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Suzuki Unveils Gixxer 150cc Bike, Launch In July [Live]

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Suzuki Gixxer

A few days back, the Suzuki Gixxer was spotted in Noida and today the company has unveiled the product. The Suzuki Gixxer evoked mixed reactions and the company claims the bike’s engine and chassis have been developed by the engineers who designed the GSX-R series of motorcycles. The Gixxer is Suzuki’s new flagship 155cc motorcycle which is positioned as a sporty offering in the segment. The bike gets a light and stiff frame with an all new engine utilising SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) technology. This engine offers broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range for strong acceleration, Suzuki claims.

Suzuki hasn’t shared many details yet. The Suzuki Gixxer is powered by an all new 150cc, single-cylinder, SOHC engine which uses air-cooling and a carburettor to feed fuel. The bike gets both electric and kick start with the rear using a monoshock suspension (front suspension is telescopic forks). The front uses a disc while the rear uses a drum. The tyres are quite wide with the front unit being a 100/80/17 section and the rear being a 140/60/17. The bike gets a fully digital instrument cluster. Clearly the Suzuki Gixxer will compete with the Yamaha FZ and Honda CB Trigger.

Suzuki has just unveiled the Gixxer motorcycle but hasn’t revealed the horsepower or torque figures. We expect them to be slightly more than the GS150R which produces 13.8 BHP of power and 13.4 Nm of torque. The Gixxer will use a 5-speed gearbox (not a 6-speed unit like the GS150R) and will sit above the GS150R in Suzuki’s motorcycle portfolio. Expect the price to be marginally more than the GS150R. Suzuki seems to be following Honda, the GS150R will be sold as it is while the Gixxer will be a premium 150cc offering. Sales of the the Suzuki Gixxer will commence in July as the launch will happen in the same month. The bike will be showcased at the upcoming Auto Expo.

Suzuki Gixxer Headlight

Suzuki Gixxer Tyre

Suzuki Gixxer Console

Suzuki Gixxer Instrument Cluster

Suzuki Gixxer Tank

Suzuki Gixxer Engine

Suzuki Gixxer Exhaust

Suzuki Gixxer Side

Suzuki Gixxer Tail Light

Suzuki Gixxer Salman Khan

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  • Neil

    @Mohit: Photos please :)

  • brahma

    Timings & Photos Please :)

  • ipanase

    wait n see sir……. pic pic

  • Vikram Viswanathan

    Suzuki should have had the Gixxer a few years ago, would have taken the pulsars, unicorns and fzs a good challenge. Seems a little late for the 150cc competition.

    • Neil

      @Vikram Viswanathan: Absolutely agree with you. Wish this product would have in India 2 years back and helped Suzuki to resurrect their brand image as a Two wheeler manufacturer. The only gross part here is the CC paradigm which will play a vital role. I wish some day they launch a 250+ CC bike and with some improved A.S.S which will make their Japanese rivals (Honda/Yamaha) think twice before coming with new products.
      But indeed a fresh looking bike after a long span. Hope people buy aplenty :)

    • kp

      its huge competition pulsar 150-ns and if bajaj drops current 150 pulsar from its line up spare parts wont be available and thn acceptance 150 ns wont easy and yamaha also updating fz as per news…so huge winner for suzuki

    • Kunuru Kiran

      They have already Launched Suzuki Inazuma 250cc Bike in indian Market.

    • Neil

      Looking at the styling of the recently launched inazuma i dont see buyers would actually dream of owning it rather they would opt the Gixxer. Perhaps, suzuki should have launched the Gixxer with 250 CC mill and priced it aggressively and that could have changed the game altogether. People moving towards higher CC actually consider the styling as a major factor which influences them. Fact being the Inazuma with a better engine would rather be overshadowed by the puny 150 CC of this gixxer no matter how conventional it may be.

    • Anoop R

      They did come up with a 250 cc . Didnt u notice? the inazuma has been launched in india on january 2014 and will hit markets by march i think

    • Richdad

      Inazuma is a highly overpriced for 3.1 lacs price that to ex-showroom. Its a very average bike. Before its release also media was skeptical whether it will do well in India at 1.6-1.7 lacs price tag due to DUke 200/ 390, CBR 250. Now for such a high price tag and the competition it wont be a success. Ninja 300/ Hyosung GT 650n are very near to its price range.

    • But the Inazuma is for those who just want a no-nonsense motorcycle for cruising.

  • kp

    Best lukin rear of a naked motorcyle in india 5/5 for design…waiting for spec sheet and pricing

  • AMIT

    Little bit boring…

    • Azeem

      Yes. because its not a Hero.

    • karan

      yeah everything is boring for Indian people. Even if you get a 1000 cc bike then also you will find a flaw such as “low mileage” and asks for BETTER AND BETTER!!! too bad…

    • modasir


  • ipanase

    headlamp please

    • We will update more pics in some time.

    • ipanase

      thanks sir,,,,….

  • Hem

    Very late but still has chance to get over…impressed with both the vehicles

  • potretbikers

    is very nice looking :D

  • Sumit

    I say exciting ! even though I’m a very power hungry guy, I do give importance to a reliable purpose built engine. This gixxer 150 seems to have one. plus the looks are totally killer. Still I don’t understand why these japs cannot come up with a stronger engine with more CCs.
    Please steal the complete spec sheet from the launch site where all the information about max bhp and maximum torque is mentioned xD.

    • We wish we could but since launch is still 6 months away, those figures are just not available.

  • Baliga

    BIKE OF THE YEAR 2014… undoubtedly

  • Aniket

    I like the exhaust… Looks cool. Hope they price it well unlike inazuma.

  • sandy

    Looks like the mixed bag of FZ n Trigger with their own design. Double barrel silencer shouts power n aggression. Hope this proves as revamp for Suzi. Hey what about their plan of paring up their A.S.S with their 4 wheel division?

  • rash

    il give away my current boring bike n bring on dis monster home.. superb killing looks.. awesome job suzuki on a 150cc segment. jus guessing d price within 70 to 80k n d launch in d month of July. im awaiting 4 d release.

  • Shashank

    Please Update the pics From the Front View Of The Bike!

  • tej

    good attempt by suzuki…but still does any one feel that bike is too skinny or is it just me feeling it??

  • jesu

    Hey Guys there is another post which has this bikes front view check this out………..


    Any chance for faired 150cc by Suzuki??

    • As we said earlier, the GSX-150R is coming to rival the R15 and CBR150R. Launch is by the end of the year.


    Gud to hear that Faisal,I m looking for an option other than cbr and yamaha.moreover ppl at Honda are not revealing anything about cbr 150r repsol edition for which m eagerly waiting for a long time

  • yila

    No other site has published this nice photos and details about this launch. Excellent. Keep it up Motorbeam!

  • KoKa SparK

    Faisal Bhai
    Any news on the Engine/Performance specifications yet?

    • Not yet, as soon as we get them, we will bring out the details.

  • rohit rajani

    looks like an immitation of yamaha fz by headlight and ktm duke by the tank….come on suzuki we hoped for something new…
    you cannot compete the yamaha fz…because the original always takes the lead
    like the muffler though..worked good on it

    • kp

      you think FZ rear is beautiful? every naked bike carries some similarity man!can i say pulsar 200 ns is copied from Fz becoz it is launched much before?
      Strange comments here why the hell suzuki need to make another automobile maker when thy hav class leading products in international markets??

    • KP, but the influence from rival products can’t be denied.

    • No doubt about that, if we look at the tyre size, it took is identical to the FZ.

  • raviteja

    Faisal : Suzuki gs150r indeed is very good bike despite it’s decade old styling ,it has decent low end , mid range and a very good top power , even power delivery is very linear , And only lacks styling to compete with its contemporaries. it’s seems suzuki has finally waken up…and yes Good job Motorbeam as always

    • The GS150R is a very good bike, we loved the motorcycle when we reviewed it last year but Suzuki doesn’t market itself properly. Just getting Salman Khan at the launch won’t sell your product.

  • Arun

    Good work guys… All other sites have put the link of MotorBeam for the pics… And you only confirmed the 5 gears (not 6 gears) fact…

  • Abhijeet

    The best bike, these kind of bike we all r expecting from SUZUKI.
    i own SUZUKI GS150 R n its really no tension bike,
    about this new GIXXER 150, i like twin Silencer & awesome looking cluster best in class.
    n i am looking to install that twin silencer to my GS150 R.

    • Abhijeet, the exhaust won’t be a direct fit and if you want performance, a free flow is a better option.

  • Siddu patil

    Showroom price please?

    • Siddu, not yet launched but expect it start around Rs. 75,000/-.

  • Weingro

    55 or 35 watt headlamp?

  • rohit rajani

    the headlights are streight taken from yamaha fz while the tank from ktm duke…its much of an immitation of yamaha fz..
    worked great on the silencer

    • Rohit, imitation is the best form of flattery. That said, I think the bike does look good although a rear disc should have been offered.

    • Neil

      @Rohit Rajani: Not just the headlight but the tank too. From which angle did you find it to be KTM look alike? No ways, revisit the pictures and you will come to know. But it bound to happen, some similarities are unavoidable sharing common segment (naked). But that should not take the credit away from Suzuki for coming up with such a fresh looking bike and that too after a long time.

  • Ysak

    the kicker shape !!!!

    • Nice observation, S-shaped kicker could be used as a selling point!

  • Neil

    Smoothest console till date on any 150 CC bike I believe. Neat and clean and finished too :)

    • The Gixxer’s console makes the CB Trigger’s look second best.

    • yila

      In my personal opinion, the second best console is GS150R’s, which was the best in class until Gixxer’s arrival today.

    • I feel Trigger’s console is very cool.

    • Neil

      @Yila: I second you….the GS150R console is indeed the second best.

  • Vishal_skr

    Excellent work motorbeam as always ;). Perhaps i am visiting motorbeam more than Facebook nowadays :D
    Loved ur memes on Facebook page today :P

  • Nishanth

    All other parts seem to be a refreshed version of some other bike in India but the Silencer…….. Man that is a great job, only superbikes get such dual outlet exhaust (Ex:Honda VFR) wonder how it sounds and hope surely it will contribute towards the performance of the bike too…….

    • Let’s hope it’s functional and not just a dummy for show purpose.

    • kp

      faisal bajaj fan boys may say mahindra,suzuki(gixxer,mojo) copying bajaj’s innovation strategy i.e bajaj can give extra spark plugs for combustion! and mahindra and suzuki can give extra exhaust pipes for improving performance!

  • kp

    come on faisal u should defend suzuki here just becoz tyre size cant its copy….u guys the bike flesh still callin it copyin or inspirin?god save us…wait pulsar faired bikes u hav to write down its acopy of cbr’s,yamaha r1 and energica bike mind it..

    • Dude, when the Pulsar 200 NS came, we wrote an article that the bike has been inspired from the CB1000. Stop taking offence.

    • Abhiraj

      Suzuki had the same design language for hayate and slingshot.They are definitely the new age commuters with the actual naked design..Just see the headlights of gixer and hayate..just like how the 200 ns is derived from the old gen pulsars..

    • Family parts sharing isn’t uncommon.

  • demongod

    suzuki India proved themselves, that they can come up with beautifully proportioned bike, speaking designwise along with a decent engine. i dont expect huge power figures, but seems this product will gel elegantly to Indian market. i am blown away by the sculpted curvaceous tank and stubby exhaust. but, my question is, why suzuki doesnt do this more often?

    • Suzuki has a habit if sleeping for reasons best know to them. It’s not just India, they sleep globally.

  • kp

    i remember tht….ok leave it..rear foot pegs are welded directly to frame?

    • Seems so, let’s get a better look when they launch the bike.

  • antony

    I own the gs150r. The best thing about gs150r is the 6th gear and its digital speedometer with gear indicator also. And it is a strongly built bike with excellent suspension. The only problem with gs150r is its weight, maybe it should have been 5 kg lighter, but gs150r has powerful engine. Dont feel bike weight while riding.

    Having 6th gear is not a problem in city riding. It is a big advantage on long roads like ring roads and highways. I think all bikes should have 6th gear. But this new bike seems to have different engine and only 5 gears. Launch is still far away. I think it will get rear disc brake. Good styling, but pillion seat is too high.

    • Actually the bike you see here is the production model.

  • shaik

    faisal did u think that 5 gear is more reliability r 6th gear for top speed and can u say in this gixxer it has both power mode r eco mode for a fuel efficiency that has in gs 150r beacause am big fan of gs 150r comp.. with pulsar unicorn trigger and fz and i look the gixxer i kept away the gs150r.. from gixxer good job suzuki… silencer s the best …..thks.

    • KoKa SparK

      in 6th gear GS150R is not much responsive to throttle, suggesting it’s a overdrive/cruising gear for long hauls; comfortable low end one-up tourer. For city rides/commutes I guess five gears suffice as you don’t get to cruise more than minute or two.
      PS: I own a GS150R for the last 3 years.

    • 6th gear is only for cruising, want to move, down shift.

    • Yes 6 gears are better, over 5.


    the product looks nice and should be the price.

    the legacy of Inazuma’s price should not carry forward for the Gixxer.

    suzuki please do the needful with right price.

  • Ben

    Extremely happy. Surprising to see my all time favorite brand’s finest bike. Somehow Suzuki has impressed me after long time and this bike made me forget inazuma’s pricing. I think the shogun days are arriving back. But it’s bad to give the name “gixxer” to this bike. The gixxers are a league and imitating their name is not healthy.

  • T.Manikandan

    Suzuki is a good product of india. Am waiting for suzuki gixxer

  • vps suzuki

    Kindly contact for the bookings of gixxer and lets scooter in kurukshetra district . Please contact 9992222488 vps suzuki

  • vijayan

    Looks good. I was thought to buy GS150R but now i am going to wait for this bike. Hope it will be available near july. Thanks for this post :)

    • They will start sakes in July so expect a price announcement in June.

  • Harsha

    Time for Suzuki Again .. Hope marketing guys of suzuki motor cycle division will at least wake up this time to promote the bike unlike in the case of GS150R, which is technically superior over many of its competitors, but still remains a rare bike on the road at any given point of time.

  • jay

    I can’t get full specifications like price, mileage, tyre type etc so please help me to know them my email

  • jay

    Why u r launching it in july why that so much late

  • Arka

    What a silencer , :) the front look is not a “look to die for”
    any way nice bike.

  • Ravi Shastri

    bike looks cool but its too late for suzuki now market for 150cc is grabe by pulsar & fzs. but dont worry no matter how delay you r but u will rock with gixxer…………………………………………hurryy………

  • Prathamesh

    Headlight somewhat resembles the one on gsxr 750

  • hari

    May I know d mileage……….plssssssss……..I am waiting for this bike to buy instead of other…… because I believe in Suzuki engine n mileage…..,, so pls mention about mileage

  • .ariffstark

    all is very good but I think engine is not perform a will becoz that bore look 125cc .

  • Vijendra Gaur

    This bike has every thing a buyer wants in, Great technology, build quality, the parts i liked personally, tires, meter, exhaust, design, i want it to launch soon, why July? take your time but launch it at last at new business year, should be priced at around 75-80k, power 14-16bhp, max speed 115-125, and MILEAGE minimum 45-50 on road, and please add the rear disc, my trigger have it……..

  • Vidurar

    Poor man’s KTM :)

    • karan

      nice. :)

  • kp

    so suzuki product is poor man’s ktm….oh god indians typical fan boys…

  • babin

    pls i need to get thet bike.when i will get the bike what is the cost yar tel me as soon as possible when it will come in indian market segment when it wil diplay in dealer when when when



  • Fiero

    SUZUKI when you’re launching a performance motorcycle like R15 CBR150R. I own a fiero, the best engine till date on any 150cc motrobike. I always feel your products are beta version. When would you really launch a real performance bike?

  • Praveen

    I want to buy GS150R or wait for Gixxer. Is the Gixxer handlebar position more commuterish or more sporty, when compared to GS150R? It is not clear from the pictures, kindly clarify. Thanks!

    • We will have to cutch but suggest you wait for the Gixxer.

  • john fermin

    combination of kawasaki bajaj pulsar and honda cb110….its a little bit skinny but i would like to try it for a ride…

  • Akash

    ha ha ha ha ha….. OK OK Suzuki copied from others…. who cares man…. that digital meter and exhaust muffler looks funky I like that…..

  • raj

    if u dnt have social sense pls dnt speak foolish if it is copy of fz then why dint yamaha put a case on suzuki.

    • Akash

      because Suzuki didn’t infringed any patents of any company….. simple.

  • Akash

    only the headlight of gixxer is same as that of fz….. fuel tank from top is poles apart…. seat structure is also different…. tyre is 140 cross section does not mean that its copied from fz… even CBR 250 and continental gt has rear 140 tyres……. its no where near to any pulsar….. from far it looks like cb twister from side….. any doubts

  • KoKa SparK

    @motorbeam Team

    I noticed 850ml on the engine case, what does it suggest against predominant 1ltr engine oil 150cc motorcycles?

  • Ganesh

    when that bike (Suzuki gixxer ) launched in tamilnadu. its
    very impressed me & my friends to buy immediately .

  • Akhilesh

    Whether I wait for Gixxer or buy GS150r. I want a bike for both Cruising and fuel economy. Please Reply..

  • Md Aslam Ali

    I am wet… for this bik I am aslam from bihar patna hajipur this bike is awo…m

  • Mukesh

    im ready to buy it….nw.. plz launch in this month….my dream bike s gng to own soon

  • Vishnu

    Uff, I too started visiting Motorbeam more often than FB after seeing the report on this HeadTurner.
    Hey Faizal,
    Will it be launched in July forsure?
    What is the expected price and mileage?
    #I am stuck between fzs ,cbz xtreme, trigger, p180 and this one.
    I prefer avg mileage of 45+ (not for fzs),.and will not be using for any racing, rash driving.
    Hey Faizal ,shall I wait for Gixxer or go for any of the above mentioned ones.

    • Vishnu

      Also,which all colours would be available???

  • Kishore

    I am planning to buy yamaha fazer, is this a better option, or should i wait for gixxer…

    • Wait for Gixxer.

    • Deekshith

      What is expected mileage of glixxer in city

  • Saurav

    I want to know about the launching of RGSX-150 in India. when this dreaming bike is going to be launched here?

  • bikram sarma

    i think this model help suzuki to increase their sale in india market,,if they launching it asap

  • Ram

    Any new update on Mileage,BHP,Price and Booking start date……..

  • mohan kumar

    booking dates starts

  • amandeep singh

    I am confused what should i go for pulsar aparche or gixxer ?
    Plz help me out guys …….

    • trigger

      go for honda trigger, not worth waiting for this sh1tzuki

  • imran

    when it come in our country , bangladesh….!

  • Suhasa.N

    Why these all new bikes keep the seat height at that level. Any special purpose or just looks?

  • rakesh damarapu

    Eagerly waiting for it surely if the refinement is good it is gonna create a storm

  • raja

    This is doesn’t equal to yamaha mt125

  • Wilson Kinny

    I like suzuki better than any other bike the good of suzuki is it’s very steady bike good milage good perfomance don’t not stop in the rain good design starts very fast in winter and heavy rain I already have two bikes of suzuki suzuki 100cc and ferio 150 which does not give any problem I feel suzuki is doing good in scooter 110 and 125 cc suzuki need to come up with good bike and design suzuki need to focus on the marketing

  • vivek negi

    if the prices of gixxer is between 60 to 70000 then it is good

  • Anirban

    Are u sure it has a five-speed transmission . Other websites claim it to be a six speed .

  • trigger

    No thanks, my choice is CB trigger with low price and more mileage and honda reliability

  • honda unicorn

    I love my honda unicorn…..No problem even after 90,000 km……Best bike in my life…….Just runs and runs and runs….

  • Sidhu

    what about its mileage?

  • Deepak

    Why they dont release any information about Gixxer 150? They are loosing many customers who like this bike but choosing to buy something else.

  • krishna

    Hope it will be the same performence as fiero would love to buy this ;-)

  • kamal

    Its looking very smart, When it will comes to Chennai(tamil Nadu) Iam very expecting this byke.
    I need this byke. Cost what ever it is. Iam waiting………..
    A6. Nehru Bazaar
    Chennai. 54

  • Halim

    I really want to buy suzuki zixxer,,,,look is very good and sporty then other bikes in 150cc segment…….i drive already this zixxer bike…smooth deriving,,,,vry good handling….very good milege between 50-60 kmpl, suzuki zixxer is awesome bike in150cc segment..
    before i m planing to buy honda cb trigger but now after taking test of zixxer ,,i m going to buy sukuki zixxer…..

  • Halim

    Dear parveen,
    i thing u should wait for zixxer, becuz its better then GS150R,
    price difference is not big ,,,,
    suzuki zixxer comes 81500/- rupees with rear disc.
    i really like suzuki zixxer,,,,,,becuz of his design ,good engine ,milege,look,smooth drive,good handling,

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