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Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol Test Drive Review

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Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol Test Drive Review

Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol

Car Tested: 2013 Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Kappa Asta (O)

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 6,51,000/-

The petrol Grand i10 is as impressive as its diesel counterpart.

It’s not very often a car as significant as the Hyundai Grand i10 hits our roads because this vehicle has the capability of sending its competitors back to the drawing board. Hyundai has been getting everything right of late and that’s simply because the company has stuck to a tried and tested formula, of providing customers with what they seek most, VALUE. The Grand i10 is such an important vehicle for Hyundai India that it went on sale even before it made its public debut in global markets (as the second generation i10 at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show). We have already reviewed the Hyundai Grand i10 in detail before and this time we get behind the wheel of the petrol model.

The styling of the Grand i10 is more of an evolution of the old i10, something which only strikes you when you see both cars head-on. The Hyundai Grand i10 has evolved, it looks more mature and modern too. The fluidic treatment is there but not in a heavy way and the front seems to be inspired from the Eon a bit. The side and rear are the most attractive parts of the car with the attention to detail quite highlighted on those sides of the vehicle. Chrome door handles, roof rails, body side moulding, rear spoiler, swooping tail gate are all part of the styling elements of the Grand i10, which work wonders in giving the car a fresh appeal amongst the mundane hatchbacks.

Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol User ExperienceHyundai Grand i10 Petrol Road Test

Hyundai has upped the game in the interior department and how. The dashboard is quite different from regular Hyundai cars and those round AC vents and dual-tone treatment do give the Grand i10 a very retro sort of appeal. The steering is loaded with buttons and blindfold a person and put him in this car and they won’t be able to guess it’s a hatchback, such is the level of quality and equipment (no distance to empty though). Plenty of storage spaces inside the cabin as well and the dashboard mounted gear lever liberates a lot of space between the front seats, near the handbrake. Rear visibility is excellent too and so is the visibility from the rear thanks to the integrated front seat headrests which don’t feel like a compromise at all.

Even passenger comfort is taken well care off, seats are supportive and there is plenty of rear seat legroom. In fact the rear bench offers terrific levels of comfort with excellent visibility thanks to the wide opening doors and large windows. Ah, not to forget the rear AC vent, a segment first and much needed feature in the hot and humid climate of Mumbai. Small attention to detail by Hyundai is really worth appreciation like the cooled glovebox and automatically turning off cabin light and headlight (in case you forgot to turn them off after leaving the vehicle). In spite of generous interior space, Hyundai has managed to offer a big boot which can shame most of the cars at this price point.

Hyundai Grand i10 Petrol EngineHyundai Grand i10 Petrol Review

Crank the familiar 1.2-litre Kappa petrol engine to life and it wakes up with almost pin drop silence. NVH levels are fantastic till about 3500 RPM post which the motor is vocal, more so near its 6500 RPM redline but in a nice way. While the same VTT equipped motor is well known to us as it performed duties in the old i10, Hyundai has, among other changes, tweaked the motor a bit by modifying the piston to improve breathing. The result is improved throttle response and better overall performance. Outputting 83 PS of power at 6000 RPM and 114 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM, the Grand i10 seldom feels out of breath and pulls in a linear manner.

Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Review

The Kappa motor powering the Grand i10 has a strong mid-range punch and its only at the higher end of the rev band does it lose steam. Low end performance is good too which makes drivability in the city a relaxed affair. Coupled to this engine is a 5-speed gearbox which itself offers quite slick shifts with a light clutch to boot. 0-100 km/hr requires a last moment upshift to third gear and the gearing is itself on the taller side. While ARAI figures suggest an overall mileage of 18.9 km/l, in real world conditions, the petrol powered Grand i10 should return 12-13 km/l in the city and 14-15 km/l on the highway.

Hyundai has done a commendable job of setting up the suspension on the Grand i10. The company has managed to achieve a neutral balance and the Grand i10 doesn’t feel too soft or too stiff, it just feels right. However it is no driver’s car and the petrol model’s steering offers lesser feel than that of the diesel. At low speeds, the steering wheel is extremely light and that makes driving in crowded city streets a stress free affair. As you gather speed, the steering offers decent feedback and the Grand i10 stays composed at high speeds. Braking performance is good too and stopping power is nothing short of impressive. Ride quality is excellent and both low and high speed ride is compliant with only really bad roads unsettling the car to a certain extent. There is no bounciness and the suspension has that mature feel to it which is mostly found in European cars.

The petrol powered Hyundai Grand i10 is as impressive as the diesel model, offering the best of everything without breaking the bank. Hyundai has truly done the unthinkable, offering so much value to buyers that competitors need to hurry and catch up. Segment first features, good ride quality, excellent interior space, neutral dynamics and frugal engines are mostly what a buyer of this segment wants and Hyundai has gone ahead and delivered in plenty. The petrol unit comes considerably cheaper than the diesel and for those looking for a petrol powered hatchback, there simply isn’t a package as well rounded as the Grand i10.

What’s Cool

* Interior space
* Feature list
* Ride quality

What’s Not So Cool

* Engine lacks top-end thrust
* Automatic not available yet

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  • kp

    ford figo or hyundai grand i10?

    • Joshua aaron

      Hands down, grand i10 :)

    • Pravin

      If its a petrol.. then its easily the Grand…

      If its the diesel you want.. then Figo is 50K cheaper.. with more interior space and comfort with fantastic ride and handling… Overall a slightly better choice than the Grand..

  • Pravin

    Proud of Hyundai… The progress theyve made is just inspirational… It is Hyundai who turned the Indian car market upside down by reverse engineering niche brands and bringing it to the affordable segment…

    Grand i10 Petrol is simply superb.. probably the Swift has finally found a match for being the best petrol hatch in the country..

  • sandy

    Hyundai is a quick learner and always manage to bring something new to the segment. In case of Gi10, I’m not excited with the way it looks but definitely get added to my book of worthy product anyday. Benchmarking VW’s Up! has definitely gained them a lot.
    Any news on safety rating of new i10 @ Europe.

  • sudeen

    glove box is not available in magna??
    is it necessary??
    or can we alter the glove box later??
    and even side mirrors with indicators??

  • Ruchir Rathore

    Hi guys,
    Hyundai Motors is just misleading its customers. I can never trust this brand. Do you know last year Hyundai motors was penalized in US for their false claims regarding mileage of their various cars. Click here to read:

  • Bhavesh

    Hi Guys,

    I have plan to buy Hyundai Grand i10, but confuse about its mileage in petrol verient, can any one please tell me it’s actual mileage not ARIA.

  • Mayank

    Hi Guys,

    I am confused between Gi10 petrol and Swift Petrol. Though Faisal has clarified that Gi10 returns 12km/l in city conditions, can anyone guide me as to how much mileage does swift petrol actually returns in city and highway conditions?

    • Mayank, Swift returns slightly more but not drastically more. Read our comparison review between both these cars for a better buying decision.

  • viju

    Am confused between nissan micra active and grand i10 (petrol)..and there are no much user reviews about micra,I dont know the onroad mileage.and its comparison with grand i10.many of ma friends are geting low mileage with old i10.and wana know about performance and service cost too

    • Viju, better to go for Grand i10. Its a superior product and service centres are in plenty too.

    • Viju, get the Grand i10, it’s a much better car than the Micra. Nissan service is very poor.

    • sanjeev kumar tripathi

      Faisal I just got I10 grand sportz petrol,,but it is giving less than 10 km/l avg ,around 9 km/l,is it true for other

    • How mauj kms has it done?

  • Rohan

    @Faisal & @ Javed : The point Viju is making is about mileage which is really a big problem with 1.2L Kappa engine. All people I know with 1.2L Kappa i10 are very upset with the mileage.

  • viju

    Ya rohan
    The mileage s highly variable with dat engine.i know guys with etios liva and ritz geting something around 16-17km/l((as per them))) in mixed condition.nd those with i10 geting from 10-13

  • Abhishek singh

    I had booked a Hyundai grand i10 magna petrol on 14th Nov,13. Can any one tell me its actual city nd highway mileage.

    • Mileage is mentioned in the review above.

  • amit

    I had booked a Hyundai grand i10 magna petrol Can any one tell me its actual city nd highway mileage.
    and its cpmpetitable to i10

  • Moya

    Been driving the Grand i10 for a few weeks almost everyday. Mileage seems neither bad nor too good. Hopefully, I was told that I’ll know the exact in my first servicing. Decent drive till 3500 rpm, but sounded obnoxious beyond that. But I’m still happy with the interior, smart key and the keyless start equipped in a car at this price range. I’m hoping there aren’t much high tech car thieves in India; other than that this vehicle is ordinary thief proof. Many thieves might know how to open the car door and window but without the smart key inside the front seats, it’s impossible to drive away unless towed.

  • Phani

    Iam interested i10 Grand Diesel. Can anyone tell me its actual city nd highway mileage.


    • Mileage is mentioned in the review above.

  • Ritik

    Hi Faisal,
    I am planning for my first Car. So CONFUSED!!!!!!!!
    I am really confused between Grand i10 and i20 as i20 is giving some discounts. So high end Asta(O) comes around 6.8l (bangalore on road) and i20 comes in around 7.15l . Look wise defently i20 looks more premuim but i am not sure about the mileage. Review suggests i will not get more than 10 kmpl. Is it true??and moreover it is little underpowered as review suggests.Grand i10 mileage is still not clear in review and i do not trust claimed one. Which one should i opt in terms of MIleage,Driveability,suspension, Steering etc.

    I liked driving Honda Amaze petrol as well but not sure about the mileage and engine. I was reading the review comments and found that some one has mentioned about smoke coming out from his bonnet. So not sure about that. Though dash is not good, i liked driving that car. Please tell me about amaze petrol (mileage in city, pros and cons etc) also as all three what i liked is 1.2 litre petrol engine. which one would be the best choice.


    • Ritik, if you want a efficient petrol car, I suggest the Honda Amaze. The issues you heard are a one off and the car has no major problems.

      Between the i10 and i20, the i20 is a better pick.

  • Ritik

    Thanks for the quick resonse Faisal.
    What about the engien noise in the Amaze petrol? is it there or it is normal?
    How much mileage i will get in the city with amaze?

    What is the mileage diff in city between grand i10 and i20 ??
    is suspension, steering improved in grand i10 compare to i20 ?

    Please clarify!

    • No, petrol Hondas aren’t as noisy as their diesel counterparts. Mileage you will get is 12 km/l.

      i10 is a much better handler than i20.

    • Ashutosh

      How can amaze be more efficient than grand i10 when both give 12 km/pl ?

  • Venkatesh

    Hi I own i10 Grand Petrol, if you drive neatly you ll get good mileage for sure..i get 14 with AC on cities.

  • Pramod

    Hi, I too got close to 14 kmpl mileage in my Grand i10 Sports model . (Before the first service). However mileage depends on how much distance you travel in the real city traffic.

  • Waseem Raja

    Battery complains in 10 grand sportz
    I have been twice +1 time for free service in Samara Hayundai Okhla taking the same complain in my i10 grand. The Problem still exists in my car. It doesn’t start in the morning. The battery gravity is really low and Samara is unable to fix it.

    I met other i 10 grand user having the same problem in their car as well.

  • Swapnil

    Hi, I am planning to buy new hatchback & confused between Grand i10 Asta petrol & Swift ZXi Petrol.
    My car usage is only during weekend & only few Kms. I am impressed with the interiors of Gi10 with loaded features like Bluetooth, 1 GB memory, ipod compatible, etc which are missing in Swift. They are almost at par in other technical areas incl mileage.
    Your suggestion pls.

    • If you can wait, Swift update coming soon but will be costlier.


    Hi Faisal

    I m big fan of your review and suggestions. Good job

    I need very important suggestion from your end. I m already using i10 sports version since 2009 and I m planning to change my car to grand i10 asta petrol. Is worth buying or what, what is your openion. Please give your comment. Since I m very much impressed features in grand i10.

    • Yes it’s worth buying but do you want to upgrade to Grand i10 or a bigger car?


      I m planning grand i10 petrol version since my budget is 6-7 lacks

      Or if better than this please suggest me…

    • Good choice, go for it.



  • premal

    Sir will Xcent ( grand i10 sedan) deliver lesser mileage than the hatchback since weight of the car increases also will not be underpowered again for that weight n size.

  • Hemanth Kumar

    Dear Faisal I own a i10 Magna 2012 I want to u suggest me weather to go for Grand i 10 or Honda amaze since I want mileage &power ( Petrol version)

    • What are your requirements. I suggest Amaze.

  • Sandeep

    Hi Faisal,

    I need suggestion on buying my first car, I have nearly 4-5 cars in mind and my budget is around 6-7 lac.
    The Car which I selected or in my list is: Swift, Grand i10 and i20, Figo, Punto.

    All I need is better mileage and good comfort, I am looking in Petrol variant, I know all the features and performance on these cars, Need strong answer or view on which one to go.

  • Navin

    Good reviews. Good Job. I am planning to buy a car within 6 lac budget. I had a test drive of Xcent and Grand i10. I pretty much liked them. My daily usage is 40 k.m. out of whic 24 km is in city and 16 km on Highway where speeds can be between 60 km/hr to 100 km/hr. I live in mumbai.

    I needed suggestion:
    1) Whether i should go for a CNG fitting or Petrol or Diesel? Current price for CNG is Rs. 40, Diesel – Rs. 64 and Petrol Rs. 81
    2) If you suggest CNG then, shall i go for WagonR with company fitted CNG or Grand i10 and get CNG kit fitted from company (the dealer says that the car will be sent to Hyundai factory and there sequential kit will be fotted for additional Rs. 75,000 and Hyundai warranty coming on the car will remain intact)
    3) Shall i buy Xcent with CNG fitting from Hyundai factory for additional Rs. 75,000. The dealer says that Hyundai has not approved for CNG fitting in Xcent and hence the Company warranty will become void and the dealer will provide two years warranty on car).

    In any fuel case what will be the mileage in city + highway driving (in my case). Alos, please suggest whether service cost is more in diesel and CNG compared to petrol?

    This is urgent. Thanks in advance

  • das

    Hi Faisal,
    Hyundai grand i10 asta or asta (o)
    The price difference is around 40000 bucks. The point is without or with abs and airbags?
    What do you recommend?


    two months back i was purchased I10 grand pertrol vehicle. in city condition millage is 10km/l any body can tell me how to imporve the millage in city conditions…………..

  • sameer

    iam planning to buy normal i10 can any one pls tell me the mileage for the same



  • Vishal Vijayan

    Hi Faisal
    I have been using the grand i10 petrol sports variant for few weeks now and I have managed to clock 300km+, I felt the vehicle has been providing me with a mileage of roughly 13kmpl with substantial bumper to bumber traffic.
    1.Is this good enough or can I expect more mileage as the staffs at Hyundai say that I could expect at least 15-17kmpl after the first service.Is this true?
    2.At times I regret buying the petrol variant and should have purchased the diesel variant instead.Will fuel savings substantially be different between the two?

    • That’s terrific mileage for the petrol Grand i10.

      Considering the low difference between petrol and diesel fuel price, there is no point in getting a diesel car if you don’t drive it more than 1500 kms a month.


    Dear Sir,
    I am confused between Grand i10 diesel & Nissan Micra diesel. Can u please advise taking all the things in account.

  • Jason Tecson

    I bought grand i10 1.0 petrol. After my 1000klm maintenance the problem started immediately. When in neutral or parking the engine stops. The chief mechanic said I have to shift to Leaded instead of unleaded gasoline and I did but the problem persisted. Can anyone give me advise on what to do I’m starting to get disappointed. Thank you.

  • Jason tecson

    Yes sir. I told that as far as I know it’s not allowed to use leaded on unleaded engine. But they said that the it’s ok since the octane rating in Korea is at the standard while in the Philippines it’s lower by 4.0.
    Are there any other using leaded fuel on unloaded engine because as per the manual it will cause to limit the oxygen to fuel ratio that may damage the engine?

  • Junaid

    I desperately want to change the tyres on my Grand i10 from the stock tyres to 15 inches? I can see that xcent comes with 15 inch alloys of 175/60-r15. Can the same upgrade be done on my Grand i10 as well?
    I was previously looking at 185/60-r14 but since I am going to get new alloy wheels I thought I might as well go for 15 inch ones.
    Also does a tyre upsize Void the warranty? Whats the best tyre upsize for grand i10?

    Any suggestions ?

  • bhaskar chamua

    I am planning to buy the grand I 10 sport model recently,but very upset about the mileage it offers.what I should go for ?

  • Ravindra Kumar

    Dear Faisal I m the first time buyer of a four wheeler. My budget is 5-6 Lacs for a petrol car. I m concentrating on Ford Figo Titanium and Hundai Grand i 10 Sportz model. Which one will be better option in regards to mileage. How much mileage Ford Figo Titanium Petrol model will give on road. Pl reply

    • Don’t buy Figo petrol, it does not return good mileage, get the Grand.

  • Ravindra Kumar

    Dear Faisal, continue taking your valuable support, please tell me that in regards to latest features and specifications which one will be the best option Ford Figo Titanium (Petrol ) or Hundai Grand i 10 Sportz(Petrol) model. Also please and please specify the mileages of Ford Figo Petrol and Grand I 10 Petrol in city and highway conditions.Waiting for ur valuable response.

  • basu basit

    can you tell me the price of grand i10 sportz version?

  • Arunima

    Dear Faisal, I m a first time buyer of four wheeler. I liked the Grand i 10 car of Hundai, loved its features and planning to purchase ASTA (O) Petrol . However my friends confused me to buy a car of Maruti company particularly Swift Dzire Petrol in comparison to Grand i 10 ASTA. My budget is 6 to 7 Lacs. In addition someone told me Grand i 10 is having some type of Battery problem also, it doesnt start easily if u have kept it for 2 to 3 days idle. is it like so in Grand i 10 model. Pl clarify and give ur valuable suggestion for buying.

    • Arunima, the Grand i10 battery issue is resolved. The car is very good and it’s a better choice than the DZire. You should drive one and you will instantly love the interiors and quality.

  • Arunima

    Dear Faisal, Is Grand i 10 having any Ground clearance problem. Regards

    • We did not encounter any issue with the ground clearance of the Grand i10.

  • Balu

    Hi Faisal,
    Please suggest me between Hyundai i10 and Maruti Celerio.

  • Balu

    Hi Faisal,

    Please suggest me between Hyundai i10 and Maruti Celerio. My budget is 5 lacs

  • Poorva

    Hi Faisal,

    I bought i10 grand petrol six months back. After being driven for some 4800 kms it’s still giving a mileage of 12.5 km/l. What are your inputs on this. Should I contact the Hyundai guys and get my car checked or should I wait for some more time for the engine to warm up.

    • That’s good mileage you are getting. Petrol cars aren’t known to be frugal anyways.

    • Poorva

      But hav read online people claiming 15.9 km/l mileage for the same variant. Wht’s your take on this.

  • Bivin Mathew

    Dear Faisal, Would you think that upsizing the tyres on the grand i10 to 185/60 R15 would be of no trouble? The showroom I am getting the car from says it’s ok but others are skeptic. Would you suggest it would be ok? Also, would you know if the Xcent and the Grand i10 are identical mechanically?

    • The Grand i10 doesn’t need bigger tyres.

  • kp

    @MotorBeam:disqus can review grand i10 1.0VTVT LPG model? or pit against celerio green?

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