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Suzuki Gixxer 150 Spotted In India, Auto Expo Showcase

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Suzuki Gixer India

Remember this post? Last year we reported about Suzuki working on a radically different 150cc motorcycle to compete with the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150R. Now a bike has been spotted on the Noida expressway, en route to the 2014 Auto Expo where it will be displayed. Badged as the Suzuki Gixxer, this motorcycle could change the fate of Suzuki in India, similar to what the FZ did to Yamaha’s balance sheet. Suzuki has been lacking a variety of products but the automaker is seriously looking at expanding its portfolio.

Vaibhav who spotted the bike says he saw two Suzuki motorcycles although he has shared only one picture. We feel a full faired version of the above pictured bike could also be launched. A quick dive into the details reveals the Gixxer to be a modern and attractive motorcycle. The bike features aggressive styling with the front headlight taking inspiration from the Pulsar 200 NS. Looking at the exhaust, we feel the Suzuki Gixxer will be powered by a 150cc, 4-valve engine but the fins for air-cooling are very visible so this is most likely an update to the GS150R.

What further amplifies this being another 150cc offering is the the lack of a rear disc brake, an unseen omission even on 150cc bikes these day. The rear sports a 130 section tyre. The bike also sports a monoshock rear suspension. Could Suzuki be following Honda in bringing two models of the same bike like the Unicorn and Trigger? The mystery will be uncovered very soon as the Auto Expo isn’t far off and Suzuki has a press conference on the 27th of January, where the company along with its brand ambassador Salman Khan will discuss about the Inazuma.

Picture Source – xBHP

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  • kp

    ” front headlight taking inspiration from the Pulsar 200 NS” as if pulsar 200ns is first naked bike manufactured in the world and suzuki never had naked bike in their portfolio even in international market…ROFL

    • Mac

      Yes, it was the joke of the day for me too. Suzuki taking inspiration from the Pulsar 200 NS – LOL, It seems that Motorbeam has some deal with Bajaj for promotion.

    • Really? Just look at the shape of the headlight. Read our previous article on the Discover and tell me if we are promoting Bajaj?

    • kp

      Fs from side view we can say it is inspired from fz head lamp…becoz all naked street fighters looks same as head lamp positioned lik tht

    • tej

      @ faisal dont need to rply to some 1 who doesn’t agree with what u have posted & still comes on this website & comments!! lolz
      btw I too think it looks similar to p200 ns

    • kp

      if am die hard fan boy of pulsar me too agree with Fs :P

    • Mac

      @Faisal – I can understand the sentiments of Pulsar owners (as anybody likes to hear / read the praises for the products they own, especially typical Indians like it very much) but being a knowledgeable person in Automotive industry do you really think that company like Suzuki needs inspiration from bajaj products? What I think that, It’s just their ‘Indian Management’ which is holding them back from showing true potential of Suzuki. And sorry for that remark about ‘deal with Bajaj,’ it was just a sentence with tongue in the cheek ;)

    • Mac, Suzuki is a global company and we all love them for their awesome high-end bikes but here in India, they are duping all of us. The remark about inspiration was just to draw the similarly of the bike with other fighters available in India but obviously Suzuki need not copy anyone, we have seen they have rocking designs – GSX-1000R, Hayabusa, Bandit, Intruder, etc.

    • Kp, before commenting (always) search before you make a fool of everyone around. Have you ever heard of gsr 750? sfv 650 and many other adventure bikes which are NAKED which SUZUKI makes?

      ROFL? i suggest do ROFL the opposite way now..

    • kp

      put it this way mohit ur not able take one negative against bajaj…wat use of writing this much long comment ah? cheers!

    • Gokul

      Headlight design hierarchy CB 1000 r- Pulsar 200NS-Gixer

  • Shashank

    Its Fells so exhausted here i am referring to its Exhaust it so cool!

  • Sumit

    Uber cool exhaust man, and the looks from the sides resemble P200NS which is one of the best looking street fighter in the market… nothing wrong in that. The overall design of 200NS was done by the same guy who worked on S1000RR’s design. Hence the killer looks.
    Btw, I read somewhere that this Suzuki Gixxer 150 will have the exact same engine of GS150r ? Looks it’s air cooled plus drum rear brake !

  • Pushkar

    Suzuki is probably taking a gamble by naming it Gixer. While it might increase sales as suzuki fans will like 2 own a baby gixer but then it should live up to the legacy of its big brothers. Good to hear that suzuki is waking up aftr a prolonged hibermation almost 4 years aftr launching their last good bike the GS150R. COME ON SUZUKI!!

  • Neil

    Super news and a nice radical looking bike and this what is expected from Suzuki if they want to survive in the volatile market.

    Well done Suzuki and thanks Motorbeam sharing!!

  • Rival

    Suzuki doesn’t have gud design bike in India(exept SBK). But this surprised me with its Exhaust! Look at it, its really cool looking great but design shud have little changes.!


    waiting here ( indonesia )

    • Pertamax, exports are pretty much confirmed. (Suzuki loves exporting motorcycles) Wait for it, its coming for sure to your land but not so soon!

  • ROY

    Suzuki doesn’t need inspiration from Pulsar…..its a International brand with bigger global operations.

    • Agreed but it’s a brand which is doing nothing in India and overpricing its highly awaited product (Inazuma).

  • Abhiraj

    @Faisal..You saying a company like suzuki has copied bajaj’s design..nice joke dude…The bikes may look sim
    ilar but don’t get in to such poor
    conclusions.Everyone knows about bajaj bikes here…and from where they copy designs….

    • Read again, it’s not copied but inspired, there is a difference. The 200 NS itself takes inspiration from Honda’s CB1000R.

  • shahul

    a commuter gixxer??
    look at the ride position..
    hope this is an update to the current gs 150r…and not a much coveted gixxer…
    imo gs 150 r is one of the best bikes in 150 segment and the only short coming was its kerb weight..qas bit too heavy for 150cc..
    i think this model shredded all the unecessary weight ….
    Suzuki in the past always delighted with products like shogun ..fiero..
    hope suzuki rev up the same magic with this model….

  • Ben

    The good old Shogun days are arriving back. Suzuki better reduce its weight and add disc brakes. Early in 2000 TVS-Suzuki was the only brand in India to have 3 performance bikes in its portfolio, shogun, shaolin and fiero. They tackled both the rx series of Yamaha and the 150cc 4 strokes of Bajaj and HH.

  • Prateek

    Don’t be fool. a company having fastest production and stablished before 80’s, need not to inspired from company like Bajaj.
    the tech. we are watching these days, they are using scince 2002 globaly.

  • Prateek

    Here is the reson why suzuki bikes are heavy. It feel uncomfortable to handle at slow speed, but it help to get momentum and stablity at higher. this reduce engine effort, and so increase the milage.

  • sourav halder

    can u tell me…what will be the ex show room price…..and expected mileage……..of the bike….i have decidded to by my first bike……so if anyone can help me…my email id………

  • rahamath

    The bike gixxer 155 looks awesome but it is not inspired from pulsar ns its been inspired from its own suzuki gladius 650.instead pulsar ns is inspired from gladius 650.

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