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Diesel Cars & Their Mind Boggling Efficiency

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Mercedes E-Class Efficiency

It’s no secret, diesel is going to be de-regulated in the near future and once that happens, buying a diesel car might not make as much economical sense as it does today. In fact the effect of diesel price de-regulation can be devastating on automobile manufacturers who have taken the plunge and set up expensive factories to churn out diesel engines. For a buyer, it makes perfect sense. Why should he shell out more money for a diesel car when diesel pricing is almost similar to petrol prices? The additional investment of a diesel car can finance fuel as petrol cars have lower mileage!

Diesel Car Fuel Efficiency

Well I am not buying this theory. Yes, financially it makes sense if a person’s running is way too low but in that case regulated or de-regulated diesel, he should get a petrol car, period. Now for those who use their cars almost daily, diesel is the fuel of choice, irrespective of the segment and price of the vehicle.

Filling Diesel Fuel

Just recently, we did a Mumbai-Goa trip in the new Mercedes E-Class (E 250 CDI) and boy did it make us love diesel cars even more. While diesel cars are more fun (thanks to the high amount of torque on offer), they are also much more frugal and thus highly practical. Mercedes-Benz claims the new E 250 CDI has a range of 1380 kms, that’s enough to go to Goa and come back on a single tank of fuel, beat that petrolheads.

Diesel Car Fuel Economy

The best mileage we got on the trip was 15.6 km/l and we weren’t driving under ideal conditions with the AC on full blast most of the time and the car idling whenever we stopped for a snack or two. Clearly if we put in our best efforts, the new E-Class could easily return upwards of 17 km/l and that’s certainly mind boggling for a car which weighs 1.8 tonnes and cocoons you in complete luxury.

Diesel Car Range

So the fuel spent on the Goa trip was lesser than the fuel we spent on a short drive in the E 63 AMG in a day. Clearly diesel cars will continue to rule in every segment because not only can you have your cake, you can eat it too. The future isn’t electric, the future of automobiles lies in diesel hybrids.

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  • Ben

    You had stated all the stronghold areas of diesel engines but you had completely neglected some of its weak areas. The review is not complete without this.A diesel engine has poor NVH levels than petrol engines. Due to higher compression ratio and turbo chargers, a diesel engine’s total life is very much limited than petrol engines. Its only a use and throw option. Diesel engines dont offer any screaming top end performance as the petrol engines. A 1.4 multi air petrol cannot be even matched by Chevy’s 2L diesel engine (cruze). Diesel engines cannot be left untouched for months and months like petrol engines, they will never start. Right from servicing to spare parts every thing is costlier in diesel engines. Though the above points are against diesels but still they are better options than petrol engines only because of the skyrocketing petrol prices and lack of adequate autogas centers.

    • ToRqUe

      Well ur Horribly & Terribly misinformed…..!!!
      1. “a diesel engine’s total life is very much limited than petrol engines
      Its only a use and throw option”
      Sorry to say but Diesel engines are much better built & engineered than petrol engines & can last to lakhs of kms….. some Mercedes models have lasted upto 9Lakh kms & a german Skoda Octavia 3Lakh ON THEIR ORIGINAL ENGINES so u can see there is no competition with petrol engines which start giving problems after 1Lakh kms & need much more maintenance than diesel engines after an age.. if diesel engines are taken care of they can outlast 2-3generations of ur family!!
      2. “Diesel engines dont offer any screaming top end performance as the petrol engines”
      U know a truck engine can pull 100 Tonnes of load & its a diesel engine
      a Crane can lift 1000Tonnes of steel for a construction site & its a diesel engine
      ur statement may b right at some level….. BUT AGAIN a petrol engine cannot dream of matching the kind of TORQUE that a diesel engine of same spec can offer… & TORQUE is the most usable energy from an engine & if a car has less torque & loads of BHP it will still feel underpowered UNLESS u gun it at high rpms.. SO.. unless Racing is ur profession & ur living… id say it doesnt make much of a diff in real world & 99% sales bread & butter of any auto company depends on consumer vehicles (of course there are exceptions like supercar companies)
      3. “A 1.4 multi air petrol cannot be even matched by Chevy’s 2L diesel engine (cruze)”
      ur comparing 2 separate categories 1.4 multi air is the alfaromeo (afaik) which is a 2door sports hatch & Cruize is a luxury D class car … IF U WANT TO COMPARE pls do so in the same category
      & like i sed in petrol engines there is a compromise of torque
      4. “Diesel engines cannot be left untouched for months and months like petrol engines, they will never start.”
      maybe 30years ago…. today there have been million of advancements in diesel engine technology & they are not the same as they were then!!! they can b as refined & casually used as petrol engines…
      the MYTH that diesel engines need compulsary running originated with the economy vs maintenance ratio — newer diesel engines doesn’t require to be run periodically , however since people buys diesel cars to bring down the cost of running and that running is too low to overcome higher price of a diesel engine & its regular checks therefore it is suggested to use diesel car periodically which is the sole reasons its used by transport industry…. to make FULL USE OF ITS ECONOMY
      If u go by this theory then LONG UNUSED times hamper petrol engines too as lubricant level drops drastically & when fired up again it does more damage
      SO ONLY PETROL PRICE IN INDIA doesnt mean petrol engines are superior or diesel engines are superior… both have their own benifits & in todays time it makes MUCH MORE SENSE to get a diesel.. MINUS THE age old MYTH of problems as today’s technology has made them as good as petrol engines

    • Ben

      @Torque. Actually you have confused everything.

      1. A diesel engine’s material input should be higher than petrol engine to withstand higher compression ratio. So here itself it’s cost increases. But present day diesel cars don’t follow this rule which make them a use and throw option.

      2. Please first know the difference between power and torque. The pulling power of truck or crane you were talking about is because of diesel engine’s heavy torque but not power.

      3. Though Chevy’s diesel engine and 1.4 multi air petrol are different category, they both produce the same power inspite of 600cc difference.

      4. What ever advancement they have done in diesel engines still they sport conventional injectors which bound to fail with age, unlike petrol engine simple low compression spark plugs.

    • ToRqUe

      1. “A diesel engine’s material input should be higher than petrol engine to withstand higher compression ratio”
      NO…. Higher compression ratio engine requires more Octane fuel WHICH DOES NOT MEAN MORE AMOUNT OF FUEL
      high compression pistons/engine you are using the same amount of air as a same CC petrol counterpart but you are compressing it into a smaller space!
      You will have to use higher octane fuel…..the more you compress something the hotter it gets & THATS WHAT POWERS Diesel engines
      “But present day diesel cars don’t follow this rule which make them a use and throw option.”
      Every Present day diesel engines has a turbocharger & the inlet stroke ONLY TAKES IN AIR there is no fuel till its pressurized to a point of ignition so it uses lesser fuel than petrol
      Besides that Petrol engines suffer significant loss in lubrication based on the fact that petrol is a corrosive agent as compared to diesel which uses its natural lubrication
      Diesel engines are sturdier, as they are based on compression ignition which mean thicker cylinder walls
      Present day cars are much more advanced than u think
      & NO AGAIN DIESEL are not a use & throw u can use Wiki & google & find out examples of life & some that have lasted to LAKHS of KMS
      Sure the maintenance may b a bit more than petrol but that can easily be covered with the number of kms u have traveled & fuel usage
      —>BESIDES how long would u keep any car in ur garage????
      max 5-6years isnt it which TOTALLY NEGATES the point of a use & throw which happens to b the case with petrol engines too
      2. Performance is performance whether its power or Torque
      sure diesel doesnt make as much BHP as petrol but its good enough to never complain….like i sed again Torque is what we use EVERYDAY
      u aint gonna do 200 kmph on the hiway everyday all day or gonna get a promotion for it
      ur livelihood doesnt depend on it
      U need torque to get a GO from standstill
      u need Torque to overtake a vehicle
      u need Torque to get to the top speed faster
      if u dont have torque it may take ages to get there
      the difference is marginal to argue about in terms of BHP
      BUT ITS HUGE when it comes to torque (almost double) in most cases
      & the MASSIVE torque is more than enough to cope up for the hp difference
      3. Y is CC so imp here??
      they both give same power… diesel will b more fuel efficient so mileage will also b similar or more despite it being bigger .. the sports category will b HELL LOT MORE expensive than a Chevy cruize.. cost of maintenance/fuel/parts
      Performance like that from a petrol engine comes at a HEAVY PREMIUM
      4. Conventional injectors??
      4th & 5th Gen electronic Direct injection, & ECU Common rail, are more advanced than anything what petrol has to offer
      INFACT if u look at the “FUEL INJECTION” technology it first was made & implemented on Diesel engines as timing is extremely important for those engines
      then it was implemented in petrol later

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