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Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Review

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Shootout – Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 5.13 – 7.76 lakhs (Hyundai Grand i10), Rs. 5.40 – 8.33 lakhs (Maruti Suzuki Swift)

The Maruti Swift is under some serious threat from Hyundai’s Grand i10.

When we first put the Hyundai Grand i10 against similarly priced alternatives HERE, we quickly realised that this Korean car is just superior to its rivals in most ways. After making all other cars in the segment look outdated, Hyundai’s Grand i10 now heads to compete with the king of the hatchback segment, the Maruti Suzuki Swift. While India’s top selling premium hatchback is costlier than the latest kid on the block, the latter is cheaper, offering more features thereby being more value for money. Technically both these cars can’t be compared directly but most buyers are confused between these automobiles and the Grand i10 feels superior than the segment it is positioned in. While Maruti Suzuki sold 16,839 units of the Swift in September, Hyundai managed an impressive 8411 units of the Grand i10 with sales being limited due to supply. Can the Grand i10 challenge the Swift and dethrone its dream run at the top of the charts?

Motor Quest: The Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift both have a long history with the evolution dating back to 1997 and 2000 respectively. Both cars are very popular in India and are export bases for both the companies.

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Comparison ReviewHyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Test Drive Review

Styling – The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the bigger car here with its length being 85 mm longer, width being 35 mm wider and height being 10 mm taller. The bigger dimensions do make the Swift look bigger and more imposing on the road. The Swift has 15-inch wheels (the Grand i10 comes with 14-inchers) and that gives the car a sporty appeal. The Swift’s styling has that classy feeling to it, the car simply looks attractive in spite of the design taking a retro direction. However the Hyundai Grand i10 holds its own against the Swift. While its exterior dimensions are smaller, the Grand i10 looks purposeful with its high attention to detail and impressive design elements. With so many Swifts on the road, boredom has set in and that helps the Grand i10 come across as the more attractive vehicle of the two. Either way, there is little to choose between both cars in the styling department as looks can be subjective (there are people who simply hate the Swift’s styling while others swear by it).

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift ShootoutHyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift User Experience

Interiors – Both the Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 have very well laid out interiors. While the Swift’s interior is all black, the Grand i10 makes do with dual-tone beige and black interiors. Naturally it’s the Grand i10’s cabin which feels the more airy of the two. Built quality of the Grand i10 is also better than the Swift and the Hyundai simply nudges ahead of the Maruti when it comes to features. Hyundai has truly loaded the Grand i10 which boasts of features like Bluetooth audio system, 1 GB hard drive for music storage, keyless entry, button start, electrically retracting rearview mirrors, one touch driver side window, rear AC vents, rear parking sensors, etc, all of this is missing on the much pricier Swift. The Swift gets climate control and distance to empty which are missing on the Grand i10. The steering wheel of the Grand i10 has a plethora of buttons and the attention to detail is simply better than that on the Swift (automatic turning off headlights and cabin lights when exiting the vehicle).

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift ComparisonHyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift

In spite of the Maruti Swift having bigger dimensions than the Grand i10, when it comes to cabin space, the latter boasts of more room than the former. Hyundai’s clever engineering has paid off well. The Grand i10 has ample room at both the front and the rear while the Swift feels best as a 2-seater. The Swift’s rear seats aren’t that comfortable, legroom is short and the windows are small which amplify claustrophobia. The Grand i10 on the other hand has generous rear seat legroom with big doors and windows and you seldom feel you are sitting at the rear in a hatchback. Even visibility from the rear of the Grand i10 is better and the same can be said about the front too, with rear visibility being excellent for easy reversing. The gear lever is mounted on the dashboard and that liberates quite a lot of space between the front seats and overall the Grand i10 has more storage spaces, the Swift’s only advantage here is the opening cup holder below the left most AC vent for the co-passenger. AC performance in both cars is good but the audio system of the Grand i10 offers better sound output.

With the Hyundai Grand i10 having smaller dimensions and more interior room than the Maruti Suzuki Swift, you might believe that the latter offers more boot space. Wrong, the Grand i10 wins here too. The Grand i10’s boot is a full 50-litres bigger than that of the Swift and it also comes with a lower loading bay thereby making it easier to put and retrieve luggage. The Swift’s all black cabin makes it appear smaller than it is but being costlier, the Swift lacks so much equipment which is surprising. The Grand i10’s rear seats are better than the Swift but the front’s aren’t bad either, the Swift’s are just better. Overall the Grand i10 easily wins the interior round, beating the Swift easily thanks to its better cabin with longer list of equipment, higher comfort, more space and airiness.

Performance – Both cars come with petrol and diesel engines, mated to 5-speed transmissions. Let’s talk petrol first. Both cars draw power from 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engines with variable valve timing, belting out 87 PS and 83 PS in the Swift and Grand i10 respectively. Both cars output 114 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. The Grand i10’s Kappa mill has good low and mid-range response while top-end output isn’t very strong. The Swift on the other hand has crisp throttle response right from the word go. The K-Series powerplant is very refined and loves the redlines. Both cars offer good NVH levels and linear performance but the Swift’s motor and gearbox is slightly better in terms of overall performance but not by much. ARAI certified mileage of the Grand i10 petrol is 18.9 km/l while that of the Swift is 18.6 km/l and thus there isn’t much to differentiate them in the mileage department.

When it comes to diesel engines, there is a world of a difference between Hyundai’s 1.1-litre U2 oil burner and Maruti Suzuki’s 1.3-litre DDiS motor. The 1.1-litre diesel engine powering the Grand i10 produces 71 PS of power and 158 Nm of torque while the Fiat Multijet motor in the Swift produces 75 PS and 190 Nm. The Grand i10 is a cylinder down and in spite of being a 3-pot unit, NVH levels are well sorted. However when it comes to outright performance, the Swift is simply the faster car and that too by a significant amount. The Grand i10’s diesel engine is well suited for the city and there is very little turbo lag. The Swift’s diesel engine is more suited to highway driving and the turbo only kicks in at 2000 RPM making it slow progress in city conditions. The Grand i10 starts to lose breath past 3000 RPM while the Swift pulls strongly at high-end of the power band too. Clearly the Swift’s diesel engine is superior but the Grand i10 feels more at home in city conditions thanks to the linear power delivery of the 12-valve unit. The Swift’s gearbox is better too with slicker shifts although the Grand i10 also offers smooth cog swapping. The Grand i10 beats the Swift when it comes to mileage boasting of an ARAI figure of 24 km/l, against the Swift’s 22.9 km/l.

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Road Test

Driving Dynamics – Hyundai has taken a huge leap in terms of dynamics with the Grand i10. However the Swift continues to rule in this department. While the Grand i10 offers better handling and steering feedback than its predecessor, it simply can’t hold a candle to the Swift which is extremely fun to drive offering very good handling and body control. The Grand i10 isn’t bad, its handling is predictable and the steering wheel offers decent feedback too but up against the Swift, you simply realise the Maruti Suzuki to be in a different league altogether. Even the high speed stability of the Swift is better although the Grand i10 fares decently here.

On the ride quality front, the Grand i10 offers a better ride than the Swift. While the Swift can get a bit uneasy over slightly bad roads, the Grand i10 stays compliant. Hyundai has got a good balance of ride and handling which makes the Grand i10 very easy to drive in the city. The steering is extremely light at low speeds which helps in parking. The Swift too has a light steering but not as light as the Grand i10. Both cars come with ABS but it’s the Grand i10 which offers better stopping power and pedal feel. So if you want a good handling car, then the Swift is the one to have but if you are more into comfort and ease of driving, the Grand i10 emerges on top.

Verdict – Deciding upon a winner between these two hatchbacks isn’t an easy task as both are well accomplished in their own regard. While Maruti Suzuki has created a cult following behind the Swift, the Grand i10 has everything to challenge the company’s dominance. The Swift has the better engines and handles very well too but loses out against the Grand i10 when it comes to value for money. Hyundai has equipped the Grand i10 generously offering more space, better ride quality and slightly more economy at considerably lesser money. The price difference between the top end petrol variants of the two cars is Rs. 40,000/- while the same extends to Rs. 57,000/- when it comes to the diesels (mind you even though the Grand i10 is cheaper, it is better equipped). This puts the win in the Grand i10’s favour and it emerges on top in this shootout.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift feels more at home on the highway while the Grand i10 is more suited to city driving. Thus if you want a highway companion, the Swift is the car to buy while the Grand i10 is undoubtedly the better machine for city duties.

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  • Ben

    Excellent review to read but heavy stress is given to music player with 1GB storage which is available aftermarket at Rs 5000 but only little stress is given to automatic climate control which cannot be compromised by even rear AC vents. 1.3 MJD is far ahead of 1.1 U2, both shouldnt be compared. The rest of the review is good and the verdict too is good. Grand i10 scores better in space, style, features and price whereas swift scores in performance, dynamics.

    • Faisal Khan

      Manual AC or Automatic, the difference isn’t much, trust me. But audio system matters. With both cars getting integrated units, it’s not as easy to replace with an aftermarket one.

    • Aarush Agarwal

      Hi Faisal, it’s a very good review from your side but is the Grand i10’s music
      System is better than Maruti Swift ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes Aarush, it is.

  • Nas

    I think you should compare swift with i20 rather than i10

    • Faisal Khan

      We have already compared the Swift with the i20.

  • Varun

    Well nice to hear the verdict i own an asta Grand Diesel. I am totally satisfied by the car. I Drove swift and i10 Before purchasing and felt i10 much friendlier and about Ac I felt it has much better cooling than swift. I commute to my work with my friend and we car pool He has a swift so I could compare every aspect… About Engine Swift has out right punch.. Easy beats but their is turbo lag. I felt Grand handling much better..I am getting 20+ with ac on in city traffic. hardly i have chance to put the 4th gear.. Thanks for review..

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Varun for sharing your experience. Yes the Grand i10 is a better car for the city.

  • Pravin

    Swift over Grand:-

    Better Interior styling
    Better driver ergonomics which no Hyundai has ever been able to match
    Superb Gearshift
    Excellent high speed stability
    Far better cornerer
    1.3MJD’s best performance has been in Swift than any other car/ UV in India
    Maruti’s unmatched service network

    Grand over Swift:-

    Modern car against the traditional classic
    Petrol’s excellent driveability and mid range
    Diesel’s excellent driveability and city friendliness
    Better built inside out
    Clearly better value for money
    Superior cabin and boot space

    • Ben

      @Pravin. In you comment “1.3MJD’s best performance has been in Swift than any other car/ UV in India” is a valid point which autocar also confirmed. In a comparo of swift with punto, autocar stated that 75hp mjd swift had better acceleration timing and fuel efficiency than 75hp mjd punto.

    • Pravin

      absolutely.. FIAT themselves have been losers in this regard.. let alone.. any other manufacturer..

    • Faisal Khan

      Some how the gearbox on the Swift is much better than what’s on the Punto!

    • Ashish Kapoor

      Hi Pravin,

      You cannot trust Hyundai cars at all. Do you know that Hyundai Motors has been penalised for overstating the fuel economy of their cars?
      I will never trust Hyundai Motors. They just mislead their customers by claiming that their cars have the highest mileage. I strongly recommend that never trust Hyundai Motors. Read this to find out how Hyundai motors is cheating its customers:

  • Passion

    Hence the only area where Suzuki rules is FIAT’s excellence.!

    • Faisal Khan

      But we have to give Suzuki credit for the fantastic chassis.

    • Ben

      You are wrong, the only aspect in which Suzuki lacks is a indigenous turbocharger tech which Fiat has in abundance. Fiat is capable of turbo charging both petrol and diesel engines, that why they are on top. That’s the only difference between the two. Also Suzuki’s variable valve timing in petrol engines are one of the most efficient in the world. That’s why even Volkswagon was once behind Suzuki to get the fuel efficiency technologies adopted by it. Also not to forget volkswagon has the supercharger tech which even Fiat doesn’t have. For example a turbocharger and supercharger equipped polo gti outperforms even abarth by a huge margin.

    • Faisal Khan

      I would not comment on that yet as you have to wait to see Suzuki’s own Diesel engines.

    • Ben

      Ya they are going to come, but for sure they wont be as efficient as Fiat’s turbochargers. Fiat is a pioneer in diesel technology. But the real treat will be there only if Suzuki equips turbochargers or superchargers in its already vvt equipped petrol engines. That’s my only expectation from Suzuki in the near future. Ford’s ecoboost is the only role model for this. A mere 2L ecoboost with turbocharger and vvt pumps out 300bhp of power. Now we can judge the capabilities of these two techs combined. Its even better than Volkswagon’s combined turbocharger and supercharger techs.

  • sandy

    This review was awaited for quite sometime, thanks Faisal for this outcome. To me, both are well priced but since Swift has better under-skin hardware which are quite invisible and unused to most of the buyers who look for an all rounder package for city commute; compromising some dynamic n performance w.r.t VFM. For couple of days, I’ve witness good numbers of Gi10s on road. Its front design almost confuse me as Polo at some distance.
    Right from the days when we started getting pictures of camouflaged Gi10, I was predicting its size as good as Indica, and it is. An after learning about its diesel figure, it’s dynamic n comfort; I’m finding them more similar. So a crazy thought of comparing Gi10 diesel with Indica diesel seems to have invaded.

    • Faisal Khan

      Thanks Sandy. Are you talking about comparison with the Vista?

    • sandy

      Aham… pure Indica; I know thats crazy, but some thought process demands no logic no reason. Even you guys compared RD350 with Duke 390 just to answer some unseen question. I had found the Indicas having better dynamic then i10s and the new Indica has bettered its predecessor in dynamic and comfort. Since Hyundai is in the same league of dynamic, and Gi10 is having similar size, space, diesel power and mileage as Indica 2013. Now you must have understood where I’m pointing to.

  • Dhrotiman

    Thanks to everyone especially Mr Faisal. Planning to buy either a swift vxi or grand i10 sport very very soon (probabbly tomorrow). I dont like swifts styling howevr people says swifts engine is better(which it has to be as is charged much more in price). As an owner of Maruti 800DX for 14 ys, I can compromise the liitle more power of shift and would like to go with the styling and elegance of grand i10. Thanks for making decide my right choice.

    • Faisal Khan

      Dhrotiman, when are you getting your Grand i10?

  • Anurag

    I am totally confused between swift vxi and i10 grand sportz (petrol). My monthly running is 700-800 KM that is too only in city. Please suggest.

    • Javeid Khan

      Go for the Grand i10. It gives you more features and more space than the swift.

    • Faisal Khan

      Anurag, get the Grand i10.

  • Jaya

    1st Swift model was released as competitor of Hyundai Santro Zip drive/Plus.,..,.,,.
    Then hyundai gave Santro zing , i10 , All new i10 , i20 , New gen i10 , i20 facelift and finaly Grand i10.

    But still Swift is surviving for the past 10 years with all these competions of hyundai cars. Kudos TO Maruti Suzuki!!!!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Jaya, Swift was never a competitor to the Santro! Also Getz and i20 came after Swift launch.

  • Pawan

    Hi Faisal,

    Very nice review. I am planning to buy a car and confused whether to go for Grand i10 Diesel or Petrol. I have a daily run of 80-85 Kms and that too in city. Please suggest me Diesel or Petrol.

    • Faisal Khan

      Pawan, get the diesel.

  • Bhavesh


    I am planing to buy new car and choose grand i10 but confuse about mileage because it’a a new car,
    Can you please tell me what is the real mileage of grand i10 in petrol and diesel in both city and highway.
    This is defiantly help to decide which car suits me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Shailesh

    I am planning to buy 2nd car for my family and confuse between Grand i10 Petrol and Swift Vxi. My requirements are:
    – 800-1000 Kms per month – City Only.
    – Fun to Drive
    – Good Mileage.
    – Less Maintenance Charges.

    • Faisal Khan

      Shailesh, since you mentioned fun to drive, get the Swift.

  • sunil

    i m plannig to bur car but i am confused between swift and i 10.
    monthly running 6000-7000 mostly on highway delhi to bawal.

  • Amit davda

    Planning to buy car and confused between grand i10 and swith vdi ??
    Need :
    Running 30km a day..
    good milege
    More features
    Best engine as i want car for long period ( for 5 years at least )
    Less Maintenance

    I drove both the cars but i felt that driving grand is like driving a toy so i am confuse….
    and swift moves and remain stick to road

    Which car will you suggest ??

  • Parvez Mondal

    I am planing to buy a new car.confuse btwn G-i10(Asta(o) n MS-swift(zxi).my daily run 50km both city and to decide which car suits me.

  • Deepak

    I am first time buyer & after reading G-i10 reviews here & seeing it on roads….I find it this is the one I should go for….
    but I am confused between diesel or petrol, my daily running is 60km in city….& also pls advice between its magna or sports ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the diesel and the variant which suits your budget.

  • Amit davda

    Planning to buy car and confused between grand i10 sportz and swith vdi And Amaze ??
    Need :
    Running 30km a day..
    good milege
    More features
    Best engine as i want car for long period ( for 5 years at least )
    Less Maintenance
    I drove both the cars but i felt that driving grand is like driving a toy so i am confuse….
    and swift moves and remain stick to road
    Which car will you suggest ??


    hi..i m confused between grand I10(magna) and I20(magna)petrol as the difference is around 30k on on road price after discount…which car will you suggest as my monthly use is around 600-800 km….

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the i20.

  • sarit chakraborty

    Hi Faisal,
    Pls elaborate wt is “fun to drive”.. As I learned driving recently with a santro xing. Looking for a grand i10 to buy which I ll drive 50- 50% in city -highway. & Self driving all.

    • Faisal Khan

      Fun to drive means exciting with good feedback, get the Grand i10.

  • sarit chakraborty

    In Grand i10 will the steering gets lighter ( No feedback) in high speed highway driving ? is that TRUE ?
    Can u mention anything ( any small thing too !!) where GRAND i10 (Petrol version ) is inferior to previous i10 ? As some people still preferring the OLDER 1.2 Kappa 2 engine over Grand as the GRAND design is bit doubtful with no uniqueness and long run sustainability … Hyundai may change the GRAND i10 design in next 2 yrs .

    • Faisal Khan

      No, Grand i10 is better than the regular i10, people are just vary of change.

  • ravi


    please help me between polo highline, grand10 asta(0) and amaze VX………please i m really confused….help me

    • Faisal Khan

      What are your requirements?

    • ravi

      i want a petrol car…….budget max 8 otr….if u were me and suppose i give u 8 lakhs for a petrol car wt wud u buy ……….. can consider verna 1.4 vtvt and city ce too and the 3 above mentioned cars or any other car u love……

    • Faisal Khan

      At the moment I would buy the Grand i10 but since you have a bigger budget, you can consider Amaze too.

    • ravi

      tell me between amaze and verna 1.4 vtvt……….i am a big fan of verna’s looks…and verna is also get some minor updates very soon …… and can i expect honda city price under 8 lkhz fr base………m lukin fr a petrol sedan only now

    • Faisal Khan

      Wait for City, price should start around Rs. 8.5 lakhs.

    • ravi

      8.5 otr delhi or ex showroom

  • Kumar

    Hi Faisal,
    Good review. What is the meaning of steering getting light or no feedback? Do you consider grand i10 a ‘Hit’ model? What is users’ feedback on performance of Grand i10 diesel engine? Which car will you suggest as my annual usage will be around 6000-8000 km.

  • Amar

    i m in plans to get a Grand i10 sports CRDI or Swift VDI… completely confused…. complete city driving,… but i may go for long drives ….i have recently learned driving and about cars…..please advise.

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the Grand i10.

  • divyanshu

    im planning to buy i10 grand sportz(diesel) model…does it have all the features like star/stop button,controls on steering,integrated audio system and stuff?
    reply asap

  • Sridhar R

    Hi Faisal Khan ,
    I live in a town called Trichy ….It s small city …My requirements are 50% city drive and 50% on village roads ….. I need a stable and comfortable vehicle to drive …… My choice is petrol as i hardly cross 900 kilometers in a month ….. Please suggest me between the two …Grand i10 petrol and swift petrol ….thanks

    • Faisal Khan

      Sridhar, I would suggest the Grand i10.

  • manoj

    Hi, Faisal
    pls tell me which one is better i10 or Grand i10 my monthly use around 550-600 kms and which version will be better diesel or petrol according to maintenance and mileage.

    • Faisal Khan

      Grand i10 any day.

  • Pardha N

    Nice review!!
    My requirements…
    Will do around 1000 kms per month.. mostly in city..
    Diesel motor
    I’m 6’2 tall and quite hefty.. so need good head room and leg room..
    Rear seats need some room as well.. as I push my driver seat all the way back..I want an avg person to fit in the rear..
    I don’t do more than 120 kmph on long highway runs..
    Good boot space..

    My preference.. Don’t like swift – period.. feels congested and very small boot.. yes, it is fun to drive but I’ve tested grand i10 and I felt it is good..
    I’m planning to go for Grand diesel asta optional variant as it comes with seat height adjustment, abs, airbags and all possible features.. Am I making a good choice here..?
    Suggest any other cars that I can look for.. ex-showroom should be ~7 Lkhs.. Thanks.

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes the Grand i10 is a good choice for you. No other car seems to fulfill your requirements at this price.

  • Ankit Dhankhar

    Hey Faisal , help out between grand i10 diesel and swift vdi
    Want to buy car for both me and my dad
    Requirements are that i love speed and usually drive at higher rpms, and my dad drives economically , which one one would suite us ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Swift would be a good choice for you.

  • Deepali Patil

    Can u advice me which one should i buy, GRAND i10, i20 or swift (diesel or petrol). Dialy commute is 23-24 km, mostly on the city roads. Or is there any better choice in price range of 5-6 l?

    • Mohit

      Honda Brio also falls in your price bracket. Less driving means smaller car and PETROL as your fuel. Because running costs of petrol are low. Grand i10 Magna variant should be perfect for you and will fall in your budget as well.

  • raj


    i am looking for a good manual drivers petrol ‘fun to drive’ hatch (can consider sedan too) under 8 lakh………..tell me which is the best……shorlisted polo 1.2 highline,grand i10 asta(o) and upcoming jazz……..did a test drive of polo and was very satisfied………………hw do u compare the polo to the jazz 2014 in terms of dynamics…is a facelifted polo coming soon…..wen is jazz coming?

    • Faisal Khan

      Facelifted Polo coming by mid-2014 but if you buy a Polo now, don’t get the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated one. Polo is better than Jazz in handling although we await a drive in India to judge. Jazz launch in first half of next year.

    • raj

      so wt should i buy now before 15th january?

    • Faisal Khan

      Before 15th you are still going to get last year’s model.

  • sarit chakraborty

    Hi Faisal ,
    Can u post or mail me some snapshots of GRAND i10 Stardust color …as this is the new color introduced in Grand i10 …The salesperson telling me this is one shade lighter than the previous Carbon Grey color. They have none in their showroom , i visited stockyard also but unable to judge the exact color of (Stardust) ..whether it is lighter or one shade heavier than previous CARBON Grey ?
    Can u please Please confirm …

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s one shade lighter, looks good and different. Will have to click pics of a car in person otherwise Hyundai website does show the colour.

  • Sreenivas .M

    Dear Mr Faisal,
    As per your Judgement Which car (swift vs Grand i10)is best for for a speed range of 80 kmph. on High way.Which engine offers best life? Please reply

    • Faisal Khan

      For your requirements, I would suggest the Grand i10.

  • ravi

    confused between grand i10 asto o and swift zxi….which is good v use twice in a week…

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the Grand i10.

  • Mobin

    Bought Hyundai Grand i10 Asta a week ago. Drove 200km.
    Earlier I had a maruti 800. Was undecided between Swift and this car. But Grand is superb in terms of comfort and interior features. The keyless ignition switch comes in high end cars. And it’s a pleasure to use it. I’m glad I bought Grandi10.

    • ankesh

      I am highly confused between grand i10(petrol) and swift… Most people say grand I 10 has better ride quality and suspension is good… While others swift is a good handling car with excellant chassis and rrsale value.. My running is 30 … Smtimes on city and smtimes on highway…. Plzzzzz hellllp faisal sir

    • Mobin

      If I may speak something then- Grand is introduced to tackle down the swift car and so it has better features at lesser cost than the swift. Grand is a value for money car. I hope you buy Hyundai Grand. Take the top model:Asta and enjoy the ride.The interior of the car will give you a feel found in high end cars. Do have a test drive before you buy.

  • Darshana

    Dear Faisal sir.
    I have heard about battery discharge problem of the Grand car when it’s idle for some days. How relevant it is? Please advise as I am planning to buy the Grand.

  • Sana Ahmed

    My husband bought the Grand i10 Asta( petrol) after much analysis and lookout of review. Now when the car is here and we are using it, we realise how good the car is in actual terms. I would personally advise all to please take GRANDi10 especially the top model ASTA. It’s worth the money and is going to be a best seller no doubt unless swift makes some modifications and lower their price. The Swift monopoly is rightly checked by Grand. Even those willing to buy i20 are shifting to the Grand. Indeed this is an awesome car. Spare no second thought and go for HYUNDAI GRAND i10 ASTA.

  • Hyundai GRAND i10 fan

    The Hyundai Grand i10 simply feels a generation up over its rivals and that’s thanks to the modern interiors, generous equipment list and fantastic quality. The value for money is just the icing on the cake and that’s what makes it the hatchback to buy today.

  • amit

    Hi faisal I am confused between swift &grand i10 iam leaving about 100 km from city with bumpy roads so also confused between diesel and petrol version running just12000 km in year plse suggest the best suited car for me

    • Faisal Khan

      Get the petrol Grand i10. You can also consider the automatic version.

  • Bhupender

    hi Faisal,
    I want to buy a car(swift or grand i10) but I totally confused because swift has good market value and service support but but according to many review its plastic and metal quality is poor than grand i10. pls suggess me that which will be better. My requirement is just for family car and yearly running is 10k-12k kms.

    • Faisal Khan

      I would suggest Grand i10, it’s a better car.

  • pradeep

    I m very confused in swift Nd i10 grand.who is the best .sports monthly running 600 to 1000 km.pls advise petrol or diesel

    • Faisal Khan

      Go for petrol Grand i10.

  • Deep13

    Hi fasil iam confused in swift vdi and i 10 grand i like i 10 grand more over swift but problem is according to me i 10 grand after service would be expensive more over to maruti swift,,,, and i know that seift has that power but now der are many swifts more den cows in india der is swift lol,,,that y my choice is i 10 grand cos it is peppy but only problem in after sevice is it costly to maintain over maruti swift,cos iam already driving beat desile lt model trust me car is good but der is a very high maintanas in beat chevy it is cisting me around 8000-9000 evry sevice pls suggest be poket freindly car swift or 10 grand

    • Faisal Khan

      Swift will be cheaper to maintain as Maruti spare parts cost is difficult to match.

  • Deep13

    Wat would u suggest swift or i 10 grand if i go for a package over all

  • Subrat Sahoo

    Hi Faisal,
    I am confused in between Swift ZDi, i10 Grand Sports diesel and i20 Sportz 1.4 CRDI, both diesel cars.
    My requirement is daily 30-40 km(city) with good comfort riding having all the accesories. My height is 6 ft.Budget is in between 6-8 lakhs
    I had recently learnt my driving in a SWIFT diesel from Maruti Drivings school and found it to be quite comfortable.
    Moreover, I have also heard that diesel engine does not come to stop suddenly whereas Petrol engine does, when one try to shift gears (please note that I am a new learner).
    Please guide me in this regard whether to go for Petrol or diesel version and which Brand… quickly as I am planning to buy within this month.

  • Abhishrk

    I am buying car for first time. I am confused between swift and grand i10. Some people also says that swift is better than grand i10 in performance, but I am still confused.
    my daily running is about 30 km.
    And also suggest between petrol or diesel.
    Please rply I really want a good suggestion.

    • Faisal Khan

      Get petrol Grand i10.

  • Sahil

    Hi Faisal,

    Amazing Grand vs Swift review, however I have already decided on buying Sportz petrol. There is one interesting comparison I could think of, the Ford Figo vs Grand i10.
    Almost 30K cheaper great performance. What would you prefer.
    I have a daily commuting of 45kms (70% highway, 30% city traffic), maximum 900 – 1000 kms a month.
    What is your take ??

    Also, you are doing a great job !! Keep it up brother.

    • Faisal Khan

      Did you read our 5 car hatchback shootout, the Figo meets the Grand there.

  • Sarit Chakraborty

    Thanks Faisal for your suggestion…Finally Purchased a GI10 Sportz (Petrol) model. Now its one month old and 500 Kms run mostly self driven and within city… comfort is excellent but i’m getting a mileage of Approx. 10 km / ltr in winter (w/o AC) …im not an excellent driver as of now but expecting at least 12 km / ltr with AC in City driving . what u say ? Any suggestion from u ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Post first service, mileage should improve.

  • Ramgopal K


    I am planning to buy a car for the first time. I need your specific opinion on the performance between Swift and G-i10. I heard Swift is good for high way high speed drive and grand does not match this. what does this mean. Does this mean that G-i10 will not be comfortable at high speeds? BTW what is difference between Performance and ride quality?

    • Faisal Khan

      Performance is related to engine and gearbox.

      Swift is superior in high speed manners, Grand i10 better in the city.

    • Ramgopal K

      Thanks Faisal…my requirement is for daily commutation in the city including suburbans. Distance is 50 KMS per day. I would go for long distance with family once in a month. What would you suggest. Swift or G-i10 Petrol or Diesel. I am 6 foot.

    • Faisal Khan

      I would suggest Grand i10 petrol.

  • Evan Singh

    I m planning to buy grand I 10 sportz petrol
    my average running in month would be around 400-500 maximum
    m i choosing right car
    moreover it’s my first car

  • ganesh

    I have driven 8200km really i feel very much satisfied i am getting very gud mileage 20km in city and 22 in highway driving.when i enter into my grand i10, i feel like i am driving luxury car.

  • prashant

    HII faisal ,
    gr8 review , i am planning to buy my 1st car i have short listed 3 cars honda brio , swift vxi n grand i 10 sports . i m big tym swift fan by its looks n road presence but while comparing it with brio n grand as a complete package i found the grand is the best avilable option . but my only concern is wat will the actual milege of grand ?? & cost of spares n service of grand in comparision to swift ??. it will apprecited if u give your views on dis ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Don’t worry about upkeep costs, Hyundai is near Maruti.

  • Kamal

    Hello Faisal,

    Thanks for the excellent review.. As a first time buyer, I am planning to get a new car probably by next month… Honda brio and grand i10 are the ones which I have shortlisted… But somewhere I found that there are certain issues with the battery drainage of grand i10… Please throw some light into it… I would dearly like to buy a gi10…

    P.S. Not everyday I will drive the car..

    • Faisal Khan

      The battery issue has been resolved now.

  • Kiran

    Very good review….Confused Swift Diesel or Grand I10Deisel.My running will be on highways but not to far around 150 to 300 kilometres. My travel various in some months it may go max upto 1500 km per month. Please suggest regarding Maintainance, Resale value, Milage, Engine.
    Also I felt more space in Swift back seat compared to Grandi 10.
    Suggest which one to buy….

    • Faisal Khan

      If you are going on the highways most of the time, get the Swift.

  • Raghav Kukreja

    I’m planning to buy a petrol car in the range of 5-6 lacs.
    Which one to for?….and when is the updated swift coming?

  • Raghav Kukreja

    I’m planning to buy a petrol car in the range of 5-6 lacs.
    Which one to go for?….and when is the updated swift coming?

  • Ayush

    Faisal- I already went through the above posts but still I would like to ask you what shall I buy between swift or i10 grand the diesel or petrol… I am looking for the good looks car low maintainence better mileage and being a college student I am very confused what to buy…. My everyday run would be 45-50 kms… I will take the top model being diesel or petrol I don’t mind… Look wise I personally find swift better than i10 grand… Please guide me…. I have to buy the car in a week…

    • Faisal Khan

      Your run is in city or highway?


    Faisal – i just to know whether i10 grand will have good resale value in future comparing swift. I am planing to buy petrol version which to buy swift vxi or i10 grand sport. Your views will be very helpful thanks.

    • Faisal Khan

      Swift resale will be better, always.

  • Senthil

    Do you have any idea when upgraded SWIFT model will be launched

    • Faisal Khan


  • Kiran S

    Dear Faisal,
    We are a family of 3 and are planning to buy our first hatchback. Now we are confused among buying Gi10 asta and swift zxi.
    Our driving would be 70% highway and 30% city. Which car shud we go for. driver height adjustment is a necessity as my dad is only 5’5 (Hence the zxi).
    And what do people mean by more fun to drive!!??
    Which car should we go for. Or should we wait for the facelifted swift.

  • Dwarakesh

    Hi Faisal
    I am planning to buy a hatchback and for my budget i have selected I10 Grand and Swift VXI. Mostly i will be driving only in city but for every 3 year i will be going in for a long drive. Please suggest me the better car???. Added to this I am getting comments about hyundai cars that its parts are not reliable, that is it has to be changed repeatedly. is it true???please advice, Also please tell me the maintenance cost of both the cars . Thank you

    • Faisal Khan

      Are you going to be driving alone? Will you carry luggage? Are you into spirited driving?

      Hyundai parts are reliable, if they weren’t you wouldn’t see so many Hyundai cars on the road.

  • Harmeet

    Hi Faisal,
    I am still very confused between i10 Grand CRDi Asta and Swift VDi.
    I am getting rid of my old swift since it’s giving me a lot of problems after 1 lakh kms.
    My trips consist of both highways and city roads and I am a enthusiastic driver, so power matters more than economy to me.
    I usually drive alone, kindly advice.

  • Prasad

    Dear Mr. Faisal, you had mentioned that the launching date of upgraded Swift would in mid 2014. But I enquired the same in Maruti Suzuki show room, they said that it will take another 2 years to launch in India. Kindly inform me on which source you have got this information. If you can please share the details to find out exact month or year.

    • Faisal Khan

      The showroom guys obviously want to clear stock so they will never give you the right info.

  • Uday

    Hello Faisal,
    My requirement is once in a month holiday with Family (out of station), weekly 2 or 3 times city driving.
    suggest me GI10 or Swift petrol?

  • mervin

    Faisal first don’t compare korean make with the japanese ! japanese are far better in the designing department and offer low maintenance even after several years ! korean may offer you with lots of features and attract people towards them but while we come to performance japanese are simply awesome ! japanese had did a lot with just 1.3ltr ddis engine and made a history all over india ! i can show you many swift lovers all over the world but you cant show that much on i10 or i20 ! i10 and i20 are just an korean bigger size toy car with poor performance and ride quality ! i10 and i20 are unsafe hatches ! please don’t talk about only features ! mainly point out the performance and safe because life is once ! poor review which i have ever seen ! :-/

  • amit

    My requirement is for a compact luxury car with limited usage in chennai city. As i am not a very good driver.. i need a car wid ease of parking and a good driver visiblity .
    Iam currently using santro..
    I have shortilsted next i10, grand i10, ritz, and brio..
    next geni 10is very common? Grand is bit bigger.. gt little reservations about d driver seat hieght and visibility in grand i10.
    Kindly advise me genuinely.
    kindly advise me genuinely

    • Faisal Khan

      Grand i10 most superior car, go for it. Seat height is fine and visibility is good too.

  • Dr.Ateeq

    Hi Faisal,
    I have purchased i10 grand sportz crdi
    stardust on 27th Mar 2014:after much
    brainstorming. so far so good,no complaints.
    have done 4500 kms,getting 20+.
    I have learned driving on this only, even
    suffering some minor scratches while parking
    in garage.
    Well, three months ago in Feb, when i was
    using my Pulsar 180 UG4,I had decided to
    purchase a new small car for my small
    family,and opted for alto800 lxi,costing about
    3.3 otr(as I just hated the look of nano). To
    enquire about car loan,when I visited my BOM
    branch manager, he laughed over my decision
    and suggested me Celerio Zxi MT,cost about
    4.75 otr,as I would occasionally go for long
    drive. I considered his suggestion and went on
    to look Celerio. I didn’t find it too much larger
    than Alto800,and not very comfortable either.
    One of my friend runs Vista TDI ,and he
    suggested me that. I was just thrilled by the
    space it offered,and also its otr price was just
    over Celerio’s, around 5,so I thought,why not
    buy the spacious diesel over a compact petrol
    with marginal price difference? so, I began
    thinking over Vista TDI and then the TDI vs
    QUADRAJET engine confusion surfaced. fully
    6.25,with goodies like LCD screen,ABS-EBD
    etc. so booked that one.
    I was always a SWIFT fanboy, but hadn’t
    considered it till I crossed 6 lakh limit. I always
    loved the look of swift hatchback, so after
    booking vista tech vxi, my mind changed, and
    decided to opt for swift vdi otr 6.6 instead.
    All bank formalities were over ,I had the DD in
    favour of Maruti in my hand, and went to
    receive the white coloured swift vdi. everybody
    appreciated my latest decision, and told me to
    stick to it only! as swift has been ruling the
    hatch segment for past 8-10 years.
    While in the showroom, I was watching my
    white swift vdi standing and waiting for me, I
    noticed the rear seat of swift to be a bit
    congested for three adults, and the A/C to be
    not that powerful. I had also heard of i10
    grand highly, but still swift was my first choice.
    Still, I decided to personally have a look at i10
    grand,just due to aforementioned two
    drawbacks of swift vdi.
    when I visited the Hyundai showroom,there
    was a silver grand i10 sportz petrol. it looked
    good to me(as good or only slightly lower than
    swift in external appearance) and the features I
    found were stunning and some of them useful
    1) built in music system,which was absent in
    swift vdi ( grand i10 sportz crdi and swift vdi
    both OTR were 6.6 exactly)
    2) Button start
    3) keyless entry
    4) rear A/C vents
    5) tilt steering
    6)rear parking sensor ( this one looked the
    best one to me as a newbie)
    7)50 litres more boot space
    8) rear seat not as congested as swift
    All these features forced me to consider i10
    over swift,although I liked swift more.
    So I cancelled the DD in favour of Maruti and
    went on to buy i10 (this procedure costed me
    extra 3000 bucks),and here I am.
    But now after 2 months, though I have no
    complaints for i10, whenever a swift passes by,
    I couldn’t stop myself watching eagerly at it!
    I ask myself sometimes ,was my decision of
    buying grand i10 over swift really good? but
    cannot really get the answer..

  • Kaushik

    Hi Faisal,

    Commendable job on the reviews!
    I am looking to purchase a hatchback and have shortlisted the i20, Swift and Grand i10 (all Petrol versions). The dealership is currently offering discounts on i20 and I’m also looking to exchange my Zen Lxi (2003) for the same. The i20 is therefore my first preference, but I have been told that the i20 would be replaced by the next-gen i20 by mid-July 2014. Given this scenario would it be better to opt for the current i20 or rather go for the Grand i10. Also I have heard that the rear seat in i20 is not comfortable. I loved the Swift TD, but my family complained of the claustrophobic feeling at the rear.
    My budget is ~ Rs. 6 lakhs; no. of members travelling would be 1-4; weekly average driving would be ~100 km (mostly city), with expressway and weekend outings of maybe once a month.

  • maneni

    Hey Faisal u did a great job wit excellent review..
    It was so much worth wit makin up a decision between grandi10 and swift zxi
    Havin considerd all the pros and cons..i have decided to go for grandi10.
    But i have one question for you.
    Is it true that hyundai parts are more costlier than maruti?
    And since grand i10 is use mostly high tech electonics ( smart key, etc) will it be expensive to do repairs in the future?
    Please suggest me.
    Ur reply will be deeply appreciated.

  • Saahil

    Hi Faisal Sir,
    I urgently need your help to know that which Car should I choose between Swift VXI and Grand i10 Sportz.
    Swift as have been told by many people have breakfailure issues at low speed which is very dangerous and i10 grand have battery discharge problem if not used for 4-5 days. This has created hell lot of confusion to trust any of these car. For me milegae is also important so which of the car out of these 2 gives best milegae in city and highway.
    Pls comment in detail as i have to finalize the car ASAP.

  • Parth

    Hi Faisal,
    Which of the two cars (Swift &Grand i10) has more effective A/C?
    Pls reply..!!

    • Faisal Khan

      Grand i10.

  • santhosh

    Hai Faisal,

    I am planning to buy a car first time.Maximum usage in Bangalore city occasionally and yearly two trips to kerala.My average speed is 80Kmph.Please suggest a car for my range 5-6 Lacs.

  • karan

    hi i am planning to buy a diesel car for city use only which is easy to drive, low maintenance, good average and and most important after sales response..

    • karan

      and i am confused between Grand i10 (Asta) and Swift (Vdi)

    • Faisal Khan

      You should get the Grand i10.

  • kapil thakkar

    Hi Faisal,

    I have zeroed down on swift vxi and grand i10 magna…. my usage would be mostly on weekends and max 800 kms per month….. My preference is a stable car with good driving pleasure…. kindly advice on the mileage of both the cars in city and on highway….also as informed to me by maruti dealer the facelift version of swift sahll be launched in Sept 2014…. should i wait to see the goodies new swift is to offer or shall i selact between the two cars now itself…..

    please revert…

  • Ankit

    Hi Faisal,
    I need a suggestion from you.
    I want to buy a petrol car this Diwali, mostly for city driving. My monthly running will not be more than 500 kms & my budget is 7 lakhs. So should I go for grand i10 or wait for the Swift facelift? Or would you recommend me some other car?
    Plz suggest..!!

  • raghunandan

    i need a suggestion from you my monthly usage of car will be 1000km should i go for grand i10 or swift vdi
    more milage and less maintainance

    • Faisal Khan

      Is running more in city or highway?

  • sam

    iam sam,staying at bangalore,
    iam in diloma,which car to buy, dzire zxi or grand i10, done a research study in the net and u tube.
    but still my mind is wavering on both the sides. i know economically grand is cheaper than zxi,but on the other hand, i need to consider the features,resale road comfort for my family of 5 adult members.
    so could anyone provide their valuable suggestions plz.
    iam planning to do the down payment in another 2-3 days of time.

  • Parth Dev Mehta

    I am looking for a petrol hatchback. I have narrowed my choice between Grand i10 and Swift petrol. My preferences are good ride and handling both in city and on highway, good comfort, build quality, fuel efficiency. I want a car which is fun to drive. Which one would you recommend me.
    Please suggest..!!


    Hi Faisal you are really doing a great job after reading this and the comments too i made my mind for Grand i 10 sportz version but there is little point that is still stopping me making me confuse again.

    I just want to know what is the price difference between the spare parts of swift and Grand i10 is there really a big difference ? and how much ?

    • Faisal Khan

      Price difference isn’t much, some parts of Swift are cheaper while some of Grand i10 are cheaper, boils down to the same thing, go for the Hyundai.


      Thanks man :)


    GRAND i10

    Hi again Faisal after reading some more reviews by different people I come across with some serious issues that ruined the excitement of people who bought new one and they are very disappointed and i am surprised that these problems are specially with petrol cars or i shall say only with petrol cars ( as my uncle said already that petrol cars of hyundai is not so good) that took me again in the circle of confusion. the problems are mentioned under of GRAND i10 PETROL VERSIONS :-

    1.) Battery drain problem-

    A customer bought a brand new just 1 day ago. when customer asked why is it so ? The engineer replied you have to drive the car on daily basis to avoid this problem.


    That customer asked many times to resolve this problem but from past 6 moths they are saying they don’t have spare parts available. (Ruined all her dreams and excitement of buying her 1st car.) AND this problem is seen with many customers.


    Bought just 3 days ago and burning smell coming out of clutch they repaired it, and even changed it, but still it is the same problem. and that guy is away from home for about 600 km with no connectivity. Poor guy


    Got call for 1st service. When received after service there is a scratch and problem with boot lid opening. made many calls but still stuck on that problem after 1 month. And so many people said the same about after sale service.

    5.) AC PROBLEM :-

    Not so strong, after repairing same problem. Changed it another problem started with compressor.

    I don’t want to end up like these people please suggest me some way with specific answer.
    Because i am going to buy my 1st new car of my life and don’t want to get disappoint.


    • Faisal Khan

      Some of these issues were reported on the first batch but were resolved. We have a diesel Xcent on long term test and haven’t faced any such issues.


      so is it safe to buy petrol version of GRAND i10 than ????

  • Raj

    You are a 100% paid writer for Hyundai.

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