.

  • Ariff

    Hi mohit
    100m went to booked today but a little tions about gears are up–?
    And how to maintain to get more milage ???

    • Chetan

      just maintain ur speed in economy mode , Always maintain correct tyre pressre ,and maintain ur bike as per schedule

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Ariff, just get servicing done at right time and you are good to go.

  • Chetan

    Bajaj just listed another version of pulsur on their official facebook page ….Is it just the new colour of 200ns or another pulsur

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      It’s a new colour.

  • Rohit purwar

    Bajaj discover 100m is best bike..?
    But bike main starting problem hai, bike running time main band ho jati hai aur fir bahut muskil se start hogi hai,gear swifting main bike hamesa band ho jati hai, iske main thoda naraj hu discover 100 m se.

    • prakas

      Service centre Mein contact karo

  • bal

    is k&n filter model no. Ya-1611 good for fz16.plz tell me about the benfits and problems

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Bal, yes it is good and offers better performance and mileage. Even sound improves.

  • aayush

    pls tell me sir which one i buy mahendra centuro,discover100m,100t and my reqirments mileage, sporty looks and more features and i use bike aprox next 6years

    • uday

      100t will give you performance expected from this segment’s best powerhouse. 100m is just like it’s elder brother, but slightly tuned for mileage and other above mentioned things. Centuro has host of innovative features like blink lights to find bike in night, etc. If you aren’t looking for super high mileage and want thrill of riding. 100t is the bike for you.

    • s. veera

      Hey Aayush ! I have used this bike quite some time now and trust me, it’s a great Bike. It is stylish and economical. I get a mileage of around 72 kmph. It also has some new features like the advanced MCi – 5 Engine, anti-theft alarm, digital dashboard with DTE and more. The price range is also reasonable. I’m very happy with my purchase :)

    • ram kumble

      Hi, Yes Mahindra Centuro is the awesome bike. I also get mileage around 70kmpl. I trust on Mahindra’s product.

  • Sudip

    I want to know about what is better between 100m and 100t, in long runs??
    their actual top speed?? Mileage??
    and the absence of 5th gear in 100m, is it any less, or better, or whatever the effect? Can you discuss a little??

    • vijaukumar

      Faisal sir ……….konsi bike better hai….bajaj discover 100T ya 125 T ya 125 ST….
      Tino me kya diff. Hai…..milege and power me kondi aachi hai…..
      Pls reply me

  • Prakas

    100t aur 100m Mein se konsa engine jyada bariya hai??
    aur longer lasting and durable hoga??

  • Rohit Purwar

    my bajaj discover 100m got 42kmpl mileage in the city,

    and i am purchase this bike 13 nov. 2013,
    bike performance is best,but i wish after 1st servicing bike mileage increase, bcoz i am not satisfy 100m mileage,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john

      Then why it says to be the best mileage bike?
      mileage ka naya satya

  • Gokul

    I am planning to buy a best mileage bike with durability and easy handling. I used to ride on Honda Activa, which is non-gear scooter and I am considering a geared bike for a first time user. When I contacted Bajaj Dealer, asking about 100T disc brake variant, they told me to buy 100M as they promote it now. I would like to know which one is good for me, I am really confused.. Please help

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Get the 100T, that is a better option.

  • Aditya Saroj

    I am confused in Discover 100T / Discover 100M & Dream Neo.
    I need better mileage with good performance & New technology with in good bugged in Mumbai
    Plz suggest me, i am going to book by 10 dec 2013

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Get the Discover 100T but Dream Neo will be more reliable alternative.

    • Sudipta Hazra


    • Aditya saroj

      It is a Honda da

  • shahid

    Faisal passion xpro or new discover 100m which is best in performance and in milage please help me

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Mileage Passion is tried and tested.

  • shahid

    I am confused in Discover Discover 100M & Dream Neo. Or passion Xpro
    I need better mileage with good performance & Neo technology with in good bugged in Mumbai
    Plz suggest me which one to buy

    • kp

      my issue is xpro and dream yuga comes with tubeless tires which is more usefull for commuters rather thn 4-valve head…all discover’s and pulsar-135,pulsar-150 rides tube type tires and reason behind it bajaj hardcore fans knw..

    • Mohit

      Kp, those tyres are tubeless for sure. However i will give you a quiz to solve which is by getting same dimension tyres as tubeless outside in the market. They are not available AT ALL. 4 valve i think is going to stay much longer ;)

      Anyways reliable options are here and then there there is everything in some bikes. You decide

    • kp

      bhai mohit they run tube type wheels expect p-180,p220 and 200ns run as per my knowledge and if they updated it very good…talking abt key features on bikes a 2-tier city lik vizag whenever i stop signal point i observe ppl hardly use engine kill switch on rtr,pulsars and fz’s may there r not aware of it or thy dont want use it…and coming to tubeless tyres are available for 18 inch tyres of dream yuga,dream and xpro and bajaj discovers and pulsar use ride on 17 inch ones…for pulsar 150 tyre size same on honda stunner and hero ignitor..

  • pradeep thakur

    100m, hayate,dream yuga or centuro.which one do u preffered vs honda shine

  • shimmi

    I had bought a 100M on 16 nov and clocked 1600 kms, it really lacks pickup & mileage I am getting 50 kmpl consistently.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Is first service done?

  • diwan

    I have a Passion bike with me at present. Though fully satisfied with it I wish to go for a different company. I find Bajaj Discover’s looks attractive but not sure of reliability. Most mechanics say that except Platina 100 cc, all Bajaj bikes start giving troubles very early.
    I am now confused between Dream Neo and Bajaj 100T or 100M company. I want a little improvement in terms of power over the Passion I have been using till now.
    Can anyone suggest me.

    • Mohit

      100M is the bike according to your requirement. Regarding mechanic talk, its all bullshit most of the time. Mechanics in India are so lazy even if you pay them double for work they will send you back home and tell you to come back tomorrow.

      Platina is a good bike but its very dated and serious entry level bike from Bajaj which lacks what you need a motorcycle (as per your requirement)

    • uday

      If you have littel more money. Better buy a 125cc bike which gives you mileage, power, looks everything in one package then go for entry level commuters, be it any brand because you spend a littel more, but get peace of mind for years to come. Test ride 125t and see if you like it. If you think any other brand then test ride honda shine too and decide if you still want most basic 100cc or not.

  • Nagesh

    Atlast after much of analysis and home work , purchased the Discover 100M.
    I had decided the colour of the bike TVS sport and went to purchase TVS sport and later had a choice to test drive both TVS sport and 100M, ended up buying 100M

    Looks: 100M looked masculine ,finishing had a premium touch especially from the front. TVS sport did not give such a feeling while sitting and riding.
    Milage: TVS sport may have an edge over 100M,
    Graphics and colour options: TVS sport has better option in choice of colours and 100M has limited options
    Side stand: 100M could have been stronger
    seat comfort: for 100M the front and the pillion seat feeling are hard on your bummies especially if you are looking for over 50km ride signal free ride.
    Engine: 100M is smooth, and vibration levels are not disturbing below 50kmph. However beyond 60kmph, you could feel engine trying hard to catch up to your request.Since its a new bike did not want to push beyond 65kmpl atleast cosidering the guidlines given in the owners manual.
    The best part is the ability of the bike to go even at 30KMPH in 4th gear.
    I ALSO FELT THE NEED FOR 5th GEAR, hope the Bajaj R&D team is listening.
    Brakes: Though good enough for normal city riding, I felt that I could have gone for disc brake.
    Design of tank: The looks of the 100M fuel tank is lovely, however for those looking for keeping few things like say a handbage with vegetables, etc, this may not be a so welcome design. I am considering having box fitted to accomodate small house hold purchase.

    Milage: has given me 65kmpl in first week and should stabilise around 68-70 . (I have identified that the idealing is a bit high on my bike as of now , will have it fixed at the service point in the next visit)

  • suhel

    haiii friends i brought the 100m on 4th december and given 61 kmpl mileage……the bike sounds high during first gear….and also sounds during changing of gears…..please give me suggetion to rectify this problem.suspension is not good,the bike is skidding while appling the brakes on high speed like 40 kmph….please give suggesions to rectify these problems(i am not good rider just normal rider).

  • Madhu

    I am planning to buy a bike with the 125cc suggest me which bike is good in this series.
    like bajaj 125 dtsi, yamaha ss125, hero ignitor, tvs phoniex,
    i am waiting for your reply
    Thanks & Regards

  • sajeevkumar

    Mahindra centuro or bajaj 100m . I am confused. Pls help me which one to buy…?

  • sarwar ali

    discover 100m ya 100t in dono main koun si bike bettar hai aur kis ka mileage accha hai.

  • Parag

    Sir, I am a regular visitor of your e-mag & I love it, its phenomenal & thank you for creating it.

    Currently, I ride Hero Honda CD Dawn. Its is nice bike for city, you know good mileage & all.
    Its been 2 years I am using Dawn, now i want to change it. I took 25-30kms stroll on weekdays and 150-200 on weekends (nearly 1000kms./month). I want comfort, good resale value(coz. I’ll change it within 2-3 yrs), reliability and mileage(without saying)
    I’ve shortlisted :
    1- Discover 100M
    2- Passion XPRO
    3- Dream Yuga

    Please suggest…

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Why not consider the Centuro?

    • Parag

      Yeah? But you only said its not proven yet, and its not a well-established brand.
      And one more thing about Discover 100M, do Discovers give good resale value (well Pulsars do) after 2-3 yrs. Coz, my local Hero franchise giving me about 65-70% of ex for my Dec.2011 Dawn, which I think is good (what do you say? my Odo says 25000kms).

      I have same concern with Centuro, I mean its nice bike and loaded with features but waht about reliability and resale…..

  • rohit purwar

    faisal sir, i am perchase bajaj discover 100 m, but is main mujhe samjh ni aa raha hai, ki bike 3 liter main reserve main lagti hai, but 1.6 liter reserve main lagna chahiye tha, and describe useable and unuseable reserve in new discover series…??? Plz help sir….??????

  • swamy

    i want bike but i am confused 100m vs honda shine ,which is best bike plz tell mre replay mr

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Get the Honda Shine.

    • Sudipta Hazra


  • gappu

    bajaj discover 100m bike me actual average kya h
    power to thik h 9.5bhp
    but high speed kya h

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Around 70 km/l. Top speed is around 95km/hr.

    • Prakash Gujar

      100km per hour…..i can send u the video of speedometer while reading if u want

  • sunil kumar dhone

    i want bike , but i am confused cd deluxe or bajaj 100m what bike is best tell me

  • Prakash Gujar

    hey the byke is very good…and as i rided ,it easily reaches 100 km per hour of top speed….i just want to conform what is the exact fuel tank capacity…be’coz at petrolpump i said the guy to make the tank full…he filled up total 12.56 litrs and 1 ltr was in reserve…..means total 13.5 ltrs…bt the company claims 9.5 ltrs capacity

  • Prakash Gujar

    pls conform the exact fuel tank capacity…anyone plssss

  • Sudipta Hazra

    what would be d best…100m or….100t….?plz tell me…

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Both are very similar, get 100T.

  • Dibyendu Das

    I want to buy 100m disc.
    whats the milage & on road price in WB.?

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Hello Friends Discover 100 M Verry Bad Bike .
    Iske Handle Me Sound Jaldi Aati Hai . Or Vo Clear Bhi Nahi Hoti. Or Iske Shokar Bhi Jyada Looser Hai , Low Quality Ke Hai …

  • Rajeshvar

    1. Bike has starting problem, not a single day it started well.
    2. Bike stops while running on road suddenly
    3. While running on 50+ speed, bike gives a feeling that there is no petrol – glitches in every 10-20 meters
    4. Suspension is major issue, which is not working at all.
    5. Side line fiber makes noise/sounds on road joints
    Moral of the story forget this and get go for Passion or Deam Yuga.

  • rizwan

    faisal bhai, which is overall better 100m , 100t , neo , shine ..plz reply

    • obalaji

      Forget discover. Honda dream series is the best bet. Neo or yuga

  • rizwan

    mohit and faisal bhai..which bike is overall beter 100m , 100t , neo and passionxpro..milege wise , style wise , ..some people r facing geare problm in 100t ..i wnt sum sporty bike with gud mileage..plz rply

  • ashwani

    I have to ride 40 kms a day daily please suggest me 100 m is good or anyone else

    • max9

      Tvs star 110 or centuro

    • neo

      Avoid discover, go Dream neo

  • ashwani

    is passion pro a better option or not..?

    • Hitesh

      Ashwani, Passion pro is old tech, atleast go for Neo.

    • ashwani

      ok thank u hitesh
      I will go for the neo.

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