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Grand i10 vs Brio vs Figo vs Ritz vs Beat

Grand i10 vs Brio vs Figo vs Ritz vs Beat – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Shootout – Hyundai Grand i10 vs Ford Figo vs Maruti Suzuki Ritz vs Honda Brio vs Chevrolet Beat

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 4.67 – 7.24 lakhs (Chevrolet Beat), Rs. 4.74 – 7.45 lakhs (Ford Figo), Rs. 5.00 – 7.39 lakhs (Honda Brio), Rs. 5.13 – 7.76 lakhs (Hyundai Grand i10), Rs. 5.23 – 7.71 lakhs (Maruti Ritz)

Hatchback war sees a new beginning with the arrival of Hyundai’s game changing Grand i10.

Last time we saw a revolution in the hatchback space, it was 2005 when Maruti Suzuki launched the Swift. Thereon quite a few hatchbacks have come, some made an impact, some didn’t but the latest entry into the segment is surely creating a ripple. We are talking about Hyundai’s brilliant new car, the Grand i10 which looks very promising on paper and road alike. After having driven the car multiple times, we had to put it against its nearest rivals to find out who emerges on the top. Cars like the Nissan Micra and Toyota Etios Liva weren’t included for a reason, the former being overpriced while the latter offering not much to the buyer except interior space (poorly equipped). The Chevrolet Beat isn’t a real competitor to the Grand i10 either but it’s the only car in the country which comes with a similar diesel engine (3-cylinder unit), making us include it in the mega hatchback shootout.

Motor Quest: From tin boxes to real hatchbacks, the trend started in 2001 when Fiat launched the Palio in India. More than a decade later, the buyer is totally spoilt for choice.

Styling – These five cars have very different styling. The Hyundai Grand i10 was recently launched and looks the most appealing amongst its rivals. The attention to detail on the car really pays off and that makes it the easy pick in the styling department. The Honda Brio comes in second and the car appears cute. Third place in the styling department gets occupied by the Ford Figo and its recent facelift manages to make it look neutral in appearance, hiding its dated design. The Chevrolet Beat and Maruti Suzuki Ritz have started to show their age and come in fourth and fifth respectively. While Maruti Suzuki only recently gave the Ritz a facelift, the changes were too minimal to make an impact. GM on the other hand have given the Beat a facelift in overseas market and the same model is expected to reach Indian shores next year. However minor changes won’t help Maruti and Chevrolet’s case as their cars are simply a touch too old in front of modern competition.

Grand Hatchback ShootoutIndian Hatchback ShootoutSmall Cars Comparison

Interiors – Step inside all these cars and yet again the Hyundai Grand i10 comes across as the best alternative by a significant margin. The Grand i10’s interiors feel a touch above the rest and quality levels are much superior than rivals. All other car’s simply don’t feel in the same league as the Grand i10, whose interiors are so good that a layman might just compare it to a D-segment car. Whether it be fit and finish or equipment levels (rear AC vent, cooled glovebox, keyless entry, button start, 1 GB storage for audio system, electrically retracting rearview mirrors, etc), the Grand i10 simply annihilates others. Even space inside the Grand i10 is much more than what’s seen in the competition. The cluster of the Hyundai is also the easiest to read and carries multi-information display which the others don’t.

Best Hatchback IndiaBest Small Car

Quality levels inside the Chevrolet Beat and Honda Brio are almost on par but the Brio takes the edge for its roomier cabin. The Beat lacks space and we aren’t really a fan of that motorcycle inspired instrument cluster either. The Chevy also doesn’t have the same level of equipment as the others although it comes with a climate control system, it loses out on steering mounted audio controls and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors. The Ritz and Figo both feel dated on the inside although both cars offer decent interior room. The Figo lacks rear power windows, the only car in the segment to not have it even on the top-end model but it’s the only car (along with the Grand i10) to come with Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s only the Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Hyundai Grand i10 which come with a dashboard mounted gear lever which helps in liberating more space near the handbrake. The Grand i10 comes with a lot of storage space on the inside and also boasts of the best rear seat legroom (no claustrophobic feeling sitting in the rear of this hatchback). The Figo might have average plastic quality but it has the heaviest doors and that does make you feel it’s built like a tank. The Ford Figo also leads when it comes to boot space, offering 284-litres with the Grand i10 coming in second at 256-litres. The Ritz, Brio and Beat offer 236-litres, 175-litres and 170-litres respectively. In terms of front visibility, the Grand i10 is the best, in terms of AC performance the Figo outperforms the others while in terms of cabin airiness, the Brio comes out on top. However, it’s the Grand i10 which is the overall winner in the interiors round.

Performance – All these five cars come with the option of either a petrol or diesel engine (except the Brio which doesn’t get a diesel motor). Let’s talk about the petrol engines first which incidentally in all these cars are 1.2-litre units. The Chevrolet Beat and Ford Figo share last place because their petrol engines don’t offer good enough performance compared to the other three cars here. The Figo is the least powerful car here with just 71 PS and 102 Nm of output. However the saving grace is the sound from the motor which feels exciting at high revs but the car doesn’t really move that quickly. The Beat’s engine lacks mid-range and low-end performance is adequate while it does rev rather freely to its redline but sounds coarse there. With 80.5 PS and 108 Nm on offer, the Beat is the second least powerful car in this shootout.

The Grand i10, Brio and Ritz finish closely when it comes to overall engine performance between the three. The K-Series engine in the Ritz (87 PS, 115 Nm), Kappa motor in the Grand i10 (83 PS, 114 Nm) and i-VTEC powerplant in the Brio (88 PS, 109 Nm) stand apart from the Beat’s SMARTECH mill and Figo’s Duratec motor. While the Grand i10’s engine offers good low-end and mid-range performance, it isn’t comfortable at high revs where the Brio shines. The Honda isn’t the best in low-end performance but does well in the mid-range and the Ritz is similar too, offering good mid and high-end performance, very Japanese of both. The Grand i10 is the more drivable car in the city but the other too are more fun on the highway. All cars come with 5-speed manual transmissions. The Beat’s gearbox is a bit notchy while the Figo, Ritz and Grand i10 offer smooth shifts and the Brio the smoothest of the three. The Brio and Ritz come with the option of an autobox and the Brio is the better of the two with its 5-speed AT over the 4-speed box in the Ritz which is a tad noisy. Overall when it comes to petrol engines, the Honda Brio wins but only just.

Coming to the diesels, the Beat and Grand i10 come with 3-cylinder diesel engines while the Ritz and Figo use 4-cylinder diesel engines. The Beat is the least powerful with 58.5 PS and 150 Nm while the Grand i10 belts out 71 PS and 158 Nm. Both cars offer good city drivability but the Grand i10 is the better between the two, thanks to the higher output and fantastic NVH levels. In fact the NVH levels on the Grand i10 is so good, it’s easily the best among the four cars here. The diesel Figo produces 69 PS and 160 Nm and in spite of modest figures on paper, it has extremely good city and highway performance whereas the Grand i10 excels in the city and feels a bit underpowered on the highway. The Ritz is in a class of its own, although it has considerable turbolag, it’s very fast with 75 PS and 190 Nm on tap. This makes the Ritz the most fun to drive diesel car which also has the best gearbox here. In terms of gearbox, other’s aren’t far behind the Ritz with the Grand i10 and Figo being almost on par and the Beat coming in last.

Best Hatchback India 2013

Driving Dynamics – Ride quality is more important for a buyer of this segment than outright handling. The Honda Brio doesn’t have the best ride quality here with the suspension setup being on the stiffer side. The ride quality is good but the Brio tends to get unsettled on bad roads very quickly. The Beat on the other hand offers a very plaint ride and absorbs most of the bumps without transferring much to the cabin. The Ritz is also very complaint over bad roads but tends to bounce a bit at high speeds. The Grand i10’s ride quality is excellent and again it’s the real bad roads which tend to unsettle it. However the Figo, although on the stiffer side, rides the best in the segment, what ever the road surface be. The Grand i10 is the easiest to manoeuvre thanks to its light steering while the Beat and Brio aren’t far behind.

In terms of handling, while the Beat and Grand i10 offer neutral behaviour, the Ritz is the more involving of the three but body roll is present. The Brio is extremely chuck-able into corners and you can really enjoy driving the car enthusiastically. However, yet again, the Ford Figo emerges on top in the dynamics departments with the best handling among the five cars. The steering is simply a joy to use, the hydraulic unit is heavy at low speeds (all other cars here use electric steerings except the Beat) and weighs up beautifully at high speeds. Even high speed stability in the Figo is the best while the other cars feel reasonably composed at high speeds. In terms of braking performance, the Figo and Grand i10 are evenly matched while the Beat, Ritz and Brio aren’t far behind. Overall, the Figo is easily the winner in the dynamics department.

After Sales Service and Mileage – Maintenance is of crucial importance for a hatchback buyer but between all these cars here, there is little to choose in terms of spare costs. While the Ritz has the cheapest spares, the advantage is minuscule and Hyundai has really closed the gap in maintenance costs. The Figo and Beat are also very cheap to live with and Ford offers child parts which further reduces cost of replacement while GM offers 3-years service holiday. The Brio isn’t much expensive either but is still costlier than the others. Due to the volumes in this segment, all companies have localised parts heavily which helps in cheaper cost of upkeep. In terms of mileage for the petrol models, the Grand i10 comes out on top with 18.9 km/l against the Beat’s 18.61 km/l, Ritz’ 18.5 km/l, Brio’s 18.4 km/l and Figo’s 15.6 km/l. In terms of automatic, the Ritz AT returns 17.6 km/l against the Brio AT’s 15.6 km/l. When it comes to diesels, the Beat emerges on top with a mileage of 25.44 km/l against the Grand i10’s 24 km/l, Ritz’ 23.2 km/l and Figo’s 20 km/l (all ARAI figures).

Verdict – When the Beat was launched, it was a formidable car but GM’s ignorance towards the product has made it wash out in front of more modern competition, it finishes last. The Maruti Suzuki Ritz might have best powerplants in its engine bay but in other departments it simply doesn’t come close to its rivals and feels just about average. It finishes fourth. The top three can be seen in the picture above. The Ford Figo has brilliant dynamics only let down by its average quality, dated design and below average petrol engine which is the least efficient here. The Honda Brio finishes second and the car delivers heavily on many fronts like engine performance, handling, easy of use, etc. However there is one clear winner and it’s no surprise. The Hyundai Grand i10 has come and made a big impact already. The car offers class leading interior space, features and quality which are primary for a buyer of this segment. While the other cars are capable in their own regard, they heavily fall short when compared to Hyundai’s latest and that puts it on the top in this shootout.

The Hyundai Grand i10 simply feels a generation up over its rivals and that’s thanks to the modern interiors, generous equipment list and fantastic quality. The value for money is just the icing on the cake and that’s what makes it the hatchback to buy today.

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  • Crazywheels

    Brio and i 10 seems to be ahead of competition. In case of interior design, i10 is enjoying a European style whereas Brio has a pure Japanese interior design. i10 is very poor to drive in highways because of its softer suspension, but in potholed roads, it is nice. Brio’s powerplant is more enjoyable to drive than any of the rest. The air inside the Brio feels more fresh compared to others when parked under the sunlight for a prolonged time.
    Beat’s interior is funky and personally i like the spots bike speedo console. Figo is the worst in my opinion ( not the diesel )

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes Beat does look funky and the design is nice but no facelift in the past 5 years is a bit too much. GM needs to wake up. The Beat has huge potential.

    • Crazywheels

      Totally agree with you. It was a wise decision to roll out Liva, Pulse and Micra from the segment, as they deliver average performance with poor quality interiors. Ritz is a little bumpy at potholes, but the k series petrol engine is far better than the Kappa engine. And You should have added swift or Punto in this instead of Figo. Figo’s petrol engine is very poor. In my experience Brio is having the allround package with quality interiors next to Punto. Also i found that some of my friends are getting poor mileage in kappa i10s.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes Figo petrol engine is so average, we never recommend petrol Figo to anyone.

  • Ben

    The review was good but the verdict is not satisfactory. Brio should not be given second spot as it totally lacks low end grunt. I have been in it, lots of workout is needed to keep pace in city. Also 4th position for the ritz is not welcome, in fact except its design, its the best package with ample space, best performer of the lot in both city and highway. Figo is also a good package with some titbits lacking. I don’t know about grand i10, as its a newbie. Giving it the first place even before complete establishment is not a welcome move. Its diesel engine is completely new and doesn’t have any record like figo or ritz. So as of now we may just assume it to be the winner but the true winner will soon be decided by the market.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Ben, even after being a Maruti, not many buy it because the car looks a bit dated and although the engines are fab, the overall performance leaves a bit to be desired from.

      Yes, Figo lacks quite a few things but the dynamics make up for most of it.

  • Pravin

    “The steering is simply a joy to use, the hydraulic unit is heavy at low speeds (all other cars here use electric steerings) but weighs up beautifully at high speeds”

    Faisal… isnt the above statement contradictory.. How can an already heavy steering weigh up again with a “but” inbetween… :-)
    just a small mistake to point out..

    There are other small grammatical and spelling mistakes too..

    Advise you to have a proof read before posting the article..

    All the best..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Pravin, yes the “but” was a bit misleading. As far as spelling errors go, it all depends on which method you see, we use British english and some words might appear wrong spelled according to US norms. Other than proof reading the article several times, we also run it through a grammar check. Also we are not into writing an essay but more of easy to understand for all readers, so sometimes we do take the liberty ;-) Thanks for the feedback though.

      Which would be your pick in this segment, would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think comparing the Grand i10 to the Swift makes much sense.

    • Nikhil

      Also, its buil’d’ quality. Not buil’t’

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Nikhil, yes, built like a tank but build quality, differs from sentence.

    • Ben

      Faisal. you are right, both can be used according to the need. ‘build’ is future tense or can be used as adjective, “built” is past tense.

    • Nikhil


      Build is when we say the structure of anything.. For example we say the wrestler has a heavy build.. we dont say built.. In the same way, we define the structural integrity of the car as its build.. built quality does not make sense..built like a tank makes sense.. you can ask an english prof if you want..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Thanks Nikhil for the headsup, point noted ;-)

    • Pravin


      I thought the comparo was a Diesel one when the article started.. then as I read, I found out that your comparing both diesel and petrol versions..

      Well while in Petrol its got to be the Grand i10 with its brilliant all round ability and also for being the most mordern car…

      As far as Diesels are concerned, I would probably pick a Ritz/ Figo over Grand.. As I feel Grand is underpowered for the class..

      You may not notice the difference while your driving alone.. Try to load the car with 4 to 5 persons with their luggage and then the difference would be very clear.. :-)

      I think with Grand i10 Asta being 6.7 lacs on road Bangalore and Swift being 7.2 lacs on road for the ZXI.. they are close and would be an excellent comparo in their petrol form..

      Also they are from the top 2 companies in commercial sales.. with literally matching service network and quality..

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes Pravin, this is for both diesel and petrol. For city driving, I would pick the Grand i10 but for traveling on the highways, I would prefer the Ritz/Figo just like you.

      As far as Swift goes, makes sense to compare with it, pricing is not that far between the two.

    • Pravin

      Grand i10 DSL.. is a perfect city only car.. with great driveability..

  • sandy

    Long awaited comparison test though every words, findings and even the winner was expected. To me all of them are well matched, perhaps left my heart to decide.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sandy, so what did your heart decide?

    • sandy

      Faisal… still in a loop. Afraid if I become Jay Leno like car lover.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Still Sandy, consider your requirements and do tell me what you would prefer.

    • sandy

      Mind says first one, heart says second one. I mean Gi10 and Brio. And both of em suits my requirement.

  • Spitfire

    The test should have included both the liva and sail-uva, i guess they are both very competent automobiles. Liva in the present guise has class leading interior space,nice responsive frugal oil burner and has decent amount of equipment as well ,its a car without flair which appeals to the head rather than head. Sail-uva on the other hand is an equally gud car that has grt ride,comfort and frugality.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Spitfire, agreed but we wouldn’t recommend either the Etios or Sail U-VA to anyone because at the end of the day, when you get good quality interiors, why should you compromise?

    • Sabki Maa

      This comment deserves a superlike. Well said!

    • Sangram

      Diesel Sail U-VA is the best of the lot. Especially LS ABS variant. It has got best engine, great ride quality.

      Petrol Grand i10, yes, but diesel, BIG NO!! Pit the Grand i10 ASTA diesel against Sail U-VA LS ABS diesel.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sangram, why not put it against the segment leader, the Swift?

    • Sangram


      Swift ZDI – 6.95
      Grand i10 Asta – 6.42
      Sail U-VA LS ABS – 5.95

      Sure, Sail LS ABS misses on an airbag, alloys..etc. But at least people can choose between safety and fancy.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Sangram, what makes you say the Sail is safe? The Grand i10 is definitely safer, I am sure it will get 5 stars in Euro NCAP.

    • Sangram

      LS ABS has ABS and an air bag too… at a lesser price than Grand i10 with much better engine, ride and space.

  • Tarun

    I think that petrol Figo has 4 cylinders. 16 v DOHC.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes Tarun, that’s right. Some confusion at our end!

  • Spitfire

    @Faisal .. Agreed!! But don’t you think is it fair enough to deem them incompetent on the basis of interiors? ‘coz i think there is a lot more in an automobile to consider rather than interior aesthetics. No offence Faisal but as the sayin goes ,’More Than Meets The Eye’ that is my opinion. Hope u understand.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Agree but those cars also have like equipment levels. And space is their only USP.

  • Ysak

    fair to compete 3 cylinders vs 4 cylinders??

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Ysak, price makes comparisons happen, not configuration!

  • tejas

    I liked the shootout & also feel the verdict is right. Hoping to see more such shootouts in d segment sedans & 150 + cc bikes! keep up the good work!

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Tejas, we will try to do more of such shootouts.

  • Ashish

    Yet another superb comparison Faisal !!! This will certainly be helpful for those who are planning to buy a hatchback in future…looks good for brio vs grand i10 vs figo :)

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Thanks Ashish ;-)

    • Ashish

      waiting for shootout btwn MS Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio Vs Renault Duster Vs Ford Ecosport vs Nissan terrano.. whr mobilio being a big rival for other 4.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Ashish, MPVs vs SUVs? Doesn’t make much sense.

  • Hellraiser

    too many english professors in the house is bad smelling!

  • Anoop

    Looks like you hate the Chevy here. One of the worst comparison reviews I have ever read. From the beginging to the end you are having some problem with the Beat. It looks old school for you? I have read so many comparisons and you are the only one to say that. You are just degrading a good car and misleading the buyers.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Anoop, Beat should not be even there in this shootout, it’s a segment below. But still we put it, because we love Chevy.

  • Srinidhi

    Nice article. A couple of more points need to be covered – Ingress & egress, lower thigh support while seated(especially for elders) & highway driving(especially in the night when trucks drive with high beam lights).

    On these points, RITZ is unmatched and far ahead from the competitors. If one is used to Ritz, any other hatch back in this segment looks very uncomfortable. Drive-ability is just like an Innova. I am not biased towards Ritz, but this vehicle has real real tangible advantages compared to others.

    In our extended family, we have all the above cars(all petrol) – Minus looks, Ritz is # 1 followed by Grand i10, Brio, Beat and then Ford – in terms of overall satisfaction.

    • kc

      I agree with you!! I have driven my ritz vdi at 158 km/hr with 5 person on board and AC ON NO.2 fan speed. Oh god car was still stable!!!no vibration on steering!! And my tyre size is 165 r 14 80 about to upgrade to 185 r14 70 Michelin!!

  • jay

    Ritz is better a car on highway compared to the grand i10, it feels under powered. Suzuki never really marketed the ritz well otherwise it would have eaten into the swift’s sales. Swift and ritz hav same engines. Ritz needs a little more equipment and a more comprehensive facelift. Grand i10 has more equipment but the real question is equipment more important than safety features that u have to pay extra on the grand i10 for safety where in the ritz zxi it is a standard feature.

  • Binayak

    Thanks Faisal for the useful review . I have choosen the Grand :)

  • san

    i m planning to buy ritz vdi diesel or grand i10 magna diesel for my dad… which is bettr for chennai city ride and as well safety , good suspension … bcoz i had a beat diesel LT Model before… i liked the vechicle much but i sold the car bcoz of the bad suspension (bounce in potholes) n ground clearance … plz suggest me a good vechicle…
    currenntly m owning 2010 swift vdi…

  • bbrao

    Dashboard mounted gear rod is irritating. The gear rod should be close to ur hand not far away. The usage Of hand break is not frequent whearas usage of gear shift is continuous process. I sold my i10 only due to this reason.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      You get used to it with time.

    • kc

      My friend its vry easy to shift gears and safe as well!! I have seen most of the cars in foreign countries having dash mounted gear lever!!!

  • sangam

    i am getting grand i10 asta(0),i20(sportz)and polo highline at the equal price…..all petrol…..which 1 wud u pick?

    • Vipul Sharma

      You should go for VW Polo. Best built quality, Design is great and has a decent fuel economy. Overall a feel of classy high end hatchback is there in polo. Hyandais, and suzukis etc are mess after 50k kms but polo will easily last for about 5 lacs km.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      No doubt but service costs are higher if the Polo compared to immediate rivals.

  • Akshay

    Hey folks,
    I am planning to buy a diesel hatchback. We are a family of 3 and 1 will add in the coming 2 years.
    My requirement and budget:
    BUDGET: 6.5l
    USAGE: Majorly on weekends and 1 trip per month with a driving distance of 500 km, and some short drive on weekdays.

    My first choice was a Beat and then found Grand i10 as the best one to consider. After reading your forum I found that both Beat n i10 lacks the power on the Highway ( what it stands: low on speed, power, pull , pickup or what ???)
    Please suggest me what will be best as I dint want to take a car which is plenty and common on road (Ritz, Swift and Figo).
    I can consider Ritz as it coming in the budget and has the Brand and trust name Maruti.

    Need your suggestion.
    Akshay R

  • sunil

    I felt grandi10 petrol is better car.

    Planning to buy but i came to know there is battery discharge problem and hyundai guys are saying there is software problem which got fixed and now there are no battery issues.

    I just want to know if this is fixed ? and can we buy this car


    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes the problem has been fixed.

  • vinod


    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Drive the car and tell us if you feel that the Grand i10 does not deserve to win.

  • rohit


  • SKD

    Faisal, what about Honda/Hyundai after sales service? Will honda/hyundai car create an serious issue if the car breaks down in a remote area from city, when going for a long drive (because of lack of service station availability)?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Both companies are very reliable and unlikely to brake down.

  • g.muruganathan


  • G Gupta

    Dear Faisal,
    Can you advise if I have to choose between Grand I 10 and Xcent (Petrol) which one should I choose in terms of engine, drivability, if price is not the issue. I know the engines in both are same (1.2 litres) but doesn’t it makes the difference if the same engine is driving the heavier Xcent rather than lighter Grand I 10.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      The difference is negligible, because weight isn’t much different between the two.

  • KK

    dear Faisal,
    Can u add Tata Indica Vista to this shootout? What will be its rank?
    Please reply…
    Thanks in adv…

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Vista will be discontinued next year, no point in buying it now.

  • Dr. Ateeq

    Hi Faisal,
    I have purchased i10 grand sportz crdi stardust on 27th Mar 2014:after much brainstorming. so far so good,no complaints. have done 4500 kms,getting 20+.
    I have learned driving on this only, even suffering some minor scratches while parking in garage.
    Well, three months ago in Feb, when i was using my Pulsar 180 UG4,I had decided to purchase a new small car for my small family,and opted for alto800 lxi,costing about 3.3 otr(as I just hated the look of nano). To enquire about car loan,when I visited my BOM branch manager, he laughed over my decision and suggested me Celerio Zxi MT,cost about 4.75 otr,as I would occasionally go for long drive. I considered his suggestion and went on to look Celerio. I didn’t find it too much larger than Alto800,and not very comfortable either.
    One of my friend runs Vista TDI ,and he suggested me that. I was just thrilled by the space it offered,and also its otr price was just over Celerio’s, around 5,so I thought,why not buy the spacious diesel over a compact petrol with marginal price difference? so, I began thinking over Vista TDI and then the TDI vs QUADRAJET engine confusion surfaced. fully loaded QUADRAJET VISTA TECH VXI OTR was 6.25,with goodies like LCD screen,ABS-EBD etc. so booked that one.
    I was always a SWIFT fanboy, but hadn’t considered it till I crossed 6 lakh limit. I always loved the look of swift hatchback, so after booking vista tech vxi, my mind changed, and decided to opt for swift vdi otr 6.6 instead.
    All bank formalities were over ,I had the DD in favour of Maruti in my hand, and went to receive the white coloured swift vdi. everybody appreciated my latest decision, and told me to stick to it only! as swift has been ruling the hatch segment for past 8-10 years.
    While in the showroom, I was watching my white swift vdi standing and waiting for me, I noticed the rear seat of swift to be a bit congested for three adults, and the A/C to be not that powerful. I had also heard of i10 grand highly, but still swift was my first choice. Still, I decided to personally have a look at i10 grand,just due to aforementioned two drawbacks of swift vdi.
    when I visited the Hyundai showroom,there was a silver grand i10 sportz petrol. it looked good to me(as good or only slightly lower than swift in external appearance) and the features I found were stunning and some of them useful too,like..
    1) built in music system,which was absent in swift vdi ( grand i10 sportz crdi and swift vdi both OTR were 6.6 exactly)
    2) Button start
    3) keyless entry
    4) rear A/C vents
    5) tilt steering
    6)rear parking sensor ( this one looked the best one to me as a newbie)
    7)50 litres more boot space
    8) rear seat not as congested as swift
    All these features forced me to consider i10 over swift,although I liked swift more.
    So I cancelled the DD in favour of Maruti and went on to buy i10 (this procedure costed me extra 3000 bucks),and here I am.
    But now after 2 months, though I have no complaints for i10, whenever a swift passes by, I couldn’t stop myself watching eagerly at it!
    I ask myself sometimes ,was my decision of buying grand i10 over swift really good? but cannot really get the answer..

    • gh

      Swift ZDI 15 inch Alloys!!

  • Shruti Sahu

    Hi Faisal,
    We are looking for a car budget around 6-6.5 lakhs.Our choice was Brio,we were looking for polo and went to the showroom for both.Brio is a very easy and fun to drive car with a very good body balacne and HONDA’s renowned i-vtec engine,but its boot space is very less,
    So we planned to drop BRIO,Then POLO no doubt its the best in its class,we are only worried about its maintenance after sales as its a German Co. if some genuine parts are required,its definitely quite pricy than other Localised Brands like Maruti and Hyundai.

    So,last option is to go for either Swift or Grand i10.About,Swift :its a great car with K series engine and ofcourse a very good review from present users,but now its too old. So,going to buy for grandi10 as it has got so many features in Asta petrol Model(Optional).But we have to spend 30000 for airbags and some amount for ABS too on order.

    It it a good decision? Please feedback. which to buy? Polo,Grand i10 or Swift

  • Shruti Sahu

    Also,Brio is quite delicate it seems as its back is completely glass,and POLO is very hard and heavy.

  • Manish

    Hi Faisal ,

    Thank you for the comments but instead of reading others i would like to have the feedback on my queries and my be they are repetitive. I have a Alto (2007) and now wants to upgrade. I need the best value for money and style. My daily run is about 35 Kms. Now my first confusion – Petrol or Diesel ? Second which one – Swift , Ritz , Honda Brio , Beat.


  • anil

    Faisal, Just want to know whether maruti is planning to stop ritz as i am planning to purchase one.Pl. reply

  • Swayambhoo Chauhan

    I think the suzuki ritz is the best among the folloeing if you want performance as you can overtake any car on highway just by putting your foot on the accelerator whatever is the gear and the headroom is generous plus is the ASS . Ritz k12 is a star whreas grand i10 is rich on features and comfort .power is also good in petrol variant but it lacks mid range grunt my uncle owns a grand i10 and asta petrol . honda brio has a speed restriction if 140 kmph and figi is too heavy though offering practical cabin space and very heavy but i love its handling ant ghe rock solid suspension. beat on the other hand is quite cute but cramped . gi10 facing is facing some battery problem especially in the button start AND THE 4 Th RANK FOR RITZ THE BEST IN PERFORMANCE BY MILES US PATHETIC.AND MISLEADING

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