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Hyundai ix ionic concept front

Hyundai will be adding a compact SUV to its portfolio next year to compete with the likes of the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. Several other manufacturers are also preparing for the same growing segment. The Korean manufacturer has already started conducting tests of the baby SUV from mid-2013. The SUV segment is the fastest growing segment in India as well as other specific markets. Hyundai is planning an additional production capacity at its Brazil plant. This move comes in a way to accommodate the upcoming compact SUV with 4000 units per month.

At present, Hyundai’s Piracicaba plant in Sao Paulo has a monthly capacity of 12,500 units, which is expanding to 16,500 units next year for the new compact SUV. The specific Brazilian plant currently manufactures the HB20, HB20S and HB20X. The Korean manufacturer is expected to commence production of the compact SUV in Brazil starting from next year. The small SUV is expected to be launched globally in 2014 itself. The new product is being developed with the help of the R&D team in India and Korea.

The upcoming Hyundai mini SUV is expected to share its platform with the Hyundai i20 and measure just around 4-metres in length. Hyundai will design the new offering in its latest fluidic avatar, which could be derived from the latest generation Santa Fe. We can expect smaller engines such as the 1.2-litre Kappa petrol and 1.4-litre CRDI diesel engine to attract lower excise duties. Hyundai is known for its feature loaded offerings and aggressive pricing and similarly the baby SUV can heat up the competition with its attractive price and packaging.

Hyundai ix ionic concept side

Hyundai ix ionic concept back

The car pictured here is for representation purpose only and has no relation to the upcoming compact SUV.

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  • sudhi


    even though this looks colorful, its exptremely difficult for Hyundai to price this as i20 is already in premium segment. if this has to compete with EcoSport, means a death to i20.

    or Hyundai shouldnt cut it for 4mtrs and then they can direclty compete with the Dusters and the Terranos…

  • Sonu

    Its already available in western markets even in Nigeria as TUCSON

  • jay1303

    In my opinion hyundai will price it a little above the ecosport and might enter the duster price range to protect the i20 and the rumoured compact sedan again based on the i20. It will interesting to see how honda and suzuki price their compact suvs and their impact on the competitors. Regards.

    • Faisal Khan

      It is difficult to price at Ford levels as Ford has extensively localized the EcoSport.

    • bass


  • Sushrut

    Ford Ecosport is nothing but a beefed up hatchback. I don’t understand whats so much to rave about and I certainly don’t understand what makes people put a good 7-10 lakhs in that car. Sure, it looks SUV-ish but thats just too much money they are asking for a car which does not even seat 5 in comfort and hell now does not even offer spare wheel cover. For 10 lakhs, you don’t get a spare wheel cover.. WTF… thats alone should be reason to shun Ford. We are being taken for granted.

    • Faisal Khan

      Give people three wheels at a cheaper price and they will take it. We are too value for money conscious.

  • Nischal

    If i am not wrong the compact SUV would look more or less like the Velostar. I have personally seen the Velostar last year at Delhi Auto expo and it looks very promising.

  • Ben

    The front looks like i20, the rear looks like bmw x1 and the overall profile with huge wheels is just the copy of xa alpha’s design theme.

  • N B Nandaniya

    I am waiting smoll suv car

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