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KTM 1290 Super Duke R Unveiled, Packs 180 BHP

2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke R

KTM teased us with the 1290 Super Duke R Prototype last year and the production model was long awaited. Finally the Austrian motorcycle company has lifted the covers of its hyper motorcycle which as you can see, looks the part. The styling can immediately be related to the Duke as many design elements are present in this motorcycle. But the 1290 doesn’t use the ‘Super’ and ‘R’ words in its name for nothing. The KTM Super Duke 1290 really packs in a massive punch, enough to make your heart skip multiple beats every time you twist your right wrist.

Powering the KTM 1290 Super Duke R is a 1301cc, V-Twin engine which produces 180 BHP of power at 8870 RPM and 144 Nm of torque, out of which 100 Nm is available from just 2500 RPM. The twin-cylinder motor redlines at 12,000 RPM. Factor in the weight of just 189 kgs (dry) and you get a rough idea about the insane performance this machine will offer. Forget 0-100 km/hr (under 3 seconds), the Duke 1290 can be better summed up by talking about its 0-200 km/hr time, which is just 7.2 seconds, insane, you bet. That’s faster than even a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 which packs in 700 PS of power!! (0-200 km/hr in around 8.6 seconds).

However it’s not just the performance of the KTM 1290 that makes it a Super Duke, everything in this bike is extreme. With the capability to do such insane speeds, stopping power is extremely important and KTM has given the 1290 Brembo M50 Calipers with 320 mm discs. There is a Supermoto mode which disables the ABS at the rear which lets you back it into corners. Other riding modes include Sport and Rain. This jet fighter on two wheels also gets a slipper clutch, ride-by-wire and traction control. KTM states that the top speed “depends on the rider’s courage and figure” but we estimate it to be around 280 km/hr.

Components which are part of every Duke are naturally there like upside-down forks at the front, suspension made by WP, steel trellis frame (powder coated Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel trellis frame in the 1290), etc. You need to run the 1290 Super Duke on 95 octane fuel and the tank capacity is 18-litres. Expect a mileage in single digits (8-9 km/l). The KTM 1290 Super Duke R competes with the Aprilia Tuono V4 R (165 BHP, 111.5 Nm) and BMW K1300R (173 BHP, 140 Nm).

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  • als vijay

    this is awesome

  • Ben

    With such a long stroke engine, it will be vibrating more than a bullet. So Europeans wont buy it. Only acceleration freaks will find it as a power packed monster.

    • Mohit

      Ben, this is a oversquare configuration. Which is described as, when the bore is bigger then the stroke hence its a short stroke engine. long stroke engines are undersquare engines which have more stroke and less bore for pushing more torque at higher rpms because pistons travels a longer distance (which is in every diesel engine and most small capacity motorcycle engines are found with this layout)

      its not always few cylinder bikes will vibrate, i am sure KTM has gone through all the pain to get rid of that, its modern era keeping vibrations and rolling out a bike is just not acceptable and its a shame to the manufacturer. With KTM or infact any manufacturer, there is 1% chance out of the 99%
      There are lot of ideas which reduces vibes dont worry Ben ;)

    • Ben

      @Mohit. I just guessed it to be a long stroke because 100nm comes in at just 2500, which is a healthy character for long strokes. Even a similar engine sized hayabusa doesn’t have anything like this to boast. But the engine even though over square has some long stroke nature in it. One correction in your comment. You said long strokes produce more torque at higher rpms, but the fact is only short strokes produce more torque at higher rpms. For example bullet350 is a long stroke, ktm duke390 is a short stroke. You see both’s power and torque values and rpms levels at which they are achieved. Actually cars and cruiser motorcycles have long stroke, all bikes have either short stroke or over square engines.

    • Mohit

      Ben, Look at the capacity of the engine too! its 1301 cc! That helps too and not to forget its V-twin so torquey nature is guaranteed

      you cant take examples and say what a long stroke motor does and what a short stroke motor does.. Pulsar 135ls has long stroke motor.. produces torque higher in the rev range.. short stroke motor on the pulsar 200 dtsi produces all torque in the bottom of rev range..Engine characteristic can be alerted and its the rule of the layout which matters!

  • Neil

    @Ben: How can this be a long stroke bike, look at the rev ranges. It directly implicates this to be a short stroke motor. If you read the acceleration figures it it indeed a short stroke motor, just like the Ducati and Aprillia. Vibrations are bound to be there but not much as there are advance dampers that would nigate it.

  • sandy

    Can’t believe of what this mean orange metal monster is capable of, yet the bike looks very compact… almost invisible. And the design… needless to say anything.
    Perhaps one thought always comes to my mind when I see these breathtaking technologies, is where its ridden or driven. Even for our roads, KTM 390 seems much more then adequate. May be thats the reason why the product like Bugatti Veyron is sold with losses and other manufacturer like Ducati came up with the likes of Multi Strada for versatile usage.
    “There is a Supermoto mode which disables the ABS at the rear which lets you back it into corners. Other riding modes include Sport and Rain”, is tempting me to think the other way regarding 390; such as track mode and street mode to address excessive engine heating while commuting in city traffic. Like Multi Strada.