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2014 Hero Karizma R Detailed Pictures

2014 Hero Karizma R Picture Gallery

Hero MotoCorp today unveiled the new Karizma R at an event where it showcased 15 updated products. The Karizma retains Honda’s 223cc engine which is set to be more powerful with EBR tweaking the powerplant to offer more output. We expect 19-20 BHP of power which isn’t revolutionary considering the Pulsar 200 NS offers more output. Although Hero hasn’t disclosed the updated power output, the company revealed the torque figures which see an increase from 18.35 Nm to 19.35 Nm. The Karizma R comes with new features including daytime running lights (DRLs) and clip-on handle bars. Hero has also tweaked the motorcycle to give it a new look.

Hero MotoCorp says the exteriors are sporty and the Karizma R gets new side and front fairing, twin headlights, new mudguard, race inspired belly pan, new muffler cover, split seats, wider tyres (90 and 120 section), etc. However no changes have been made to the instrument cluster. The company is likely to retain the pricing of the old Karizma which means the R model will retail around Rs. 90,000/-. Tough competition will come from the Pulsar 220 and Apache RTR 180, both well established rivals.

The 2014 Hero Karizma is quite a few motorcycles in one. The LED DRLs seem to be inspired from the Apache, the stacked headlights seem to come from the Hyosung GT250R, the mechanicals are from the old Karizma (with some tweaking to the motor), the tyres are the same width as the ones seen on the Pulsar 220 while the rear is identical to the EBR 1190R (look at the last two pictures in this post). Surely the updated Karizma looks better in the pictures we snapped today compared to the ones which leaked last week but it’s still not impressive!

2014 Hero Karizma R Brochure

2014 Karizma R Studio Shot

EBR 1190RS

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  • Jason Peters

    looks pathetic

  • karan

    this is just too ugly

  • Ketan

    Yucksssss. Could have been better if atleast had a bigger tank which looks like a 100cc bike

  • TR

    Atleast they should have come up with naked bike by keeping the rest as Karizma R.

  • Neo

    All are burning now….especially for bajaj…:D

  • naveen

    Faisal: how much you love bajaj…is a crap ugly p200ns a revolutionary ? Only playing with sparkplugs and valves….crap bajaj

    • ViKrM

      Ur marvellous Hero doesn’t even get a disc brake on Karizma R.. and for ur info //playing with sparkplugs and valves// does work.. Hero must learn that.. But then, they don’t even have an engine of their own.. :p

    • $himi

      Bajaj manu facures its own engines……….ROFL…JOKE OF THE DAY

    • Ben

      @ViKrM. For your info Bajaj takes input from both Kawasaki as well as KTM, BUT very indirectly.

    • Rival

      hahahaha thier own engines!! stop joking.
      bajaj used ktm duke 200 engine in 200Ns and added xtra spark saying new technology and it ll come up with Duke’s 375cc engine naming pulsar 375 with design copy of energica.

    • Neil

      Be it that the Pulsar does all sorts of re-engineering but it does the job and people like it. The design aspects are much more smooth and gel with the bikes overall intention. HH is still struggling in that department. Design is major flaw in the new Karizma. Look at the rear, agreed that Erik is helping them to get there but not just incorporating something he already has it and just fix it to the bike which is a nor a sports commuter and neither a track tool. Like the R15. So HH seem very desperate and if people only believe in their engines and then why not keep the Karizma aged and sell it for another 10 years. If Bajaj shares the power plant from KTM Kawasaki, how different is HH today. All the engines are tried and tested mules and they have not been a brainer for Honda either. These are a yawning task where we can actually wake the Japanese midnight and ask them to develop a 225 CC engine and they will do it in an hours time. What HH does is just change the Crankcase and engine cover. Also some one said that adding valves and Spark plug is what Bajaj does, yes they do it because the know the need of hour and they do it because they know that no one can in the given price point. Still no Projector for the Karizma??? God sake it is just a school boy mod and some left EBR left components to make it look bit different. But it certainly does not help the character of this bike.

    • tejas

      @ all hero moto fans…listen people…bajaj has a patent for dtsi tech..go look on wiki for it…2ndly bajaj owns 48 % of KTM…so whatever KTM does bajaj is equally responsible for it….It doesn’t atleast steal designs like hero moto…remember ignitor & stunner??

    • ViKrM

      my dear, 3 spark plugs and 4 valves on a watercooled cylinder head is a design feat. the 200cc mill produces 23.5PS.
      What do the ZMAs have..?? <20 Bhp; 2 valves; air-cooled.. :p
      Even the looks seem to be highly inspired by the good old P220 :/
      Hero is still a good 5 years behind the competition.

  • Tarun

    I fail to understand that why Hero can’t give a rear-disc brake as a standard fitment in Karizma R whereas they can provide rear disc on Xtreme, which is a 150cc bike? The quality looks good, but the front look is ruined.

  • Pravin

    19.35@6K for R and 19.7@6.5K for ZMR… should give a difference of 0.5 to 1 Ps among them… Interesting to see the power figures and the affect they have on the performance of the bikes…

    • Ben

      @Pravin. Did you use P=[(2*Pi*N*T)/60] formula to find the difference in power. About 19nm at 6k is a good sign of the bike’s outstanding acceleration. Please Hero reduce the weight and give more than 22bhp, then I assure it will be a pocket rocket.

    • Pravin

      Thats an old formula.. still applicable though.. I was just speaking generally…

      I estimate the power to be close to 18.5Ps for R and 19.5Ps for ZMR…

      Lets see how much wrong I am..

  • Ab

    Well they tried to replicate the EB 1190RS. (Check this link: Well the end result is completely disproportionate bike. I asked my friend who working in Hero moto. Corp. About redesigning the new karizma twins.. He is said that’s not possible now and the bike is about to release. So R. I. P Karizma(The death of a legend). :(

    • Arul

      Big disaster for hero

  • shaiz

    not so heroic.

  • $himi

    please dont compare this karizma with the old one…these are different…I think its better to have sleeker,slimmer,more practical bike than to have the old heavyweight and underpowered ZMR.And to the bajaj fans….this is just an upgrade….wait till auto expo 2014 for a new bike…may be then you can compare it with P200ns

    • Tarun

      Hero can’t even compete in the premium segment with Bajaj or any other bike-maker. There are no mono-shocks on this one, which is the standard. Secondly, all other premium bikes have 6-speed gearbox, which I highly doubt that Hero will install on it. And last but not the least, next year in auto-expo, Bajaj will be introducing Pulsar 375 derived from the 373 cc Duke engine which they had developed for Duke 390 in collaboration with KTM.

    • Pravin

      Pulsar375 should come in any time from now.. It shouldnt take that long I beleive.. I could be wrong though..

    • Neo

      What is such a big deal for Hero for making a 250cc or even higher cc bikes who have over 4500 dealership and have a cash reserve over 3000 crores ! Hero will bring a whole new 250cc next year when Bajaj may have already launched 375 and will be busy witth creating varaints or sorting out issues as currenlty doing with 200NS…. :D

    • Tarun

      First let them create a indigenously developed 100 cc engine. All their engines are tried & test mules built by Honda, whereas Bajaj has developed it’s own engines from 100 cc all the way to 373 cc.

      And having 4500 dealerships & cash reserve of 3000 crores has nothing to do with R&D. Look at Tata, they are using the engines & gearboxes of Fiat in their cars. But their engines of SUV & MUV are simply pathetic. Same is the case of Hero.

      It’s not that I’m against Hero. I support Hero, they’re an Indian company after all and I want them to succeed. But, they should do it themselves like Bajaj & TVS did and not by taking help of others. Hiring some designers from the leading design institutes around the country should be their first priority.

  • Neil

    Again, no ABS, Monshocks, Projectors. EBR is what we heard and it is only limited to head and tail unit as far as I see. This is what HH has done for years and still continue to do so.

  • aditya

    KARIZMA the name itself was a legend……but by launching fail design bike on the name of karizma is very sad plz dont spoil the fame of previous karizmas…… option dont launch this bike, if u cant then plz change name of this bike…

  • kuldeep

    i feel pleasure luks much better den…karizma…in d pics here….i dnt knw who will buy dis bike…it luks pathetic…

  • Pradeep

    Who says Bajaj is copying ktm then you can say that hero is copying Honda cause its still using hondas engine on this new karizma after breaking deal one year ago guys please don’t say that Bajaj is copying ktm and only one spark plug inchange that one spark plug gives us much more mileage and after all bajaj and ktm are partners like hero and Honda u fools

    • kp

      no bajaj not copying ktm…they providing 2nd range products of ktm…lol…even dilip baam and many others ridiculed 3 spark plugs technology…coming to the point karizma’s worst luking bikes in recent along updated apaches…

    • Pradeep

      Yah i know that kp but some fools are saying that Bajaj 200ns is a cheap copy of ktm i cant take that ktm just helped them but without the help of ktms technol pulsar 220 is great succesor and kicked karizma zmrs rear bajaj is the best brand in india hero sucks this time

    • kp

      driving back to back pulsar 220 and karzima zmr..i find karizma holds its end better and serve its purpose very well..its very good tourer..but the fact is it luks bad…p220 and any other pulsar its just about looks and i know it is bit powerfull…..but still karizma r and zmr r far better motorcylce thn p220 not pulsar 200ns…

    • Pradeep

      Yes but the sales figures of pulsar 220 is higher than kariza zwhich is a tourer cause people are nowadays looking for sport bikes not tourers

  • Pradeep

    Who says Bajaj is copying ktm then we can say that hero is copying Honda even after breaking deal with Honda one year ago by still using their engines Bajaj and ktm are partners like hero and Honda u foooooooooooolsssss

  • bhagaban

    I like the old model. so what will happen with old model!?
    the old model will be continue or not? because I will buy the model in next year.

  • Prashant

    An incredibly poor effort to turn it into a baby EBR 1190 RS. From not a single angle bike looks in shape. Front is oddly big and the rest of the bike fails to make up with the front. Even saying that the bike is bulky for the city rides and going with Hero’s history I do not see it to boast of a powerful engine. Meter console is a clear disappointment. In short its a bulky and disproportionate bike. HMC failed to use EBR factor.

  • Pankaj bhore

    Hmmmm…….i’m very excited to ride hero karizma R…..then only i’ can comment

  • karthik

    No..i saw it
    Its a awsome bike..have improved its proprtion than before..very attractive gaint

    Waiting for it

  • karthik

    No..i saw it
    Its a awsome bike..have improved its proprtion than before..very attractive gaint

    Waiting for it

  • Hari krishnan

    it’s not festival cheers. it’s festival fear. old Xtreme looks modern then this.

  • shubham

    WTF I think hero is trying to compete with the wOrSt cAsE sCeNaRiO…..

  • mac

    No support on any comment till i see on road……. must have something that came up in new.. ;)
    Waiting 2 c u soon baby..

  • Dark

    will it come next month in market ?????????????????????????????????????????????

    waiting………….come soooooooooooooooooon..

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes, next month.

    • swapnil

      to nxt month se old karizma r 2007 market me nhi rahegi kya ………. muze nxt year old karizma r white leni thi …….. i dnt like new look

  • pavan

    Ugly1, please not to release….

  • suneesh

    it’s superb. Bt i suggest a rare disc breake for it. Pls then its looks so cute as than bajaj pulser 220

  • dash

    No..its a stunning bike ..looks awesome in real
    Dont compliant by seeing just photos..congratz hero..great wrk..
    This karizma twins can throw off the p220,p200;r15, in performance and stands equally in looks.

  • that is a krizmaR really

    I can not love 2014 modal (I love 2013)

  • Dinesh

    Hahahahahahaaaaa hahahaaa …ha….GObi lag raha hai……i own pulsar 220 dtsi…….design of pulsar 220 f is completely out dated……….am telling the truth…i doesnt like my pulsar 220 design now…….honda cbr 250 and 150 they look good……..KTM duke got realy good design…..but its a naked bike………ktm duke 390 is roket for just 180000……… best design…………and yamaha r25 got the best design……….its good the team designs the machine according… its performance……… waiting for pulsar 375….hope it will look good…….because……they seen ktm design….they….know….if people are spending over 100000 they doesnt want……..1947 design bike…………. GOD HELP HERO MOTOR CORP…………..i think its good , when this product will come to market and will goo suuuppppeeerrrr flop…….then they will understand about it…………i know no one like this design………even……if…..hero made new 2014 zmr look like pulsar 220….( this 2014 zmr look very different from pulsar 220 ) then also… i will not preffered that design………………am surprised that….if they made new 2014 zmr , why didnt they made it mono-shok……and…..look at that front…lol…… i meen what type of shit is that……the tail of bike looks good..( at tail hero will show its creativity will 90/100 rear tyre…..the tail is so high that even if they put 80/130 , it will not look good….but they will put..90/100 )..the tail of the bike is good…. but ….but….. from front hero shows its creativity again…..they injected the indigators in the faring and also added day running lamps…….if i will buy this bike…i will 100% cover that shitty daylight lemp and indigators…lol………..lolololol………EBR owner…after looking this bike……..hee will think……..! ….EVEN IF OUR E.B.R. HIT THE WALL AT 50KM/HR ….. OUR E.B.R. WILL LOOK BETTER THAN ….14.HERO’S ZMR……………….seriously people please look at it…m not jooking….this bike doesnt have any sense…..i mean look at the fuel tank………they should redesign it……….and that wind-shild at front……..standing tall like great khali…………they should lower it……then this bike will look better then this ……HERO SHIT……………GOD SAVE HERO …..jai matta dee….. , wahe gurru g kaa khalsaa. Wahe gurru g kee fatte…… , alla aap hero kee maddad karnaa…….. ….. …. .. .Special thanks to the person who uploaded this informating thank you sir……because of people like you , internet becomes use full…….thank you………hope every body is fine and happy..every body included , all who are reading and commented……………….

  • satish

    Nice bike

  • swapnil khade

    are abhi nxt year ye new karizma r aayegi to …….. old karizma r 2007 market me nhi rahegi kya ……………………….. muze nxt year old karizma r 2007 leni thi …………… i dnt like new karizma r 2014 look ………. like old karizma look


    Iam using 2012 karizma r. I like the new upgraded 2014 kaizma r i realy excited to see the new karizma r so i want buy a new karizma r thanku hero for this making wonderful upgraded karizma r

  • Sappy

    are yar tank badi ki hoti to superb lagti.. e log tank ko kyo pakd k rakhe hai ..2000 jyada lo lekin tank change karo.. bahut hi bakvas lagti hai..hero
    baki pichvada aur agvada mast banaya.. bich vala tank hero k lie zero hai.

  • selvakumar

    worst design ever than TVS. I think after 2 year world number two wheeler manufacturer will be pulled down to last place by other competitor . What a ugly design?. Hero is giving less attention in design.The design is from hero bicycle designer . very very worst

  • deepak

    its waste bike
    old is gold if hero release this bike it will be dam sure failllllllllllllll

  • Sheik Abdullah

    When i heard that Hero motors are launching new models of karizma R,ZMR and Xtreme, i thought they would launch with delta box frame, mono shock & wider tyres like the 200ns, R15 and CBR’s. After the launch, seeing the images, i am wondering how long will they use the same single down tube frame and engine which they started with the old CBZ. how much will they load in the bike, the full fairing cover in ZMR is not suitable for this type of frame, the weight of the external parts is a heavy load for it. Cheating people with just doing make up its products. No one will spend 90,000/-, instead will buy 200ns.

  • naved

    The old model of karizma r is the best…….new one little bit look. Like Pulser 220

  • pradeep

    No one talks about the mileage ……….uhhhhh.

  • Tarun

    bhai Karizma R old model khatam hone wala hai next year se… jise leni hai abhi lelo.. maine to booking karwa di hai.. BEING KARIZMATIC .. Love u old KARIZMA R, my dream bike ever.. love u ..

  • Tarun

    Kabaad hai naya model. Purani R is Legend. Hero is no more a bike company.. cycle ka kaam hi suit karta h HERO pe ab …

  • syed adil

    karizma R ne to dhoom 4 release kardi yaar bohaot pyara modle hai

  • pupu

    The desighner of this bike is such a great person that he should be kicked in his face and his face will b like his desighned vizer of the zmr.hero pls dont mKe this kind of joker bikes..bajaj is kicking in ur ass from bfore and ur good at desighning 100cc bikes not high cc jerk desiners..atleast now call honda and tell it to join u atleast they can afford a better designer not a sarak chap designer like this son of mother…….

  • shanu shanz

    Karizma R old 1 IZ ToP………………


    Xtream new model is vry bad

  • mohit

    pathetic looks….. i was a big karizma fan….but its really dissapointing, it sucks…..eeeeuuuuuuu….dont even want to see this karizma on road….it is a shock…..spoilling the karizma tag…

  • sameer


  • Thang

    Hats-off to the designer for desining the Ugliest and most odd looking bike in ”MODERN INDIA”

  • anudeepu reddy

    new model super but back signal port very bad

  • rsv

    when will be the release of this bike into market??

  • vinod


  • dhaval

    one of the ugliest motorcycle in the world. looks like Hero has completely changed their bike designing team.
    even old karizma was looking way better than these alien designs. if they spoil designs such way, soon they’ll be out of motorcycle business and have to start making bicycles.

  • D. K. Mitra

    To hell with all Indian bikes. Disgusting! Exasperating! Loathsome! As if the whole Indian populatuon consists of only the youth. As if there are no middle aged or advanced aged people in India. And if there are, they should remain happy only with 100/125 cc bikes. Hero, Bajaj, Honda, ktm, Kawasaki …….. all of you go to hell with your bizarre shaped sports bikes looking like frogs and kangaroos and zirafs and let the Royal Enfield florish without competition.

  • Vnd

    The classic HH CBZ looks better than this on therms of design.

  • AMIT

    Slow Clap for the designers at Hero. They are the Best when it comes to spoil things. Hero is soon gonna fade away if they continue doing the same. Pathetic looking bikes. Was eagerly waiting from the past 2 years for a better ZMR and this is what they have for their customers.:(

  • Abhinandan

    Come on guys, this bike looks Better in all aspects its not a cosmatic change it also has upgrade in weight and power too.. some bikes doesnt looks good in pic but in real these ugly bikes looks so well. And it will attract the people to look at you…. If you count on power and looks look at Hero HX250R and Hastur620.. Beware Pulsurs Hero is coming Soon. all new styles and design with power that will make you shout OH MY GOD..WTF.

  • tush

    I m using karizma r the older one which I bought april 2013 its really good the newer karizma 2014 is reticulous dosent look attractive older karizma rocks

  • ajay

    Lol…the front doom is looking like a police patrol bike ‘s doom…
    Old model is the best one i say….

  • Chetan

    No HERO please dont do this :( please do not launch these :( RIP Karizma :(

  • Amit

    Old model is so gud of Karizma R & ZMR also…….
    Karizma ka no updation hi use Aaj tak no.1 rakha aur bika…..

  • Niranjan

    good bike.front mask is not good as compare to old one.back portion also not well design.but from side angel its a sexy.

  • Asif

    Dis new karizma sucks it head lamp is so ugly



  • Kishore Bangalore

    I went to Hero Showroom to buy Old model Karizma R…but bad luck they said that model is no longer available.. ..
    This new model R was worst i have ever seen and its nothing is like TVS luna …i don’t know why hero company is still working with worst designers….

    I am requesting to hero company to release the old model….

    This new model sales will definitely falls…

  • gurpreet

    kishore bro…i totally agree wd u that old karizma luks way beter that dis model as i olso visited yesterday to hero showrum…it realy luk ugly but rear is gud luking though it is not practical as rear lgt can b broken v.easy in bumber riding condition
    and bro u r saying sale will fall…plz check out sale figure….from 2-3 yrs karizma is not able to sell more than 200 unit each month nd evn in previous yrs sale was below 100 units per month
    previous month sale was just 14 units zmr + r
    compared to 6000-7000 units of pulsar 220 alone

  • Gilgamesh

    Please do not stop the Old Model Karizma R…..This new one looks Yuck….Yuck…..

  • Gagan Bhardwaj

    Looking hot

  • Aalap

    In real d bike is great…. Please dont comment by just seeing the damn pics…. D bike in real is awzome… I loved it .. Iam gona own it

  • piyush

    this is the worst design that i ever seen..

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