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Royal Enfield Continental GT Price

After launching it in the UK in grand style, Royal Enfield has now launched the Continental GT in India. The motorcycle has been a long time coming with multiple showcases earlier this decade. Royal Enfield has positioned the Continental GT as its flagship product boasting of being the lightest, fastest and most powerful offering from the automaker. Production of this cafe racer takes place at Royal Enfield’s Chennai facility. The Royal Enfield Continental GT has a long history with the first model arriving in 1965. Off late, many manufacturers have shown interest in cafe racers with the Tokyo Motor Show seeing a slew of cafe racer displays.

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The Royal Enfield Continental GT is propelled by a 535cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine which develops 29.1 BHP of peak power at 5100 RPM and 44 Nm of peak torque at 4000 RPM. The fuel injected motor can be powered on by either a kick start or an electric start. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. No compromise seems to have been made on the hardware as the Continental GT boasts of Pirelli tyres, twin Paioli rear gas shocks and Brembo brakes. The standard bike gets a single flat seat while a pillion seat can be opted for as an option.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT is priced at Rs. 2.05 lakhs (on-road, Delhi) and Rs. 2.14 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai).

The Royal Enfield Continental GT uses a tubular steel frame designed by Harrison Engineering and the weight of this bike is 184 kgs. The fuel tank can accommodate 13.5-litres of gasoline. As part of the launch, Royal Enfield is also putting on sale GT Apparel and Burn-up Wear which is Continental GT merchandise. Lots of work has gone into development of merchandise such as t-shirts, polo shirts, leather jacket, textile jacket, shoes, gloves, belts, helmets, etc.

Royal Enfield is offering the Continental GT in two colour options – red and yellow. The Indian manufacturer has made the entire bike from ground up with the UCE engine being the only part carried over from other models. Royal Enfield has specially worked upon the handling of the Continental GT. The company has tested the motorcycle around the world to set a new benchmark in classic sport motorcycles. Royal Enfield will be offering performance parts for the Continental GT but hasn’t disclosed any details on it yet.

Royal Enfield will be offering the same motorcycle in every market. Royal Enfield wants to be a global player in the near future. The company has 98 percent market share in India in the above 250cc motorcycle segment. They have lots of products planned for the future and have already chalked out a product map till 2020. The brand is striving to build a riding culture and has brought cafe racer culture to India. Until now, Royal Enfield has organised 1500 ride events. More motorcycles from the 1960s could be revised and launched by Royal Enfield in the second half of this decade.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Cluster

Royal Enfield Continental GT Launch

Royal Enfield Continental GT Yellow

Royal Enfield Continental GT Details

Royal Enfield Continental GT Specs

Royal Enfield Continental GT Seat

Royal Enfield Cafe Racer

Royal Enfield Continental GT Single Seat

2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT

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  • akash

    I just don’t know anything…. I want one of this…. its lovely…. now RE should offer performance parts also…. to increase power….. POWER.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yellow colour also available, looks freaking awesome.

    • Venkat Aditya

      True.! i always wanted EnField to bring more colors..finally happened…pricing seems interesting too.! but sadly waiting will kill customers.!

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      There won’t be waiting as this bike comes for an all new plant.

  • Akash

    yeah its looking awesome… and performance parts…. <3 <3 <3

  • Satvir_Grewal

    price please?

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      It’s written on the top of the post.

  • Surjeesh

    Its just pleasure to have you people who keep us updated about everything on automobiles in India.
    thank you motorbeam….. :D :D

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Thanks Surjeesh, we are happy to help ;-)

  • Arkaprava

    Wooww!!! I want both the color :P It’ll be a new trend in India. Pricing is super too, RE is on fire :)

  • Pravin

    Yellow is good…

  • jai

    Thank You MotorBeam . Automotive site for a common man in layman’s language.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Glad you like it ;-)

  • Ben

    Wow. Really awesome pricing. First it was cbr500r pricing and now the continental gt’s pricing. Very very happy to see many manufacturers challenging the king pricing department, Bajaj. Finally a true competitor for Duke 390 has arrived. @Faisal. It will be great to compare this bike with duke 390. Both are having equal pros and cons. While Duke is localized to the maximum extent, CGT is made premium to the maximum extent. Both the bikes have equally competitive stuffs. Duke has trellis frame, centralized exhaust and metzeler tyres. CGT has Pirelli sport demon tyres (better than metzeler), piaoli suspension, brembo calipers. In the performance department Duke has 14bhp higher power and 9nm lesser torque than CGT. Looks department is subjective, both look good and pleasing, CGT is made retro looking to the maximum extent, Duke is made modern to the maximum extent. Coming to the real output of both bikes, the difference between the acceleration timing and top speed of both the bike is not that great, Duke slightly edges the CGT in overall performance. But the real feel, the thump from CGT combined with performance cant be matched by the duke. So at the end of the day, pricing is similar and its a win win situation for both. Hope I have completed a mini review here itself. Eagerly waiting for a comprehensive review with verdict from Motorbeam.

    • Neil

      I fail to understand here, how can a long stroke cafe racer be compared with a short stroke naked street fighter. Whats the whole propriety of having it compared when only price being the ‘common factor’.

      What made you think that “CGT has Pirelli sport demon tyres (better than metzeler)”. How about the RIM size, wont that be matter of consideration.

      oooh, you are quick though, stamping these points, but in the ideal world it doesnt make a gripping sense.

    • Ben

      @Neil. India is not segment conscious like US or Europe. There are only two segments available as far as India is concerned, naked and faired. Also these two segments totally depend on price, style and performance. So I compared CGT with duke as both commonly had few things listed above. As far as tyres are concerned, you can notice motogp bike tyres and regular tyres. The former has literally no treads but the latter has deep treads but still motogp tyres are grippy to the core. The reason for this is their hardness. Grip totally depends on compoundness not rim size. If not, our scooters would have already crashed. But one thing to note higher the rim size better is the traction. But 1 or 2 inch difference is completely insignificant. Finally the most preferred soft compound tyres in the world is pirelli sport demon and bridgestone battlax that almost all high end sports bikes sport either of the two tyres. Thats why i rated it better than metzeler.

    • Neil

      @Ben: Not anymore, people buying these bikes have a clear intention. Buy a bullet, use it as tourer, more matured reaction and buy a KTM more radical, segment some one college not necessarily a tourer. Two bikes without fairing different purpose and intentions. So we cant seldom say that there are only two segments unless we dont bifurcate it further.
      Yes, agreed that the rubber compounds is what matter, but if we consider the rim size, aspects such as handling, wheelbase are directly impacted. So be it a Softer compound it wont justify unless the handling is spot on. I know that tread less tyres can have a better grip only when they are kept well onto the earth. be it a metzeler or the Pirelli it is the way they used considering the bike dynamics. In this case the Metzeler will be better performing than the Pirelli no matter how preferred the tyre would be and the reason is the bike setup.

  • Ben

    @Faisal. Look at the 7th picture showing the seat. Is it capable of seating two or is it giving an illusion as if its long.

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      Yes that’s the twin seater.

    • Ben

      Oh it looks good. What about that flat seated CGT pictures which leaked the web some time ago as the twin seater variant. Actually that was looking ugly. But this one really looks good.

  • Shashank

    There are Still One Thing That Royal Enfield Have to Do Is That Making The Perfect Seat For Two Pairs

  • Saurabh

    Is red the trademark colour for Cafe Racer bikes? Yellow and Red are franky colours ? Why its not in black or some other formal colours??

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      I think it’s a bike for the youth, so these colours suit it more.

  • Ninu

    Both bikes are small single seater.

  • Aryan

    The uk handle of continental gt is good luking. Bt india is nt gud both handle is difrnt why

    • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Faisal Khan

      It’s the same handle.

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